19 August 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
at home
Questions & Answers
Richard Russell, airline maintenance worker, uses his video game piloting skills to steal, fly and crash a plane in the real 3D world; President Putin invited to a wedding in Austria, Green Party making a fuss; gas line from Russia to Germany is a go; blockchain game a bit iffy; what’s going on with Elon Musk and Tesla; indictments, are they being unsealed and why are witnesses ending up dead; the out of control economy just keeps going, reminiscent of that cute little pink energizer bunny; methods of cleansing a house or oneself of negative attachments; which ETs are helping Chinese hidden government and aiding their hi-tech developments; pet deaths, reincarnation and finding their human companion again; will Earth still be a prison planet when it reaches the 5th dimension; did humans ever have green copper-based blood; what’s a transformed Reptilian; energy waves hitting planet will continue until about 2023; request for thoughts on dream; crystal discussion: Earth crystals don’t have a soul but there are crystal soul beings.

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Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. Today is the 18th of the month and hopefully this will go out live onto YouTube, as it were tomorrow the 19th. So I want to start off with a few interesting developments that we have seen around the globe and then go on to the questions.
Seattle, a very interesting city in the West part of the U.S. saw a guy called Richard Russell crash his two-engine plane, well it wasn’t really his plane, but it was in the sense that he was flying it into the ground, and the media have really covered the fact that he was suicidal and sort of a Walter Mitty type character, took the airplane out for a joy ride and, you know, sadly lost his life. There is actually far more to it than that. Now what I wanted to do is I suppose open the debate on that. The first thing I think we should all of us understand is that this guy did not have a pilot’s license. He was working as a technician with airplanes in an airfield. He had been there I think about three-and-a-half years but did not have a pilot’s license, and yet he was able to use one of those sort of buggy cars to taxi the airplane to a position, get into it, start it up, don’t know how he did that, and take off and fly, and during the conversation between himself and the control tower, he said that he had learned to fly through video games. Now that’s being spun by a number of people who are saying he learned through flight simulators. That’s not the truth. That’s not what he said. He said I learned to fly through playing video games. There are a number video games you can buy from the High Street that, you know, simulate an airplane. But a number of people are commenting, oh yes you know I have been on one of those top of the range simulators and I did this and I did that. Well yeah, I’m sure but that’s not what he said. He said he’d learned it from video games. What I don’t understand is how somebody who does not have a pilot’s license could keep in the air for nearly an hour and pull some of the most intricate loop de loops and there is video evidence of him doing that. People have filmed that and then obviously tragically crashed and killed himself. What is interesting is that there is a place called, I think it’s called McNeil Island. Now he crashed just to the side of McNeil Island, and on McNeil Island was a pedophile rehabilitation center which I think closed in 2011, so when the convicted pedophiles had served their time in penitentiary or prison they were then moved to a number of locations and one was this location on McNeil Island where they were rehabilitated and got ready to go back into the society, and this airplane that Richard Russell was flying had a flight path that took it right over there, so the information I’m getting is that this is a warning to President Trump from a number of people whose names perhaps are contained in sealed indictments saying don’t open those indictments. Don’t push it because we can put aircraft into buildings. Clearly that is an echo of 9/1l, and I don’t think that’s lost on anybody. Remember that the government of the Americans is on the East Coast. This happened on the West Coast, but the information I’m receiving is it’s not just a straight forward thing, so that’s something perhaps looking at and looking for.
The other interesting thing is that President Vladimir Putin visited Austria on his way to a meeting with the Chancellor of Germany but he stopped off on route to meet the Foreign Minister. In fact she was getting married and he took part, he took a present and a group of Cossack singers and presented her with an oil painting and what I thought was rather amusing was that the Green Party have called for her resignation because she is threatening the European Union, the European democracy all because she invited a friend, and President Putin is a friend of hers to attend her wedding. The underscoring battle going on here of course is the pipeline that’s being built between Germany and Russia and lots of people in Europe that are very unhappy about this because once it’s completed Germany will be able to pipe in natural gas directly from Russia. It won’t come through any of the Arabian countries. Now why would Germany go into a multibillion deal with Russia to pipe gas if Germany of course is a member NATO, has troops of all nation nationalities based on its borders supposedly fighting the great enemy which is Vladimir Putin, and yet the Russian government, that’s Angela Merkel has signed up to a deal to buy gas directly from Russia. So this is the hypocrisy of politics. On one hand you’ve got the large media giants bleating out these stories how Putin is an enemy, and then secretly in the background you’ve got members of NATO doing side deals with Putin. So I think Putin just made this little stop off in Austria just to ruffle a few feathers. Nobody in Germany is going to attack him simply because they want to buy the gas. They are not happy with the Arabian countries. The Arabian countries are much more likely to hold a European country to blackmail, to start altering the prices, cut off the taps, but it’s interesting that the old control elements in Europe are really unhappy about that so that was something that I wanted to bring to your attention because it’s not really getting a lot of coverage.
Quickly move on to blockchain. I’m getting information that a number of key players are trying to take control of block chain simply because they now believe they have super computers that can fix deals. They can predict and fix deals and so it’s in their interests to take control of a number of crypto currencies. I don’t mean take control of them in terms of illegally hacking. I mean take control in terms of buying out the companies or the organizations, so they have a controlling share, and then routing everything through their own networks. So that’s something that I would suggest to any of you who are considering in investing look very carefully into the strength or the members, who holds those stocks, who holds those shares and how likely are they to sell out, so that’s something I think you might want to have a look at.
I’ve always talked a little bit about Elon Musk and Tesla and I said that I thought that Musk and Tesla were on a downward spiral. For those of you who have had a quick look, it’s quite interesting. He’s claimed to be working 120 hours a week and taking a prescribed drug to keep himself awake, says he sleeps on the floor of the factory, talked about buying out Tesla by a private venture, said that he’s got a deal with the sovereign fund of those people again from Saudi Arabia, and the share prices are just tumbling and tumbling and tumbling, so I really don’t know what he’s up to. Is he up to dropping the price so much that it’s easier and cheaper to buy out? Is he just absolutely fed up with Tesla, or is there something else much bigger going on? Very interesting character so that again is something worth watching because he is one of the elite. He’s a guy who gets money given to him to do operations, to buy companies, to set something up and then walk away from it before it’s really reached fruition, and although his track record isn’t particularly brilliant, it doesn’t seem to stop the elite giving him money, so there’s obviously a game going on here. I truthfully haven’t worked out what that game is. I don’t understand why somebody who is the chief executive of an organization would make a public announcement that he sleeps on the floor of his factory unless he is trying to show everyone just what a hard worker he is. So that’s probably something worth having a look at.
The indictments we hear a great deal and I’ve spoken about the large numbers of indictments sitting somewhere in President Trump’s office. The information I’m getting is there are probably between ten to twelve, which are the most serious or the most high ranking and those are in the process of being opened. Now I had always predicted September–October for what we call autumn and what my Americans colleagues call fall, but we had looked at probably September–October for it to start happening but looks like it’s starting a little bit earlier, so not a mass opening of large hundreds and hundreds but a top opening maybe the first five, six, seven, eight or what have you. There are some very key names there and if just one of those charges sticks and one of those individuals is brought to court and if that individual is found guilty, then there’s a complete game change on this planet, a total game change. So that’s again something that we need to work out and watch carefully. The official media will not cover this literally I suppose until, ah there’s our white cat again, it’s on cue. The official media won’t cover this until someone literally comes to court. So all the preliminaries which you would normally expect to be covered by the newspapers without going into detail, just reporting the facts of course, they won’t even do. The only time is when, you know, they’re dragged kicking and screaming to press office because someone with a very big name has actually been subpoenaed and actually walks up the stairs of the courthouse. So things are going on but to the majority of us nothing is happening, you know, it’s gone quiet. It hasn’t. It’s just that there isn’t a single news outlet that’s state controlled or privately controlled that has its reporting structure back to the elite that will dare print or say anything at the moment. There’s still a battle going on. There are a number of people who, and this is quite verifiable, who have said they will testify and of course have tragically had suicides, have taken their own lives, perhaps in some cases the day before they were due to testify against some of the very big players on the map and they tragically, you know, kill themselves, so that’s something again that I can understand would be a great turnoff for people to come forward and want to speak the truth, and I was chatting to someone the other day and I said the only way around this you know is to literally take these witnesses and put them in a secure place on an island and ring it with the Marines and literally guard them. It’s the only way, and then there would have to be a lifetime protection deal because otherwise who’s really going to come forward and testify when there’s such a track record of people who have been very brave and who have tragically, you know, decided to kill themselves the day before they were going to go to court and testify, so that’s that.
We haven’t talked about the economy for a while and it was two, three, four years ago when all the real potential for a meltdown, in particularly in Great Britain, was on the headlines even in the established media. The major newspapers were carrying it, if not headlines it was page three, page four, I mean “The Telegraph,” I remember carried a full page article on page three or four saying that they believed that a crash in Britain was imminent and that was a couple of years back. It didn’t happen. One of the reasons it hasn’t happened is because every crash in history has been orchestrated by those who seek to gain from it. You think about the 1929 Wall Street crash. If you are interested in the company and its shares are trading at $10.50 and then after the crash it is trading at $5.30 and you can buy that company and that’s exactly what happens. This potential crash, the one that’s been talked about for many years, which has come right to the cliff edge and then gone back again and a year or two later has come right forward again and just pushed back. That’s not orchestrated by anyone. This is an out of control economic system that if it does crash will hurt the elite just as much as every other person on the planet. So that is the driving force why the elite have done everything they can to prevent the crash. Now in Britain we had the bank guarantee scheme, which meant if you had up to a certain amount of money in the bank and there was a crash then yes the bank would take your money, take every penny of your money whether you had a hundred pounds or twenty, thirty, forty, fifty thousand pounds, but if it was under the agreed amount after two weeks, fourteen days, they would return that money to you. It was very kind of them, but it didn’t stop them taking it in the first place, but nevertheless they guaranteed to return it and that is something that when you talk to members of staff at the bank they will say oh yes you know it’s a guarantee scheme. Well it’s very interesting that the European Union has basically said of late that this scheme  probably isn’t going to work. In other words, that it’s not a European guaranteed scheme. It’s individual countries individually backing or guaranteeing their private invested in banks, so if you are an ordinary person and you earn a certain amount and you put your money in the bank, as the wages are paid in there, it’s really aimed at protecting you. What the European Union said was that if there was a meltdown in a particular country, because that country couldn’t call on the European Central Bank to help them out on that matter, they probably wouldn’t be able to guarantee that money, and therefore that money would not be returned to the individual person. That’s really interesting where we have the banks of Great Britain saying this money is guaranteed up to a set figure, but you’ve got the European Union saying actually it probably isn’t, so it makes a total mockery of the truth and justice that we expect as ordinary peoples when we put our money in the bank. The bank is telling us everything is fine but of course those who know a little bit more are perhaps a bit more open are saying no, France won’t come to bail out Britain. Italy won’t come to bail out Britain or Britain won’t come to bail out France which sounds perfectly logical because why would one country bail out another? And if your own country is going down and you don’t have an international or national agreement you’re not going to get the help. So I’m flagging that because we are not out of the woods economically. There are still issues ahead of us. It’s been dealt with at the moment. If there are large happenings in America in terms of politics that may have an effect on the economy which may have an effect on our economy. The other thing that is worth remembering is that the American military have for a very long time been funded through the Dow Jones, through the Stock Exchange, through the banking system, and if the banking system in America were to collapse, then a large proportion of the funds would not get through to the military for their black projects. So they’ve got a very vested interest like many other elites to keep the system going, but sometimes things happen and even the elites can stop it so some very interesting things going on so although we are in the summer holiday period there are still developments occurring. So thank you for being patient and hearing that. Now I’m going to ask Becky to very kindly take up from the last question that we had please.
Rebecca Bannister: Okay hello. This questioner is Jessica and she says Hi Simon, glad you are back. If you wanted to cleanse your house of negative energy or spirits, what is the best way to do this? Is there a chant or crystal or sage that is best for this? How do you cleanse your house Simon and does it get rid of all evil energies or entities or is there another way of getting rid things that go bump in the night? I am Rh negative and I always feel followed or watched. Is there a connection to my blood or am I just paranoid?
SP: Right okay let’s start with the cleansing. I think Becky you’ve talked a bit about sage and perhaps you could in a minute you could just remind us a bit about that. Smells through burning incense and tones through sound have for long in history been a way of combatting or making an environment so unfriendly for a certain individual or entity that it leaves. You can either invoke something that’s good to run alongside that or you could just do a quiet meditation. The question was very interesting. It was what do I do where I live. I don’t have many things bothering me. If I do get something that’s been sent to cause annoyance, then I will, this is if you detect it, you don’t always detect everything, some things are just there to observe you and they’ll hide in the corner or right down at the skirting board, but if you do detect something that’s of an negative intent then I don’t use any of that I would just face it and just mind battle it basically. Then the thing will have to go and it does go. I have had a few of them. I remember doing an interview with Kerry Cassidy and something appeared while we were doing the interview and Kerry said, oh my feet felt very cold, so things do turn up. Everyone has to find what is right for them depending on the entity, so if it’s a demon, such as a jinn or something along those lines, you are very unlikely to remove it with incense, but if it’s one of the lesser ranks of the arcana as it were, one of the lesser demons, then burning incense can help but a lot of it is about your state of mind and the way you’re feeling and the negative entity can attach to that, so burning some incense or making tones with a musical instrument cannot just get rid of it, it lifts your spirits, and remember that the higher vibration you are, the harder it is for something to try and hook on to you. It is no coincidence that people who regularly use strong drugs or overdrink lower their defensive systems and they make it easier for an entity to attach, in which case then you’ve got a harder battle on your hands. I want to ask Becky because you have some experience through your shamanic training don’t you?
RB: Well, yes. I mean I just use sage for cleansing the air beneath the windows and I use the Tibetan cymbals and sounds. Sometimes just essential oils placed in the corner of the room, crystals as well, placing crystals, so I do things that might appear New Age but they have their roots in shamanic traditions, but I’ve never had to clear a really dark entity out of my home. I don’t think that those would necessarily work. I think that something stronger would be needed for that.
SP: Yes, thank you, that’s really helpful. I think that the really strong entities have usually been sent by somebody or some thing and they have an agenda, therefore you have to perhaps face them or confront them or battle them with a similar type of understanding. The Rh negative doesn’t necessarily mean that you would have more of those issues. It doesn’t mean that you would necessarily be followed. People who are targeted individuals, gang stalked or the intelligence services are after them, it’s more to do with the bloodline or soul or line. I mean if you have incarnated on this planet for many thousands of years and you have incarnated into physical bodies that have held positions of responsibility, then you have a signature that comes down with you. If your parents had an interesting position with the system, or you have stumbled upon some information, or you have suddenly got your memories back, these are all reasons why the system would want to follow you. Now if you are Rh negative that would suggest that the physical body that you have was designed to contain a certain type of soul, and therefore if that certain type of soul was one that had an interesting past on this planet then yes, that’s another indicator. You know when I work with a client, one of the questions if I’m not sure would be about the bloodline of themselves or their family. So it’s an indicator but it doesn’t mean on its own that that would bring that about. Thank you.
RB: Okay there is a differentiation as well between cleansing your home and that she’s looking at what could be attached to oneself, as you say because sometimes entities and things are attached to people rather than homes.
SP: So if there is an attachment to you then it’s depending on that attachment whether that attachment is through an agreement that you have made at some point in the long distant past, whether that attachment is something that took advantage of you when your shields were down, used an Ouija board or ayahuasca in itself is not a problem but sometimes the venues the ayahuasca is used, some of those venues are compromised and whether somebody was using other forms of occult magic or whether somebody has sent a demon to attack a person. I have had a lot of my clients from India, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia have had disagreements with the family and maybe the oldest son got left a lot of land and the other members of the family went and paid for someone to send a demon to ruin their life, and that’s incredibly common. So in that case cleaning the house with traditional methods won’t work because that attachment is an attachment to you, therefore you have to work on yourself. Thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. The next question is by [25:15][Yuan lee n] who says very courageous and Mother Earth thanks you. Friends have been listening for over a year. You are definitely not alone. Some of us, (those still living in this body) have been battling for decades these dark side beings and the people who bring all that negativity on us. Question: We know that there are some different ETs which seem to be helping or mentoring the Chinese hidden government. Do you know who they are now? Some say they are related to a distant past emperor of China. In fact if you can give us a brief rundown with ET involvement in China’s future technologies, thank you very much.
SP: One of the issues here of course is the number of dragon societies in China. There are a number of elite organizations which I can’t call them mafia-type organizations but they have links to that and a number of Chinese, you know, have, presidents, leaders, have been a member of those organizations. It’s unlikely for a person to get to a very high position unless they are backed by somebody and that’s exactly the same in the Western world. So we need to understand I think that just as in America or Britain or France or Germany or Australia there are very strongly competing powers. The difference with China is that it has an age old culture and that culture has made it very independent and very resourceful, and the Chinese for some years now have believed that it is their, almost their duty, or their right to run the economy of the world. It doesn’t mean they want to rule the world, but it means that they want to control the economy of the world and there are some of these groups who do believe in a One World government in China. Now if you a more positive entity, an entity who wishes to steer China to being self-sufficient and very strong, but not actually hurting anyone in the process, you would have to work with a group of people who weren’t actually the leadership at the moment. There are a number of leaders in China’s history who have been very just, emperors of China who were very just and were not, you know, blood-soaked crazed Mongol type people, but they were actually people who were caring for the people they were responsible for and wanted a much greater stronger China. Now there have been in the past entities that have worked with those individuals, just as they would have done with previous prime ministers or presidents or attempted to. China has always been the land of the dragon, so we need to understand just as there are good forces, there are evil forces and as far as I’m concerned the jury’s out at the moment in China because it can go either way. It can either go down a One World, New World Order route and want to control everything, and look at the new face recognition software that China is now trialing. It’s about nine seconds. It takes about nine seconds that somebody passes a shop window and there will be and there are these little small little cameras also through satellites but mainly these are cameras, take a photograph of your face and then within nine seconds match that face on a data base. So like the old days of the fingerprints but this is face recognition and there are a lot of people in China and in nine seconds will tell the operator everything from your prison record to how much is in your bank account to what your school results were to what you watch on television, what you do on the computer, the lot. Now that isn’t really something that an organization that wanted freedom, justice, and civil liberties would really welcome, yeah that is the process in China and it’s being rolled out. It can only happen because of the new range of super computers. I’m not talking about the quantum wave D computers, but these are nevertheless super computers, the most powerful nonmilitary super computer is run by the Department of Energy in the United States of America. Now you would say why would the Department of Energy want the world’s most powerful civilian super computer? The reason for that of course is they want to go in energy, blockchain, money. They want to get involved in blockchain. If money and blockchain is energy and energy is money, you want the world’s fastest civilian computer. So the Chinese are at it; the Americans are at it. That’s not a true just organization. That’s an organization still on the old road of money is power and power is money so I can’t give you a great rundown. What I will say is there are good forces in China. Yes I believe you are correct. There was more than one emperor who embodied much of this truthful energy and like everywhere on the planet it’s trying to break free. Thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Christian says Simon my pet bird recently passed away in my hands. He was 16 years old and lived twice as much as a bird his type normally does. We had a great bond and I’m devastated that he’s gone, and I’m used to taking care of him and playing with him everyday. He was a great companion. My question to you is what happened to his soul at the moment of his death? Do their souls go through the same process of being deceived and reincarnated into another body here on Earth just like a soul of a human does? Also do you think there is a possibility that we’ll ever meet again? Thank you for everything you do for humanity and congratulations on the new radio show. We missed you Simon.
SP: Well that’s really kind of you thank you. Two questions, both very heartfelt. There are people you know who sort of scoff when you lose a cat as you know I did and this listener lost a bird and you know, oh they’re not people why are you getting so upset. It’s not like your grand-père or your mother or your… that’s missed the point. The point is that when you share your home with an animal and you take it and there are psychic connections and sometimes the psychic connection between a person and his or her animal can be just as strong or stronger than with members of the human family you live with, so it’s a bit sad when people are, you know, not really understanding of that, so I’m really sorry that you did lose the bird. What I would say is that I’m sure you gave the bird an excellent life and it had a great life with you and so we always celebrate the happy times knowing that the physical body will always die. So first of all it is only the human being on this planet that has this higher level of awareness of consciousness. It is only the human being that is being tested by Source because humans unlike animals can make the higher choices. That means that we should know better. Animals don’t know better, therefore we can’t expect them to know better. That’s the key fundamental point here. So when your bird’s physical body died, the soul went up, yes it was recycled and will most likely come back as a bird. It could come back as something else I guess but I’m fairly certain it will come back as a bird. Will you be reunited? There is every possibility that you will. If the bond is so strong between you it is the bird that will find you, rather than the other way around. Often when people go to rescue shelters or the pound for the dogs or the home for the cats, those in the know say let the animal choose you. Don’t walk down the aisle and say oh that’s a really cut cat or that’s a really, you know, nice puppy. Let the animal choose you and you will know that because it will come toward you if it can. It will bark. It will try and hold eye contact. That is more likely to be something that recognizes you so don’t go for the animal that you like. This is a really important point. Go for the animal that likes you because it’s really easy to have a number of animals and say oh this is my favorite animal because it’s got pretty stripes or she’s got pretty ears. What you need to do is say what are these animals, which of these animals is really choosing me. Which of these animals is really making the effort to connect with me, and so recognize that. Look beyond the physical. Look into the energy and if you wish it and believe it then you can help to make that soul of that deceased bird from the physical point of view reincarnate back to another life and find you, so yes absolutely so thank you for your questions.
RB: Okay thank you. The name given to the next person is Long Live Simon Parkes, and they say, hello Simon, do you think the Earth along with its people will go from the 3rd dimension to the 5th in our lifetime and will the Earth still be a prison planet once it gets there?
SP: Now that’s a really interesting point. The question, the first part of the question is often asked but the second one in that context is not. Well thank you for the long life. There is often a toast in Britain. I don’t know if it is in other countries but in Britain you used to hold your glass, you charge your glass with your favorite drink and you say, “Long life and health and happiness,” and the bank manager would say you know, “Wealth and profit,” but the rest of us aren’t quite that bad so we just say, “Good health.” I need to live as long as it takes to do something here basically. I can’t go, as many of us can’t go, until the work is done and if the work isn’t done we’ll, I guess we’ll get the choice to come back if we want that, so that’s the important point there. What was the second question?
RB: Will we go from the 3rd to the 5th in our lifetime?
SP: Yeah there was a double pip wasn’t it, so let’s just do that.
RB: And the next one is will the Earth still be a prison planet…
SP: Okay, let’s…
RB: …in the 5th dimension.
SP: Right. Let’s do the first one then. Yes it will because if it doesn’t we’ve really failed. We’ve done something really bad. Like “The Matrix,” we’ve been here a number of times, but unlike “The Matrix,” we have the opportunity to really break free? But in “The Matrix” films there was this loop that was running that allowed them to just prevent the umpteenth model of Neo and the underworld from, the under human world from breaking into the surface. We don’t want that do we. We actually want to break free and this is the opportunity. Never before has humanity made such an advancement. Each time, each cycle that we as a human race attempt this breakthrough, we are faced with an ever increasing sophistication of control. So think back to the days of the flower power as it was called in the ’60s. Young people were the driving force of a gentle rebellion and the system very cleverly got in there and infiltrated that and prevented it. The breakthrough we are seeing now is an energy breakthrough based on the correct time of the Earth’s evolution. In other words the numbers of breakthrough attempts before were done because humanity was frustrated. Human consciousness was frustrated. It wanted to go to the next level. It wanted to breakthrough but but the planet for whatever reason wasn’t ready for it, so it could never make it because one was out of kilter with the other. Now the Earth, remember 2012 and the change that so many people said never happened but really did happen, and what we’re seeing is of course the bad guys are relying more and more on sophisticated technical tricks to try to prevent humanity from evolving and 5G is perhaps their ace card, their number one method to try to prevent humans from evolving. More and more people are waking up to the dangers of 5G and many of these people actually work in the industry themselves and they are beginning to come forward and say there’s something not right here. So humanity has overcome many many hurdles that a very small crazed group have thrown at us and I don’t think it would be any different. I think we will overcome it, but what happens is we are delayed. Right, this is a 3rd dimensional planet. Many of us are 3rd dimension in the soul, but some of us are different in our soul but it is the physical body that matters here because that is the organic connection to the planet Earth. The control mechanism is 4th dimensional, so we call it crafting the energy, so if you mention energy crafted into a belt that is tightened around the Earth and that is the control element and it’s trying to squeeze and keep everything inside it. When humanity breaks out of the 4th dimensional control network, it has no need to evolve from the 3rd to the 4th because it’s broken through the control of the 4th, so we need to go straight to the 5th. We don’t have to do our time in the 4th because when we evolve on this planet we are not just leaving the 3rd, but we are overcoming the dark energy of the 4th so it’s a straight push into the 5th. That is why many people and I understand it don’t get it. They say well surely we’ve got to go 3rd, 4th and 5th, maybe spend a million years in the 4th dimension. No, that’s not how it works. The human race will be elevated quickly into the 5th, which is one of the reasons that you’ve got groups like the Pleiades, Andromedans, the Arcturians and a host of others in the 5th dimension all involved and excited and coming off the fence, because basically when the human race makes it we are going to be in their world. We are going to be in their energy field. We will actually if not rubbing shoulders in the 5th, we will be connectable in a way that we’re not at the moment so these guys have a vested interest in assisting us to get into their dimension because it’s a very exciting time as we learn from them and they learn from us. Great questions, thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Katherine asks did humans once have green copper-based blood?
SP: I don’t think so. I’m aware of the stories here. I’m aware of that. In Great Britain for the elite people we call it “true blue.” In fact the conservative party that’s the governments of Great Britain at the moment is as blue as its color and you can be described as a true blue, but of course it means blue blood which means elite which might mean nonhuman. Copper-based material, I think that human blood was different maybe twenty odd thousand years ago, twenty-five thousand years ago, and has been altered. I think the last sort of upgrade, I’m using the word loosely, intervention is probably a better word that humans went through did alter the makeup of the blood. I would suggest there was a little more copper in the blood but I don’t want to give the impression it was green blood or it was metallic-type blood. It always has a metallic element to it but it’s one of those things that unless we had the ability to go back and get a sample, we wouldn’t know because there were a number of experiments undertaken. Don’t just think of the Adamu as two groups. Imagine maybe twenty or thirty research programs being undertaken and to find the working physical form that was the most resistant to bacteria and virus that was the most resistant to wear and tear. We take it for granted. You know you have a dishwasher. You have a vacuum cleaner and you use it regularly, well it breaks down and you watch science fiction films or you researched our project and you find you know that there are spacecraft that can to a certain extent repair themselves, and that’s what the human body does. We take it so much for granted. It regenerates to a certain extent, not on a genetic level really but it regenerates physically and that’s what alien spacecraft do. They, to a certain point can regenerate. So we as creatures have been brought to the pinnacle within a control system so our age is automatically limited. Originally I believe many thousands of years ago people lived much much older and then the trigger was put in so that we would degenerate because remember somebody who lives for five hundred years, or a people who live for five hundred years, the knowledge that they can store up. Imagine Tesla were alive today and instead of dying at the tender age that he did, supposing he had the capability to live for five hundred years, can you imagine the inventions that he would create? This is why humanity now in these days has been artificially limited to a maximum of a hundred years or thereabouts to prevent humanity learning and escaping. This is evil and it’s wrong because if you read the Bible and a lot of the Bible is true, shock horror, it does talk about people living for hundreds of years. Now if we accept that a Reptilian has a normal lifespan of two thousand years before they go in for any form of genetic material to extend their life or a cloning process, then it isn’t hard to understand that humanity had many hundreds of years of life so it’s a really interesting topic. Thank you for bringing that up.
RB: Okay thank you. Eric says Dear Simon, about a year ago you mentioned the term transformed Reptilian during the radio show. Ever since I’ve been wondering what is a transformed Reptilian? Thanks for answering.
SP: Oh great I can’t actually remember saying that. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t. It’s just that that’s something I don’t remember. It would have been really helpful if you could have given it the context. If you hit me with the word transformed Reptilian, the only thing I would come up with would be somebody who had a Reptilian body, such as the highest in the land and had decided that they were going to break from the control group they were in and be independent or do something even better than which was to get on the side of the human race and start helping, so if I think of the word transformed Reptilian what that means to me is a Reptilian who can fully shapeshift physical body, the lot, but doesn’t owe their allegiance to their Reptilian family, has decided that they want the human race to succeed, so I don’t remember using the phrase. It would have been helpful to have had the context of it, but that’s my understanding if I see the word transformed Reptilian, thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Heidi says Dear Simon, my name is Heidi. I am so thankful that you found another home for your radio show. Every two weeks you were a light on my path, thank you for your wonderful work. My question: is the energy wave of the Source still on the way or did they manipulate the timeline and is the financial crash still a topic? Please excuse my English, God bless you Simon.
SP: Yeah things are often mean to happen and it’s amazing I haven’t talked about financial situation and then in the prelude, you know, I did mention it and we’ve got a question on it, so excuse me if I don’t answer that because, you know, you’ll have your answer at the beginning of the show and what was the first one again, the first bit? There were two parts of the question weren’t there? There was the question…
RB: Is the energy wave…
SP: Right the energy wave, yeah.
RB: …still on the way and is [48:05][crosstalk]
SP: Yes, sure.
RB: Or April yeah.
SP: Yes. Over the last sort of five or six years there have been a number of these waves coming either from galactic center or from another location, sometimes from the sun itself and they don’t all just do the same thing. They’ll do different things and I’ve always tried to make it clear that we can’t have it and get it over with in one go because we’d all be fried. We can’t have one blast of energy and we all evolve tomorrow because these frail human bodies could not cope with that so it has to be incremental and it has to be gradual. It’s also dependent on the negativity that has been ramped up against us, so if we believe in a Source and by the way when I use the word God I am referring to Source. Somebody took offense to my using the word God and I do read some of the comments, you know, and sort of said you’re referring to the god of the Israelites or the god this, god of that. No I’m just using the word God because that’s the thing in the Bible and I mean Source. When Source is balancing the energies, if for instance, the bad guys have had a good day from their perspective and they seem to have got the shaft on us, then we will get a slightly different variation of the energy wave. If things are fairly stable then it will be whatever was programmed to come down. These energy bombardments or waves are going to continue to occur. Some of them, modern science can identify, they’ll call it something else, but there is much that is not detectable. You know sometimes the planet is hit by a positive wave of energy which has not been referred to, there has been no communication about it and just because we go around the next day absolutely, you know, zonked out, it doesn’t mean it was bad. It means that we’ve been perhaps recalibrated or advanced or something’s happened and we do need that time to recuperate, so these energy waves are going to continue to come. They’ll continue to come up to about 2023. Some will be very obvious and some will be less so. Thank you for your kind words. Remember that I do this regular show with Rebecca, but I also do a show on my own with Ted Mahr in the Seattle radio for America, which is difficult for Brits to get, I understand that, but Ted’s also going onto video, so at some point there’ll be video show, so I’m doing at least three shows a month, sometimes four, so if you’re very involved in America, and you’re very interested, try and listen in to that, because I try to aim my answers and comments particularly to the Americans, whereas when I do this show with Rebecca, it’s much more for the world and Great Britain, although America is important I try to balance it out a bit, thank you.
RB: And Ted Mahr has just started putting his interviews with you on YouTube.
SP: Thank you I’d forgotten about that. Yes he did send an email and I didn’t remember it but he’s just started now putting on YouTube so if you are American in Britain or you’re an American and you don’t get the chance to hear it live then if you go on YouTube and then it’ll be quite American-centric, thank you.
RB: Okay thanks Chéri or Sherry says the night before Barbara Bush died I had a dream. There was a tiny skeleton in the dream, that I had pulled out of my gum area of my body. It had a full skull and bones attached. I quickly disposed of it and didn’t want anyone to see. After that I pulled out the figure of a person with fairies and perhaps angels her or him. I quickly got rid of that one too, hiding it. That one seemed fake or nonauthentic, unlike the skeleton that seemed very creepy. Thinking of the Skull and Bones and also of the fake light sources that come in, in the name of helping others made me think of the casting out of angels and demons that’s happening perhaps now. Can I please have your thoughts on that?
SP: It’s very interesting. I haven’t quite had that but I can give you an analogy or something similar. When I was very young, very very young, three-and-a-half years old and I have talked about it a number of years ago, but it will do no harm because it’s a good lead in to the answer for this, so I was about three-and-a-half years old and what I can just basically describe as a clown literally walked through the wall and stood in the middle of the floor and my natural reaction was to scream. There was a psychic connection between me and this creature and it couldn’t understand why I was reacting the way I was reacting. It was absolutely confused, and the next thing I knew is that it had changed into a policeman but not a very accurate policeman. It looked like a policeman from Charlie Chaplin’s Keystone Cops and that’s quite interesting because it would have accessed my mind. I would have obviously watched cartoons or old films of Charlie Chaplin and so it sort of thought that’s what a policeman would look like. Now the reason I’m saying that is because if the first thing that you appear to pull out was a skeleton, they got their planning wrong and your reaction to that was incredibly negative. Why would they create a skeleton because it has no covering? It’s got nothing for you to make a judgment on. It’s the bones of the case. It’s the at the center of it. It’s the real thing so I can understand why they’ve done the skeleton and as soon as the skeleton didn’t work you were then confronted with a fairy which was sort of trying to make something a little bit more palatable, and I would suggest that both of those were not necessarily good, and you are saying in your thing that, you know, you think that it wasn’t particularly a good thing so I think it was checking you out and seeing how you were reacting and when you didn’t react positively, it swapped from a skeleton to a fairy, so thank you for the question.
What I would like to do now is to thank those who very kindly donated. You know over the summer period perhaps thinking about Simon isn’t something that you would do, but, you know, thank you for all of you who have thought about me and kept me a lifeline going, so it’s time for me to read my honor list, so I want to thank Robert, Julius, Sue, Shana, Christopher, Katrine, Edgar, Martin, Shamsha, Tina, Alisa, Sheal, Raymond, Cheryl, Isabel, Olaf, Tom, Emgard, Nathan, Ralph, Olaf, Sharon, Dawn, Akeely, Thomas, Powernet, Alexander, David, and the Gorilla Guy, Margaret, Sheena, Leslie, Lars, Sean, Gerard, Mark, Julie, Jeff, Nan and Darrard, Terry, Oliver, Bronwyn, Brenda, nearly finished, Janan, Samuel, Stephanie, and Glen. If I’ve missed any of you I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to, thank you very much for those of you who have found time during your holiday or perhaps you don’t have a holiday but for thinking of me and supporting me. I’m very grateful. It helps me to keep going and keep doing what we’re doing. This September, the first week in September for all members of Connecting Consciousness in Great Britain and there are just short of 700 of you, we’re having a meeting in London. We’ve emailed all 700 inviting you to the venue. It is not going to be a conference. It’s not that sort of show. It’s basically for members who have joined Connecting Consciousness. I want to move Connecting Consciousness to become a, what the Americans would call a nonprofit organization. I want to have a constitution. I want to have articles of governance and form a charitable organization so that when these people fund the projects, then it’s going not to me personally, but it goes to the charitable organization and to do that I’m going to need people who want to be on the management board and people who want to become involved and so the first kickoff for this is a meeting in London for all members of Connecting Consciousness who have been invited in Great Britain to be part of that. Now there will be others for other countries to be involved in but it’s just the British kickoff of that, so that’s something working toward and that’s obviously kept some of my time quite busy and I’ll inform you how that goes and if you are interested and you want to become a member of Connecting Consciousness then, you know, please send an email and we’ll go through. Right I think we’ll do one more question and then I think we’ll call it a day for this session so please Becky if you’d be very kind and just give us one more question.
RB: Okay, well this question is quite a long question because it’s got several parts.
SP: Right.
RB: And it’s by a Susan Nachturis. I guess that’s a take on Chuck Norris.
SP: Or Arcturus.
RB: Hum…
SP: No?
RB: No it’s Nuchtorris.
SP: Oh I see what [crosstalk]… okay, Nuck.
RB: Okay so [he] says hello Simon I was wondering if you could tell us about crystal beings. What are they? Where do they come from? What kind of soul do they have and what is their connection to the crystals that we have here on Earth? I’m asking because I recently had an incredible experience with what I believe to be the soul of a crystal. She took me into a deep state of meditation and healed me and she helped me deal with issues I thought I would live with forever. I hope you’re doing well. Much love and peace from Denmark. Want me to go through the first question again?
SP: In a minute please, it would be very kind of you but let me just answer this. Crystals in themselves I believe on this planet and the ones that we have access to don’t actually have a soul, but there are crystal beings and I have the privilege of actually seeing one and being in one’s presence. I would imagine and I haven’t got any evidence of this but I would imagine it would be possible for a crystal being to project itself into another crystalline structure, so although your standard crystal or mineral wouldn’t contain such a consciousness, it might have the structure that would allow that consciousness to be projected into it on a temporary level. That I can go with. The crystal being that I met and it’s about 2010, about eight years ago now isn’t it, that right?
RB: Um-hum.
SP: It was very tall and didn’t have arms and legs but was able to grow what I would just loosely call an appendage. If you think of a stalagmite in a cave, one of those things that goes up with a pointy bit, but it didn’t have a pointy bit. It was a round thing like a chandelier, like a cut glass crystal chandelier and I can’t remember now if it rotated clockwise or counterclockwise but the head rotated but not the face. There were crystal shards hanging from it and it were the shards that rotated definitely two eyes, most definitely two eyes, no nose and no mouth, but the body was a sort of an appendage that grew down or it generated down from the head to touch to the floor, height seven-and-one-half foot, something like that. In terms of the soul I can only say a crystal being soul because they’re not human of any sort and they don’t have a connection with humanity in terms of sharing a shared growth path. They are familiar with the Reptilians and they’re familiar with Greys so for those people who have met them, it’s not surprising if there were Greys or Reptilians around. What I can tell you is unsurprisingly I suppose the American military have connected with these beings and have some connection with them and I can’t remember what they refer to themselves as, or something like, sounds a joke, but transformers. That’s not, it’s something like that. In terms of communication they don’t of course use vocal cords. The best way to describe these crystal beings communication if I was to get a metal pail or a metal bucket and put a handful of marbles, glass kids toy marbles in there or a bunch of rocks and then just shake that up, as crazy as it sounds, that was sort of what the language was like unedited, so in terms of the soul I can’t say to you it was a human soul because it wasn’t so what I could say to you is it did have a soul, absolutely it did, but it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced because it’s a crystalline-based lifeform. Now what’s fascinating I guess take it to the next stage is if you think about Saturn and the Rings of Saturn and the establishment tell us this is just ice crystals, but I believe they are real crystals, you know, mineral crystals. Hence it’s an aerial, it’s a transformer, but what’s to say that, you know, there aren’t creatures that live in environments that don’t need to breathe air like that. They can be in space and have a crystalline technology and have that sort of intellect, so that’s really exciting because it takes it completely away from the biological format into an understanding of geometry and structure, which is really alien in the true sense of the word to anything here on Earth in terms of a lifeform. So was that, did you say there were more questions or is that it on that one?
RB: I really love that answer in fact taking that further…
SP: Okay.
RB: Could crystal beings and souls of crystal beings be connected to the planet because the planet is a crystalline.
SP: Yes, I mean I go as far as to say that crystals are created by the tectonics and the heat and the magnetism and the movement within the Earth.  So crystals are, let’s talk about Earth crystals now, crystals are a part of the Earth just as much as your regular piece of granite or your regular piece of chalk.
RB: They are, those are crystals as well.
SP: They are.
RB: There’s crystalline in many shapes and forms.
SP: Sure but I’m talking about very few people who put a lump of chalk on their table or their alter whereas they might put a nice piece of amethyst, so… I forgot what I was going to say now. So when a crystal in the true sense of the word is formed, then it is a mark of beauty. The Earth has created something that is very special and values and wants to show its beauty. Now if we believe in fairies and I actually do, because although I have never seen a fairy one-to-one.  I’ve actually seen one on a time lapse camera and I know who was behind that time lapse camera and there’s absolutely no trickery at all and this creature was about three inches tall. For our European friends that’s what, about six, seven…
RB: Ten centimeters.
SP: Ten, really see I’ve got no idea. Centimeters I don’t know. I tempted, I’m looking around for a ruler here. I’ve got about five rulers and oh look I found a ruler. See if I manifest a ruler I find a ruler, isn’t that great, so here’s my ruler and I said three inches and you said ten centimeters, well, seven and a half centimeters.
RB: I’m sorry.
SP: You were nearer than I was.  What an argument over human methods and measuring. So anyway this thing was really really tiny and it was an element of the Earth and I always got the feeling that these little creatures would work with crystals or they would work with things that could resonate, hum, vibrate, shift in terms of its energy shape, so a planet has a soul. We know that absolutely we know that. We know this planet is feminine and so if you are looking at crystals you have to accept that. Now anyone who’s been the Divine Feminine in Atlantis, you’ve got the crystals, tall tall crystals, maybe twelve feet all in a circle and each crystal had one, two, three or four Divine Feminine standing by the side of them and then the crystal became the feminine and the feminine became the crystal. There was that sharing of consciousness if you like and then the Atlantean females could project their minds out to different dimensions and time travel, but the point I’m making is that the crystal is much more than just a device that could communicate or could produce power. It was a receptor for sentient knowledge. It did not have its own soul but the Divine Feminine either working in ones, twos or threes could actually interface with that crystal and that’s why spiritual people on the planet today can pick up a crystal and feel its vibration or feel its heat or not communicate with it so much but be part of it because the crystal is part of the Earth and if it’s part of the Earth it has a communication structure if you can open that, so that’s great. It’s a really lovely question to end on so thank you very much indeed. Thank you from Becky, thank you for me and I just want to give a quick thank you to Andy Bale who maintains the website and looks after the show. What’s Andy’s company called Becky?
RB: Rapid Rescue.
SP: Rapid Rescue so Andy is an excellent computer guy. If you have a problem with a computer you phone him up and then he puts it right, so Andy is Rapid Rescue who runs the website, does everything for me. This is a big thank you and I really need to thank you every time for that so that’s great. So listen until next time keep strong and keep believing and we will get there in the end. God bless, bye-bye.
[transcribed August 23, 2018 gsc]
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