26 August 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
at home
Questions & Answers
Simon starts his CC August Bank Holiday Special by discussing the trouble brewing in the U.S. government; people in Trump’s administration are being criminalized in lawless law courts; Mueller and elite use media to push impeachment of President Trump; Questions: regaining memories; removing blocks/implants, best to try to do it yourself; a Mollison disclosure reveals Annunaki leadership change coincides with large human die off between 2020–2040, and Simon confirms this intention is planned, but not set in stone, for around 2025; if Reptilians bioengineered us how is it we have a soul; will Kriya Yoga aid in going back to Source; how do you dissolve karma; is the god or God sharing information with Mark Taylor a trap? Hillary Clinton snuff film; ability to focus is the key; what is behind society being in a divide-and-conquer mode, even the alternative community; can you verify 2012 portal.blogspot group is working with light forces to free Earth and are you affiliated; when the event happens will the U.S. and Canada be treated the same?

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Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Special Edition for Connecting Consciousness radio show. It’s a bank holiday here in Great Britain except in Scotland. They don’t have a bank holiday, poor things, so I thought we would do something, because the situation in America is getting quite difficult, and we can get through some questions. And I just quickly want to introduce this young fella, where is he? There he is, and that’s one of the new ones. That’s his name. His name is Ragnarök. There we are, so hopefully as he grows up you’re going to be seeing a lot of him. Right this should go out tomorrow onto YouTube. Because it’s a special I’m not going to put thank-you’s in. I’ll just save the usual thank-you’s for the standard show. Right let’s see how many questions we can get through, but one of the most important things really to discuss is the situation in America. As expected it’s heating up. I think I posted a few days ago that President Trump had come into some information regarding Hillary Clinton and he let people know what he’d found out, and then there was a big battle between his ex-lawyer and the prosecutor guy called Mueller, and the elite are using their friends in the media to start to push the possibility of an impeachment. This is where it does get serious because President Trump made a statement, I think on Fox News or on one of the news channels, and as part of his answer to the direct question about the possibility of him being impeached, he said that if they went down that road then the American people would revolt. Now that’s an incredibly powerful statement, and on the face of it you could swap the word for revolt for civil war, and in many ways those of you who are in America or those of you who have traveled to America over the last couple of years, you’re aware that in the old days you were either a Republican or a Democrat. But now you’re either pro-Clinton, the Clinton policies–Obama policies, or you’re pro-Trump, and it really has divided the nation. So revolt/civil war, still very strong words, but the key here is the word revolt. What he’s actually doing is he’s warning off these pushes of the impeachment road. He’s basically saying the military will move in and create martial law. So President Trump clearly has had a conversation with some of his backers in the military, who have, I think, authorized him to say look you can make this threat. You can’t say we’re gonna have martial law and the army’s on the streets, but what you can do is send a veiled threat that there will be a revolt. Unless there’s a resolve here quite quickly, then the situation could become, not out of hand, but could become incredibly serious, because all of this pushing one way and then pushing back another brings the possibility of uncontrolled release of information. What I mean by that is that whilst the Clinton group feel that Trump may or may not release any information that he has on their activities, they are prepared to play a sort of a cat-and-mouse game. But then when it became obvious that Trump was considering releasing some of this information, that’s what’s caused this push, and one or the other side is going to perhaps do something that they might regret later. So the situation in America is incredibly tense. It is very important. We’ve not had this in the last two and a half years. This is a very boiling point now, and if anything could cause Trump to release any sensitive information it could be the threat that he could be impeached. But for those non-Americans or those of you who don’t follow the American politics, it’s impossible to impeach a president unless you have control in the two houses. You would need an awful lot of Republicans to vote with the Democrats to force an impeachment. Now there are midterm elections in November, but just purely on the statistics, if somebody did try to bring an impeachment, it’s almost impossible that that would get through the two houses. The threat of a military revolt or a military martial law would also be a very big no-no to some of these people. So I really wanted to come on and just say that. It’s at a very difficult stage at the moment and really worth watching the news. Okay that’s the only one I wanted to really talk on, and perhaps we can try and get through some of these questions now. I’m aware that they’re building up. So hello Becky and thank you for asking the questions.
Rebecca Bannister: Hi, okay the first question is from Kim [06:00][Mot tre] who says greetings from Florida. People think I’m crazy but I remember being born. I actually remember a conversation having to decide quickly then jumping. My question is after my birth I remember a visitor, loud footsteps and I would feel like I had to be very still. He would walk around the room, then leave. How do I find out what conversation before birth and who would visit?
SP: When the person says a visit I’m not sure if they mean the person visited the room which their mother was in or whether they mean or she means visit her in the womb. Is it clear?
RB: After she was born…
SP: Oh after she was born, ah right.
RB: …so there was a visitor after her birth.
SP: Right, well one of the ways to regain such knowledge and memories would be to do your own meditation. Some people are quite skilled at that. Others find it quite difficult. There is a possibility of going to a hypnotherapist, but, you know, not just a hypnotherapist that, you know, does the stop smoking or, you know, don’t be frightened of heights routine, but somebody who understands issues for the child. And basically you could ask them to see if they feel competent and they can have a go at that and see if they could help you to regain those memories. It… I have on occasion recommended that for certain of my clients, and you know, sometimes it’s successful; sometimes it’s not. But I think if you are very keen to get those ideas or those memories back, then if you can’t do it through a meditation, then do so. The the crashing and bashing in the background is the kittens playing. I have read your comments about my squeaky chair and I’m keeping remarkably still so as not to disturb you, but of course I can’t stop the kittens chasing, and I wouldn’t stop them. So it looks like if we give up the squeaky chair you’re going to have to put up with the kittens chasing each other, but okay, we don’t have a squeaky chair today hopefully. So my answer is through meditation. If you can’t do it through meditation then have a go at someone who’s a reputable hypnotherapist. Thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. The next question is from Jerry who said I am so grateful for everything that you do and just want to thank you. My question is how can I get rid of the blocks, implants, on me to bring out the innate? I see my birth date all the time, 11/25, and I cannot figure out what it really means. Thank you.
SP: So numerologist number nine. The blocks are either placed by yourself or by somebody or something else. I think it’s how burning a desire, excuse me, how burning a desire it is to break through these blocks. You have to try to identify what is being held back, because it sometimes is a great deal of effort to remove those blocks. If the blocks were placed there by yourself, then it’s easier through a form of meditation, through sort of self-hypnosis perhaps to remove that. If the blocks have been placed there by somebody or something else, then you probably will need some help to do that. Generally when a block is in place we can remember something prior to it or just after it. It’s something that I could help with, but it’s probably advisable to try it yourself first. If you can put yourself into a sort of a gentle trance, and what I mean by that is turn your phone’s off. It’s fairly dark in the room and you’re not actually asleep because that would defeat the object, but so you’re not going to be disturbed you can be quite calm. First of all you need to protect yourself. We don’t do anything that could take you into another realm or engage with something unless you take some protection of a golden bubble or diamond energy or whatever it is that you use. If you don’t then do some research. Ask yourself what’s the best way to protect yourself. Once you’ve done that and then one of the best ways to obtain hidden memories would be to imagine that you have a location. It could be a desert; it could be a forest, and you would see a cave. This is just an example. You can check your own or do your own research. But you see a cave. You walk into the cave. It’s very dark. You want to make the cave interesting so you could put paintings down the side of it or statues, doesn’t matter. You’re trying to maintain a flow of information here. You walk along further and there are doorways, so you create doorways on your left and your right, and you will be guided or drawn to one of those doorways. You need to produce a key. Open the door. Close it. Lock it behind you. It’s really important that you don’t try to create anything now. So you’re looking at a blank room. It’s dark, no light, nothing. Now what I’m hoping is that you’ll begin to see a video as it were play out for you or a snapshot of memory. If it doesn’t unlock the door. Open it. Go through. Lock the door. Go further down your corridor and this time to represent going deeper into your mind go down a flight of stairs. What you’re trying to do is to circumvent any blocks, so I’m visually going to show you. If you are at this level and there’s a blockage here and then you’re going down a spiral staircase or a staircase and you underneath that and you do that routine, then you are actually circumventing the block. That’s if the block is of a linear pattern. Try that. Try it several times. If it’s not working then you need to engage somebody who is quite versed at helping someone get the memories, but I always like people to try it yourself and it’s a real great sense of achievement because there’s always the danger that someone leads you. If you have someone who’s skilled at it, you could possibly be led, and therefore the memories that are coming back on are not quite the truth. So if you can do it yourself that’s best. So thank you for that. That’s very kind of you to say the nice words.
RB: Okay thank you.
SP: They’re playing.
RB: I know. Gary Shade says new disclosures from Source Creator by a Karl Mollison revealed the Annunaki leadership changes hands for the worse within ten years and humanity then faces a great die off in numbers. [Thomas Mellon] also predicted great population decline from 2020 to 2040. What say you about population levels and sustainable life on a warming polluted planet that is rapidly becoming deforested?
SP: Polluted yes. Deforested yes. Warming yes but remember the warming is natural. Okay there’s probably one centigrade perhaps that’s been done through carbon emissions, but if you look back through geological records, and this planet has been incredibly hot in the past, far more CO2 emissions than there are now. I’m not concerned about the warming of the planet. That is naturally part of our evolution through the energy from the Sun, and all the planets in the solar system are doing that. The population decline is very interesting. I believe some years ago the Farsight Institute, and I can’t be a hundred percent certain, but I believe it was the Farsight Institute had done some sort of [14:47][Reiki] forward in time and they’d come back with a staggering reduction in the population of the planet. Certainly the elite, who run these plans, this agenda, also are looking to make some form of reduction. I think that if it wasn’t Montauk, it would have been a number of projects running on the similar high microwave bandwidth projects that seem to have some sort of indication that; I’m gonna go for 2025, the two figures you’ve given. I’m going to go for 2025 that it’s slated in that there would be a population reduction. Now that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. It means that it’s a possibility. Now whether that possibility is through Yellowstone blowing up or a great tidal wave or anything of those magnitudes, whether it’s through a deliberate attempt to reduce the human population, or whether it’s a natural event, that’s not clear. What is clear is that there is a, I won’t even say it’s a timeline. There is an intention by something or someone to reduce the human population and the figure of 2025 is the figure that I’ve given. That doesn’t mean there’s going to be a reduction in 2025. What it means is that there is an intention at that time to try to bring something like that about. In terms of the projects that have been leading up to this, they’ve all by and large abysmally failed. Whether it was AIDS or SARS or bird flu, whatever else, and designed to weaken or destroy the human population, that’s something very special about, excuse me, humanity that it evolved to defeat by and large these attacks on it. So it’s not written in stone. We can definitely say something is planned but, you know, so many things are and don’t necessarily come to fruition. Excuse me, so what I would say is yes a number of independent and not so independent agencies or organizations have highlighted the fact that around this time zone there is a possibility of a reduction, and that is much more likely to be of evil intent rather than a natural reaction. So all I would say to you is that my plan if you like, my vision, is that there won’t be a reduction in the human population of that magnitude or anything like that magnitude. That is an intent that we don’t want. That’s an intent that doesn’t benefit humanity, and I think whilst it’s perfectly reasonable to alert people to what you have discovered, I think it’s very unwise to then build upon that or postulate upon that. It’s much better to say this is not what we want. If there is, you know, one small percentage chance of this happening let’s make sure it doesn’t happen. I hope that does answer your question. It was a very important question and I hope I’ve answered it thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. The next question is from Jim who says if Reptilians engineered/created the current species known as Homo sapiens, how is it that the [18:59][Set or Seth] homo sapiens have a soul? It’s wonderful you’re back on the air and thank you so much for all you’ve done and continue to do for humanity.
SP: Thank you. Homo sapiens sapiens, let’s put it absolutely right. That’s what we are, homo sapiens, sapiens. When creating an organic body with a higher intellect that should have had 12 strands all the time, you’ve got to have a soul. Remember all the engineers, the Reptilians and remember they were the final group that tinkered around with humanity. There have been many other alien groups which were not Reptilian, who over the period of four million or so years elevated humanity to a certain stage and then they would disappear, and maybe half a million years would go by and another group would arrive and they would take humanity to the next stage and so on and so forth. That is the physical body that they created, not the soul. Only Source, God, whatever… only Source can create those souls and put them into a body, although some aliens can manipulate the maneuver to the soul, but basically the soul was not created by the Reptilians. The physical body was. So you wouldn’t have a fully functioning person without a soul. You would have a creature like a robotic Grey, and I’ve met Greys that have no soul and they’re pretty bloody stupid because they are so black and white. They’re so…
RB: A black and white Grey.
SP: Okay, that’s too clever for me. I’ll give you an example, which I did talk about, about seven, eight years ago, you know, walking in a corridor of roughhewn rock, so it’s underground. I think it’s probably a human/alien base that’s shared and there’s a group of people, ordinary people, ordinary in the sense that they’re not hybridized just sitting on the rock hewn floor, and then there’s a Grey, robotic Grey, you know, the typical Hollywood Grey standing by the side of them, and then I say to the Grey what are these people doing here? Now if you asked a creature with a soul, that person would say well they’re just waiting for the bus or they’re just waiting for the train, the fast train to come and pick them up, or they’re waiting for the supervisor to come along or we’ve just told them to take a rest. But it’s reply to me was, remember my question was what are these people doing here? And the reply was sitting down, which is factually correct, yes they’re sitting down. So a creature without a soul can’t connect on an emotional level with those of us who have a soul, and that means that they they don’t work as efficiently. They don’t think as efficiently, and they don’t have the spark of creational life. Now when the final upgrade to humanity was done probably around 250,000–300,000 years ago, can’t be exact, homo sapiens sapiens were created. The line of humanity had had a soul for a very longtime. Let’s go back four million years ago when there was a big jump from a primate-type creature to something that we can definitely say was a human-like. Pleiadian people, who had incarnated here and were trapped, just as we are through the grid system, were not able to incarnate in this new human life form because the frequency, the energy, just wasn’t there in those people. So that’s why they had to incarnate in dolphins and porpoises and whales, and then over the four or so million years different alien task forces or reconnaissance groups landed on this planet, tinkered around with humanity, and finally not through natural selection but through artificial selection, humanity was then developed to a point that a Pleiadian soul could incarnate in a human. That’s really important because you look at the geological or archaeological evidence and you can see the size of the brain case developing and growing, and it’s almost impossible the speed at which its developing. It’s just impossible and if you look at just a hundred thousand years ago, the Neanderthal creatures, which they really make fun of but I consider were pretty pretty human, their brain case was bigger than ours. Now how on earth is that possible? If a creature from their perspective, and from the professionals perspective, is more stupid and dim-witted than us, why has it got a bigger head? Why would it have a bigger brain? And I know they’ll probably argue that it’s how the brain is used, but the fact of the matter is that the evolution of the human does not follow a process of natural selection. And so we can look at creatures of human intent having a soul probably from, I would say about two million to 2.5 million years ago. At about 1.9 billion years ago a new creature evolved on the geological record and his and her name were homo ergaster. This was a species from Africa, and this suddenly marked a massive change. Here was a being that was probably around six foot tall. Now that’s phenomenal because we’re told that, you know, those people who have poor nutrition, they’re quite stunted in their growth, but from the fossil records that have been recovered it’s highly likely that these beings 1.9, 1.8, 1.9 million years ago we’re about six feet tall. The tools they were making an average man today couldn’t actually easily use, because they were too big for a standard hand. Now women generally have small hands so it’d be even harder for them. So I’d never accepted and none of my family actually ever accepted that humanity had ever evolved, but through that evolution the soul came from Source and has been part and parcel of life on this planet. Remember animals have a soul. It’s not just humans. So that’s a really good question and I hope the answer, you know, has been in-depth enough. Thank you.
RB: Thank you yeah I understand that some, you know, animals and life have souls and trees do as well. Shaman’s would fully understand and recognize that trees have [26:51][dryads], which are tree cells and if you can actually feel the energy around a tree which is a bit like [26:59][unintelligible] of energy layers as humans do or other kinds of life. They have the emotional layer and the spiritual layer and different etheric layers and you can feel the energy as you go in, if you go closer toward the tree if you’re tuned into that sort of thing, and that’s connected with the energy source, which is the soul as well as… which is sort of separate from the physical life force of the tree.
SP: Well J.R.R Tolkien who wrote “Lord of the Rings,” and wasn’t just a professor of Old English, it was a very knowledgeable in many ways, created Treebeard and the Ents, and he certainly had no problem in writing into his amazing work that this tree was able to walk and talk and it clearly had a soul. So I think yes, those who are in the know, those who are connected to the earth, those who are spiritually awake don’t have a problem in either accepting that or actually being able to detect an energy field around a tree or a plant. That means that it won’t be the same type of soul that we have but nevertheless I believe that we can call it a living creature. Thank you. Next one.
RB: Okay, thank you. Martin says I’ve been doing Kriya Yoga for five years now. It’s a complex system of how to get back to the Source throughout several lifetimes. It is a very thin road. You have said that when you wake up and go to sleep just say I want to go back to Source. If it was that easy why should I do Kriya Yoga?
SP: Okay with respect you misunderstood the questions that I was asked around that. The answer I’ve given was not in response to how do we go to Source. The question that I was given was how do we defeat the grid, the net, and although Source is Source, the questions are different. In other words when we are programmed to go towards the light and that’s a program that all creatures that sleep at nighttime and are awake in the day are programmed to do because we respond to the daylight. We see it as a good happy thing. We can see what we’re doing, and at nighttime we can’t therefore we shut down. So we are programmed just by that to go to the light. Then you’ve got Hollywood giving us so many near-death films and then the tunnel with the light, and you know, Archangel Michael representative or whoever at the end of it. What I was responding to were questions along how do we overcome this energy trap. Now when I was a kid schooling was different, but we used to have to stand in front of the class and do what we call our times table. This is absolutely primitive now, but you sort of have to stand there and say once 2 is 2, two 2’s are 4. No different to an actor. He or she goes on stage and days beforehand learns his or her lines, which are then absolutely meshed in the mind and then hopefully they can deliver their lines without any fault. And when the physical body dies, you don’t know you’re dead. You don’t know you’re dead because you’re not. It is your soul that lives forever. It’s your physical body that dies, so when you physically die, you’re not aware you’re dead and you think, oh, I can’t move my arms. I can’t do this. You can still see and you can feel and that’s why so many other films when they talk about this, they mention one character says to another, well I am dead aren’t I? I did die didn’t I? I have gone to heaven or what have you. Oh yes, yes, you know, you did die, so you don’t know you’re dead and the first thing that I am saying is that if you have spent 10 years or 20 years, the last thing you say at night is I want to go to Source, and the first thing in the morning is I want to go to Source. When you suddenly realize that you are dead physically that mantra, “I want to go to Source,” is not designed to get you to Source. It is designed to remind you that you must be looking for Source and not the trip, so saying I want to go to Source or I want to go to my star family every night as a last thing and every morning is not magically to take you to Source, but is to remind you that there are traps and tricks out there designed to capture you and put you back and bring you back. So, you know, with respect you misunderstood my answer because you probably didn’t hear the question I was given, but I hope that that’s cleared it up. Thank you.
RB: Okay thanks. Martin also asks I’ve been told that without karma there is no purpose for life. Past and future lives are connected with the goal to solve any karmic lessons until you have zero. Do you personally know how to dissolve karma?
SP: Well actually I wouldn’t agree with that, not in its entirety. I think there’s a lot of truth to it, but I don’t agree with that in its entirety. I don’t believe that we come to this planet just to resolve our karma. I think we come to this planet to make a choice to do good or ill. I think we come here to learn and experience, and if we’ve had say a thousand years as a black magician, and we then have the choice whether we’re going to carry on being a black magician or whether we’re going to do this, or do that, and be something different. be a white magician or be a witch or what have you. So our past lives dictate the pressures that we are under in the current lifetime. But how we respond to that and whether we take it on head-on and if we decide to do anything with it that’s our free choice within that lifetime. Now karma is difficult because if somebody’s had a traumatic experience or have been around a trauma, then there is a model that I’ve seen here where that person seems to be… I’m not going to say they recreate it in their lifetime, but it seems to be drawn to them, and one trauma can build on another, and so what would have been a reasonably minor or or fairly not too significant issue in one’s lifetime can be blown out of not all proportion, but can be blown much bigger because it anchors and hooks into a trauma that had occurred maybe three hundred, five hundred, a thousand years ago. So one of the opportunities we all have is to unlock that trauma. Face it, observe it dispassionately, and release it and let it go, because if we don’t then we carry it, and you are right. If you have that karma then and you’re not addressing it, you’re not evolving enough to overlook it and understand it and see it for what it is, then you’ve clearly not reached the right level. Everyone’s journey is personal to them. Everyone’s past lives are connected to them and others as well, but connected to them and it’s their responsibility to decide how, or if they’re going to face that. I do work with clients on that. I can’t give you a blanket answer because that’s a one-to-one. Everyone is personal and everything is different, and there are so many other conflicting energies that work with an individual when he or she is trying to not overcome but learn and develop and go forward from the history that they have. So I hope that’s the answer. Well it is the answer I can give you, but I hope that that makes some sense to you. Thank you.
RB: Okay thanks, so having had two questions from Martin we now have the question from Martina. Dear Simon, thank you for all your hard work. Do you know who the God is that speaks to Mark Taylor, a former firefighter. This God predicted the presidency of Donald Trump and said that God has chosen Donald Trump and makes all kind of wonderful predictions. The reason I ask is because I wonder if there will be a trap afterward, a kind of deception for many people. With Love, Martina.
SP: Thank you Martina. I haven’t heard that and I’m not aware of that. I think we get the warning bell when somebody declares themselves a god. If somebody chooses to communicate with the person either through channeling or automatic writing or just by visions or words and they say that they’re a god, we’d have to ask ourselves is that entity of a good or a benign background or not. Now benign evolved entities shouldn’t need to put themselves above other living creatures in that sense. For somebody to say actually I am a god, that implies that you’re not at my level. So this from the little writing that you’ve given us and the question I’ve just been given, I take it that this person has declared itself a god and therefore made some points. I would reject anything from anybody that declared themselves to be a god. Now if someone says I am God then again I think we have a bit of a problem there, because the old image of the guy in a chair floating in the clouds or some sort of Reptilian or demonic creature, you know, that’s quite strongly in my mind with those sort of images. So you know I don’t have a problem per se with channeling, assuming this is channeling. I think very many benign forces do provide information to people. The difficulty is that it is so relatively easy to find the frequency that that person operates on and to take or send information and what a lot of these creatures can do is literally not just hack, but block that channel. It’s a little bit like a phone line, a landline, that runs from one place to another and we can all easily understand a party line that you could sometimes hear the conversation of somebody else. That’s quite a common thing. But imagine someone physically taking the cutters and cutting the wire so that that original source can no longer talk to you and all you’ve got is this new source, but the new source is pretending to be the old source. Now on a cell phone or a telephone you hear the voice and you think well I know that’s not the same person, but we’re not talking that. We’re talking channeling. So I’ve always been incredibly careful of that, and so my answer is if somebody says it’s a god why… why does it need to tell you it’s a god? You know why isn’t it saying I’m a spirit guide, or I’m an advisor, or I’m this, or I’m that? But if someone says a god, no, just my opinion is just walk away from it. Thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Zero says dear Simon, thank you for your vigilance and carrying on through your current ordeals. My question is in regards to the Hillary Clinton snuff film that is currently circulating on the dark web. Have you heard about it? Is there any credibility to it? Thank you and God bless.
SP: Why thank you. This is a while back you know. We’re doing these questions on a first-come first-serve basis, so that’s one of the reasons we’re doing this special to try and catch up a bit. I haven’t seen it. I deliberately decided I wasn’t gonna watch it. I wasn’t going to be drawn into that. I’m gonna be less open than I would normally be because of the incredibly difficult situation at the moment between the organizers of the Clinton Foundation and President Trump’s military backers. The energies are so high and a number of people who, and this is fact you can find this easily enough, who were ready to testify against certain individuals were, you know, found dead, sometimes the day before they were due to testify. So it’s very difficult and I haven’t seen the snuff movie. I was aware it had gone round. I am aware that there are certain instances where things have occurred which would certainly make Marine General Dunford not very happy with the Clintons. Remember that members, some members, of the CIA refer to Hillary Clinton as the Antichrist. That’s public record. There are reasons why very high ranking up holders of the Constitution, the Founding Fathers Plan, there are very strong reasons why those people supported President Trump. And, you know, I’ve never said President Trump was a great guy, a good guy. I’ve always said it was the best of the bad bunch. He was picked deliberately to prevent Clinton from winning. He was backed by the military. He was a great big man with lots of money who could take lots of punches and still keep going. That’s why he was put there, but the alternative from my perspective was so awful that it would be very easy to vote for President Trump as opposed to anyone else at the time. So that’s great. Thank you very much for that.
RB: Okay thank you. The next question is from Daniel. Have you ever heard, have you ever read Roald Dahl’s book about Henry Sugar? It seems to me that learning how to focus is the key to everything. Thank you.
SP: I haven’t. I’ve read some of his other books. Wasn’t “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…”
RB: Yeah and “The Great Glass Elevator.”
SP: Oh that was a second book.
RB: “Mr. Fox” was another one.
SP: All right I’ve seen the TV debut to that.
RB: “James and the Giant Peach.” I know… I’ve read loads but I’ve never read one about “Henry Sugar.”
SP: Well you’re quite up with old Dahl. I haven’t read it either. Focusing is the key. Remember that focusing from a spiritual, or a shamanic point of view right across the spectrum to magic, it’s only a small jump from the meditation routine of focusing on a candle flame. There’s only a small jump from that to the magic work with a candle flame, so the focus of the energy is paramount. If you meet people who are world-class in karate and really really can break, you know, five or six blocks of concrete or five or six pieces of wood, they do it because they focus the energy. It’s not understood by the public. It really isn’t. They just think someone’s incredibly strong and they just dismiss it. [What] they don’t understand is that in a true form of martial arts, I don’t mean that the stuff that you go into a, you know, a local school and learn karate for an hour or two hours. I’m talking about it at the highest level where the discipline of the mind is as important or more important than the physical delivery of the mental blow. So if you are going to punch your way through a piece of concrete or wood, you have to deliver an energy blow maybe one-eighth of an inch, something like that, ahead of your fist or your hand because it is that combined, because we’re in a 3D world, with a 3D physical action which causes it to smash. That’s only understood by the real masters, and that’s the key.
RB: Okay thank you and I just remembered he wrote “Matilda,” and that’s about a little girl who focuses with her mind. I think [crosstalk] she got so cross about something that she wanted to close the door, and she managed to from a distance to turn a doorknob and close the door and she then realized that she could do that and then she started manipulating things from a distance and making objects move.
SP: Well…
RB: So that was done with focused [45:41][mentality].
SP: Well that’s excellent. I’m going have to read that because that is exactly what the CIA or the old KGB or MI5 would have little children doing. That’s exactly the programs they would do. You wouldn’t do it with a door handle but they do other things. And there are many many of my clients who have partial memories of practicing moving things, objects about, or doing it at school perhaps under guidance or in a hospital or just practicing at home, and then you get to the ages of eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, and you stop doing it. So focusing whether it’s a 3D, I must focus to pass my exams or I must focus the lens on my telescope or I must focus my intent to achieve something. It works in the 3D world and it works in other dimensions. Thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Sabina says dear Simon, I am very happy to see you found a solution to continue your radio show. I did sense a lot of very nasty energy in the past few months all over the place. Do you think that we are very close to something that will tip the scale for the better and is that why all this crazy stuff is going on? I am very sad to see the alternative community being in a divide-and-conquer mode, but maybe this is a true test for people to finally start using their intuition and abilities to discern and feel from their hearts. Much love and thank you for everything.
SP: Two points: the first one is that one of the best ways to destroy the independence or the capability of humans to break out of a trap is to try to infiltrate and to confuse and break up that dig for freedom. What we loosely call the hippie years or flower power years, the young people back in the mid- to late-60s, early ’70s were from the establishment’s point of view dangerously close to breaking free, and so they used a number of methods to corrupt that. The alternative industry has been under attack as never before. You know we talked about Gaia TV and the statement there. The machinations that have taken place there and in another number of organizations, and it’s a case of if something has a huge energy weight is beginning to gain momentum, the establishment is not going to like that. So they’re either going to try and stop it head-on, but they can’t, so what they’ll do is they’ll set something up. They’ll try and infiltrate. They’ll try and get people in. They’ll do whatever they can, and they’ll try and eat it away or corrupt it or destroy it from the inside. And that’s the guise of these people. They’re very good at that. They’ve done that for governments and they’ve done it for revolutionary groups, done it in political parties, so that’s what’s been been going on. The second part of your question is very good because people who are truly going to evolve to the highest point don’t get the wool pulled over their eyes. People who really are spiritual, they see it, and they’ll just shake their head and carry on on the spiritual path. Those who are not yet on the spiritual path or delude themselves, they get sidetracked. They get drawn down into an ever-deepening descending spiral of energy, and you know they’ve obviously going to have to work their way out of that. But it is a real defining moment. It’s a real test. If you look at Gaia TV, there are those now who will stick with Gaia TV and there are those who will cancel their subscriptions and move on. Every organization poses questions and an individual, he or she, has to really ask themselves, who is right and who is not right and it really does sort out those that ready for evolving and those that aren’t quite ready yet. I absolutely agree with you. Thank you.
RB: Okay thanks. Cobellini says the Cobra spokesperson at 2012portal.blogspot, blogspot.com acknowledges to be working directly with the light forces of the resistance movement seeking planetary liberation. Can you verify this?
SP: No.
RB: Also do you have an affiliation with the same organization? Thank you.
SP: No I can’t. I can’t confirm that or deny that. No I don’t work with… there are a number of groups, some very human, some not very human at all ranging from absolutely positive to absolutely downright negative, so there are huge numbers of groups, some of them are just groups of one or two or three different makeups, and some with twenty, thirty, forty makeups or more. You can call them federations and, you know, empires and all the rest of it. The difficulty is that one combination of group does not actually see eye to eye with another combination. What happens is that we’ve had over the last, in human terms five, six, seven, years is that a number of groups have joined a club which most closely represents their goals. So you could have for instance a human planet in the 4th dimension of the Sirius [sigh rus] or Sirius [sear re us] Star System joining a club. But another planet in the same star system with a slightly different view about what should happen on planet Earth going and joining the Orion Empire. So instead of one large faction for positiveness and one large faction for negativeness, we’ve got different groups within each of those energy fields, or with their own outcome. So that isn’t very helpful. Think about the Second World War. There were Russia, America, Britain. I’m not forgetting Australia and New Zealand and Canada and India, but there were those major players: Britain, America, and Russia. They all said they wanted the liberation of Europe and the freeing of the time and the end to Nazi rule. But look how each of those three wanted a different outcome at the end of the war and they were absolutely at each other’s throats, though it was hidden from the general public, although it wasn’t in terms of Russia’s point of view, and so that’s the way it is. Don’t just see the good side on one and the negative on the other, and if you align yourself too heavily with one group so that you do their bidding, then you might find yourself, we say in Great Britain being painted into a corner, you might find yourself tainted with their energy in the sense that you can’t think freely. You can’t break away. You can’t make your own discernment and then they might start calling in a favor, saying well you know, this, that, and the other, and you should be supporting us and not supporting them. So no. I deliberately try to be as independent as I can. It’s great to get information from different groups and it’s great to hear what they have to say, but we don’t really want to be a spokesperson for that group. They can send their own emissary down here. If they, if the Federation of Light wants to give us a message, then they better come down here and give that message. Why wouldn’t they do that? So I hear what you’re saying and I do understand it, but I learnt from my own connections with off planet entities that one has to maintain your sovereignty and your independence and always check with yourself and other sources whether what you’re hearing sounds about right, whether it feels about right, and what is the agenda of any organization? What what are they really after? And I’ve always said that the time is coming on this planet when there will be a vacuum, a power vacuum. What we really really as good people have to watch out for is that nothing negative seeks to fill that vacuum and passing itself off as, I don’t know, the second coming of Christ or whatever else it might be. But that is the time when humanity must be hugely on its guard as we recover from one paradigm, one trickery, and we move to a much more open and holistic approach to life that something doesn’t try and come in and say well I’m going to save you all. Or this is the way you should do it. I give an example in the 3D world, talked about this a few days ago. In France there was a French Revolution and the guillotine was a very busy chopping off people’s heads and at the end of the Revolution there were a huge number of immensely wealthy stately homes with nobody in them, because either they had their heads chopped off or they jumped on a boat and gone to England or Italy or Spain. So the proletariat found that they were running out of money, but they had all of these chateaus, all of these immense houses. The only people who could buy them were the same families that had done a [56:47][runner]. So it’s a fact that the leaders of the French Revolution sold many of the chateaus and the big palaces back to the very same families that they chopped some of their heads off. So basically the status quo was [57:04][terminative] by égalité, fraternité, liberté. Well where is that in France? It didn’t happen. There wasn’t a revolution that wiped away anything at all, and so we have to be very careful when the humanity moves from one phase to the next it doesn’t make the same mistake as it did in the French Revolution. Thank you. Right well we are just going to have the final question. Now we’ve been going for nearly an hour. This special show, hopefully we’ve been able to make a dent into those questions, so for the last question then please, please Becky.
RB: Okay this last question is from Brad who says hi Simon I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, West Coast of Canada. I’m a two-hour drive to Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. I’ve been waiting patiently with all this mass arrests and the event beginnings. Our border has no fences or intense major patrol. My friend has a ditch separating the U.S.A. and Canada border. When the event begins will Canada be considered the same as the U.S.A., a total shutdown and military martial law?
SP: Right, your take on the word event is not my take on event. I understand there are and there have been some use of the word event from a physical perspective. My understanding of the word event is not physical. It’s energy. You’re referring to a possible cataclysmic situation in terms of the United States of America being at loggerheads with other countries and certainly with other elite organizations. I don’t see that. I see issues coming. I can certainly see some rioting, some looting. I can see some difficulties in some states, but I don’t see an event. I see an energy event. For me the word event is the transformation of humanity to the next level. I certainly don’t see a worldwide destruction. So in terms of a mini event, yes. We’ll have a mini event as we struggle to break free, but in terms of a major event that would be an energy format. So, thank you very much indeed Becky for your questions. Thank you to Andy who did all the web work and I hope you enjoy this show. Thank you. Goodbye.
[transcribed gsc August 28, 2018]
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