18 September 2018 – Project Camelot TV presents Simon Parkes

Project Camelot TV presents Simon Parkes

With Kerry Cassidy


Between three and six satellites deactivated, especially Black Knight which could take control of people on the ground; Sun Spot Observatory along with other observatories shut down simultaneously to avoid viewing the traffic around the Sun; QAnon is four human males and AI in a D-Wave computer; when all else fails try sexual allegations to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court; along with indictments, rumored to be around 50,000, will come military tribunals and most probably civil unrest; states with most indictments: Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, California; remote viewers see a hugely depopulated Earth in the near future; timelines, both positive and negative, coincide with psychological profiles of people viewing them; destructive weather war devices haven’t been used as of yet to their full potential, but as a secret weapon to play a political game; hurricane Florence was an example of weather war, compliments of stations across U.S. and Europe that have ability to enhance existing weather conditions; energy technology witnessed in Northern California fires suggests a battle between humans and nonhumans fought above ground, a first in the U.S.

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Kerry Cassidy: Hi everyone. I’m Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and very happy to be here today. I’m going to be talking to Simon Parkes and it’s always a delight to have him on the show, so I’m going to bring him on just without any further introduction this time. I think that most people know who he is and I’ve got many interviews with him, so if you want to find out more about him please do go to my other interviews on YouTube and also to his own, well I think he has a radio show now so Simon you are on the screen now and if you could share what it is that you are doing in terms of where people can find you and that sort of thing.
Simon Parkes: Okay, well first of all… Hi Kerry, lovely to be back on your show. Thank you ever so much for inviting me on to Project Camelot. I’m very happy to chat to you. Yes if you want to go to the website, simonparkes .org. and they can then pick up the links from that if they want to. And then I do my own podcast or we call it a radio show, and that’s twice a month and that comes directly off the intel through the website and on to YouTube and of course I’m with Ted Mahr in Seattle. I do a couple of shows with him in the states, a couple of shows a month with him. So if you just go to simonparkes .org. that would be able to link you to whatever you want to see. Thank you.
KC: Okay very good. Now we’ve got… it’s an incredibly interesting time I would say and I think you know, it is, it can be very stressful and I understand you were not feeling well. You were under attack for a few days and there was… well you were actually in the hospital and I’m very sorry to hear that so it must have been quite severe and you know, we do pay a toll, whatever you want to call that, for doing this kind of work trying to reveal the truth. And I’ve got a lot of things to talk to you about and all of that so, but what I wanted to do to begin with is actually give you the floor to talk about the things you think are front and center in your estimation at the moment for our audience and this is a worldwide audience. So as you know that you can just cover everything on and off world and it will be pertinent.[2:57]
SP: Okay well obviously there are a few topics I think that you’d have to be asleep not to be aware of what’s happening and obviously I want to cover some of those, which I’m sure will be on your mind. But there’ll be others that I’ve not picked up or you want to talk about and I’m happy to do that. But before we do that I’ve just got a few little announcements. I’m going to be very cheeky now and I know you won’t mind. I’m the founder of Connecting Consciousness, an organization that has lots of members, about 21,000 members across not just the English speaking world, but other countries as well. We had a very good meeting in London which was designed to engage with the members. There were about a hundred plus people there to look at the aims and objectives of the organization, to write a mission statement, and to really take the organization to where we want to go. Now I have the, my Australian Connecting Consciousness coordinators actually asked me to give a plug. It’s the very first Aussie meetup, and I just want to read the details out. So it’s Australia’s first national meetup, and let me look at the paper here, national meetup on Saturday and Sunday, the 29th to the 30th of September 2018 in Sydney. If you are interested in attending then the coordinator is Will Hamilton and the email address is will3939@protonmail .com. So that’s for anyone in Australia or Sydney who wants to be involved in Connecting Consciousness in Australia, it’s fine. Also on Sunday the 29th the Switzerland CC group is meeting up so if you are in Switzerland and not yet joined CC please do so. I’ll give you a contact number in a moment, and also in Canada if they are having a meeting, if you want to and you are in Canada then you ought to have a meet on with them. Please you can contact Becky, that’s B E C K Y B256@yahoo .co.uk. Now that’s a UK address but you go through that and that will get you through to the Canadian and Switzerland connection. And finally if you want to be involved and this is America, if you want to be involved in the American CC it’s Norman, so Norman is contacted at nha.usa @intccg .com. Thank you for indulging in that Kerry but I am building a worldwide organization, and if you are in those countries and you want to be involved, please, please drop them a line.
Okay you said what topics I would want. Surely we want to talk about the [Sunspot Solar] Observatory, the main Observatory in New Mexico closing down. I also want to talk about satellites, and I want to talk about Judge Kavanaugh and I want to talk about QAnon. So those are the four things that I thought might be interesting to you and your audience. Those okay?
KC: Okay. Those are wonderful. Yes I’m very excited to hear all of your thoughts on all of it.
SP: Okay, fantastic. All right so how do you want to go with it? Do you want, have you’ve got some interesting bits or what do you want me to do?
KC: Well I want you to go ahead and then I will just pipe in with my interesting bits, as you call them. When I get, you know, just to kind of compare notes, which is something that I think we are very good at and people enjoy. If I have nothing to say on the matter then I’ll have nothing to say.
SP: Hey well listen that will never happen will it?
KC: Well you never know.
SP: Okay well the great thing is that, and I’ve said this privately to you, and we’ve never really fallen out privately or publicly because, and I don’t understand it myself, but we’ve always seem although we get the information from perhaps different sources, we’re always broadly in the line. Oh sure there will always be the odd differences here and there but we’re fundamentally in tune and I think that’s perhaps what your audience likes is that we’re both coming from different aspects but we both reach the same conclusion.
Okay, so I will talk about the satellites first of all. I’ll only say what I know. I’m not going to have any supposition. I’m not going to say I think. If I’m leaning somewhere but I haven’t got the evidence I’ll just say, you know, it could be this, but I’ll only give you what I know. I know that between three and six satellites were deactivated. They’re still up there. They haven’t been shot down. They’re still up there. They’ve just been switched off, between three and six. Let me just give you what some of the names that have been bandied about I’m aware of, and one name, [7:49][Ismut]. The Snow White is the key satellite here but I actually know it probably as Dark Knight or Black Knight.
KC: All right.
SP: So the Snow White satellite I would know as Black Knight or Dark Knight. That is the key one. The other one that is very key is the Early Bird. There was an original satellite, I think in the 50s or 60s which was called Early Bird. I think it was the very first telecommunications satellite that was put up, and so this is called Early Bird because it’s all about telecommunications. So these satellites were not satellites run by the good guys that were taken out by the bad guys. These were not satellites taken out by aliens. These were a, let me just call them a bad guy group of satellites, that were taken out by the good guys. That’s my view, my understanding of it. These satellites did two things, one which you would expect, which was the communications, but they did something else as well. From a communications point of view it allowed an encrypted channel that nobody else had to run all over the planet to secret locations encoded I think it’s secret geographically, secret encoded locations, that meant that it was not possible for outsiders to break in, even the National Security Agency weren’t able to break in to it. Now part of the key group of this was Britain’s GCHQ, and that connection was also taken off. So it means that if something was to happen, the bad guys couldn’t tip each other off. So that’s the very obvious part, and I think perhaps most people could grasp that, but there’s another part here, that this system was actually, there’s a British word but I’m sure you American guys have this. We call it eavesdropping. Do you have that word?
KC: Yes, absolutely.
SP: Okay fine. I don’t want to just assume. It’s actually, this system was actually eavesdropping on all of the encrypted secret communications from American governments, world governments, in terms of all the different, you know, countries that feed information in. Now this system could have been taken down a long time ago, but the reason it was taken down now was because we’re just two weeks away from something fairly big happening, and the good guys left this for as long as possible because they didn’t want to give any more warning or notice than they had to. So it means that the bad guys now are blind electronically to a certain extent on this secret route. They don’t have access to it. It also means now they cannot hack into or get hold of information that is coming through the normal secure routes which they could have done before. The other thing I wanted to say which is perhaps not been picked up on is that one of these satellites, I call it the Dark Knight or Black Knight satellite wasn’t just a communications. It had a frequency to it that could activate certain people on the planet who had chips or had been programmed. So this satellite could take control of certain individuals on the planet and to make them do certain things. So that’s my understanding is that’s part of the system that’s taken down so there are a lot of people now who are not any the wiser, but they can’t be activated to undertake assassination attempts or anything like that. So that was the Black Knight or Dark Knight satellite which some people call Snow White. There is a confusion over this to it. So that’s what I wanted to say. Now the other thing is that the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, [New Zealand] are part of what we call the Five Eyes, and that now means that that information is now secure and cannot be passed on to this illegal group. So that’s really what I wanted to say about the satellites.
KC: Okay, wonderful, fascinating I have to say. Now what I want to do here is bring in some information that I have and then you can kind of commentate it on that.
SP: Sure.
KC: The bottom line is, as everyone knows, I’ve been talking to Eddie Page and he was claiming that the Pleiadians, his group of Pleiadians took down those sats, the satellites or turned them off or whatever you want to call it. And, he didn’t give a lot of detail on that. Now obviously his story is not quite what you’re saying. It is interesting to think about it because again with his group, we’re talking about Pleiadians that are also what some call the Annunaki, and we’re not sure which are which and so on, so this is to kind of clarify that when he says something it may be slightly coded so that people who are out there who are going to have a certain point of view are going to know what he’s talking about, but other people won’t and so on. And so that’s very interesting. I also want to say that Dark Knights, I’ve been aware of the Dark Knights satellites. Actually my information is there are three of them, and one of the key things that they do is that they have the ability to be what they call low tech, and as low tech they are not interfered with or able to be interfered with by off planet races, artificial intelligence. That’s at least what I’ve been told. Now whether that’s true or not I don’t know, but that was the very key thing about them. And it interests me very much that you saying that this one of the Black Knights at least was involved here because that would tend to mean from my point of view that there was some interference that may be coming along with the whatever event you think is going to be happening soon. And actually I think this might dovetail with the Sun Observatory situation that they did not want, let’s see, the good guys did not want the bad guys, meaning the off planet bad guys, either to be able to do this kind of surveillance and things that they could do and so on, so it brings that into it. Now I don’t know if you want to go there or not but those are two aspects that I’m aware of.
SP: Okay, any car that’s sort of a motorcar was twenty-five years old, you can’t do the Boston Brakes to them, and if you have a satellite that is state of the art in terms of human technology, then it’s easy to take over, but if you have a satellite that has two phases to it, you have an operating phase which is pretty mechanical, very very basic, then it can’t be controlled or taken over in the same way. You have a backup system on there that you activate for a short period of time, which is the high tech, so I totally agree with that and that’s the way you cover it. Something that’s got more mechanical parts in it than super electronics is very hard to disable or take down. Anyone who has had a really old motor car, a really old motor car, you know you can keep it going with a bit of string and a rubber band. You don’t need all the electronics to go with it. So that’s a fact and I would totally agree with that. There are three Dark Knights but there is one of them that’s the coordinator, so there are three satellites but one governs the other two. If you knock that one out you won’t be able so… And you talk about Eddie Page and I don’t like to, and I never really talk about other people because if I start doing that they’ll talk about me, and there’s quite enough people talking about me. What I would say is that…
KC: Well let’s address the information rather than the person.
SP: Yeah I want to talk about the Pleiadian part here. I don’t want to be drawn into it, because I know the audience will ask questions and they ask questions of me and other people and I always say no to that. But in terms of the Pleiadian group, there is a splinter group, and I know you know this Kerry but some of your audience might be new, maybe just tuned in for the first time and might not know this. There is a group of Pleiadians which are not true Pleiadians. They are a splinter group and these are the guys that Billy Meier and George Adamski came into touch with, and they had a very strong connection to the Sumerian culture. In fact they were also running a channeling operation, the Vril Society back in the days just as Nazi Germany, kicked off, and these people operated a very primitive form of Pleiadian technology. It was an offshoot. It had been off-shooted for a very long time, and this group we can say had a connection to the control system on Earth. But what I want to do is to make it very clear that there is a big distinction between true 5th dimensional Pleiadians and a group of Pleiadians that are split that look more like Nordics now. They’re not actually, but they look more like Nordics now beginning to fall back into the 4th dimension. So it is not the Pleiadian group that has got anything to do with the Annunaki. It is a branch, a factional group, so that’s I really felt I had to spell that out.
KC: Right, okay very interesting, and there’s more to come on that subject. In my other interviews I’ll be talking to Eddie Page some more trying to get more clarification on that. It’s a very murky area. But some things have come to light and so okay. Now as to the information again, not the person, information, because it is vital that we do bat around information. We do get different levels of information. I’ve got my sources. You’ve got yours. We’re both intuitives and so on, so this other idea that they may have been involved, first of all they may be involved in the government on either the dark side or the light side. That’s also open to conjecture. And whether or not those individuals or some of those individuals could have been involved in the turning off or takedown of those satellites, in other words in, if we follow your line of thought you’re saying that would be the good guys, a good guys portion that were working with or, you know, the Trump administration if you want to call it that, and the current, you know, positive side of things in turning off the negative aspects of those satellites. Is that a possibility in your mind or do you think that that’s inaccurate?
SP: No, it is certainly a possibility. In fact I’d go a bit further and say they provided the coding. They didn’t provide the vehicles or the installations to transmit the deactivating codes, but they provided the codes. So the technology was given but it was for the humans to actually put that into practice.
KC: Excellent, okay. Very good information. Okay. So, now the next subject on the list, where do you want to go from here?
SP: The Observatory of course.
KC: All right, very good.
SP: Okay. I love it because it’s in New Mexico isn’t it? And that’s just wonderful? And interestingly enough the first building was just done in 1947. I would say it’s a much more up to date building and it’s got all the latest technology, but it was originally put up just after the Roswell incident. So it does date to 1947 which is fantastic. It’s the finest, it contains both optical and digital sensory equipment with the finest device for capturing pictures of the Sun that there is on the planet. That’s a key point to bear in mind. Now what, I think has made me smile was that the officials have released a couple of days ago… I think it was a blanket statement saying look there was a criminal activity taking place in the, it’s called the Sun Spot Observatory I believe. There was criminal activity taking place and therefore it was closed down, and for the safety of the employees working there, they were evacuated. That’s the official line that’s placed out.
KC: Yeah.
SP: And what amuses me and it only amuses me. It doesn’t aggravate me or anger me. It just amuses me is the number of people who are posting saying oh well that’s all right then. See there wasn’t anything going on. There you go, you know, your conspiracy theories, you know, this is all it was. And they accept that and that’s really sad for the planet if there are people who would do that, because if you were to understand then the similar, it’s not as powerful, but a similar observatory in Australia was closed down. A similar one in Pennsylvania was closed down. A similar one in Chile was closed down. A similar one in Spain was closed down, and in Hawaii two were closed down. All these were devices to monitor the Sun. So not only was the old local post office closed down next to the Sun Spot Observatory, but it and all the others. So in other words, the civilian sector had no eyes on the Sun over that crucial period, because all of these satellites, beg your pardon, all of these observatories were largely or partly funded by the U.S., but they were operating under a nonmilitary regime so they weren’t military personnel staffing. They were civilian personnel. Now what I do know is that in some of these places and the one in New Mexico, there was a very interesting connection between the employees of the Sun Spot Observatory and some of the employees at the local post office, and information was being passed and that was the reason that the post office was closed down because they didn’t want information being passed out. So it’s got nothing to do with criminal activity. We know… I didn’t know it was the FBI. I assumed it was Seals or Delta Force, but I later was told it was the FBI who landed in Blackhawk helicopters to take control of this facility. And, you know, that… you just don’t do that. The reason I guess it was FBI is that you can run with a cover story that it was a criminal matter. If you started doing it with CIA or you know, the heavy military, then you really do need even the most asleep newspapers or newspaper reporters to actually begin to ask questions. So if it’s the FBI it’s all okay. It’s all fine, nothing to worry about. So we know that a number of observatories were all closed down at the exactly the same time. We know the post office was closed down, and we know that all the staff were taken away separately into different rooms. Some were taken away out of the premises. Some were met on the premises, and we know that the computer files were logged and blanked and just removed. We know that objects surrounding the sun were identified. And the whole purpose of this was that the good guys had been tipped off that an operation, an experiment was to be taking place around our Sun and they were given warning of it. The problem was that nobody realized actually just how powerful these observatories were and how crystal clear the pictures or the information coming back was. So when they closed it down, they didn’t do it early enough. They didn’t sort of say well it’s all going to happen on Tuesday therefore we’ll close it down on Monday. When it happened either the amount of time they had was very short, or they assumed that this machinery on Earth couldn’t pick it up and when they realized it was picking it up because they were monitoring all the crazy chatter coming on, they went in very quickly and had a look at it. So it was because of the fleet of the spacecraft around the Sun. That’s what that was all about.
KC: Okay, you know this is, I had to run and get my other computer because this is really fascinating you know, because I have another side of that story, but I have to say that… it… I have to say I guess thank you. This is a very weird thing to probably do when you are a broadcaster but nonetheless I have to say I was actually given this information last night in my, I don’t know whether, I don’t know what to call it, some kind of download, really I guess. It’s about the simplest way to say, so I was given that information last night that you’re giving me here, and giving all of us, and on top of it, you know, I’ve done a lot of investigation around this and I sent some of that to you, and it does seem that, you see I have a backchannel source who has, now what can I say about this. I have to be really careful, who has had access to some data. I guess I’ll just say that generally speaking. I better not say who they are and/or who they’ve tapped into because obviously it’s not like they’re not gonna be already knowing who my source is, and all this kind of thing because that source is heavily watched, but you know, there’s no reason encouraging other governments et cetera and I don’t want to get anyone here in trouble here, but I do have and I can put on the screen some information and I did send you a bit of it. I am being very careful about it because there may be indicators on some of this information that might reveal where I got it so to speak. So I’m going to throw some of these pictures up here and basically say, you know, I have tweeted this out and I put it out on Facebook as well as on Twitter and I mean well all my [27:30][who suite] of social media and some of it, and I’ve also got pictures of the Sun that were taken by this person that somehow were captured around the exact same time and do show some craft. I’m not sure, you know, it’s hard when you don’t know what you’re looking at so to speak, right? So it’s hard to say exactly what they got. But they have definitely tapped into also chatter, backchannel chatter, and the information is that this does relate to this. Now I’m not saying it’s Eamonn Ansbro’s technology and he’s an astronomer, an Irish astronomer who I have interviewed now twice. He has a grand experiment that he is trying to reach ET by superluminal travel. Actually no, that’s kind of a joke of mine but he’s actually using a quantum mechanical device that they…
SP: …I’ve actually met him. I’ve met him.
KC: Yeah I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. So, and you know, you can watch my interviews with him. He really explains it totally you know, quite extensively and there is a second interview which is more up to date about how he was being obstructed in fact, in his efforts. I don’t know the status as of right now but I can tell you that the indicators I got from my backchannel source match everything he had been telling me about his device. I have told him this. He has basically been noncommittal saying well that would be outside the sort of mission statement of the solar observatories as far as he knew. He is trying to, what they are trying to do is go out simultaneously, send these signals out to all star systems, you know, as far as I don’t know you can think of, many many galaxies, not just one. It’s not just our solar system, but to almost leapfrog over what one might say the solar system that’s under control of the Secret Space Program and contact ET from there. Now there are indicators, very strong indicators that this, the solar observatories were involved in an experiment that was very similar to Eamonn Ansbro. I don’t know whether they piggy-backed on his technology or whether they had a device of their own, and that the Chinese were actually trying to hack into it and be party to this so-called experiment, and that they were getting replies. They were having sorta you might say even some kind of communication going on. This is my understanding based on putting these facts together, you know, that don’t connect necessarily unless you have this backchannel that I have. So that’s what I’ve got. Now it doesn’t rule out this other thing which I also had downloaded last night, which you are saying, which I think it very much part of the story. Obviously we’re not getting the whole story but it is fascinating and I will tell you I have an agent, insider, you’re always an agent. Once you are an agent always an agent. So I have an agent insider who has told me that, when I told him about my interviews with Eamonn Ansbro, told me unconditionally that of course they would never allow Eamonn to be successful at his efforts and that they would shut it down. So then you get the Solar Observatories making these efforts finding, I think going outside what was their, you know, what they were told, their mission statement, whatever you want to call it. And of course if you contact ET, it’s quite possible you want to tell some friends, which is where the post office might have gotten involved, I don’t know, just my guess. So what do you want to do with all of that Simon?
SP: I want to agree with you a hundred percent. Right, before you came out and told me that I did actually say to you that the satellites, I keep calling them satellites, the base stations contained… they had optical but I said they also had digital equipment. And it’s to the digital equipment that a communication can be run. In fact actually it is not as difficult as you might imagine. It can be constructed quite simply. It’s the frequency which it has to bounce on the Earth. So it was used to the digital equipment not the optical equipment, so these installations have this capability. The gentleman you referred to is highly regarded and holds a key post in an organization that is remarkably well known to most Americans and even to some Europeans. And the difficulty is of course that it’s funded by the U.S. which means that that’s the paymaster. If you as an individual or a group were receiving downloads as you do Kerry, if you were receiving downloads, you could get information to construct things or you could get information to give you an idea of what you should do. And the law of the multiverse within the good guys is that they can’t just come charging in. They have to be asked for help. Now if the whole post of bad guys are already dealing with certain governments, and have an arrangement, you know, like in the 1930s you know the mob ruled certain streets. You couldn’t go into that street unless you were part of that mob. But if an individual or group of individuals could open a separate communication channel and ask for help, not asking on behalf of the government, but asking on behalf of the human race, then that is all that the other side needs as an invitation to come in. The Fleeted Craft, I just want to go a bit further with this, the Fleeted Craft, the evolution on this planet is actually by and large directed by the Sun. Global warming as it has been sold to the public is just a lie, a total lie. There is warming, but it’s not through carbon emissions. You might get one centigrade but it’s not a big deal here. The big deal is that the environment is being affected by the particular frequency of light coming from the Sun. Now the human race is slightly delayed. We’re behind schedule a little bit, partly because we are all a bit silly and partly because the bad guys have had thousands of years at manipulating us, and as a result of it they are really good at what they do. So one of the things you can do when certain things happen in the universe or the multiverse is you can alter the frequency of energy coming from the star. The Sun, the main star, is responsible for the evolution of our solar system. It’s not just going to be the Earth that is going to change. All the planets are moving to changes on an energy basis. And so this Fleet of Craft I understand, were altering and changing the frequency to impact humans and the Earth in a slightly different way than it was originally intended. So the Fleet of Craft I accept as the Fleet of Craft. I believe that they were there not using the Sun as a portal to come in and out just for, that’s the end of it. They were actually there to work with the energy of light coming from the sun and it’s the way that it affects humanity on the Earth. So yes we are, you made a joke of it, but you are absolutely right that the finest fastest communication is through the DNA. The next best is through light. So if we have a superluminal or D-wave type system that can operate a communications system above the speed of light that’s what these guys were capable of doing with their machines on these observatories. Then you can reach objects much quicker than you would otherwise have done and that’s my understanding. Does any of that match with what you know Kerry?
KC: Absolutely. Yes, and wonderful, a wonderful kind of summation there. I’m going to try… I have put one message up there and I wanted to send it to you so I’m gonna try to drop that into your chat.
SP: Okay, put it down on my box here somewhere, okay.
KC: Yeah so if you just, but we have to move on with the discussion while I get my technical thing together to do that.
SP: Sure.
KC: So let’s continue and I think for people this is very good information and I… now you didn’t… the only key question I have there is you didn’t kind of clarify. You said they wanted to modify the, I don’t know, the frequency or whatever it is of the light coming from the Sun or something of that nature if I understood you, but you didn’t say whether in a positive way are they dialing it up or down?
SP: Oh, positive, positive, totally positive.
KC: Okay, all right, very interesting.
SP: You see on the radio show that I did a little while ago what I said is that I don’t want our listeners, my listeners when I do my radio show and your listeners here on your show to imagine that President Trump has authorized the FBI to put a stop to disclosure. My understanding is that this type of disclosure—I’m not defending it—I’m just telling you what I have been told, that this type of disclosure would be naught to sixty (0 to 60), and the disclosure that the White House wants is a much more gradual gentle disclosure, but it wants this alien disclosure as one of the last things to be disclosed. It would much rather things like 9/11 and the gold heist and things like that to be dealt with first. So it wasn’t… my understanding it wasn’t because the good guys wanted to prevent disclosure in its true sense. They didn’t want it now, and they wanted disclosure at their speed. Now we could argue that we’re ready for it. We want it all now, and I’m not making judgment. I’m just saying why those guys were sent in.
KC: Okay so in other words you’re saying they’re dialing it down in a negative way but they mean it in a positive way or you’re saying the coverup of dialing it up was done. I’m sorry.
SP: Okay I don’t think I understand you Kerry.
KC: Okay, so you were saying the Trump administration sent in… are you saying they sent in…
SP: They authorized it, yes.
KC: A group of our space program, in other words it’s our guys who are up there at the Sun…
SP: No, no, no Kerry. I mean the FBI.
KC: Oh, okay sent in…
SP: The people who authorized [crosstalk] the FBI to go in and close all those sites down.
KC: All right, got it.
SP: Yep.
KC: Okay, very interesting.
SP: Simply because they don’t want disclosure coming out because they’re not ready for it.
KC: Okay, yeah. Well that gets, you know, that gets into a whole interesting discussion, but we won’t go there at this exact moment.
SP: Okay.
KC: It’s certainly worth talking about at some point, but all right. Thank you. That’s, you know, fascinating stuff. You know it is really interesting this whole… well that gets into Eamonn Ansbro’s whole position if you will, and the position like Project Camelot has and certainly yourself and others. In other words we are pushing the envelope ahead of the rest.
SP: Yes.
KC: And we are basically saying we can handle the truth. That’s in actuality what we saying.
SP: Yes, absolutely.
KC: And so we are not in full agreement on the timeline if you want to call it that. But we are in agreement at least with a certain portion of this…
SP: Yes.
KC: …ruling group that do agree that people need to know eventually. Or, and even on a certain, I think there is an escalation, even on the sort of side that sent him the FBI so to speak, that they acknowledge that they are now under the gun to do a lot more faster than they previously wanted. Would you agree?
SP: Yes because what’s happened to my knowledge at least three deadlines gone and passed where certain positive forces have said to U.S. administrations you really do have to, you know, explain humanity’s position within the universe, within the multiverse. And each time the president has said yes that he would and then reneged on it and given the excuse that it wasn’t ready, that they couldn’t do this; they couldn’t do that. And I reported some I think six months ago, that a final ultimatum had been given, not to this president, but final to Obama, saying that if he didn’t make a disclosure, then they were going to do it anyway. And the whole point about the U.S. administration making the disclosure was that they then could manage the fallout, but [if] it was taken out of their control they wouldn’t be able to manage the fallout. Now with the arrival of President Trump that threat had been removed, but there was an understanding that it certainly would take place if not in his first administration, but in a second administration.
KC: And that dovetails with what Mark Richards has told me.
SP: Right.
KC: That it, actually disclosure has been pushed along if you want to call it that and so there are various things happening, even in Syria for example, to do with the… well the Reptilians who are pushing for it, believe it or not, and other races, and they of course have a rather nefarious reason for wanting disclosure, but nonetheless that’s a reality. So yeah that totally dovetails with what I’m getting.
SP: Good. Good.
KC: Yeah.
SP: One day we will disagree.
KC: Okay, we’ll look forward to that one, and…
SP: And I want to talk about QAnon and I wanted to talk about Supreme Judge Kavanaugh.
KC: Okay, go right ahead, and I’m going to give you some stuff. I think, let me see, well can you hold on one minute while I try to do this because if I put this on I think…
SP: Sure, don’t worry.
KC: …I’ll be fascinated to get your reaction.
SP: Okay.
KC: And this would be live because you’ve never seen this. I haven’t sent it to you yet. This is actually the motion picture believe it or not, and I hope there’s no identifying marks on it let me say because I’m going to see if I can get this on the screen so bear with me one second. And I’ve got it here and then I’m going to actually play it for you and first I’m going to play it for the audience, okay and…
SP: So this is just audio is it, or?
KC: No this is a video and it doesn’t have any audio.
SP: So how can I watch it?
KC: Oh that’s a good question. I’m going to give it to you and then you’ll have to open it on your own desktop. How’s that?
SP: Okay. No problem.
KC: Okay, so standby here. I’ve got you on my other… so that you can see it at the same time everyone else gets to see it.
SP: Okay.
KC: More or less.
SP: So are you, I don’t understand Kerry you’re emailing it to me or what?
KC: Oh I’m going to drop it into your Skype.
SP: Ah that’s fantastic. Thank you.
KC: Okay, yeah that should work, so stand by one second here.
SP: Sure.
KC: I’m doing it as we speak. It’s a… it’s not a big file but it is a motion picture so I don’t… it should go quickly. And I’m going to take you off the screen and put this on so stand by for this. This is footage of the Sun that was taken just around this time of all these events going on, so…
SP: It’s arrived so I’m gonna play it now, yeah?
KC: Yeah and it’s being played on my screen here. So this is courtesy of a very talented individual, and he’s, it is a he, he is zooming in at this moment to show some things on the screen and then that’s it. It’s very short and then I have some other still shots for those. I’ll play it one more time for the audience here so they can see it again. And are you able to watch it Simon?
SP: I watched it but I have to be honest and say I don’t know what I’m looking at.
KC: Well it’s very empirical. [crosstalk]
SP: I mean can you…
KC: But we’re looking at… it’s the way, you know, astronomers shoot the sun. They put this disc in the middle so that, you know, I guess the camera can handle the light. I don’t really know. And I guess what this person is trying to show us if I understand it. First of all there is a black… you can kind of see a black dot next to the rim of this round circle.
SP: Yeah, okay.
KC: On the Sun. That would be a craft, a very large craft from what I understand that we could see if I understand what I’m looking at, and then there is something here down in the lower area which… I don’t understand it either, but could be a kind of a flash, an indicator that something is being triggered on the Sun.
SP: Right now that for me is much more interesting. I was initially looking for flying saucers you see, and I was very disappointed when I didn’t see any flying saucers [that] I could see. Whereas this, as I am looking at the picture in the southwest quarter down on the bottom to the left that’s some very large flares showing intense energy light and that actually would back up with what I’d been saying earlier, that the sun is producing some very useful frequency which others can then tweak or change. So for me the picture is not important for what it may or may not show from alien spacecraft, but for me it’s much more important because it could be showing some intense release of energy, which is why those craft are there.
KC: Yes, Okay. Well, very good. You know, so either way. I, you know, I’m not an expert when I look at these pictures either so I, but I thought that they looked really fascinating. I think that that energy indicates something going on there that looks really amazing. I think there are craft in the picture. I may not even understand which are craft and which are not because I think these pictures that I look at of the Sun are always very difficult to tell what you’re looking at, so…
SP: Yeah.
KC: But anyway so we get…
SP: A brilliant picture I must say.
KC: Yeah a very very talented guy, so… All right, so now at this moment let’s move on to the next subject which is QAnon, because actually there was a dovetail with this information that I posted on my I guess, I think it’s on my site. I have to look for it actually. I get so much information sometimes I forget where it’s all coming from but QAnon apparently, oh he had been talking about the satellites, so this is actually satellite information. QAnon actually named satellites that were being turned off. So I don’t know if his information or that group’s information was dovetailing with yours or not. If I can find that little bit I’ll try to put that on the screen.
SP: That would be interesting, yes.
KC: Yes, so I want to….
SP: What I wanted to say about QAnon was that in my understanding it is four males, four males and a very advanced artificial intelligence computer.
KC: Oh, wow! That’s fascinating. Why do they need the artificial intelligence computer for what they are doing? I’m curious.
SP: Because it is partly divining the future. It is also in communication with the highest military in the U.S., and it can hack into either side to predict the future not through a crystal ball, but through the intentions of previous actions. So in other words, you could put a paper trail together, and you could be very clear that this is going to come from it. So we’re looking at a group of four men and a very advanced D-Wave computer that almost sees to foretell the future, but is connected to an advanced communications system and is partly providing information to secret groups which are positive, but is also under attack itself. So QAnon is also under attack from another form of artificial intelligence which is negative. So I would suggest that the information coming from QAnon is by and large accurate, but we can’t always be sure who’s posting it at the time we receive it.
KC: Fascinating, yes, Okay. Now I don’t know if you can address this but I have heard that John F. Kennedy Junior was supposedly still alive, and that he might be one of the members.
SP: No, I know someone who channels JFK but I don’t know about the rest of the family. I have no knowledge on that Kerry at all.
KC: All right. Okay. Now I’ve got this little, this is actually on my Eddie post that I have been elaborating on details and Eddie’s sort of controversy if you want to call it, going on, and I’m going to put this QAnon on here because it looks like it matches.… It’s fascinating really that it matches your stuff. Now I don’t know if you can go online, you know, to other websites when you’re able.
SP: I daren’t in case I lose you. I better not.
KC: Yeah, okay. But I’m gonna, I could take a screen shot of this and then try to drop it into your chat so you could take a look as well, or you can look at it later but it’s fascinating because it actually does have the name Snow White on here.
SP: Right.
KC: But QAnon apparently had put out there or not. This was sent…
SP: Does it have Early Bird as well?
KC: I’m going to scan it and see. It’s a bit difficult because I’m trying to get it all on my screen shot here and it, well I can…
SP: Don’t worry.
KC: Okay Snow… this was as of August 30th. Okay, this was the post. I will read it very quickly. It’ll be faster. Snow White 3 is now offline. Snow White 4 now offline. Snow White 6 now offline. Snow White 7 now offline. Package complete. Have a nice day. And then it said DEAC Killbox 1A2B or ZB I mean. Corona 1 now offline. Corona 4 now offline, and these are all dated August 30th. Corona 8 reroute T83. Corona 8 new control.
SP: Right, that’s interesting because that one means it has been taken over. And if it’s been rerouted or as we say in Great Britain, rerooted that means that the good side [has] actually hacked into that and taken control of it. Also the other one is interesting. Killbox. That’s what we call Deadman’s Handle in this country. It won’t mean anything to you. It’s a device that prevents a self-destruct. It prevents anyone taking back control of it. So within that group of information there what we are being told is that not only have they turned off the satellites, but one of the Corona satellites, they have actually taken control of, and the other one they’ve prevented it from destroying anything else. So there’s a heck of lot of information in that couple of sentences that you just read out.
KC: Okay and I’ll just finish it. There’s a couple more here. Corona 8, new control. Corona 8 now offline. And it said…
SP: It’s telling you control. That’s another new control which means that that is actually now under control and is operating for the other side. So again that’s very interesting.
KC: And then Corona 16 task route Z8301. Corona 16 now offline.
SP: So it’s job has been changed. So whatever job it was undertaken to do, let’s say for instance it was spying. Let’s just say suppose it was taking photographs of the White House. So what that piece of information tells us is now it has been altered to take pictures of something else.
KC: Yes, fascinating. And then it goes Corona 16 now offline so they did something and then they took it offline, and then the next thing says Blind Eyes in the Sky. Shall we Play a Game? And that’s the end of it.
SP: Okay so that… this is the AI talking. This is the AI talking.
KC: Really?
SP: Humans don’t talk like that. They don’t. We don’t speak like that but machine does.
KC: Okay.
SP: What it is saying is to you now don’t know. You can’t see, so shall we play? Do you remember Kerry?
KC: Oh yes, I know exactly what you are going to say. I love that, go ahead.
SP: No no, you…
KC: No no you do it because you’re…
SP: No, no, no.
KC: No, no, no. Go ahead please.
SP: All right. When you were a kid you had a game?
KC: No, this is a movie.
SP: Ah, right, okay, well they’re connected.
KC: Oh, yeah probably.
SP: So we know and so that’s basically that hints are being dropped. Ideas are being given. The summation of the human consciousness is held somewhere and this device is able to pull out and make jokes and have a bit of fun, but basically what it is saying is we can now, you can’t see us. You can’t do anything. Now we’re going to go for it. So that’s what I said earlier in our talk that they held back on this and they held back on it. They left it as late they could. They had the technology to do this months ago.
KC: Fascinating. Okay, well now the leading question is and I know we want to go in other areas but what is the preparation for that’s coming up, that actually had to do with the satellites? I would say these things are all connected, the satellites, the Sun, and you know, what else is coming?
SP: Yeah, yes. They are all connected, although their connection might be a big tenuous. So the final part that I wanted to talk about which is connected, is Supreme Judge Kavanaugh. So interesting that this sexual allegation is now being brought up when he was 17 and the girl was 15, just shows how desperate they are to prevent him getting into office. And I was aware some months ago when they were up to about 25,000 indictments and now reasonably convinced that there is excess of 50,000 indictments, reasonably convinced. That’s a huge amount but I’m reasonably convinced there’s somewhere around 50,000. And the way it works is that these indictments can only be drawn up by a DA and a group, I don’t know, between six and twelve judges who are absolutely sworn to the highest secrecy you can ever get. And it can be done at state level. It can be done at federal level and somewhere inbetween. But if you are going to indict people you have to indict them where they either live or where the alleged criminal activity took place. But it is very important that every state will be involved because you want to draw all of America into this. You don’t want to just have everything dragged up to Washington, because then it creates an “us” and “them,” “us and them” culture and you want America to buy into this. If you think about Germany there at the end of the war the Nuremberg Trials and everybody went to Nuremberg. It was about the only place that wasn’t bombed to bits, where they have a big building and do it. But in America which is, it’s on the state system and I want to just let the audience know… are you there Kerry? Can you still hear me?
KC: Yes.
SP: Okay it’s just that my complete screen just went black.
KC: Oh, really?
SP: Yep, it’s come back now. Can you… you can still hear me yeah?
KC: Yeah, and you are fine.
SP: Okay never had that before. The screen went absolutely pitch black.
KC: Right.
SP: Well that’s very interesting because what happened is someone turned me off here, and then someone turned me back on again.
KC: I take it, yeah, that’s like what you might call a warning.
SP: Oh I’m happy with those. I get warnings.
KC: Right.
SP: But Kerry you know this is the truth and it needs to come out. The major states, I’m not going to mention anybody’s names, so they don’t need to worry about that. The major states that have got the most indictments, I want to read them out are Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, and California. Those states have the highest number of indictments of people ready to be indicted. We know that it’s public record that end of last year beginning of this year Trump changed the rules so that courts could be quasi-military in certain circumstances, and we know that the civilian sector has been working hand in glove with the military sector so that quasi-courts could have both military judges or military prosecutors or defenders and civilian prosecutors. It’s a very interesting setup. The only way you could possibly get through anything like this number of people is if you have two weeks per court case. You can’t have a court case going on months and months, so if it is done as a tribunal it will be done in two weeks. So it is possible to get through large numbers of people.
Interestingly enough here across the pond from you guys, the British police have been talking about Brexit and saying that Brexit was going to cause civil unrest on the streets. But when you look into it appears that they are using Brexit as a cover for potential… for some disruption, and I would say the same for the U.S. I have always talked about two weeks, two weeks to three weeks of disruption. The last three years I have always said there is going to be a disruption to energy or transportation. It would only be about two weeks or three weeks and I have always said to people just keep enough food and water just for a couple of weeks. You don’t need to stock up for months and months. But it’s interesting that I’m getting messages now from the U.S. that there may be some states that have some form of disorder. There may be some form of blackout imposed, some form of curfew, but it would only be slated into two weeks. And it’s interesting that the Brits, although they’re talking in connection with Brexit are now also talking about a similar sort of two-week period or three-week period. So I think this is all coming to a head and for the last six months I’ve been saying that October, November, and December of this year are perhaps some of the most crucial months on this planet. And I never expected any serious indictments to be opened until October. I always thought it would be from October onwards. So as you said it about three times now at the beginning of the show it’s a most interesting time. It is. It’s a really exciting time. It’s a bit nerve-racking really, but we’ve got to go through this. So October, November, December, make or break really in terms of how quickly we can get things done.
KC: Okay so let me sort of backtrack on what you are saying so that I understand it. Are you saying there will be a two week interruption in services?
SP: I’m saying there will be some sort of shutdown of some. If a certain body is going to move against another body and both bodies control different arms of the government, then in order to push your agenda through, you have to shut down that arm of the body that’s still run by the bad guys. So that may mean that you have to impact civilians in order to freeze out some of the negative entities. So yeah, you could well have a disruption to cell phones, to landlines, to electricity. Yes, I am saying that.
KC: All right. And starting when exactly?
SP: Well I never expected anything to start before October.
KC: Okay but you never did but are we to consider that it starts before October or are we to say that…
SP: Well look, if it starts one week before October I don’t think I’ll be too cross. I’ve always said October, November, December. And if it started in the last week of September of which there are certain forces pushing for perhaps earlier.
KC: Right.
SP: I won’t be bothered because hey I was only a week out, but what I’ve also said and this is like deadly serious is that if it doesn’t happen in October, November, December, it is not going to happen properly. So it’s really got to happen October, November, December because the window of opportunity will be lost.
KC: All right, well that’s very interesting. I am going to be traveling to interview Mark Richards and let me say I still need donations to help me do this but nonetheless this will be the 20, well actually, and there is another secret witness that I’m trying to interview in case anyone cares, so if you’d like to help me it would be much appreciated. I hate going in debt on my credit card in order to do these things. I do do that. I go in debt on my credit card when I don’t have enough money to fund what I want to do, but then I have to sort of live on pins and needles until I’m able to pay that off obviously. So…
SP: To be honest Kerry if everyone of your subscribers just gave one dollar…
KC: One dollar.
SP: …you’d be able to go and interview all the really good quality interviewees, you know, it wouldn’t be a problem would it?
KC: No, with something like two hundred and four, or two hundred and six thousand people I would be, I would make more, well more, well more than I ever make every year if all those people just gave me one dollar. So, there you go. Yes, absolutely. But at any rate I’m supposed to go, I think it’s the 27th and that weekend. That’s the last weekend of September, so I will be traveling during that time so life could get, I guess very interesting during my travels if any of this goes on, and maybe I’m supposed to be traveling during that weekend because of where I live, et cetera, et cetera, so this is very interesting things. But at any rate I’m just saying that there’s a secret witness that I’m trying to persuade to do the interview while I’m in the Northern California area. I think I’m safe on saying that. So anyway that’s just a sort of plug for that.
Now we have another discussion to go with… wasn’t there one more subject that you wanted to talk about?
SP: No, I’ve covered all my bits. It’s over to you now.
KC: Really. Oh, wow! Okay. All right, well I don’t know if people realize it but this, they are getting more bang for their buck here and this is actually free. You know what I’m saying? This is like really choice stuff. You’re really getting some of the best intel out there I have to say by listening to this today and I would encourage you to spread it around to your friends. Let me see if there is anything that I can sort of ask you about. Well we are having some very interesting things go on in terms of witness testimony right now and I have more to come on this score. But there’s a lot of talk as you may know about Yellowstone erupting, and I am curious whether you have taken a look at that situation yourself that involves weather in essence triggered events to happen and one assumes from the side of the bad, the so-called bad guys as we’re calling them, so that would be triggering Yellowstone to trigger other volcanoes. At the same time this involves what’s already happened in Hawaii for example, a company called Ormat. We’ve got an investigator who is very good at his job, a former CIA, not what you call a knock who received a burn notice. I’ll give him a plug here, Unwanted Publicity Guy named Paul Collin who lives on the street in his car and needs, you know, donations, you know, desperately to keep alive, but nonetheless he sends me reports because he did this all his life. It was his job for the intelligence agencies and he simply can’t help himself. He still investigates fascinating stories while he’s virtually homeless, so for those who are interested he is talking about a company called Ormat and he did a lot of extensive… it’s all on his blog, on my guest blog, just go down to Unwanted Publicity Guy and you’ll see information about Ormat, a company that establishes itself next to even dormant volcanoes, who then soon after they are there start to become active. It is using a certain technology in addition to fracking in the area to help trigger this to happen. This is part of what went on in Hawaii recently, and there’s a lot more to that story and Deborah Tavares, I don’t know if you know who she is Simon, lovely lady, who is looking for documentation and finds it to support everything that the so-called Dark Cabal is up to and the things they have put in place in terms of regulations, et cetera, et cetera, the fires in Northern California. She investigates the earthquakes. All of this weather wars man-made triggered events, so that’s kind of a long-winded question but would you like to have anything to say about all that?
SP: When members of the Farsight Institute and other organizations and individuals have remote viewed into the future, not very far into the future, they found an Earth hugely depopulated. My point is that it depends which timeline you remote view. I don’t understand. I’m not an American. I don’t understand why somebody would want to crack off half of California or sink it or all the rest of it. I mean what did California ever do to anyone else, but there is this real dislike of California, hence the drought, hence the fires, et cetera. The important point I’m making is that this doesn’t have to happen. Yes, arm’s length organizations operating reasonably advanced technically linked to fracking I have to say, and of course Mr. Bush has a strong connection there of course, have the capability by placing ground devices, nothing central but locally ground devices which can exacerbate something that is already there. In other words, you can’t make an eruption out of nothing. There has to be some ongoing activity. So my point is that on one timeline this is all slated to occur. Humanity is to be wiped out by three-quarters. The West Coast and some of the East Coast, and the states are going to disappear, but that’s one timeline. And this is what we’re fighting for. We’re fighting for freedom. We’re fighting for the right to live in a way that we want to live, and we’re fighting to throw off oppression. And so, yeah, I’m sure there are certain individuals who absolutely have this as their plan. But you know if we can wake up enough of your two hundred thousand viewers and the millions of people out there, that’s why we need these indictments to be opened because I want to talk about this Kerry. I know it’s straying off track here. I don’t believe anybody really is going to be upset by a case of pedophilia because they have become so immune to it. They’ll just say oh, it’s terrible. What will really shock people is not the cases of pedophilia, but the network that organized this trafficking. That is what will shock people. The scale, the breadth and the depth of household names, both individuals and corporations who were willingly involved in this. Now that’s what will shock humanity. Now that this happened down at 58th street or this happened over here, but the coordination of this. And people will say, how is it that that Kerry Cassidy knew the truth but I didn’t? How is it? And their immediate response will be that there is something wrong with them because they didn’t see the truth and what I want to tell these people is don’t feel badly because these bad guys are skilled at this. They pull the wool over your eyes because that’s what they spend all the money on. The point now is once the truth comes out we need to question everything. But we don’t blame. We’ve got to get in there and rebuild it, and rebuild it quickly. So we could put a stop to these madcap schemes of setting off a volcano or setting off the San Andreas Fault, flooding the East Coast, this, that, and we can stop all that. But in order to stop it we need vast numbers of the citizenry to actually stop believing the lies they have been given. Now if we don’t get those indictments, if we don’t get some sort of big activity, there won’t be that initial oomph that makes people start to question. That’s why October, November, December are vital because if ordinary people throughout the world see what’s really been going on in their own back door, then we can just turn this planet around very quickly.
KC: I totally agree with that and I think that’s, you know, very astute and wonderful that you kind of bring it round to that because I, you know, I’ve had to sort of fight my battles lately in this score. And some people, it’s troubling because I need to make a video you know talking about this, but I do tend to want to write things down so that I can put everything for people. You know, I guess that’s the journalist in me, where I want people to see, you know, how the thought sort of leads in a direction and the evidence that comes forward and then the conclusion rather than, you know, just trying to do that online on a video, but nonetheless, it’s so important. As you are saying it’s the network. It’s the way in which people have been corralled and deceived and the trafficking, you know, lines of trafficking and all of this. It is a huge story and it is the tail of the octopus in essence. It’s all the tentacles going out and that’s the story and that has been revealed you know it gets into PROMIS software and artificial intelligence and targeting and you know, targeting for many reasons, some to take people out, some to obviously child trafficking, you name it, what they are doing, organ trafficking. I mean in other words this is a very big story and then we get into the whole idea of so-called Earth changes, the very false story about global warming that isn’t to do with that at all. It has to do with the Sun. You know Richard Hoagland did some very good investigation on that quite a long time ago which seems to have gone out of people’s heads totally, but it has to do with other planets heating up so consequently the conclusion is if you are at all intelligent, it’s not happening because, you know, people are driving certain kind of cars. And you know the blame… blame the humans notion of everything is wrong on the planet because of the humans you see. This is part of the scenario. So I agree, and I agree with this timeline. Look everything that I’ve seen in the future you know and it doesn’t mean, you know, you need to listen to me necessarily, but I do see things from the future that do come true. And one of those things that I have seen is that California is not falling into the sea, you know. I’m sorry, and I live here. I know that makes me prejudice, but actually it also, you know, all I can tell you is there may be timelines in which it does. They may want it to. They may try to make it do that, but… and it is really fascinating the things that will happen. I have seen certain timelines, but you know I actually see a little bit of a mishmash of the two scenarios. So there will be bits of things going on but not to the degree that they’re talking about in what I’ve seen of the future, for what it’s worth. So I think we are talking about different timelines. And I don’t think that people should be vindictive to blame, this idea that you’re going to blame someone because they believe in the sort of negative timeline and then it doesn’t happen, so those people were supposedly misleading you on purpose. Actually people who put this stuff out, including Eddie Page, fully believe what they’re telling you most of the time. They absolutely either through past lives, either through their own being mind controlled, either through, you know, childhood terror; it’s a combination of things, but there is a psychological profile for why somebody tends to believe a negative, you know, timeline as opposed to a more positive one. I think you can probably address that. [crosstalk]
SP: What I will do is I’ll just say that so many people imagine that trafficking is twenty kids on a boat that is all falling apart with three or four desperate gun runners or what have you, and the boat sails out and they may or may not make it through. What will shock them is some of the most advanced transportation organizations actually willingly participating in the transportation of trafficking. That’s the first thing I wanted to say. The second thing is it’s quite contentious but I’m going to go there and I’m gonna tell the people of America this. Earlier this year the, I lost you again can you hear me?
KC: Yes we hear you fine. You’re right here.
SP: Cut off. Can you hear me?
KC: Yes you’re online.
SP: Okay I went off again completely.
KC: All right.
SP: And all the lights went off as well but they come back on again.
KC: That’s incredible. We’re seeing you and you are loud and clear here so far.
SP: Well I honestly what I believe is someone is trying to switch this off and someone is trying to keep it on.
KC: Excellent.
SP: I don’t see it as a warning. I actually see that someone is trying to turn me off and someone is trying to turn me on. So it’s a battle going on. Right.
KC: Fascinating.
SP: Okay, well let me say quickly before somebody does pull the plug on me. The, most of the control media, most of Hollywood, not all of Hollywood, most of Hollywood is absolutely controlled by the evil side. And most of the control media is really evilly controlled, and shots of Mexican prisons, children in bars, President Trump preventing kids, this, that, and the other, and it really kicked up a huge storm. What I wanted to tell the people of America was that do you know what, most of those kids arrived with no paperwork, and there is a, there was, a massive child trafficking ring that would turn up at those holding stations with fake documentation. The children were just glad to get out of prison and they take away and they would be sold into slavery. What Trump did was to actually put a warning out and say to these traffickers in that particular neck of the woods, I’m going to prevent you, I’m going to stop you trafficking these kids. So whilst the nasty arm of the media was shouting about how evil Trump was and these poor kids, taking them away from their parents, what Trump was doing was cutting off one tentacle of the octopus as you call it. There are people in our industry who still don’t fully grasp the evilness of pedophilia, which actually is not going to appear on indictments. It will be the word trafficking, child trafficking. That’s how it will appear, not under pedophilia. And also the word Satanism or Satanic activity will not appear on the indictments that I’m aware of, because it’s very hard to prove that in court and also that’s a religion, and if you start bringing a religion into it, you hold it up, so they’re keeping it very very much on an understandable way. But we need to look in when we see the word child trafficking, we need to see the word pedophilia or you need to see things like elite control, we need to understand the word Satanic activity. And sorry Kerry, I went off [1:22:06][shot] there. What was the other bit you just said?
KC: Well this, I was talking about the psychology behind people that may believe in the…
SP: Right, okay.
KC: But before you, wait one second, hold on, hold your thoughts, I do want to say along the lines if people want to understand, this was shown in a movie. They do tell you what’s going on. And I think it’s called “The Wolverine X-Men” movie. So it’s the one about the Wolverine where he goes down and rescues the child or, you know, as part of saving this guy, down to Mexico or somewhere down there, and basically there are children behind bars and all of that is shown. So that’s real, and they did depict it very well in that movie. It’s one of the best X-Men movies in my opinion ever to come out, and really does support the side of the children, you know, getting free and all of that. So I just wanted to say that. Now….
SP: Yeah I can quickly…
KC: Go ahead.
SP: What I was saying very quickly that the sort of work I’ve been doing, I’ve been doing now and I’m amazed, I’ve been doing it for nearly eight years now. It’s not as long as you Kerry, but it’s eight years and it seems a lifetime to me.
KC: Right.
SP: And a great number of the people that I’ve had the privilege to support, help, work with, who had been through all forms of what I call phase B trauma, are in a mindset which is designed to make them feel comfortable or safe within a negative energy field, and once you break that, then once the individual is capable of breaking that, then they get a much more balanced rounded view of their own position in the world and the people around them, but before they break free, they are usually drawn to a more subdued or downbeat negative outcome.
KC: Yes, and that’s kind of what I was pointing out. In other words, it’s understanding the people that resonate the dark timelines and how completely committed people do become to sort of rescuing themselves and others in theory from that, and I mean I know preppers who began prepping back in 2007 who are still waiting for the apocalypse. It hasn’t happened yet but they are still, you know, they plan their whole life around it. I mean this kind of thing is going on constantly.
SP: It’s a massive multi-multibillion dollar industry in America isn’t it?
KC: Oh it’s, yeah, it’s so extensive and, but the psychology behind, you see planning in essence die so to speak, you know. In the end, you know, and to live on an Earth that is basically Wormwood and all that.
SP: But if I may interrupt you that’s because on one timeline that’s not exactly what happened, but on one timeline that is sort of what happened. And when something happens because time isn’t linear as you well know Kerry, it’s elliptical or figure of eight or whatever you want to call it, that when something happens it sets an energy anchor in place, and that some triggers can cause another timeline to start to replicate that or at least for the consciousness of whatever is the supreme life on that planet or that form to be drawn to it. So if we look on one timeline where I don’t know, I don’t know my figures now, but something like twenty-eight thousand years in the future on one timeline there is a disaster, and just as H.G. Wells wrote in his book “The Time Machine,” and H.G. Wells wrote “The Time Machine” in 1895 and he was a member of the Illuminati. And he wrote about the humanity splitting in two groups, those that which went down and lived underground and were the elite, and those which stayed on the surface and were basically the downtrodden, the ordinary people. And those who were on the surface were nearly all wiped out but managed to hang on. Those that went down under the Earth originally were okay and then they de-evolved, and then they would come up at nighttime and prey, literally feed off the life on top. So those who have had the knowledge have known for a very long time that there have been timelines where humanity split into the two groups, one has gone underground, one has stayed on the top, and if you look at the Rendlesham incident in 1981, where remnants of that group had come back to visit Earth before the 2012 change, before humans DNA had been changed so much that they couldn’t do anything with it, came back to 1981, took a DNA sample, went back and reversed that timeline. Now when you understand, as you do Kerry, that these timelines have a great impact on running timelines, where there is a potential future, that is why it is such a strong pull for some people, and those of us who are aware of more positive timelines, they’re a strong pull for us. So you get this dichotomy split between people who are naturally pulled in one direction and those pulled in another.
KC: Right, exactly, and I think very well put, very well put. So that was one of my biggest questions for you was to sort of get your take on, as I said, these various so-called timelines and destructive events that are right now being talked about extensively of course by Eddie Page but others. I have Richard Alan Miller who’s a black project physicist who is convinced for one reason or another and he’s somebody who does look at these. He’s an herbologist. I just did a documentary on him. We went and visited him—he’s a delightful man—at his home. And he believes that there is a very good possibility Yellowstone will erupt in the next six months. Now he is part of Navy Intel. He’s heavily surveilled. He puts out the truth as much as possible. He’s being penalized for it by the way, and so if people want to help him, I wish they would donate to him. His Name is Richard Alan Miller and he’s in his elderly years and they are punishing him for the truth he tells. But it is interesting that he has seen this as well in terms of Yellowstone. I have seen some things in my future scenarios that does include that. So it’s very possible. Now you said you can’t take a volcano that’s basically…
SP: Dead.
KC: I guess dead and maybe bring it to life, but in the case of Yellowstone as everyone knows the geysers, you know, and everything, it’s quite obvious that that’s a very active, still active area. And I was just in Mammoth where we saw, we went to the heart of the caldera there that is there and that is also very active as it happens. So these places can be triggered and it’s possible they will be, or at least they will try. And they do have, you know, underground earthquake weapons. This technology is owned by… I think China has it. Russia has it. The U.S. has it. They have been triggering, doing these weather wars. Do you want to talk about weather wars and what is going on on the planet and has been going on. Do you have any information that you might want to help people to understand a bit more about weather wars because it’s such a key aspect to war in general now, but I don’t think people really put those two together, necessarily.
SP: We haven’t seen these devices used in their full potential, because if one country was to use it to its full potential against another, that would then have a retaliatory affect. The difficulty we’ve got of course is that America is split. You’ve got this good faction and then this indifferent faction which is huge, and then this rather small negative faction. And this negative faction over the last twenty-five years, has dominated the U.S., and as a result of that controls the infrastructure and the command and control. It’s only in the last literally few years that this command and control structure has been slowly but surely taken back by the legitimate forces and not entirely but in some key areas. So it was never about how do we starve China of water or how do we send a heat wave down to Canada. It was all about how do we use this as part of our political game against our enemies in Washington or our enemies in this particular corporation or that corporation and how do we put pressure? So for instance if you’ve got Silicon Valley, how do you put pressure on that industry? How do you put pressure on [1:31:49][karma and affection]? How do you, you know, destroy, this, that, and the other, and so it’s really been about, an internal game within the U.S. It’s not actually been used as a weapon as it would be to send a B-2 Bomber headed to Afghanistan. It was always used as a secret weapon to play a political game. It’s only now in the last few months that countries like China who are not at war with themselves but have this total global dominance program through peaceful dominance actually, generally speaking, through the economy crash and through what else, of them using it, as you talked a little bit about the superluminal communications systems with the satellites, when the Chinese were one of the first outside of United States, to launch and successfully operate a superluminal communications satellite. And I think actually you mentioned about Chinese hacking. That can actually confirm that Chinese do regular hacking at superluminal speed and they have very advanced technology. So with people like China now capable to project weather wars it rather now spoils the game of those evil people in America who have been so naval gazing that they’ve taken their eye off the ball what other countries are doing. It’s not been played out. You know you see a cloud in the sky. You don’t see any rain. It’s all like a bomb exploding. The public [1:33:28][doesn’t][don’t] really understand that this is part of a long-term game that’s been played for thirty, thirty plus years, maybe forty years and as I say I still don’t understand why people hate California.
KC: Okay, well I don’t either, but to get back to the subject, well let’s take Hurricane Florence for example. This is a weather war. It’s not the first hurricane that’s been a weather war. It’s aimed at our own country strangely.
SP: Yep.
KC: Getting some help there from basically the European side of the Illuminati I would would say, and so you could maybe address that. I will say that North Korea is certainly very involved in the weather wars game and trying to become more involved as it happens, and so on, so the use of the weapons [1:34:26][is yes, have happening]. I know there was an earthquake for example in Italy, in the middle of Italy in a very strange place that doesn’t usually have earthquakes. That was a weather weapon attack, so there have been, you could actually site a number of places where these things have happened. So do you have any thoughts about Hurricane Florence, and I’m told there are some other hurricanes in the pipeline, I guess you might call it coming in the near future that may do some similar things.
SP: I worked with a group who have the most amazing sound technology. They have metal gongs which are huge, absolutely enormous and they are set at different frequencies and I had the privilege of working with them to disrupt some of this technology. We worked together on a number of projects and to try to reduce the strength of this hurricane. Certainly they worked through the night, and I’m absolutely convinced it did come down a couple of notches, not as much as we would like. So yes these weapons are being used. They’re usually designed to put pressure on governments. There was a situation a couple of years back, three years back with Canada. When a government doesn’t do what the Cabal wants, then you can’t go dropping a bomb on your supposed ally, but what you do do is you create what is called a natural disaster, which the public and the newspapers sound as a natural disaster, but the government is left in no uncertain terms that unless they change tact or unless they vote a different way, unless they stop making these outrageous announcements, whatever they may be, they’ll do more of the same. You’ve only got to look at the situation in Japan for an absolutely cataclysmic experience of that.
KC: Oh, yes.
SP: But that was actually nuclear rather than this sound wave, vibration, or microwave technology, which is what you’re referring to in terms of the tectonic plates and ground. Now you can’t make it rain from nothing, but what you can do is you can bring in the rain clouds maybe a hundred miles away and you can bring them in or you can push the rain clouds away, so also technology is not…it’s not all encompassing. It has the capability to have a something like a 75 to 85 percent success rate. Now there are a number of these stations across the U.S. and into Europe. That’s what’s so surprising. Because the Cabal have run this planet for forty plus years in terms of modern technology, so these facilities are there. Some are not controlled by them. Some are. Now this comes back to the satellites. With the satellites that we’ve talked about earlier now out of operation some of these ground base technologies are dormant.
KC: Right. Well that’s gonna help.
SP: Yes.
KC: Now there is one, I know we’re keeping you awhile here. I’ll give you one more question that is related to what we are talking about here. I’m just, you know, trying to get your take on something that Mark Richards actually talked about.
SP: Okay.
KC: It has to do with the Northern California fires that were quite catastrophic.
SP: Okay.
KC: As you may know, and that whole neighborhoods were decimated. Really it was quite extraordinary.
SP: Yes.
KC: We haven’t even seen the brutality of something unless you want to liken it to, I guess, to areas where hurricanes have been targeted, but nonetheless, really really brutal. And one thing that Mark said that is that he felt it was the certain groups of ETs that were actually coming through in portal into the Northern California area, and that they were then being attacked by our government with certain weaponry, and so that this was in a sense that Northern California was caught in the middle of a war in essence, a small war. And that these certain, I’m not, you know, I’m not great with military terms, but there’s a certain military base where the individuals came in to fight the war there on the ground. So are you familiar with what happened in Northern California? Did you pay a lot of attention? Did you have any information yourself in that regard?
SP: The largest membership of Connecting Consciousness is in the United States, therefore I do pay an awful lot of attention to the U.S. because that’s where the bulk of the Connecting Consciousness membership is. Every country is important and some countries have a bigger role to play at the moment, and at the moment the U.S. has a bigger role. And what has been interesting is that the type of weapons used are a form of an energy weapon, and what’s remarkable is that anything metal tends to be affected by these weapons more than anything else. So if you visit the site you will often see a tree with its four green leaves just three feet away from a motor car that has been completely burnt out. But also notice that the type of energy weapons affect metal in different ways. So aluminium hubcap wheels have been completely turned to molten metal and literally just form puddles at the base of the vehicles. Some of these energy weapons have been fired by helicopters. It’s not the first time that a ground battle has been fought on the Earth between human and nonhuman entities, but it is the first time in my knowledge that a battle above ground in the U.S. has been fought. There have been battles between nonbeneficial humans and humans and beneficial aliens, which have been fought underground. And Africa is the only other place that I’m aware where humans and aliens have fought it out above ground. That was deliberate because Africa was largely depopulated in some parts. Technology was very low. Nobody had a cellphone. You couldn’t get any information, but it’s the first time to my knowledge that a considerable operation has been mounted above ground with energy weapons predominantly from helicopters and some from satellites. Does that match any information you have Kerry?
KC: Yes, absolutely.
SP: Good.
KC: And it’s fabulous to get your take on that because you know Mark Richards is such a brave, in my opinion, brave whistleblower. He’s one of the best that I have, and he gets a lot of flak, you know, as you may imagine. He goes out on a limb, and you know part of the reason he’s allowed to do it of course, is because they feel that because he is in prison and he was framed for murder, masterminding murder, not committing it himself, but nonetheless. And in fact there is a British guy now who is hell bent to try to tell the story of the guys who actually did the murder and further blame Mark Richards so they… Mark has pushed the envelope perhaps as far as he can. But at any rate he is in prison and so they think that he is, you know, a discredited witness in essence. So he does get away with saying more than most whistleblowers are able to, even [1:42:26][stay] on the planet, you know, on the surface so to speak and who are free.
SP: Yes. Yes, Kerry because it would be the easiest thing in the world to prevent you from visiting him.
KC: Exactly. And he claims to also still be reporting to higher ups in the Navy.
SP: I actually would agree with that and I think… I think that there is a reasonable opportunity of a pardon if October, November, December go the way I and many others hope it will do.
KC: Right.
SP: There’s a reasonable chance for him to receive a pardon when the dust is settled on a number of issues.
KC: Yeah that is so wonderful to hear, you know, and I’ll pass that along to Joanne Richards, his lovely wife. So anyway that’s really enough I think that people have gotten more than their fair share here, of really good insider information, so thank you for that.
SP: Pleasure.
KC: And I think it’s really really great, so I’m sorry we don’t have time for questions here. I think people can come and why don’t you tell more about your radio show a bit?
SP: Yeah, that’s fine. I mean I’m still not particularly well. I mean it was a very very nasty attack. Let’s say I know it’s an attack because you start at six in the evening and not finish till six in the morning and I said to you I have been in the hospital for seven hours and I just got shout through the door. No you were in there for nine hours, and I was. So I was in the hospital for nine hours.
KC: Incredible.
SP: But I’m here now and I’m not leaving the planet until the job’s done, and that’s it. So Simon Parkes dot org (simonparkes .org) that’s my website. If people want to come and visit me join Connecting Consciousness. You know, you don’t have to do anything. You just have to be there, share your information, and if you want to do something that’s absolutely fantastic. We’ve got a whole range of people from just regular guys right through to heads of corporations who are now signed up and involved all waiting for the day when it becomes really good to be honest and be who we really are and not have to pretend. I do these podcasts. I call them my radio shows. I do them here and they go out twice a month through the website and onto YouTube. So please subscribe to that, you know, it would be great. And through Ted Mahr’s I think it is [Out of This World, KKNW on 1150 AM radio] and he’s based in [Bellevue, Washington just outside] Seattle and he’s a really good host and I do a couple of radio shows a month with him. So yeah, that’s it and like you Kerry, we just do what we can and we just believe in the truth and believe if we just keep at this it’s gotta come right. So thank you. Thank you for having me. God bless to you.
KC: All right, Thank you so much Simon. It’s been a real pleasure and take care of yourself okay, and I know everyone will send you good energy so that you can have a complete recovery.
SP: Thank you.
KC: And so I’ll let you go now.
SP: That’s great, thank you. Bye-bye now.
KC: Take care, take care.
SP: All, right. [SIMON INTERVIEW ENDS 1:45:40]
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