16 September 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
at home
Questions & Answers
Organizing For the People  —  This session of Connecting Consciousness addresses the people who have been soft-poisoned on airplanes, the hurricane Florence, GCHQ and the Solar Observatories. Brexit was lightly addressed. Connecting Consciousness held a meeting in the U.K. and Simon explained how this organization will be for the benefit of the people. Some very deep questions were asked regarding how to process memories from past lives, especially if one is evolving from a darker life path toward a positive state. Another topic included information on the ability to detect someone by a brain wave scan or their electromagnetic signature. Thrilling information was provided on soulless entities, clones, artificial intelligence, and astral travel. And best of all, Simon’s new cat was introduced.

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Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. We’re doing this a bit later than normal; but it’ll still be live and ready to go for this Sunday. So, thank you very much indeed for-for listening, and thank you very much for continuing to listen and to follow the website and to do your own research from that. So the major point I think really want to look at are the strange number of poisonings that are been reported, on aircraft. These are—sort of—transnational/international flights. And England has been quite a local for this either going from England to another country or coming back particularly one I think from Britain to Spain or Spain to Britain, and there was one from Africa.
And, sort of during the flight, pay, these passengers were reporting that they had taken ill and the pilots radioing the country of destination and the police and the ambulances are all standing by. There’s been a lot of debate whether this actually real or whether this is all just complete fake news.
It is real, my information is that it’s real; the thinking that seems to be going around is these are crisis actors. I’m not being told that I’m being told that people are being genuinely poisoned but with a very low level it’s like a food poisoning. It’s–it’s not a evil virus or something that’s gona spread a pandemic and kill everybody but people generally are getting some form of poisoning that’s lasting just for two to three hours goes.
It doesn’t preclude actors being mixed in with it, but I believe from what I’m hearing that there are genuinely people being taken ill. So obviously the real question is what’s going on here. There’s about four or five of these cases. They’re all obviously on different airlines so you can’t say it’s the same food trolley going around. The information that I’m picking up is that basically the cabal or the shadow government or the Satan group, whatever you want to call them; who are under pressure as never before; are making threats by saying we have the capability to poison people, and the greatest way to spread a pandemic is by airplanes: so, one passenger getting on at one country carrying a virus lands on another country and you know wallop; that country’s got it. So these are threats designed to send a warning, to those people who were trying to shine a bright light into the murky dark corners and to try to bring out the truth.
We’ve seen this actually in the last few weeks or months. Where these strange, odd, one-off threats which don’t seem to be related seem to take place and then disappear. I mean, one recently is the sudden burst of ‘we’re going to impeach the president’ which after about three to four days, just died a death. I see this in the same light, it’s an attempt to threaten or cajole because the, the noose is tightening round. There are numbers of indictments being bannered around in the thirty, forty, fifty thousand mark; the last I heard, officially, be like was twenty-five thousand. Certainly those twenty five thousand I’m very confident there’s at least twenty-five thousand. If there’s more than there’s more. But that’s the number that I’m aware of.
I’ve talked a little bit last time about GCHQ. And more information’s coming out about these satellites that’ve been taken down. GCHQ ran a sort of a separate coding between itself and the national security agency, and [vied] the NSA to the CIA. Now, want to clarify this that GCHQ isn’t non-operational. GCHQ hasn’t been taken down. But, the satellite linkage system that this encrypted coding, was operating, that’s no longer operational. So GCHQ on this particular network isn’t able to communicate it’s communicating through the, what I call it the right and proper way.
The way it was designed to communicate with America and other countries, so it’s still communicating it’s still doing its job, but let’s say somebody five thousand miles away from Great Britain can’t now press a switch and you know use a network that even the American and the British aren’t aware of so that’s what I was trying to get at, that’s what’s been taken down so GCHQ is still up and running.
I’ve, we talking about the poisoning; potential poisoning, then the skip all case is becoming more and more interesting. So we’ve had the British government come out and show photographs of two individuals that they claim are an arm of the Russian intelligence network; saying they’re responsible for the poisoning, and then President Putin gets these two in front of the cameras, and it becomes quite a soap opera.
It is interesting that both President Putin and President Trump are using the media to answer foreign governments. And this is, this is totally unheard of. Normally what happens is that a government, sovereign government makes a request or statement and then the other government gets its ambassador  and they go and they have a little cup of tea or whatever it is and they have a chat and so it goes on. But that’s not how Trump or Putin are doing it. They actually are doing it via the media.
And so, Putin put these two guys up in front of Russia Today, and that made the British government really annoyed and angry, and they then released some more information saying that two separate Russian agents had been spying on a facility in Switzerland. It was a chemical laboratory with some of the elements of the alleged poisoning had been sent, and they were saying that the Russians were there to spy on that. So, it’s really a game of espionage which is out in the open and we’ve never seen even people who are know more than I do in terms of the history of this country going back to the 1950s. It was searched that time. They’ve never have seen a time when countries are engaging in diplomatic warfare through the media. It’s unbelievable.
So we’re talking about Great Britain let’s look at Teresa May, I don’t think there are odds being taken but one can go down to your local booking office or betting office, to the bookies and see what the odds are for the Prime Minister of Great Britain Teresa May lasting until December. I think October November are very difficult times for her. There is a, I think a 35 to 45% chance that she will be removed as a British Prime Minister by her own party and replaced by another conservative prime minster. So, we’re not talking an election directly, we’re talking a coup within the leading party. And remember they did it to-to Margaret  Thatcher. They removed Margaret Thatcher and replaced Margaret Thatcher with an even bigger disaster with John Major. So, let’s see, 35, 45% chance Teresa May in my opinion won’t make it to December, but she’s got a 55% chance of carrying on.
Britexist, lots of people asking me about that, not through the questions but just generally. Yes Britexist will go ahead, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. The question is; what strings are being tied on the underside. In other words there will be a leaving of Europe but what’s actually going to happen in the small print. I don’t mean the money and the trade I’m talking about the laws and the way that the country is beholden to Strasbourg. So, Yes, leaving, but under this present government it seems they almost want to tie Britain, as if we’re sort of a shadow entity to Europe. So we’ve got lots and lots going on you know it’s in some areas it’s really ridiculous and it’s funny. In other areas its really quite sad and quite desperate.
I did put a message out on the website regarding the hurricane that was hitting the east coast. It’s hit a little bit earlier. I know that a group that are based in the U.S. who use sound waves. They have some most fantastic gongs, absolutely brilliant, huge things, attuned to different frequencies, and I’ve worked with them; supported them in the past with different projects, and they certainly have been working to try to break up some frequency because what we feel is that a lot of these weather is weather manipulation. There’s a genuine hurricane or there’s a genuine windstorm or there’s a genuine tremor in the earth, but artificial technology is being used to exacerbate it or direct it. So what we’re trying to do is to use tones or sounds and other ways as well to try and interfere with this artificial alteration. Nature is nature but when people try to get on the back of that that’s when we get the problems. So it’s a war on many fronts isn’t it. And we get what we get from the news, which is 99% nonsense and 1% useful. So that’s—that’s where we are. It’s still a lot happening it’s a, I’ve said it before it’s changing every day and it really is.
So, what I want to try and do is to get that one up, we seem to have been back here again it was only a week  because we were out of kilter so Becky and I had to do some extra shows to catch us up. And we’re now caught up, so I’m not going to do the thank you this time. I want to  go straight into the questions and then we’ll—we’ll have caught up in terms of numbers of questions and then that means when we do the next one we we’ll have the standard thank you and questions. But if I devote more time now to the questions we’ll have caught up with where we should have been. So, thank you, it’s great to great to a be here in the evening. Normally we do this during the day but it’s been so busy that I’ve had to do it in the evening and you can see the lights flashing behind that’s just the cars through the window there, it’s not a spaceship landing to take me away anywhere. So I do intend to be around for a bit longer. Alright, Becky, lovely to a take those questions then.
Becky: Okay, uh, before we do, do you want to mention a little about our Connecting Consciousness meeting on last Sunday on the 9th?
Simon: Yeah, I was going to do it towards the end but I suppose we can do it now. We had a really good meeting last Sunday in London, and it was at Silver Dining Center. And it was a conference, a dedicated conference hall that was just about finished being built. It was absolutely wonderful inside and I always thought when I saw it; it was a sort of combination of sort of an Indian culture and a British culture combined.
We were really really grateful because we were allowed to use the facility at an incredibly reduced rate and food was provided. So, I only had to charge two pounds fifty to people to come and there was teas and coffee provided for that two pound fifty and a proper meal. I mean, rice and vegetable curry, and things like that it was absolutely incredible. So grateful to the people. And they made it clear that one of the reasons that we’d got that was that they’d wanted to start off, we were the first group to use the conference hall, and we’re a spiritual group, connecting consciousness; and so by starting off from a spiritual perspective, they—they believed that they were setting the foundations. Well they’re going to get lots of corporates in there, but by starting  off like that, it set the tone. And it’s an Indian group, an Indian culture, so strong commitment to a spiritual base. And I’m incredibly grateful.
We had something like a hundred people which was excellent you know that was a really good cuz it was a difficult time for people to come in; I did a small presentation but it was really about working out the future for connecting consciousness. Want to turn Connecting Consciousness into a registered charity and the first way to do that is to begin to engage with the membership in a more structured way. So we broke it into four teams , four big tables, and then each coordinator, he or she took a group and  flip chart, paper and pens, worked through sets [there’s] questions and that each group nominated someone to come up with a group leader, come up to the front and then hold the flip chart paper up and then talk through what they’d worked up. And some of the groups mirrored the others and some were remarkably different. What I’m doing now is going through those flip chart papers. We’re looking for aims and objectives.
The funny  thing was that, I put up for grabs the name of Connecting Consciousness, that was a name that was created by myself and the then coordinator. And I thought, well let’s ask the membership what they want. And I was sitting, obviously at the front while the groups are feeding back, thinking as the names were coming up, I really don’t like that one, I really hope that the membership don’t choose that one. Because I’d said that I wasn’t going to operate like every other organization I wasn’t going to be a corporate or a top down group.
You know most organizations, what happens is the leadership say, ‘well, this is what we want, we have to consult with you, but you don’t have any say. We’ve already decided what we want, but we’ll just tick the boxes because we’ve consulted’.
It’s a bit like local government and a planning application. They want a build something. You know jolly well that they’re going to build it because the law’s been changed to stop you preventing that. But the law says they have to consult, so you pointlessly go, and I’m an ex-politician and I know you pointlessly go to a meeting, turned up maybe large members of people generally anti this development; everybody just sits there, ‘well we’ll take your views into consideration, blahberblah’, and then it goes-nothing happens because this is the way it goes. And I was determined not to have that. So literally  if, I mean nobody would have said the Micky Mouse Club. But, had they chosen something I would have been honor bound to go with that because if you say something you have to follow it through. And I’m really really pleased, as I made a joke about it, that they wanted to keep the name Connecting Consciousness. We had a show of hands, we took a vote, and I made the joke a ‘well, I’m going back home now. I came here with the name and I’m going back with the same name.’ But, privately, publicly, I’m really happy that we’ve kept the name Connecting Consciousness because it says everything that we need to do. So what I hoped to have done was to set the way forward by consulting with the membership of Connecting Consciousness. They then direct the organization as to how they feel it should go, we took a vote on that and that into action and that is what the aims and objectives of what we’re about. So this is the start of it. A big thank you then to everybody who came from abroad, people flew in. Those who came from-from Scotland and Wales and obviously different parts of England, who made the effort to travel in by public transport or to drive in, thank you for giving up your time. Sorry it overran, we went well over the time and a big sorry to the organization who didn’t throw us out three hours I think after we said we would finish. So it was a lovely meeting. It was wonderful the energy was great. And I was so happy to see people. So, Thank you Rebecca, I’ve done it now, so that’s great.
Becky: Yeah,
Simon: Great
Becky: And as the U.K. Coordinator, I really enjoyed facilitating one of the groups and it was fantastic meeting some really interesting people. Great, experiences, and on my table we had a good Scottish contingency so I’m hoping to form a Scottish CC. We have enough people.
Simon: Oh that’s great! What we are doing is putting some of the clips of that day up on YouTube so they’ll be a little clip of the small presentation I did and then people were very kind to allow us to film some of the work they were doing in the groups. It’s not going to be, it’ll only be two or three minutes, but it’ll be linked onto the website. You can actually see members of Connecting Consciousness working through tasks they were set, and that’s the point, I want to be very open. I remember in 2015 when we did, in Whitby we did Connecting Consciousness, and to my knowledge, I can’t say I’m 100%, but to my knowledge I think within our environment, our industry I was the only person who stood up in 2015 at the beginning of that conference, which I’d organized with the help of the coordinators, and told everybody how much I was being charged for the room hire, how much I was being charged for the food, see everybody knew how much they’d paid-I think it was about 15 pounds we charged, I can’t remember. And I think after we paid everything out we had something like 120  pounds left. And then I divided that up between the volunteers who had helped.
Now, a lot of organizations see conferences as a way of making money. And I wanted to really break the mold here I wanted to actually tell the audience  well you know how much you’ve paid, so I’m now going to tell you what  the organization’s charging me. And then, you know you can work out from that how much money we’ve got left. Now this was a different kettle of fish because I only charged two pounds fifty, and we had a deal with these very spiritual people to have this hall conference room. So, I didn’t need to do it. But, tha-I will always do that. I will always say to people, ‘this is what I charged you, this is what I had to pay out, this is what’s left and this is what I’ve done with it’. Because, you know, you’re transparent you’ve got nothing to fear. Nothing to worry about. There are some conferences that made thousands of pounds. And I’m not criticizing it, that’s up to them, it’s entirely up to them. But Connecting Consciousness is an organization that’s designed to challenge and to lead the way and show and we were going to be different. And that’s one way of doing it. Anyway thank you. And thank you to Rebecca, thank you to Eddie, thank you to [Yvoskie], and thank you to [Wrangit], and thank you to Andy, and [Cathca], who played key roles, on the day, supporting me, whether that was doing the videoing, whether it was working in the groups, whether it was just handing out the flip chart paper. All of those individuals helped to make the day a great success and I’m deeply grateful to you all, thank you.
Becky: Ok, great thanks. Now on to the questions. Jason says, “Hello Simon if we had access to our past life memories how would we cope if we remembered that we may have been a murderer in a past life for example”.
Simon: That’s a fantastic question I’ve never been asked that before. I’ve been asked questions about past memories but not in that context. There are many people who get back flashbacks in just a little snippet or sometimes bigger. There are people who’ve been tortured you know through mk-ultra or  satanic, and they get their memories back. How do they cope with that? The important thing is that knowledge is power. And you have to be in a position yourself to deal with these memories. Generally what happens is that the subconscious does not release the memories to the conscious until the body politic decides that it’s balanced enough to cope with it. Occasionally, what happens is for some reason, the individual is triggered, or there is some sort of breakthrough, and the memories come through before the conscious mind is ready to deal with that. And that’s where the problems occur. Now if a person incarnates on this planet and they had their full memory, and they then had a memory of, I don’t know, taking part in some sacrifice in an Inca or an Aztec temple or the great pyramid itself…That individual could begin to have a desperate expression of themselves.
But the point I think is that we have to understand that this is a journey that we all travel on through many life times, and we are the person we are today because of what we’ve been. Now, I’ve often, when I’m chatting to my clients, say, there are lots of people out there who say they’re very good people, they’ve always been good people, you know I’m not going to be rude but you know the fluffy white clouds and the fluffy sheep and archangel Michael. And-and I always say to them, ‘well that’s really good, but what are you frightened of?’ because Source created positive and negative, black and white, yin and yang, and the real battle I think is to incarnate in one energy field and then out of conscious choice to move to a more lighter energy field. So if you have a conscious memory of somebody who is a murderer, but today you’re not; your focus must be that you changed and evolved, and you’ve understood. Somebody who hadn’t would still be a murderer.
How would people cope, I think we would, if this started to happen we’d have to have a protocol that everyone could access for support. But remember that if you had a memory and you got a memory of being a murderer, you’d also get  memories of when you’ve done good things. In the vast majority of cases, people might do something bad 5,000 years ago but something really good 2,000 years ago. So it would be about balancing and identifying. And if a person isn’t making the evolutionary change they would like to make, then instead of getting into a desperate state about it, and we’d say, ok right, this is the trajectory. How do we pull us out of that trajectory? And, you know if we had these conscious memories you know the world would be totally different. There would be facilities available, paid for, where people could go and receive that assistance and help to understand who they were and to advance themselves. So in the same way as we might expect every town or city to have a public library, there really should be a center that allows people  to have that support and assistance that’s not contained in a bottle with a screw tap, screw top that contains tablets. In other words, the way forward for humanity is not necessarily a bottle containing tablets, but is a much more holistic energy approach. It’s a really good question, thank you.
Becky: Ok thank you. Samantha says, ‘Dear Simon, because of my isolated and abused upbringing, I blamed my social inadequacies for my inability to make friends. This last year I got a job and realized I don’t have problems speaking to people, as long as conversations stay on a surface level, people really like me. It’s hard to explain; but it seems like when a coworker and I just start developing a deeper connection, it’s like I see or feel something pass into them; something in their eyes change, and they switch back to keeping me at arm’s length. I’ve spoken with you and no, I’m not possessed. But I don’t believe everyone I’ve seen, but I don’t believe everyone I’ve seen this happen with can all be possessed either. What’s going on? Thanks.
Simon: Ok, I haven’t been given the person’s name quite rightly we don’t want to put that out. So I can’t remember it, but the person says they’ve had a chat with me and I scanned them and didn’t detect any demonic possession. It could be a whole host of reasons. If a person has a-a real memory of trauma, and that individual has done a lot of work on his or herself, and; you’ve given the key there when you’ve talked about: everything’s fine when they talk superficially; I think what’s happening and I can only put this forward; when you’re superficially talking, you’re saying things the other person expects and it’s all on a superficial level, 3d level, and everything is fine.
When something becomes a bit more meaningful, then you are drawing on your personal experience, and you are showing that you have a greater depth and understanding of the world. Now that will turn off a 3d person. A person likes to have stuff that they’re not challenged, they like to have it just on the paper surface, they don’t want to have to think, they don’t want to have to question, they want to go and see, and fill their head full of something funny or exciting, that doesn’t really make them look at themselves.
Now, if you’ve been through what you’ve been through as you’ve intimated here, you will talk with much more profound passion. You will be able to understand and express the world in a way that such another person who’s not on that learning journey; they may be on a journey but they’re not a learning journey, they’re thinking, oh god what’s this about? They don’t want to have to think about this. So, it doesn’t mean all these people are possessed. What it means is that your spirituality is shining through, and you are talking to people who are not yet on a spiritual journey, and it’s just too much for them.
Remember what I say to my clients that 75% in my own opinion of the people on this planet are earth humans: hamburgers, tv, more hamburgers, tv, etcetera. 25% are on  different journey but that doesn’t mean that all 25% are like, you know, x,y, and zed. Within that 25%, there may only be a half a percent like you. What I am saying is there are 25% who are seeking and trying to break free or have broken free and are trying to cement that freedom. So when we are in room, whatever that will be, imagine that three quarters of that room aren’t even going to be able to understand you. They’re not going to connect with you. You’re just too much for them; unless you keep it on a superficial level: The weather, pets, animals, television, cinema, fashion, clothes, YouTube, you’ve got the picture. You talk about anything else like I think the government’s trying to rip us off here; people will nod with that ‘cause that’s very fashionable, people-people can go with that. But if– come on anything a little bit about well you know something like, you know you think that fluoride actually isn’t very good for us. Uh, immediately the face completely glazes over, because, why would a government put fluoride in water and toothpaste if it was poisonous?
You must be mad. Course fluoride is good for us. It’s really good for our teeth isn’t it. You know. And then when you say to them do you know actually that in the-the camps during the Third Reich in Birkenau, Auschwitz, and many of the other camps, that fluoride was added to the water of the prisoners. Was that because Adolf Hitler and his cronies was wanting to look after the teeth of all of the prisoners? I mean, we know he stole all of the gold out of their teeth, but was it because he cared about the oral hygiene of his prisoners? Or was it because if you put fluoride to  water, it actually dumbs down the individuals. And when you start giving facts to these people can’t cope with it and they’ll just make an excuse and move away. So don’t be bothered about it. That’s their choice. They have the problem, not you. Great. Thank you.
Becky: Ok thanks. Sammy says, and this is quite a long question—
Simon: ok–
Becky: different parts, but it’s all connected.
Simon: Alright
Becky: “Dear Simon can you give more information on spiritless or soulless humans? I thought the soul was what kept the structural integrity of the physical body together. Am I wrong? In a previous show you explained that a grey alien without a soul responded to the question, ‘what are these people doing here’ with the answer, ‘they are standing’.
Simon: No well ‘they were sitting’.
Becky: Oh, or they were sitting, sorry
Simon: It’s alright
Becky: If this is how a human without a soul would speak to others, then wouldn’t we notice them right away? Are there soulless humans walking around who are being controlled by negative entities or aliens? Like from remote controlled robots? And lastly, is it possibly for a human soul to leave the body and something else like a Jinn take its place? Thankyou.
Simon: Right. So many, there’s three questions there, can we just do the first one, cuz you know what I’m like, I can’t…
Becky: Yeah;
Simon: The first bit was…
Becky: Can you give more information on spiritless or soulless humans?
Simon: A clone, can actually contain a soul. Or a clone can have no soul in it. A biological human, can be without a soul but needs some form of control element. A, it’s really difficult to try to split the difference between a clone and what I would call a biological human. You’ll see people similarly like this that have been taken over by AI. I asked Andy to put a clip on the website today, Elon Musk, was interviewed. And he was talking about, basically the human race is finished. AI is going to take over everything and you know he’s warned people this, that, and the other. And then when the interview develops you can see actually he’s very positive for AI, and seems to think it’s a great thing to be taken over. Now, what I’d like you to do if you get five minutes is look at that interview, it’s only a short interview but watch that, look at the way he speaks. You’ll find that individuals who have been affected either through mind control, through AI take over or don’t have a soul will, they can’t really string too many sentences together. They are short, sharp, data information pieces. And I’m saying that deliberately.
So, they will just come forward with a few sentences or one sentence then they’ll be a prolonged gap, then they’ll be another sentence and a prolonged gap. And these people, also will just change track halfway through, and it’ll be quite inappropriate, or they’ll laugh at a point where they’re not supposed to laugh, because they don’t have the human divine connection. Therefore, everything is on a learning, the way they’re running is trying to learn and understand and projecting as they think they should project. So it’s very difficult for—for a, I call an ordinary person—how can humans be ordinary—but you know what I mean for an ordinary person to tell the difference between a clone and a person that’s, not got a soul in them. So there are quite a few out there. They’re in their hundreds, they’re not in their thousands, and you may meet one at least one in your lifetime. And these people just give you the creeps. That’s the way to describe it really. What was the second, the middle part please?
Becky: Well, the middle part is, if, this is how a–If this is how a human without a soul would speak to others, then wouldn’t we notice them right away?
Simon: Oh I think we do notice them. I think you will, you’ll notice people as being very odd, very strange, awkward, very very difficult. Some are better at hiding it then others. You’re not as a system going to put your key personalities up there in the lime light who have this deficit because they will be picked up immediately. You will have them in your key industries, where they don’t meet the general public, where they just meet other members of the group who are ordinary people but of course are not going to go and report anything. Occasionally one of these people is out in the public, interviewed or gets—gets seen, and it becomes fairly obvious. You know, you’ve got, a spectrum from not to six or not to twelve, and the further up the spectrum they are  then the more obvious something wrong is. And the final part, Becky, please—
Becky: The final part is: Lastly, is it possible for a human soul to leave the body and something else like a Jinn take its place:
Simon: This is really interesting: No, because a Jinn will want to share the body with the human soul. That’s the whole point of this. I have to clarify this ‘cause I always use the word black magician but the reality is of course that that just means hidden magic. Occult means ‘hidden’. And the New Age and the way we are today we think of Black magic as evil magic, and its actually not accurate. It comes from the middle ages. If you are a black magician then you are an occult magician and you are practicing magic that is hidden. A good man or good woman produces good magic. A bad man or a bad woman produces bad magic, evil magic. So a evil magician, maybe that’s the term I’ve got to use, an evil magician living within his body. So, he has the human soul, and the demon’s with him. Now what you’re talking about is when a soul is removed and a demon possess. That’s very very rare. Generally the more interesting one is through channeling. Where a spirit enters or can do, enters the person, and occasionally the spirit, the soul of that individual goes and then that human body can actually shapeshift. And it’s more common through channeling then it is through anything else. But in most cases the human soul wouldn’t want to leave the body, that’s its home why would it go? But there are on very rare occasions where it will go, something else will be in, and then it will come back. It’s usually through an agreement.
Imagine, student swapping. So, you know you get these exchange students or someone from France comes to Britain, and someone from Britain goes to France. Well imagine there’s, more times than you’d think this exchange within human body. A soul will leave and go into another  bod-they’ll just do a swap, to experience what it’s like. Or to, not just experience what it’s like in another dimension in another body, but to have a role to play. And there are a number of books—not many, but some books where a human has been, they can’t say abducted but a human has gone from this world, and the soul has been there-the soul has been placed into, a viable body within that dimension. Because, the human body won’t really last in a higher dimension as it stands. And that has then has the time and that soul is taken out of that body and put into their body. So, we don’t just think of it as an evil takeover, there are occasions where this is an agreement for a soul to leave the body to experience in a way that it would normally not, Source wouldn’t directly allow it to. It’s some really good questions we’re getting today, thank you.
Becky: If I can just sort of, ask my own question because I’m very curious about this: it’s my understanding that souls don’t fully leave body unless a person has either you know died, or passed away, and the soul’s moved on; or, unless there’s an agreement; a soul swap, where one soul’s gone and another one steps in. But if someone is asleep, you know you can, soul will still be connected, also if someone’s like really drunk, and perhaps their body can be taken over by some kind of demonic entity, which is sort of, making the body move and sort of taking over control of the body for a while while that person’s drunk, but their soul is still connected to the body but is not in control of the body.
Simon: There are two points there, we’ll take the last one first. That’s no different from a, from a Jinn being inside a magician. If-if someone’s, alcohol is different from hallucinatory  drugs. Someone is so drunk to that point then yes, in some circumstances the evil force can come in and it shares the body. When you are remote viewing or astral travelling, it is possible for your soul to leave your body but be connected by a thin cord, which connects your consciousness your energy body your etheric body to your physical body. But that’s not what I’m talking about I’m talking about where, um, you’re not just, going up to the room or going to one dimension to look back down on yourself or to experience down, you have a written agreement that you will physically leave your body and you will go into another body which is not necessarily humanoid, and then that soul from that body, that’s what I meant by this—this—this exchange student, takes over your body. So this being from its dimension has a life in your body, and you have it and then you can swap back. But
Becky: So the whole soul still goes with no no cord attachment to the original body
Simon: Correct
Simon: Correct because the agreement is that its only temporary. It’s only temporary. Now when you are doing astral travelling, the reason that there’s a cord is because there is no, other than Source or yourself, there’s no agreement or protection here. So, it’s like going into a labyrinth, and having a great big ball of string, and then you tie the ball of string round one end and you walk down the labyrinth and you unroll your string, so that if something really bad happens, you can find your way back through your string. And this is what this thread is, it’s to find your way back to your body if something happens and I remember I did a remote view of the underground facilities under capitol hill some years ago, and I was jumped by a very, very unhappy grey. And it’s like, whoosh, zip, straight back into my body cuz I had to get out of there very quickly because I’d been detected.
This was a number of years ago. And it’s like a piece of elastic slapping. And you’re you’re slipping and you-you’re pulled straight back.
Simon: But what I’m referring to here is where advanced technological entities are managing the process and you don’t need that thread because it’s, it’s—there’s a third party involved other than source. Thank you, good question.
Becky: Ok, thanks, Tom says, “Simon, thank you for all that you do. Recently the FBI shutdown an observatory in New Mexico along with a post office. Then there were six other sites shut down as well. Within a day or so there was a lady who apparently photographed an armada of ships by the sun. What can you tell us about this and why the post office?”
Simon: I don’t know a great deal about it. What I’m aware of is that the observatories were not controlled, most, you see most observatories, all the staff in the observatories are professional men and women. And they’re all part of, I can’t even tell you what it is, but they’re all part of a group just as all doctors are part of the medical association, etcetera. And that’s how you control on this planet professionals. Because they are by law, they have to be registered with a particular body. So teachers have to be part of one group, and police officers, and doctors and etc. And the way you control those individuals is through that body. You say, ‘here’s your group of ethics and if you break the ethics as we decide, then the body will throw you out, and if you are thrown out, you can no longer practice, and therefore you can’t have a job’. So that’s how they control it.
So there have been a number of instances now where these observatories are–are getting pretty spooked by having seen on a regular basis a number of unusual happenings, and are beginning to pass information outside of the normal channels. That’s what I‘ve been told. The post office was that there was a, in a big, big city, you very rarely know anybody. So you go to the post office you’re not going to know anyone. But in—in South American countries and other countries, your uncle might work there or your auntie works there; or it’s–it’s close, you really know people. And there are some villages in Britain that are still like that and there must be some small towns in the U.S. that are still like that. Now, if you’ve got that communication system that’s not relying on the telephone or the internet, you can pass information and post office is a great way to pass information that can’t be electronically intercepted. And so, one of the focal hubs in many places, in Great Britain it used to be the pub, well that’s all nearly died a death now, but in many countries it is  the post office.
So what I am aware of, and I don’t know the full story but what I am aware of is that there were many sightings. The people operating this equipment felt they had to get the story out. The officialdom wasn’t going to let that happen, and as a result of that they were looking for alternative ways to get information out. As to who was behind, I didn’t even have that it was the FBI, I didn’t know that it was the FBI that had closed them down. All I know is that somebody had got in there and had said that, they had to sort of put a stop to it. Even, even people who want disclosure, generally want disclosure in a controlled way. If you are operating a very advanced telescope, you also might have some eavesdropping equipment. And you might have messages, you might be receiving messages. And so the last thing that anybody wants whose got a plan to release information gradually, doesn’t want Fred blurting out that he’s had this information. So, that’s the little I know about it. So I understand it’s true, and genuine it’s happened, and that’s the best I can do at the moment, thank you.
Becky: Ok thank you. Tony says, “Dear Simon, thanks for all that you do. Can you expand on the protentional of music and vibration and intention during pregnancy? The book “Remembrance” intrigued me with the [carresh] and their birthing chambers. Much love, Tony.”
Simon: Um, I haven’t read the book, but I think I can probably, take a bit of an answer to this. The system that we have that’s grown up over the last 50, 60, 70 years, looks on people as a necessary evil. Using the word “evil” I don’t mean it like that. But they look on it as a necessary problem. Their job exists to provide a service to the people; their job is to take as much money off us as they can. But they’d love their job if we didn’t exist. So let’s look at the hospitals. The hospitals exist not to make our lives easier but to make the machinery, the process easier. So, when looking at giving birth, they want to run it as if you were making motorcars. They want to run it, as we call it, a conveyer belt, don’t they.  Because it works their way. If they were to turn round and say, “What’s best for you?”, they are not A.—of the mindset, B.—of the instruction—their bosses haven’t instructed them, and C.—they haven’t had the resources put through. So they can’t say ‘what’s right for you?’.
If Connecting Consciousness I said to my membership, ‘what do you want to do?’ That’s why I was trying to say. What organization really turns round to its membership or its customers and says, ‘what do you want?’ because if you ask people what they want and they tell you, and you can’t deliver that, you’re in trouble. So organizations generally don’t ask people what they want they just tell them what they’re going to get. So the birthing system in the Western world is traumatic. Now I’m not saying its deliberately designed to traumatize babies when they’re born. I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is that the system that we have for birthing and the way it is, is simply because hospitals are designed like factories. They are designed to process the job in hand. And if you using sound and water, then I can see the advantage of it providing the tones you are using are in the same way as we would use you know pure geometry, as long as your tones are of the frequency that is as pure to Source as you can get, so; none of this nonsense that since the later part the latter part of the  middle ages, have been altered.
If you have a way of finding out what this Source resonance pure tones are and you use them, but then you’ve got to be very careful how you construct them because music is a message. So you’ve got to, a maybe, get spiritual people and musicians in, to create a set tune, a birthing tune, that is one of hope, one of love, one of support, one that welcomes the child, and promises that you know you will do what you can to protect the child, because remember that music carries a story, not just in the words but it can be written in such a way as to be  very calming and very reassuring.  So, this is what I’m saying, this is what needs to happen right across the board. Everything that’s been designed for the organization and the running of the organization, it is not designed for the benefit of people. People are purely there,  I-I have a joke actually I sort of say the organizations exist to take as much money off us as they can as quickly as they can for as long as they can, for as cheaply as they can. So that’s that’s the whole protocol isn’t it, and I, I don’t often get really angry, but I certainly get angry when you see these adverts and the organizations says, ‘we’re here to help you.’ No you’re not, you’re here to take the money off me. You don’t really care about me. ‘We care about you, we care about you.’ No you don’t,  you care about the profit, you care about the money. And that’s not me being cynical or angry, it’s just the absolute reality of it. You know why don’t they just be honest and say, ‘Frankly we don’t give a damn about any of you, we just want you to buy our products.’
And I’ve talked about before, you know you have a washing machine and you have clothes, and I just put about that much in, and my clothes are fine. But if you read the packet it says, ‘put, put this much in’ you know if I was a greedy share holder of some of these big corporations… yeah, I’d want you putting in, in fact I’d want you putting double in because I’d want you coming back and buying another of my wonderful soap powder that stinks to hell because it’s got terrible artificial smells in it.
Go back to the days of model T Ford. Mr. Ford, the Ford motorcar was a fantastic machine. And the problem was it wasn’t breaking down. It was really well made. The parts, the metal were really thick, it was really done. And Mr. Ford himself, said, dear, and I don’t know the name but he said to his chief engineer, ‘this isn’t any good these cars aren’t breaking down I want you to go round and to all the breaker’s yards, this is a true story, I want you to go round to all the breaker’s yards, and look at all of this and see what, what is the fault of these cars and what bits don’t break. Basically because I want these cars to have a lifespan of ten years or twenty years. And so his chief engineer came back and said if we de—de-engineer, I don’t know what the name is, we’d de-engineer this part and we’d make it 1/8th of an inch thinner, then this part will break down. And right back then they were looking at that.
You know a light bulb. Think about a light bulb you put in your house. Think how long it lasts. It doesn’t last very long. But you put a light bulb in your motor car—that lasts a very long time. Because you have made a big outlay for your motor car. Hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, or pounds. And therefore, the argument is, you’ve given us all this money for a motorcar. Therefore we’ll give you a lightbulb that will last 12 months. But when you go to the store to buy a lightbulb for the kitchen, it might last 3 months. Because it is engineered so that it doesn’t last. And that’s the point. So many of our household products could actually last much, much longer. But that would mean we wouldn’t go back and buy them it would mean that the people who work in those shops wouldn’t have the jobs it would mean that the shareholders couldn’t have their foreign holidays.
And so, empires are being created to exist on a set level of profit. And you know if say Connecting Consciousness came along and said, ‘well we want to make changes to the world’ which means you’ve got to change your business model, that would mean these empires having to shrink their operation. You know and some of these interesting things, before I finish, are let’s say chocolate. I like chocolate. But you know you might get the chief medical officer saying ‘sugar is bad for you’ or ‘chocolate’s bad for you’. Those corporations immediately come down like a ton of, ton of bricks, because they want you to buy your chocolate bars. They want you buy the sugar and they don’t want the health guy saying it’s bad.
The only time, of my knowledge they’ve really won an argument was on smoking, and they’ve had to do it because the empirical evidence was massive. They just couldn’t hide it anymore. So, the agreement was, look, we’ll reduce in the Westernized countries because you know the health bill is millions, billions. The governments were saying, ‘look, you know, we’re getting taxed on these  cigarettes, but the amount of money we’re spending you know on people who’re developing diseases is outstripping the tax you’re giving us. That’s the reality that’s why they’ve put a stop on it so what do they do go to the third world countries, where there is no rules. And they can just do what they want. So don’t believe for one minute that they’ve stopped, what they do is they stop in one location and they move to another location. So it’s a really important part because when you create an empire based on a profit base, anything that seeks to reduce that profit base is fore, hammer, and tongs. But this is how we have to go in the future. We have to understand I believe that the profit that we accept is wrong. Anyway, that’s the good, please go on.
Becky: Ok, yeah you went on to lots of different examples but getting back to the birth one I think that you were sort of highlighting that perhaps the organization behind might be in for a profit but the actual, I mean, I—I firmly believe; having worked with midwives for about 10 years as a birth supporter, and worked with, you know birthing mothers and parents, that’s, the people who work with the birthing mums do it because, they do it for, you know, it’s a vocation it’s a passion. And music is another passion of mine. And I think that using to play music, is in the natural, in the older tone where, a “A”, middle “A” is 432 hertz rather than 440 or 442, that music is more in connection with this earth, more in connection—it’s more in harmony with humans. So that’s my little bit that I come out of that, because they’re two topics that I’m actually very passionate about.
Simon: Ok, thank you. I’m trying not to move my chair, but I’m, I do have to move my chair but it creaks and groans, and I know that it puts you off and I’m really sorry. That’s why I was very clear and I said the corporations. Let’s get it clear. The man or woman who stands in the road to get the kids across safely the road to the school, they’re not earning thousands of pounds,  or thousands of dollars, their doing it because actually they have a commitment to the community. And I’ve always made it clear that when you go into a bank, you can’t be cross with the people behind the counter because they’re just like you and I. They’re not the ones making all the ones making all the massive profits. They’re not the ones doing multi-million deals and losing money and gaining money. So the point I’m saying is that it is the structure, it’s the corporations and it’s the organizations. It’s not necessarily the individuals. Thank you.
Becky: ok, thanks
Simon: Right, it’s time to present a different cat. As you notice there is nobody sitting on the table it’s, because it’s late at night and they have their own spots. This is a cat that’s been ill, but is responding really well to some medicine. This is “[Stormbion],” “hello gorgeous, come and say hello, you’ve been,” you’ve seen [Ragnarok]. This one is a little different. He’s not black, he’s what’s called a smoke. So he’s actually got white parts of him and he’s really wriggly at the moment. There you go, you see his tummy there? It’s not actually black. He’s really good he’s about 5 months old. So he hopefully will become another star of the show if he wishes to be involved. Maybe learn from the others to sit quietly and not run around. Can’t present the dog to you tonight because it’s a too late, but we will present the dog to you won’t be, won’t be a perhaps just yet, but certainly when the dog wakes up then the dog does bark and that’s part of Life I think. Right, we’re ready for one more question?
Becky: Just finished off, ok this is from Dominique from Poland, “Hi Simon lots of love and light for you and your team. Just as everyone has their unique fingerprint or scent, everyone has their unique energy signature. After spending some time with a person you can easily recognize it and associate it with a specific person. Throughout the years I could feel more or less often other people’s energy even when I was all alone. It’s not packed with positive or negative energy, it’s like smelling someone’s scent out of nowhere, without any additional messages added to it. It just is. Usually it’s not disruptive and I kind of get used to it but I never really got to know why it happens and what does it mean. Do you have any insights on that?
Simon: Well, most people can’t do that. When individuals become psychic, remember there’s a big difference between being psychic and spiritual, but when a person becomes psychic, they can have access to either a very narrow band of potential or a very wide band of potential. And, you know some people can see the matrix, some people are very gifted with tarot cards or-or astrology, some people can heal, and you know and some people can do what you’re doing. I just think that you should understand that you have a specific gift or skill, the question is how you use that. Everybody has their own electronic signature just as you said like a fingerprint.
The aliens for need of a better word, and higher dimensions don’t bother with finger prints but they do exactly what you do. They will identify an individual by his or her brain pattern. Or soul frequency. That’s really important to understand that. There’s brain pattern and soul frequency. Remember that there was a technology on this planet to identify people by your brain waves. And I never understood why, you know, you have to go into a bunker and they have a retina scanner or a palm print scanner, when the technology is there for a brain wave scanner. Anyway. Maybe I guess ‘cause you can sell it to corporations ‘cause they can put them all in their airports or their passsport projects or etc. etc.
So, you have a skill which is relying on a psychic capability to read, and as you said quite rightly it’s neither right nor wrong, black nor white, it’s just a frequency that you identify but you would have to meet the person, match their physical face to that signature because we’re in a 3d world. Whereas in the higher dimensions they don’t need to do that. You’re already on record. So, an individual would already be on record. So, they would just pinpoint that frequency on earth and they wouldn’t even have to come and look at your face, they would just know that was you. Whereas if you’re on a 3d planet in a 3d body, we would have to match the 3d face to start with and then we would know that person. So, you have a gift, and I say it’s no different, I mean it’s the gift you have is different but it’s no different from someone who can do healing, or using tarot cards, or something like that. What we really want is one day all these groups to come together so we can have this all around positive projection of energy.
So at the moment we’re all split up aren’t we, you know, Joy can heal but she’s over in Sacramento, Fred can see the future but he’s over in New Zealand, etc. Etc. You know, we do need to actually work together. Thank you, and we’re going to call it a day on that one. It’s been, a really really powerful questions. I seem to always say the questions are great but I think today they were really really good.
Becky: Yeah, they’re quite advanced.
Simon: Yeah, I think they were, and you know, I hope that I really hope that the answers I’ve given will set you thinking and set you developing. So I want to thank everyone. Remember I haven’t done the thank you for those of you who’ve financially supported me, but I’ll be doing that next week because we’ll be back on track, then and I’ll mention everybody then. So, thank you ever so much, our hearts go out of course to the east coast of the U.S., we’ve done, many groups have done what they can to try to reduce the level of that storm, and we’ll just keep an eye on things, and I look forward to you know, talking to you all soon. Take care, thank you.
[transcribed 9/26/18 jb]
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