9 September 2018 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
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Questions & Answers
Strong call by left for Trump impeachment has lead Trump to say that action will cause a revolution/martial law; GCHQ has been cut from U.S. control; some satellites that have been deactivated are Dark Knight satellites that can activate an individual on the ground; code words are dropped during Brett Kavanaugh’s stormy vetting basically saying treasonous Americans will be tried in military tribunals; Questions: past interviews of Connecting Consciousness disappear from internet because of copyright laws; Airl, survivor of Roswell crash, comments on escaping the prison planet Earth; relationship, if any, between lighting used on Judge Kavanaugh’s interviews and Pleiadian Constellation; how can we reverse negative legislation the EU–Britain call animal rights; relevance of seeing floating faces in orbs; finding trustworthy news, FYI: Fulford’s info is genuine; demonic entities and symbiotic relationships; purpose of articles on death of Queen Elizabeth II and its disruptive effect; are earthquakes coming in 2018–19, especially Yellowstone Park; where should we focus our thoughts and energy when crossing over; empowering/protecting an indigo child; causes of women looking like men in various areas of the world.

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Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. Today is the 7th of September and this should go out onto YouTube tomorrow or Sunday, depending on when we can get it going, probably on the Sunday. Today is my birthday. Nevertheless, I’m still doing the podcast because it’s important. And I perhaps didn’t have anything better to do. So as you can see the cat is ready, willing and able and the kittens will be charging around. I do have a rather sick kitten at the moment. It’s on a particularly strong drug, and we hope that he’ll be fine, so let’s see how we can go today.
So first of all I want to do the usual update and draw your attention to the situation carrying on from the last one we did about America, how important I felt it was to do a special program on it really because it was so monumental. Basically what happened at the end of that was that an interview of the President of the United States said look if anybody tries to impeach me, then there will be a revolution in this country. And as I put on the website, that was coded message for basically the military would declare martial law if anybody in the deep state, as it is sometimes known, tries to remove the president. Now interestingly enough that didn’t fall on deaf ears. I suppose for the majority of the unawake public they just didn’t see that and they just took it at face value, but for those who the message was aimed at, they clearly understood it. And the calls for impeachment have died death. We’ve got a situation now in America where we call it, it’s like the five I’s. It’s where Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand work together to share information and it has been seen as the inner circle, sort of a sacred group that, you know, always would never turn on each other. And G8 GCHQ, and the British eavesdropping intelligence reception and transmission center has always been basically run by the Americans. So what’s very interesting is that that has been cut from the American control. In other words GCHQ is now no longer reporting in the same way to the United States as it has done and that’s quite interesting.
I’ve been asked by a couple of people regarding what’s happening in space with some of the satellites that are reported to have been deactivated or some even saying shot down, and the main feeling is these are communication satellites that run a specific network which is not part of the general North American Defense Network. It’s not part of the White House. It’s a standalone secret group of satellites that certain individuals, not just can make telephone calls, but can receive spy information that’s not actually even going to its own government. Now I have heard something along these lines, but what I also wanted to say was some of the satellites that have been taken out of operation are what we call the Black Knight satellites or the Dark Knight satellites. These are not just communication satellites, but they’re satellites that can activate individual people on the ground. So if you have a satellite that’s circling the Earth, it’s not just taking photographs, but it has the ability to when it is over the target area to send a frequency down that that individual is pre-programmed to receive and it can activate them, and that really is part of the deep state. So that I understand, that network of Dark Knight or Black Knight satellites has been deactivated. It’s highly possible that some of the Cabal’s secret satellites for gathering information and communicating have also been impacted. So that’s important, and this is what’s causing all of this huge toing and froing and want to impeach the president, and then the president fights back.
Now what I thought was really exciting was that you may remember, that seems months ago now, I said that one of the supreme judges was going to retire before there was any announcement and indeed he did. And President Trump has chosen Judge Kavanaugh as his nominee, and Judge Kavanaugh is doing his two days or so interview by the Senate, and it’s hours. There’s hours of it on YouTube. There really is, and I’ve been told to look at a certain aspect of it, and I’ve put that on the Connecting Consciousness website. I put it on my website with some times of the clock, and I want to give you those, so you can go to the website after you’ve seen this and just watch that. It’s crucial because Judge Kavanaugh is interviewed by both Democrats and Republican Senators, pro and anti him, and the one point he’s interviewed by a Republican Senator and at the end of his thirty minutes or what have you, the Senator gets a set amount of time, he makes a very interesting question. And he basically says to the judge, you’re aware of certain laws that an American citizen is protected by the Constitution. There’s a certain amendment. Judge Kavanaugh says yes of course, and he’s saying look, you know, if an American citizen abroad is protected against their own country, so an American citizen abroad is protected against his or her American government in terms of they can use the Constitution even though they’re not on American soil, but clearly not protected against the foreign country they’re in. So that was all understood and then the Senator basically says, and takes it right off track, and he says but what about when the person fights against their own country, their own country, America? How does that work? Now this is coded information. It’s aimed at the Cabal basically saying we’re gonna get you and we’re going to use the military, because he’s talking about special courts. So if you go to my website, I’ve just written down the points here, you… it’s the second day of Judge Kavanaugh’s talk, and if you go to three hours, two minutes, and thirty seconds (3:02:30), and run it from there you don’t have to listen for very long. It’s just a few minutes, but three hours, two minutes, and thirty seconds (3:02:30), and then keep it going. And then at three hours, four minutes (3:04:00) exactly is the very interesting part. And that goes to three hours, four minutes, and fifteen seconds (3:04:15). So there’s fifteen seconds of this really crucial bit, and then it ends at three minutes, I beg your pardon, three hours, four minutes, and fifty-three seconds (3:04:53). So if you run it from three hours, two minutes, and thirty through, but watch out for that particular bit where the senator is asking Judge Kavanaugh that if an individual, an American citizen, turns against the American government what would happen? Now the only reason for that is literally to say to people, those of you who are on an indicted list, you will face a military court. So what we’ve got is we’ve got both halves. We’ve got the Trump supporters, and we’ve got what some people call the deep state or the Cabal both playing poker here. So one side wants to impeach the president and the president fights back, and the code words are becoming less and less covet. They’re becoming more and more open. So it’s becoming an incredibly interesting game. Now once Judge Kavanaugh is put into post, then that and I always said it was sort of August–September, possibly October that we would begin to see certain things happening.
Now I talked a little bit about the situation with GCHQ and some of the communication systems. That has got nothing to do with Kavanaugh in the sense that this is another, if I can use the word battle, taking place on our communications front. But it is all part of the same game going on. So we are very American centric at the moment but that, if those of you who’ve listened to me for a little while will know, I’ve always said that Great Britain was the magical Isle. Great Britain was where the energies would fight for the hearts and mind, but America was where the action would be. America is the do or die. It’s the gun holding country. It’s where the two countries, Great Britain and America, they work together in many ways energetically. I don’t mean politically, but you know they balance each other on what happens in one has a very interesting effect on another. So that’s my update. We’re going to do slight change with the questions. A couple of people have said how about some of the new questions, so what we’re going to do today is we’re going to have some of the more recent questions, but don’t worry no one’s going to drop off the end of the boat. We will go back and pick the other questions up. So over to to Rebecca. Hello Rebecca.
Rebecca Bannister: Hi there.
SP: Hi.
RB: Okay, and happy birthday.
SP: Yes, thank you. I don’t feel too bad.
RB: Okay this question which is the very latest to come in and it came in today. It’s from Jacqueline who says Hi Simon, I enjoy going back through your older videos from time to time for a refresher on the information you’ve given. I was noticing that a lot of your older interviews and CC shows are unavailable both on your website and YouTube. Do you know if they will be made available again in the future? I certainly hope so and why are they removed?
SP: Right. When a person does a presentation, if it’s done through a third party, that party holds the copyright. One of the major reasons that Rebecca and I are doing what we’re doing now is because, you know, I hold the copyright. So when you go through somebody else they have the right to pull the videos or do whatever they want with them because it went through those. Although I have the intellectual copyright on what I’m saying, in terms of the way it works on this third-dimensional planet, when you publish a book or a film or a television show or what have you, it is the person who puts it out that has that overall copyright. So all I can say is that I have no control over anything that was done prior to me doing this with Rebecca, but if you trawl around you will find other groups, sites, putting out my material. If there’s a particular aspect that you’re interested in, then please write in and we can address that, or I can address that by, you know, as part of the particular podcast. I can actually talk about an aspect. One of the things with Andy Bale who does the web, the web hosting, and the webmaster for me, one of the ideas that he’s had and other people have had as well is that we could create a… almost like a book, but I don’t mean the old-fashioned book, but we could have something so that if you typed in a particular topic, then it would take you to the video, or not just the video but it would take you to that part. Or we could do a traditional book, and it would then be in headings or topics. So rather than, you know, wade through five or six chapters to try to find something interesting, you would say well chapter two is on this and chapter three is obviously on that, so we were looking up ways of trying to bring the right information quickly to the individual. So these are things that I’m very excited about, and we’re working towards that. Thank you.
RB: Okay thank you, and also we’ve got in mind to do one on just certain topics like the pyramids or other topics that people would choose and Jacqueline goes on to say that she would love to have a video library for all your shows and interviews and presentations and she values your information so much. Thanks for everything. Jackie, New Mexico.
SP: Well that’s really kind of you. Thank you. I appreciate that.
RB: Okay.
SP: What I would say is that we did put a call out a little while back for interesting topics and we did get those in and we haven’t forgotten those. Pyramids came up quite highly there’s still time if you have a particular interesting topic. Do that, and what we’ll do, we will run a special. So I don’t want to lose the answering of the questions, so we’d have to run an extra one like we did for the situation in the U.S. So if say for instance, I don’t know, pyramids came up on top, and then we would just run a special on that. So yeah that’s what we’re working towards, something to try to be more responsive to the audience.
RB: Okay thanks. Susan from Stockholm says I listened to the supposed interview held with extraterrestrial Airl spelt A-I-R-L so it’s not Ariel…
SP: Ariel, Ariel.
RB: A-I-R-L from Roswell crash done in 1947 by Matilda O’Donnell…
SP: It was a nurse.
RB: MacElroy. You talk of the Earth as a prison, as a soul prison planet, as a soul prison place as well as Airl. Do you share the ETs picture of the old Empire and the domain, as the ET puts it, there’s no other purpose of the souls clean slating in between lives other than to keep us prisoned. Does that make karma just a myth, and if not can we escape this prison as spirits, and how can other entities and spirits visit the Earth without getting trapped? Much love, Susan from Stockholm.
SP: Thank you Susan.
RB: Lots of questions in there.
SP: Well I can’t… I’ll just give an overview I think…
RB: Okay, Uh-hum.
SP: …to be fair to everyone else. I think that book was written for and on behalf or by thea woman who was a nurse at the time and was one of the, excuse me, one of the true, in my opinion, one of the true renditions of what happened, because it’s very fashionable to say all the crew of the two crafts that crashed were dead. That’s not accurate. At least one survived, and those again of you who’ve taken the trouble, thank you, to listen to me over the time, have known that I’ve banged on about women drivers and I mean driving a spacecraft, that females made the best space pilots. I don’t mean in the 3rd dimensional world, not these tin cans that go around the Earth, real spacecraft. You notice that, or you may not realize that, I pronounce the name Ariel. That’s how I would call her. This Grey entity was with a soul because she was the pilot of the craft that crashed. The rest of her crew, who were male, were what people called drones. They had no soul in their body, but Ariel had a soul, and although Susan, excuse me, didn’t mention it, when they’re about to electrocute Ariel, this is the American military, she jumps out of her body and escapes the net around the Earth. She’s able to break through that barrier and get through. And I never fully understood what gave her the capability to do that, but she did. She refers to a place as the domain and in terms of an empire, and what is interesting is that, and this has not really been reported by many others, that Ariel, and I’m having to really dig deep for all this info, but Ariel was talking about the planet of Earth being a commercial concern, and I don’t mean gold and silver. And in other words, it was bio-formed. All of the things on the planet were brought here from other places, but for gain, not financial gain. I keep having to reinforce that. So a good example of this is plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, so we breathe in oxygen and we breathe out carbon dioxide and I don’t care what the scientists say. That is as almost someone sat down and said well in order to keep both groups together they’ve got to, it’s like an engine that never runs out of power, you know, a self-recharging battery. So the plants keep the humans going and the humans keep the plants going. Insects pollinating plants, and what Ariel was… well she wasn’t suggesting it, she was absolutely 100 percent, was that all of these things had been brought to the Earth, the whole Earth had been terraformed and all of this was done by like a corporation, but we would call it the domain. And we shouldn’t see Charles Darwin’s natural selection as the answer, that we should look beyond that to a hidden hand that created this. So for me that was the most interesting aspect, but I can’t let the topic go without just reminding people, and Rebecca you can help me here please, because those of you who have been listening to me for a very long time know that if not the first, I was one of the first to absolutely refute that the two spacecraft, first of all, it wasn’t one spacecraft that crashed in Roswell. There were two, and many people don’t accept that, but nevertheless the big key was that I said this was a deliberate crashing, and the majority of people think that it was either brought down by the United States Air Force, but it wasn’t the United States Air Force back then. It was the Army Air Corps, but nevertheless it was either brought down by the Air Force or it was a thunderstorm, a lightning storm, and I’ve always maintained that it was a deliberate crash because it is fundamentally not allowed for an advanced technological race to cede or gift or trade technology to a more primitive race. It’s just not allowed. You just can’t do it. It’s just fundamentally not allowed. So the way they did it was to engineer an accident so that the technologies were crashed onto the Earth and humans that do have, we do have, a connection to apes. There is a huge genetic link, so Charles Darwin isn’t completely mad. There is a strong connection to the ape creatures and ape creatures are fantastic. If you give a chimpanzee a Rubik’s Cube, at some point it will actually get all the colors right, and he doesn’t give up. It’s really curious. They say that curiosity and the cat, but primates are really curious. So this alien group, which was actually Reptilian, using the Greys as the intermediary part of the domain, seeded technology on the Earth fully confident that the humans would back engineer it. Now am I right in saying that in Peter Paget’s latest book, Rebecca he actually said exactly the same thing as I did.
RB: Yeah he did. He really did, and it was very interesting to read and his book, “Secret Life of a Spook,” he wrote that the Roswell crash was deliberate by the aliens. He didn’t specify which group but he indicated that it was a higher intelligent life and that the majority of the beings that died, or the ones that died, were the Greys that are more robotic, so they didn’t… they weren’t single souled and creatures, but the one that survived was a souled creature.
SP: Fantastic. Well, sorry to interrupt you do you know when that book was written?
RB: I actually don’t.
SP: Is it, because he’s written two that I know of.
RB: He’s written quite a few books.
SP: Okay is this the latest one was it an older one?
RB: I don’t think it’s the latest one.
SP: Right.
RB: I think it’s been out a couple of years, but I can’t be sure I’m afraid because I’m just [crosstalk][23:16]
SP: Okay, well I know Peter and Peter is a very genuine guy, and he’s obviously obtained that information probably from a different source or partly the same source who knows from me. And he is the first person in a book, and only the second person, I’ve heard one other person online who has actually come out and said what I’ve said, that the Roswell crash was a deliberate attempt to seed the Earth with information and technology, and just before, I must go on to the other questions, but I want to finish off why. People would ask why. Humanity has been needed on this planet for a very long time. The Industrial Revolution needed people to dig holes in the ground to extract coal, to fire a furnace, to obtain ordinary earth metals—iron, lead, and then the more richer metals—like, you know, some of the materials that are used in space flight, so rare metals, and factories had to be built, the ability to transport these all over the planet, the refining of it… all of these things were done. So the heavy industry was there, but what they didn’t have was the micro circuitry to take it to the next level. Let’s talk literally about “Star Wars.” President Reagan had an energy beam weapon, so he had the physical in the early ’80s, but didn’t have the software to target it and maintain it until that was worked up. So in this planet we’ve always had the hardware and we’ve known how to use it, but we haven’t had the computer stuff. So what happened at Roswell was basically the transistor was given. The very primitive microchip was given. The concept of running information by light through fiber optics rather than electrical impulses through a metal cable, all of this was given, which meant that on Earth the computer technology now could go forward on the back of the heavy industry. Now once that was done, then the Cabal or the elite then turn around and said well we don’t need the human race anymore. And this is where we’ll kill off 75 percent of the human population comes from, because the human race [is] not needed to create a technology, because a 150 scientists working in a bunker can outperform a hundred thousand people working themselves. The only reason, this is probably a bit harsh, but it’s the fact. The only reason that the elite have not moved against the population apart from the fact that it would cause a war, and there are positive forces trying to prevent that, is because corporations suddenly became the government. And the corporation’s said hang on a minute, we’re selling toothpaste, or we’re selling soap powder, and we’ve got shareholders, and we’ve got big offices and nice new motorcars, and we’ve got a private jet, and we need these, because these people which the elite called the useless eaters, are actually our customers, that they provide us money. So the corporations have actually fought against the highest of the elite, because they don’t want 75 percent of their customers wiped out, because it would be the end of the corporations. And then, you know, they know they would lose out. There would be a one-world government, and there would be no corporations. It would be like it would be under a Nazi condition. It would be the government owning different companies. So oddly enough the rise of the corporation has worked to prevent some of the mad elite from wanting to kill off 75 percent of population. So that is a very long answer to your question. Thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks very much. Rhee says, Hi Simon, is there any correlation between the approximate Pleiadian Constellation layout of the brightest lights in the Judge Cavanaugh post?
SP: I don’t get that. I think okay, I think possibly what he means is that post as in a video, and I saw… it’s a funny isn’t it I just thought about Judge Kavanaugh. I saw day two. I wonder if the person is referring to spotlights or lights from the television that have been laid out to illuminate everything or something like that. I guess that’s what you mean. If that’s what the person means then the lighting is sort of taking the Pleiadian Constellation, and I’m only drawing on, you know, what I think. I’ve not seen any of this. It might not be. It might be lights in the ceiling or lights behind, I don’t know, but let’s just go with that. Let’s just say that’s what it is. The possibilities here are, I mean Judge Kavanaugh is not Reptilian. Judge Kavanaugh is 5th dimensional, so remember the Pleiades belongs to the 5th dimension. So that’s a really important point. There’s probably about zero, one, two, three percent Reptilian in Kavanaugh. He’s totally higher human fifth-dimensional. So if their lights have been laid out somewhere roughly like the Pleiadian Constellation, either the people organizing it are doing it as a sort of signal to him or as a signal to the bad guys who are going to be watching it. So that’s the only way I can give you an answer. If it’s happened by chance then it’s Source, because it wouldn’t really be chance. It would be the creational force directing people to put lamps or lights in a certain way. They don’t know what they’re doing. They’re just putting the lamps out. So it could be human agency or it could be something higher up. It’s fascinating but I haven’t seen the exact point you’ve referring to, but thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. Kathy says is there anything you and people globally can do to reverse the EU bill against animal rights that recently passed?
SP: I think the person was referring… did you say Kathy?
RB: Yes.
SP: Right. I think Kathy’s referring to a piece of legislation from the EU, which the government of Great Britain, which is a conservative government sometimes referred to as a Tory government, [has] added amendments to. I think this is what we’re going on here about. You see what you can do is when you’re part of a European Union you receive legislation and then you are honor bound to enact that legislation, but you’re allowed to add to it, and I think that what you’re referring to, as I know for a fact that the conservative government has added a piece of legislation saying animals don’t feel pain. Now remember that the conservative party and it is at the moment a conservative government, is the government of hunting. You know they’re the political party that believes that, you know, it’s right to go out and hunt a fox or kill badgers, whereas none of the other political parties have anything like that interest in blood and killing animals, but the Tories always have this history of the very elite riding on horses, blowing on little trumpets, and going and killing animals. It’s part of their political… it’s their rock bed of support, and that’s historically the way it’s been in Britain. Now I guess if you are a political party and you were trying to pass legislation that said that animals don’t feel pain, I guess your next stage is to say that the way that they kill animals in a slaughterhouse can be eased off, or it’s easier to hunt a whole range of animals because if you’re arguing that an animal doesn’t feel pain, then of course you are then absolving yourself from any pain you might inflict on an animal. If this legislation, if it was actually to be enacted, I can’t do a President Trump and say there would be a revolt or civil war in this country, but what would happen is it would more closely tear apart the people from the urban areas from the rural areas, because not all, but many people in the rural areas seem to say well you know my grandfather hunted, and you know, we just kill off vermin, and we do this and we do that. Whereas people from the urban areas are appalled by that. And what you’d be doing is if that law was ever enacted, you would be absolutely dividing the urban areas which vote predominantly labor, interesting this isn’t it, from the rural areas which predominantly vote conservative. So it’s almost as if a conservative party from a political point of view might be saying okay we’re going to play to our supporters in the rural areas, and we’re going to stick two fingers up, or stick the finger up if you’re American, to the urban areas. So I rather think this is a political move and they’re playing to their big supporters. Now I don’t know if that law would come through. I don’t know if they really intend to push it through, but if they do you’d have all the animal rights activists back up again. You know I personally during the time the badgers were being culled, I did donate to the animal rights groups who were fighting to keep badgers alive and I would do the same again. So yeah, I think that’s what that’s all about. What can we do is the question. Well it’s still a paper democracy here in Great Britain, so if you actually believe that animals do feel pain, and this is the crazy thing because who is it that keeps a dog or a cat or a rabbit and doesn’t think they feel pain? Who in the right mind would have a dog or a cat or a rabbit or a budgerigar or anything and actually believe that animal doesn’t feel pain? You’ve got to be off your head haven’t you, or a Tory. So what I would say is basically, use your MP. That’s how it works. You do some research, find out if this bill has got any chance of going through Parliament. It’s got a process to go through. Are they really going to put it through, and if it looks like it’s genuine and it looks like they’re really intent to put it through, then absolutely flood your members of parliament and saying I won’t vote for you. If you support this, I won’t vote for you. That is the only way in this country to change anything other than a revolution. Thank you.
RB: There might also be an online petition that you could sign because I quite often get emails…
SP: Right this is a bit of a con.
RB: Okay.
SP: There’s a set up by Tony Blair. Now if you get 100,000 signatures to an online petition it has to be debated in Parliament. What is actually more effective is a personal letter to your MP saying I, Fiona Blogs, absolutely categorically swear that I will not vote for you at the next election if you vote for this, and what will happen is there will be websites set up, and if that vote was ever taken they will list the name of every member of Parliament, because it’s a public document, and what he or she voted. So you could link what he or she voted and there will be websites that will set that up, and if enough people write and say I’m not gonna vote for you. Now if you’re in the marginal constituency where a conservative has only got a thousand or two thousand majority, he or she is going to have to decide whether their job is more important or whether it’s pleasing the Prime Minister. And quite often they’ll think their job is more important. So yes, do both. Right on the on the 100,000 petition, but also specifically your name, your address, you’re on the Electoral Register. Write in, I don’t mean a huge petition. They don’t care about petitions. They really… it’s just a joke, but your individual letter. Go to your Member of Parliament surgery and turn up on his or her surgery, and just take five minutes and say I don’t need your help really. I’m here to tell you this, and be very polite, and say I will find out how you vote and I won’t vote for you. And if enough people do that… when I used to, when I lived in Whitby, the Scarborough Borough Council wanted, for some reason I don’t know, wanted to get Tesco, that’s a supermarket, to come to Whitby. Now Tesco’s got, it’s an American company and had a very poor name in Britain, a very poor name. You may be surprised to hear that, but it’s a very very poor name, and the people of Whitby rose up against this, and there was the largest turnout in the history of Whitby. It was nearly a thousand people turned up in the Sixth Form College where this planning meeting was held. The offices of Scarborough Borough Council said well we recommend that the council approve Tesco’s. The council is, I was there, so I wasn’t a counselor, because I wasn’t on Scarborough Counsel at the time. I was a member of the audience and I saw the councillors set there, look at all the faces of the voters, and said no, we’re not voting for Tesco, and Sainsbury’s got it. So Sainsbury’s moved in. So you really can make a change. It’s a lie to say you don’t have any power. People say well what can I do? Yeah but if you get together and there’s enough of you, you can change everything. So if you feel passionately about it and if it’s true in the sense that they want to push this bill and really push it through, that’s how you can stop it. I certainly would. I certainly would go on a march. I’d certainly write to my Member of Parliament. I’d certainly stand on the stage and talk against it, but thank you. Let’s move on.
RB: Okay thanks. Tom says hello Simon. Some members of my family have been experiencing a following for some time now. One of them being my daughter-in-law whom I consider to be part of the family. They see out of one eye in the case of my spouse, faces of people of all races and that these faces float around in orbs. For the most part these faces do not look at them and at other times they do. Some instances people appear to be speaking to somebody outside their vision.
SP: Okay.
RB: Do you have any insight on this?
SP: The thing with one eye is actually don’t to be concerned about that. You remember that the right side of your, the right part of your brain controls the left side of your body. The left side of your brain the right side, and one is the very businesslike A to Zed and very factual, and the other side is the more creative, that write stories and plays and sees the beauty in a rainbow. So often we will observe something either from the left or the right side of the hemisphere of the brain which means that only one eye appears to be to be spotting there. If it’s an orb in the true sense of the word, which is an energy orb, about the size of a grapefruit or an orange, that is a consciousness that’s come through to this reality. It’s a 3rd dimensional world and it’s very heavy compared to 4th, 5th et cetera. So let’s just say there’s a rather benign old gentleman in the 5th dimension who wants to have a check on somebody that he’s got an eye on on planet Earth. So he doesn’t project his body here. He projects his mind, his consciousness, here because he wants to observe you and see how you’re doing. So when he arrives, his conscious thoughts [are] actually forced by the heaviness of the energy into a circle. That’s why planets in our universe are round. That’s why when a drop of water falls it starts to form into a droplet, a round droplet. Energy makes, the energy of our dense 3rdness makes something round. So what you’re observing is a consciousness that is like it’s eavesdropping on you. So it’s probably benign. The color of the orb dictates whether they’re benign, positive, or a little bit negative, and you can sometimes see into them, and you can see faces. If it’s talking it may be talking to you or something else. So that’s perfectly fine. It’s not a problem. Don’t be concerned by it. If we weren’t in the 3rd dimension, if we were in the 5th, 4th or 5th dimension, it wouldn’t appear as an orb. It would appear more of as a smoky, not a Djinn, but more of a smoky object. Or if it’s a much higher dimension then much more of a bright light, so that’s what that is. Thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks very much. Marlene says hello Simon. Hope you’re well. I don’t watch any news on the TV. It is getting more difficult to distinguish what alternate media sites are on the up-and-up. What are your thoughts on Ben Fulford, Kent Dunn? Are there any that you might recommend?
SP: Look I think that, what people need to do is to look as much as possible and see what resonates with you, what you feel is right. Look at the individual. First of all does he or she actually look genuine? Do they come across as genuine, and then have a look at what they’ve said over a period of time. Do they change their tack? You know, do they sort of say some stuff which sounds really good and then throw something in that’s like well, you know, I think that, you know, half the world should be wiped out, or you know, corporations are good and well they’ve got a point. So look where people actually begin to show their true selves in terms of perhaps who’s paying them. There are lots of people on websites now who are being paid by either individuals or organizations to run a story. I mean look at Gaia TV, you know. Look at the stories they’ve been running. Is that really a documentary? Is it really an open channel? Or is it something that is designed to make a lot of money and that’s what it comes to. So look at the individuals concerned. I mean I drive around in a car that’s twelve years old. I don’t have an up-to-date car. Look at people who purport to be speaking for the public and, you know, say they’re one of us, but they have the most lavish lifestyles, you know. Check that out. Listen to the information. Ben Fulford has access to genuine information. I have no issue with that. There really is many many people are really have been, or are insiders, and all you’ve got to do is to look at it and hear it. Remember that no one person, and I include myself in this, is going to say to you 100 percent what you want to hear, because we’re all different. What you’re looking for is people who appear to be saying things that are good, but pushing another agenda, and that’s what you’re looking for. So there are people who might push the agenda of pedophilia. There are a number of moves in some European countries now to try to legalize pedophilia. We know that if Hillary Clinton had been elected that’s something that would have been accelerated. So there are a number of people who show their true colors because they begin to push certain agendas, and you know, you as the audience, will make that decision as to whether that person is speaking for you or speaking to you and whether what they’re saying actually resonates with you. And you know you can listen to someone and say look 75 percent of what he said makes good sense to me and 25 percent doesn’t. But it might be that that 25 percent just doesn’t agree with you. That doesn’t mean that person’s good or bad. It just means that some of the information they had might be wrong for very genuine reasons, or it just doesn’t, you know, go along with what you’ve said. So there are lots of people like that. I’m sure people listen to me and they think well yeah, I like a lot of what he says, but you know, this, this, and this, I don’t agree with. Well that’s fine. That’s, you know, that’s absolutely fine, and that’s what I ask you to do. So I’m not going to sit here and tell you listen to X, Y, and Zed; I think you listen to as much as you can, educate yourselves, but ask your soul is this right? Does this sound right to me and that’s the best way to go. It’s a good, really good question. Thank you.
RB: Thank you very much. Okay the next question I just read it and it’s the one, I’ll read it out but basically this person just needs to make a booking so…
SP: Oh okay. All right.
RB: I can get in touch with them through email.
SP: Okay, well just read it anyway so that people can hear it.
RB: Marco says greetings Simon. This is my second attempt and things are very bad for me. This demonic or Djinn is always inside of me and telling bad words and every time I’ve got a new job it doesn’t last two or three months, even with people that I talk to things are getting wrong. Simon please help me if you can. Thanks Marco.
SP: Well I’m not being funny but if you only, if this is your second attempt to get hold of me, well done you. I mean people who’ve been trying for years to get hold of me and their emails never get to me, or they intercepted, or the internet goes down, or you know, there was a real concerted attempt to often prevent people from talking to me or me talking to them, one of the two. So yes what Becky will do is to write to you and to make an appointment. The demons that you’re referring to don’t have a symbiotic relationship with ordinary people. They have a symbiotic relationship with black magicians, but they don’t have that symbiotic relationship with ordinary standard people, and as a result of that your whole life can be turned upside down. Yeah, I’ll certainly have a chat with you and see what I can do to help you. Thank you for writing in.
RB: Okay thank you. The next question is by…it’s from Christina.
SP: Okay.
RB: Who says do you think articles like this are prepping the public? I’ve just this second copied and pasted to see what the article is.
SP: Okay.
RB: And it’s online sort of magazine thing about the death of Queen Elizabeth will be one of the most disruptive events in Britain in the past 70 years.
SP: I agree.
RB: It talks about affecting the economy hugely, talks about people being in shock and mourning.
SP: Yep.
RB: Because they’ve only experienced life, their whole life with Queen Elizabeth as their queen.
SP: Yep.
RB: And so on.
SP: Right the special department of the government met about a month ago, first time they’ve ever done this, to plan for the death of the queen. Actually it is the Elizabeth II. Remember Queen Elizabeth was Queen Victoria and before that she was Elizabeth I, so she’s had quite a good innings as a monarch. She’s got a taste for it. So what they decided was there would be a number of days of mourning, and in the days of Queen Victoria you went around with a black armband. I don’t think that that will be required, but there will be maybe it’s three, four, or five days off work, possibly three, four, or five days off work officially. Isn’t that wonderful? So that will affect the economy, but think of the T-shirts they’ll sell. Think of the cups and the little thimbles and the knickknacks and the coins and the medals. So yes, the production of the country will go down in one way, but the merchandising opportunities are phenomenal, and I think they’re already, the corporations are already working on, and they’ve already, I have to tell you that although this isn’t public, public knowledge. They are ready to make a film on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and they are doing that. But you, even if you’re in Hollywood, many of you in Hollywood who are listening to me now, you won’t even know about that, but they are. They’re working on that because that’s a big money spinner. The Americans and the Brits will love it, but what we have is a situation where people have only known Queen Elizabeth II and she was in office in what ’52, 1952 something like that, ’52, ’53, so she is the longest reigning monarch and this country, Great Britain, has changed dramatically, but she has been a focal point and has remained without change in terms of the office that she holds. I don’t believe there will be a collapse. I think there’ll be a lot of older generation people who will be deeply moved and deeply upset and they’ll be weeping and wailing. The younger generation will say “so what.” There are lots of people now who believe in a republic, and I was just reading to Rebecca only the other day; I talked about Gerry Anderson who made the famous “Thunderbirds,” and they made something called “Captain Scarlet,” and Captain Scarlet was one of the programs that my mother, God bless her, used to insist I was made to watch and reading the words that went for the TV production. I think the setting about was supposed to be 2060 A.D., and in it it sets Britain as a republic. That was really interesting. Captain Scarlet was made in 1968 I think, ’67 or ’68. An actual fact, the very first Captain Scarlet, if I remember rightly and I will, was shown on a Thursday or a Friday. I think it was a Friday, and on about half-past five on a Friday afternoon, and at nine o’clock that Friday was the very first Patrick McGoohan, “The Prisoner.” So it is all deliberate that they ran the Captain Scarlet, which I was made to watch and then at nine o’clock there was The Prisoner, which I was made to watch. But in the Captain Scarlet, we’re going off-track now, but in the Captain Scarlet it definitely has Britain as a republic. So right back in ’68 the Andersons who really did have a lot of knowledge, they really were up there with the highest in the high, were already secretly or semi-secretly, through television, beginning to seed the idea that we’d be a republic, and I’m sure we will. There isn’t a place for a monarchy anymore. It’s really very difficult. Once the Queen goes there aren’t going to be many people who are going to want the job. That’s a really good question. No, not doom and gloom. You know, there’ll be a hit to the economy to start with, but there’ll be so many watches with the face of Queen Elizabeth or little plates that you can put up on the wall, that they’ll soon make the money back. Okay.
RB: Okay.
SP: Can I just do my thank you to everyone Rebecca? Is that all right now? Do you mind?
RB: Um-hum.
SP: All right I want to thank everyone who’s been so kind to keep the show on the road. That’s really what you do. You keep the show on the road, keep me here, keep me doing it. Somebody gave me a really really kind donation and that was great because the back of my 12-year-old car, the light indicator, the reversing light was smashed and I’m gonna have to replace that because it’s up due for service, and if I don’t have a car I can’t get around the country. So I need to get around. So every penny really helps and I’m incredibly grateful. So thank you to Susan, to Nick, to Terry. Let’s get my list for Adelia, Oliver, Vesna, Jacquelyn, Sheena, Stephano, Elaine, Julia, Campbell, Rudolph, Stephan, Ritchie, Robert, John, Sarah, Pattup, Eric, Paul, Robert, Marissa, Hans, thank you Hans, that was helpful. That will pay for the car servicing. Ralph, John, Helen, Amy, Sandra, I think it’s Sacha, Marvin, Alfredo, Donny, Charlotte, Beatrice, Robin, Shari. All right you know it’s the first time I’ve ever not been read my writing, Algenandra I think, Charlie, Charlene, Angela, Martin, Dorset, Esther. I’m nearly finished, and finally Kirsten. So if I’ve missed any of you I’m really really sorry. I do apologize. It’s not deliberate, and those are everybody who’s helped to keep this road going and the show on it. Thank you. Okay let’s go on with a few more questions.
RB: Okay. Vanessa says I live in Vancouver. Are there any earthquakes coming in 2018 or 2019 to be concerned about?
SP: No. I’ve got no intel on that. I’d… if you’d think back to my posts I was very concerned for possible quakes in some of the national parks in America, and I did actually say it was worried up to sort of July–August. I think it’s Yellowstone that is continually… the recording devices are picking up small to medium earth tremors quite quite deep down, and many of them are natural, but what tends to happen is there’s a small crazy group of people who have some rather interesting technology that can exacerbate or develop what’s already there. It’s not widely understood; it’s very hard to use a device from zero. You’ve got to hook on to something. So let’s say I want to make it rain in California. Wouldn’t that be lovely? I can’t just with the technology that’s available go to a blank piece of sky and create a cloud and direct it and make it rain. That’s not how the technology works really. What they do is they go for where there are already clouds or where there is already a high level or higher level of moisture and then seed that or activate that, and then push that towards the target. So it’s literally like that’s how it works. Okay? Right. Okay what’s the next question then?
RB: Michael says I’ve heard you mention a couple of times that when we die we should not go to the light as is customarily taught or discussed. I haven’t heard you elaborate on this, however. Why should we not? And where should we focus our thoughts and energy when we cross over? This seems so important. Thanks in advance.
SP: Okay. Thank you for that. I think what’s happened here is you probably missed a couple of either interviews or radio shows where I did elaborate and I did go into quite some detail, and in fact at the conference, a couple of conferences, I’ve also done presentations on it. So I guess what’s happened is you’ve heard me on the radio shows, on the podcasts, talk about it, but to you there was no backup because I’ve already given that. But I won’t say to you listen go find it for yourself. I’ll quickly just say to you that the light is a trap, and it was a trap that was put in a very very long time ago. We talked literally about Aril and in 1947 the alien female, how she had to escape the trap. The grid was placed around the Earth to prevent humanity from developing. Think of an individual in history, he or she, who has had a profound positive effect on the Earth. If that person lived to 70, 80, 90, a 100 years old, and then when they physically died, if there was no trap they would reincarnate back on the Earth, and at the age of three, four, or five, they would start to carry on their experiments or their writings or their music, whatever it was from where they left off. So within three or four generations of this one individual incarnating on the planet, their specialism would would actually have changed the Earth. So if everybody were able to come back without the mindwipe, in other words you arrive here and you remember what you did before, we would overthrow the Cabal, we would overthrow the Reptilian overlords, we would challenge artificial intelligence, we would have a really clear understanding of who we were and our relationship to the planet and to source, and job done. So by keeping us prisoners of our minds, only a very few of us have the capability to remember some past lives. Some people say I’m reincarnated from Tesla, or some people say I’m reincarnated from Napoleon, or somebody may say this, somebody may say that, and they may well be. They may well be, but the problem is that unless it was universal, then you can’t build up that great pressure of consciousness, and that’s what we need is this rising consciousness. So the trap was designed to prevent humanity understanding who it was, and as long as people don’t know who they are, they can’t challenge the puppet masters. And what’s happening at the moment is that people are beginning to understand who they are, not everybody, but a sizeable proportion and a smaller group within that really are taking charge of their lives. So we are doing it, but this fundamental trap was placed a long time ago by a very small technologically powerful but spiritually poor group of off planet entities that wished to maintain the Earth as you would a fish in a fishbowl, or a fish tank. So this is our zoo, and you know, this isn’t any good. So that’s what it’s all about. Okay thank you, next one.
RB: Thank you very much. Okay. Jade says Hello Simon. I suspect that my son is an indigo child due to him being more interested in what some may call unconventional things for his age. He’s currently nine. My question is how do I empower him to bypass any peer pressure or brainwashing and stay strong and remain true to himself and follow his higher power or instincts? Also I feel he follows his own convictions. There are influences from unaware and unawake people who have tried in the past to make him question himself and try to encourage him to conform to their way of thinking. I always ask him to follow his instincts, but I’m just one person and I don’t have as much support as I would have hoped for.
SP: Okay. Right. I just have a cat here. Just say hello, just say a quick hello. That’s Ragnarok. Ragnarok is already a star, and he’s becoming quite clever knowing when the radio shows on, and what he does is he sits behind me between me and the chair waiting for his moment to stardom, so there he is at four-and-a-half months old, four months old, so there he is. We’ll just put you back there. You got your stardom and, you know, he can have that.
It’s a really good question. Often a parent will feel terribly alone because he or she feels that it’s them against the system. Your view must be I don’t care. I believe in what is right and I will do everything I can to maintain that. What we have to do is to be clever, because the law is designed to turn our children who don’t question or their questions are not aimed at the controlling force, their questions are aimed at something that doesn’t have any material effect at all. So we could argue about what Pitt the Younger did, or what this that, and this that, but it doesn’t actually challenge or question what we do today. So there’s lots of areas about inoculations, about the way that we’re taught at school. My advice is this. At the moment we are in a controlled 3D environment. You want your child or your children to do well. So I give you the analogy of the circus. Now I’m of an age where I remember going to circuses when I was very little, and those of you don’t remember might have seen TV shows or film shows where the clown stands there with a hoop which is doused in petrol, and they light the burning hoop and then the show dog jumps through the hoop. Why does a dog jump through the hoop? Does it like singeing its tail and its face? No it doesn’t. It does it because it’s learnt that if it doesn’t jump through the hoop, it’s not going to get any food that evening. That’s what we have on this planet. If we don’t go to university, and if we don’t answer the questions in the way that we are expected to answer, we won’t get that qualification. If you don’t get that qualification then we’ll be working in some sort of store, perhaps forever, just doing nothing really for a long time. So I always say to parents, teach your children the answers that they are required to have when they go to school, but teach them the truth, and say to them in the four walls of this house, this is the reality. This is the truth. This is what we believe in. This is really what it’s about. When you are out of this door, when you meet people that you don’t know or you’re in the education system or your employment, you conform to the rules. You give them what they want to hear, because we can’t say to a child UFOs are real without that prerequisite, because if we don’t, then that child goes out and starts saying UFOs are real, and then the teacher says no they’re not, and there’s a big argument, and then the school comes to the parent and says why are you filling your child with all of this nonsense, and then you get social services coming and saying you’re not a fit mother. Or you know, we can’t have you bringing up children like this. Don’t think I’m joking because that really does happen. It really happens. Maybe many of you who have heard stories of this and maybe even it has happened to you. So my advice is you run a dual-track. You say this is the way it is. This is not. I’m going to give you an example. This one young girl who when David Icke turned up at her parent’s house and this young girl was, I don’t know, 11 or 12. Maybe she was as young as seven. She said to David Icke do you believe in UFOs, the very first thing when she open the door, but that young woman had already learned that it was perfectly fine within that house. And if somebody came to the house that was expected, then that was all right, but outside of that you had to be careful what you said. And when you are in a relationship with a man or a woman, and that partner does not believe in what you want, then you have that issue because you want to bring your child up in a set way, but the other one doesn’t. You’ve got the adverts, the cinema, the music, the child’s peer group, friends, all putting the pressure on. How do you actually maintain that individual and keep them close to the reality and not lose them to the world of corporations? You know, how crazy is it that, you know, we can still go to some big department stores even today in 2018, and it’s pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Why? Because manufacturers can do that, because they can then target girly, girly presence and boy presence and it’s all about making money. It’s about stereotyping, so in the parents mind… I went to a shop that sold pet food very recently, and on the cat food there was this flavor, and that flavor, and all of them were like humany flavors, and I’m thinking the cat actually doesn’t mean anything, because the cat doesn’t read the packaging. Let’s remember that. I don’t go into the pet shop with a cat under the arm and I say to the cat you like that packaging? Do you like that? No. So it’s aimed at me, aimed at the person, and I think oh yes, I like asparagus, or yes I really like that, so my cat will like that. And this is the problem we’ve got. We’ve got a system that is looking at children and saying this child is the consumer of tomorrow, and so we want to mold this person, not what the parents want, but to the system. You know, and a lot of parents buy things for their children believing that they are being good parents, and they’re providing the best, but what they’re actually doing is actually pushing a child in a particular road without really really understanding it. I have a friend a number of years ago now who bought his five- or six- or seven-year-old child an incredibly expensive… like a toy, but it was a big tractor, battery operated, and you could go in and you could drive, and it would do something like three or four miles an hour. And it was a hell of a big thing and it took a week to get it out of the house. Then you had to find a place that was safe for it to drive on, and that kid was actually just quite happy playing with a cardboard box. So what I’m saying is that we, as parents, need to look and say are we buying things because that’s what we want, or are we buying something that will develop that child’s spirituality? Will it keep them connected to what we believe in, or will it take them away from that? This is a topic that I would talk individually with parents on because everyone’s different. So yeah, I fully understand, fully support, and you know what? The battle that you’re facing is up and down the planet at the moment, and when one day, fingers crossed, we get the funding in and get the money in and start doing all the things I want to do with the healing center, et cetera, a support group for parents who want a spiritual path for their children. You know, so we get experts in, in how to home-school your child. We get experts in, in how to fight forced vaccinations. We get experts in to how to combat the commercialization, the pressure to buy this type of training shoe or running shoe, and this, that, and the other, and to understand that to have a great time we don’t have to go to a theme park. We could actually go out to a forest in autumn and look at the beautiful colors of the leaves for goodness sake. That’s one of the things I’d love to do is to actually, you need money on this planet. You need money to create support groups for parents who are struggling to maintain a semblance of love in a very difficult world. Thank you. We’ll do a few more questions if we may.
RB: Okay just one more because you’ve got Ted Mahr radio show.
SP: Oh good. Oh I’ve got Ted Mahr soon after this so just make this the last one.
RB: Okay.
SP: Okay, fine, thank you.
RB: Carol says Dear Simon, thank you very much for all your work to free the human spirit. I’m listening to you for almost two years now. On a recent trip to Morocco I felt in my eyes that some of the women there really look like men. Is this a feature of the Babylonian connection of the past or what is the issue with these weird looks? Thank you very much, love and light Carol.
SP: More than one answer. You could go to any place on the planet and think that a woman would look like a man or a man would look like a woman, and in itself it doesn’t actually matter does it really. But what you’re saying is that you felt that there was a predominance here. Let’s look at the 3D aspect. If you’re in a harsh environment, bitter cold, Eskimos, searing heat, the westernized nice pink complexion doesn’t hold up, because you’re assaulted by the salt from sea or the hot Sun and the sand, wind storms, or the bitter ice, and first of all on a physical aspect, it will change your face, and your soul becomes more resilient. I don’t mean hard, becomes more resilient to keep the body going in a challenging environment. So those are very genuine 3D reasons why genetically a race may look not as from a European standpoint or a white standpoint. Now there are other reasons of course where predominantly in an area a number of male souls will incarnate into a female body. It happens the other way around of course, but there is a possibility that you’re seeing a group of, in an area, female sexed bodies containing a male sex soul, and that then can give that [impression]. But without more specifics and without more insight I can’t really give you an explanation for that beyond what I’ve told you, but yes, you know it becomes quite apparent that in some areas the pattern is not following what we would expect.
So listen I want to thank everyone so very much for listening and thank you for, you know, keeping faith as it were, and really important times. We’ve had our summer holidays. I think we’re now seeing things going to speed up a little bit. So I’m going to take a few minutes break and I’m going to go on and do the Ted Mahr show which is of course live. This will be recorded now and will go out on the Sunday. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you. So thank you to Rebecca who so wonderfully asks the questions for me. Thank you for Andy who maintains the website and just finally on Sunday of course we have the big Connecting Consciousness meeting. I’m expecting a hundred of you from all over the United Kingdom to turn up. It’s not a conference in the true sense of the word. It is to talk about the organization, to take us to the next level. I’m really looking forward to seeing you all there, so thank you very much indeed. God bless, bye-bye.
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