7 October 2018 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
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Questions & Answers
Reports of another assassination attempt on President Trump; much buzz about consequences of Judge Kavanaugh being added to the Supreme Court but opening of the sealed indictments wasn’t mentioned; many many sealed indictments waiting to be opened against Americans both here and abroad; Fulford, among others, talks about Americans already living under martial law but are not aware because it hasn’t been announced; elite of the land are seeking protection; Major General Stubblebine says airplanes didn’t bring down the Twin Towers or hit the Pentagon; woman testifying against Kavanaugh has had trauma as a child but not sure if she is mind controlled; White House/FEMA might take control of telecommunications to broadcast to American citizens the truth; Simon thanks the people playing a role in establishing a worldwide CC; Questions: are there female jinn and/or good jinn; hidden war between Satanic factions of Reptilians and Annunaki; is Trump Annunaki; what dimension does our soul reside in; Reptilians, their physical appearance, lineage in humans, soul content; Simon gets flash confirming Kavanaugh is now Supreme Court Judge; how does soul lineage and body lineage interact; did women once have the right to decide whether or not a child would be conceived without the use of pills or other birth control paraphernalia; a case of episodic mania: is it a mental health issue or demonic possession; why is evil intertwined and tolerated in the benevolent universe.

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Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. Today is the [6]th of October, Saturday, and hopefully this will go out on a Sunday. I very much regret, you know, regards to Andy who will do that. It’s very important doing this now. It’s not even 8:00 o’clock yet in the evening, but we’re looking to see the vote had actually started half past seven this evening our time in the Senate, and it’s in the process now, so it might be that during this hour’s presentation we actually get the result in. So it’ll be very interesting. All right, so thank you very much for listening and watching. It’s the update.
What I wanted to talk about literally, first of all, there have been some reports of another assassination attempt on President Trump, so we’re getting to the point sort of shrug our shoulders and say, well you know, what’s this six, seven, eight, nine? How many are we up to at the moment? I haven’t got any confirmation of that. There was a recent attempt. I have confirmation of that, but in the type of assassination attempt, some talk of an attack on Air Force One. I haven’t received anything along those lines. I’ve just been told that there was another attempt, so you know, if anyone gets any more information on that I would actually be quite interested to hear that.
Secondly I think we want to look at the the political situation now. So much is riding on the vote. We know that the first vote went through 49–51, to put Judge Kavanaugh through as a supreme judge, and this vote that’s taking place as I’m speaking now is really important, and there’s a major reason why. I was out driving today and listening to BBC Radio 4, the voice of the nation, and we’re talking about if Judge Kavanaugh was elected how it would be a vote for the Conservatives, and remember of course in America the word conservative does not mean what it means in Great Britain.
It’s a completely different concept, but they were saying, you know, it would be a thing for abortion rights and whole list of things, gun control, and the one thing of course that they didn’t mention was the fact that Trump would have the ability then to start opening some sealed indictments. So the most important thing that could happen wasn’t even on the agenda. Nothing there, and it’s just so typical. I mean when the truth comes out what will all these news people do? Will they just say, oh well yes we always knew but we weren’t allowed to say anything, or will they just absolutely fall on the floor and say why did we never pick it up? It will be very interesting to find out.
So I wanted to talk about this Kavanaugh business. Again the media got completely confused. There was a vote that you’ll be aware of, and just before the vote was due to be taken, one of the Republican senators said well hold on a moment. I think I would rather like the police to investigate this, and on the strength that the chair of the meeting agrees [to] that I’ll vote for Kavanaugh, and the media sort of ran with this, that it was a guy getting, you know, wobbly feet at the last minute and would he support him or wouldn’t he. And the reality of the situation was that when the doctor had made her statement regarding what she believed to be true and Judge Kavanaugh made his statement about what he believed to be true, President Trump said what we need is a police investigation because that will give everyone the confidence to have a vote knowing there’ll be an FBI investigation. So far from it being this wobbly senator, this was agreed at the White House and came down, and it made it easier for people to vote for Kavanaugh on the understanding that there would be a police investigation, the FBI. So you could say that Trump is being a little bit disingenuous there. Yeah you could say that, but you could also say the Democrats are being rather disingenuous because a woman senator, when she was told that this is the plan, and I think you’ll find this is recorded in that session, says along the lines of well what’s the point of that? We’re not going to learn anything more than we’ve learned here. How dare she prejudge a police investigation. How can a senator know that the police investigation won’t throw up anything more than what has been said, unless of course, they’re all in on it and they’ve planned it all. They know there’s no substance behind it and they don’t want a police investigation because it will find there’s no substance behind it. So that was a very very foolish and interesting thing for the Democratic senator to say, because on the one hand it says how do you feel you have the right to prejudge an investigation, and on the second hand it says what do you know that we don’t know. So that’s interesting.
The other thing is that what’s not widely known is the contents of the FBI report, which all the senators have seen, and the public haven’t, gives the option to the Senate to start an investigation of the people who brought the allegations against the judge. So my understanding is that the FBI are saying that there are sufficient grounds to investigate those people who have brought allegations against the judge. Now if the Senate authorize through the White House the FBI to start investigating, then that’s a very interesting aspect. So that’s not public. It’s in the private domain, but my understanding is that there is a possibility now for the Senate to start investigating those people who’ve made those allegations. Now if that does happen, that’s a heck of interest.
Why is this all important? It’s important because these supreme judges aren’t voted in and out of office. They hold a position for as long as they’re “compos mentis,” long as they can live and as long as they can walk, as long as they’re warm, they hold that position. So maybe Kavanaugh will hold that position for 40 years, who knows. So it doesn’t matter who comes and goes in the White House. Those guys and women hold the position. That’s really important because if in the midterm, as I expect the Democrats will win in the house, but perhaps don’t win in the Senate, it still means that any legal proceedings taking place would have the majority of one for Trump at the top level.
Isn’t it incredible that those of us in the know are aware of a large number of these indictments. Originally it was about 6,000, then it was 15,000–20,000, and I accepted 20,000. And when it went to 40,000, I was like that’s a lot of staff hours to create that, and I actually went and had a chat with somebody, and I said is this true, and the information I got back was yes, and that was at 40,000. Now we’re being told it’s in excess of 50,000, and remember what’s really important here. It’s not just American people living in America. My understanding is that there are Americans living in other countries who would be subpoenaed and actioned by these documents.
In other words living in another country doesn’t give you the protection of that country if you’re an American citizen. Now October, November, December these are the three crucial months because the bill that Trump signed I think was in December or January last year or January of this year allowed a mixture of civil and military courts or tribunals which would need to be reenacted every 12 months. In other words if President Trump for whatever reason doesn’t authorize the opening and actioning of indictments, October, November, December, I don’t think he’s going to be able to do it for the rest of his presidency simply because if he doesn’t control the House, House of Representatives, I don’t think he’d be able to reenact another 12 months of possible military tribunals.
I know Ben Fulford quite rightly has spoken about Kavanaugh and said that Kavanaugh said that we are living under a military dictate since 9/11, but my understanding of what Kavanaugh meant by that was in terms of eavesdropping, the Patriot Act. I don’t think it necessarily means that military tribunals can be brought in without recourse to the Senate. So I actually think that if Trump doesn’t do it in October, November, December, he’s got a very hard task to try and do it more. If these names come out as we hope they’ll come out, there’ll be household names, there’ll be names linked to past and present politicians, past and present corporations, and it will be a massive eye opener for everybody, but a huge slap in the face for people who have blindly gone along and supported a particular argument without really looking at the facts.
I have heard that some of the elite of the land are seeking some form of protection, so we know that the Rothschilds have been changing their position a little bit of late, seeing how the land lies, and I can understand what they’re up to. The question is quite where they will decide to build their bed, shall we say. That’s down to them and to anyone else.
I put an interesting clip on the website, Simon Parkes dot org (simonparkes.org), which had a retired general, Major General Stubblebine. Now he has come out before in a public way to make statements, and he came out again saying that look an airplane did not hit the Pentagon, and perhaps just as importantly or more importantly, he categorically says that airplanes did not bring down the two towers. Now why is this important? It’s important because he’s a major general. Yes he’s retired but he was a major general, an incredibly high-ranking position, and probably the highest ranking of the elite. Remember he served under George Bush that has actually come out publicly. So you would think if a retired major general, who had served in the White House and the Oval Office, came out and said actually the Twin Towers were not brought down by an airplane, and an airplane did not hit the Pentagon. Wouldn’t you expect every major and local and regional newspaper to carry that as an important news item? Nothing. Nothing at all. So on one hand we have some very interesting movements and changes for the good, but on the other hand the steel grip of the controlling element is still there around the neck of humanity. Major General Stubblebine comes out and says the twin towers were not brought down by airplanes and it doesn’t even get a mention. Now that’s concerning. We could laugh and say what do you expect, but that’s not my point. My point is that the control that these elite or Cabal or shadow government, whatever we want to call them, is still so strong that they are able to do that.
I know there have been lots of talk about the doctor who said that, you know, she’d been attacked by Kavanaugh. Lots of people have said that they think that she’s mind controlled. I have looked at the photograph of her. I can’t say that she’s mind controlled. What I can say is that she has suffered a trauma as a child. Without question she suffered trauma, but that could have been in a car crash. She could have fallen off a tree, or she could have been electrocuted. She could have been tortured, who knows, but all I can say is that having seen her, she’s definitely had trauma. Many people have, but I can’t go as far as to say she’s had mind control, but if the FBI believe that it’s worth investigating, then I’m sure that sort of thing might come out.
Just recently another text from the White House was sent out, not to all Americans, but to many Americans, and FEMA’s looking at getting into all the television and radio stations. It is just possible that in order to counteract the Cabal’s control of, we were just talking about the newspapers, but that goes across the TV, and radio, Hollywood. Maybe what will happen is that the president will use this special channel to send every American citizen an alert on his or her cell phone. Maybe radio stations will actually be forcibly interrupted with a report from the president. TV stations will be forcibly blanked to cover this. Maybe that’s the only way that the White House thinks it can say to people, you know, this is the real truth. Don’t read what it says in the New York Times. New York Times is very pro Clinton actually. It is very anti Trump. So there’s a heck of a lot going on. It really really is, and October, November, December are the crucial times.
I remember someone telling me they saw a video that I did with Win Keech back in my old house, so I don’t know, six, seven, eight years ago now, and I said 2017–2018 really important times, and they really are. 2017 saw some very positive changes and now perhaps were at the crunch of it, so that’s really it. It really is an important time, and I just hope to goodness that some of these indictments start being opened and the truth comes out. Can’t come soon enough.
Right I want to very quickly say thank you. We had the Connecting Consciousness meeting up in London and some of those clips are on and are being put on the website and you can see some of the members that turned up. You can see the coordinators working with some of the groups. There was another group which isn’t showing. That was behind curtains. They wanted to be at peace and quiet, so I wanted to thank a number of people who have been playing a role and do play a role in Connecting Consciousness, and I have got a written list here because I can’t remember everyone off the top of my head. So in the UK I want to thank [Ranjit]. Ranjit is the London Connecting Coordinator, Connecting Consciousness Coordinator. I want to thank Eddie. Eddie does all the coordination of the internal groups, so you know, if you have a Harry Potter Defense Against the Dark Arts Group, that’s an internal group so Eddie would be organizing that. I want to thank [Yahski]. Yahski does the external groups so Yahski will perhaps arrange for me to meet people or arrange for a guest speaker to come in or connect with organizations in other parts of Britain, other parts of the world, who might be interesting. And Yahski is also working up in his own right as a Japanese coordinator, a Japanese group. I want to thank David. David is the CC coordinator in the southwest of England based in Devon, but I think they move around a little bit. Sue. I want a welcome Sue. Sue is the new Scotland CC coordinator. I know Rebecca and I were determined to get outside of London. I wanted to get the regional CC going, and Scotland was the first target and that’s been achieved now, so that’s really good. Big country now, going abroad, Norman. Norman is the USA coordinator but also Norman does transcripts and he’s ably assisted by Frankie. Thank you Frankie for doing the transcripts as well, but these transcripts are all my past shows. These are all the past radio shows that he can use and he’s putting them together, and he’s also creating a Connecting Consciousness Database, so that we can at least have access and the members can have access to, you know, different information, and so he’s the one doing that, and he’s doing the USA CC website, so a really busy guy, and really grateful to him for doing that. Lynne is a Canadian CC. She does the website and the database for Canada. Thank you. Karen, she’s the Canadian coordinator moving down the list now a little bit, and Angela, Renee, and Lyra are the Swiss coordinators, and when I had the meeting in London, one of the Swiss coordinators came, and I did want her to speak, but unfortunately we weren’t able to because we over ran. It’s my fault. I could have stopped it but the members were at a very crucial point of bringing forward their ideas and I felt that had to happen, but nevertheless you know, it was much appreciated that somebody flew over from Switzerland for the meeting and I really appreciate that. Kirsten, who is in Sweden, oh yeah Norway. Norway and Sweden, can’t read the writing, and Bridget who’s helping with Sweden and [20:24][Sitzul] who’s in Denmark, and these people come under the Scandinavian group, so what I did was I could see the connection between Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. That’s part of the Scandinavian group. I’d like to have Iceland and Finland and anyone else. That’s what we have at the moment so they work together, although they are separate countries, but they share so many joint concerns and issues, so they’re doing really well and that’s really good. I’ve got Louie who’s the Spanish coordinator, and we’re going to have to give him a plug because he hasn’t got very many members, so if you listen to this and you’re in Spain, please get in touch, and we can, you know, try and put you in touch with the Spanish coordinator there. Paul in Ireland, and Paul is helped by James, and I’m due to go over to Ireland at the end of the month and meet the group. I’m looking forward to that very much. This is the for all Island coordinator. I’ve got Elizabeth in New Zealand, hi, and I’ve got Will of course in Australia, and Will had a recent meeting and doubled his membership. Really really really well done. That was fantastic. And oh we’ve got an Angelique in Chile, so it’s not just English speaking countries you know. You imagine it to be that but not always. And of course I wanted to thank, you know, our very famous duo who keep the computers just about, and help out with everything and that’s really good, and that’s Andy and Casca, but also got a note here because Becky’s in the process of appointing a German and Austrian coordinator, so I want to get Germany back on its feet in terms of CC and it’s very important that Austria and Germany do work together. So it’s quite a long list of actions there, so thank you to that. So I want to get on to the questions now. Thank you.
Rebecca Bannister: Okay thanks very much. Yeah the German and Austrian coordinators are two separate coordinators.
SP: Ah right, okay.
RB: One for each country.
SP: Right okay.
RB: And yeah and it’s [22:36][Bey jup] who helps with Sweden and Norway.
SP: Right.
RB: Yeah okay thank you. Right first question is by Jim. Are there female jinn or are they just whatever gender they want to be? Also are there actually good jinn out there? Thank you for all you do. Much love and light to you and everyone who helps you.
SP: Oh that’s a really kind thing. To thank you for, you know, thinking of everyone else behind the way. There are female jinn. There’s one tribe of female jinn, only one tribe. All the others are male, and are there good jinn? Right let’s see how do we define good? I’m not being difficult. I’m not being naughty. How do we define good from the human standpoint? Let’s define it like that. No there aren’t, but from their standpoint they’re all good. Okay? So they think they’re all good. From our point, no they’re not good. So we need an independent way to judge it, and the way we judge it is do your actions hurt somebody else? I admit from time to time we do things which have a negative effect on people, but do these particular entities on a regular basis do things which disadvantage humanity, and the answer is yes. So there aren’t good jinn, but there are three tribes of jinn which are more amenable to a discussion than the others, so you could get into a discussion and negotiation if that was your way of wanting to work with them, whereas the others are not really, they’re not, I use the word programmed, I don’t mean it in that sense of the word. It’s not the way they are. They just go out and do it and then they go back home again, so I hope that’s that’s the answer that helps you. Thank you.
RB: Thank you very much. I was just thinking if someone was looking at humanity from an observers point of view you might be able to say are humans good, and it’d be a very difficult and complex thing to answer because our range of actions are so widely varying that it’s actually quite [25:01][difficult to describe].
SP: I think that’s a really good point. I tell you how I would respond is that humanity has the potential to be really good. Some of these other entities as they stand are very limited in their ability to move out of their mindset. The humanity has the potential to connect to Source. I mean they say yes you’re connected to Source all the time, but what I mean is enacting it, so yeah, it’s a really good point.
RB: Okay thank you. Dee says Simon, Wes Penre talks about the hidden war between the satanic factions of Reptilians and the Annunaki which appears to be going on now. Are there boots on the ground Anunnaki here now? If so is either Trump or Putin an Annunaki? Are chemtrails designed to keep Nibiru hidden from view?
SP: Right lots of questions. The Annunaki in terms of the modern development of humanity are quite recent, relatively new. The Reptilian faction is much older and what the Reptilians always sought to do was to not just control as in we own the land, or we can [26:26][be to] you, but we control it because you are us. It’s a bit like the Borg in “Star Trek,” so what Reptilians do as master geneticists is they put a lot of DNA, for want of a better word, a lot of material into the creature and begin to make the creature like them. That’s the cleverest way from their perspective because it doesn’t cost any money. It doesn’t mean you get wars directly. It means that this group or whatever you’re targeting become like you. They start to think like you and they proxy for you. That’s why there’s so much Reptilian material on the Earth. But nevertheless there has been a breakdown in trust or communication between the Anunnaki and what we could refer to as their overlords. There are a key number of Annunaki-type beings on the planet, but here again, what do we, what is an Annunaki? You know, what is an Annunaki, and what it is is the soul of a person. Now let’s forget shape-shifting in a total sense, because that’s an energy Reptilian masking over a human, and we’re not looking at that. We’re looking at a real living flesh creature that is part human and part something else, but does have the capability to part shape-shift, but what we’re looking at is the soul in their body. If that individual has incarnated in that energy field and is now incarnated in a human body, then it is an Annunaki. Now it then makes a choice for good or evil. Remember how we judging good. So yes you’ve got Annunaki now that are turning against the Reptilian overlords, turning against their own Annunaki handlers for a whole host of reasons, but you’ve still got a lot of very quite unpleasant people who we could call Annunaki who are still following the old line.
You asked in particular about Trump and all the rest of it. No, no Trump is far too 5th-dimensional. The thing about President Trump, he’s not 4th dimensional. He is 5th dimensional, so he’s not Annunaki because his soul vibrates at a 5th dimensional rate. If you look at Hillary Clinton she was 4th dimensional with a heck of a lot of Reptilian in her, and so the chalk and cheese really. Remember you can’t say because somebody has a Reptilian soul they’re evil, you know, that’s just not the way we’re going to do it. What we’re going to say is does that person want the best for humanity regardless of what’s in their soul, and if they want the best for humanity, then they’re on the right side. But, you know, you could have someone who’s a very high dimension maybe 7th, 8th, 9th dimension who’s gone off the rails, and you know, thinks that three-quarters of the population needs to be wiped out. So we can’t just judge because someone is a Pleiadian or an Andromedan, they are one way, and someone who’s a Reptilian or something else is another way. It’s a bit more complicated, so it’s really good questions, so thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Bob says what dimension does our soul reside in if we choose to follow the light to what we would consider heaven? So what dimension is heaven?
SP: Well I used the word God and I did read some of the comments and people got all uppity about it, and you know, when I use the word God I don’t think of a man floating in the clouds. It isn’t some overlord. It’s just the word, God, Source, the Great Creator, you know, it’s just a label isn’t it? The point about the [30:40][Great Creator is that they exist in all dimensions at once], because if we accept that as truth, then the Great Creator, God, Source has the ability to create something in the 3rd dimension or the 12th dimension, so all of it is Source. All of it is creational energy. If you go back and you make it through back to the creational force, then you are going back to all of… this is why time doesn’t run linearly. This is why time comes round on you. You’re going back or forward, however you want to look at it, back to the creational force where you were first created. So don’t look on it as well God must be 12th dimension or 13th dimension. It’s all dimensions, and then if you, if you’re lucky enough, and I mean that truthfully, to break through the barrier and determined enough and practiced enough to get there, then you know, you might have a heck of a shock on, because it might be you need to go back there and carry on the good work, or you’ve done your job you need a bit of a rest, so we’re gonna stick you off to the Pleiades where you can have a swim with the dolphins. So that’s my answer to you. Thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Diana asks can you tell us whether there are Reptilians that still appear as large reptiles that still exist underground, or is the term Reptilian more to describe the lineage of humans that still contain a large amount of Reptilian DNA, or is it more of a soul level Reptilian content?
SP: Can we just, sorry…
RB: Okay.
SP: Right, the original, the original Reptilian forebears, according to the Reptilian culture were dragons. So rightly or wrongly the Draconis believe that many many many millions of years ago their forefathers or forebears walked around on four feet and were dragons. And whether they breathed fire that I don’t know, and I doubt that, but nevertheless that’s what they believe, hence the word Draconis because you remember the star system is called, you know, the Draconis star system, and there aren’t many countries on the planet earth that don’t have a dragon culture, and it’s always struck me as odd that those people who go to university and pride themselves on writing lots of bits of paper haven’t actually put two and two together to make four, to understand why so many cultures all speaking different languages, all very different, many of whom have a shared memory or shared connection with dragons. So first answer is they believe it. Draconis believe that they, their original, original king and the original queen were dragons on four legs. Under the ground? No, because that race has evolved into a number of races and one of the races are the oppressors of humanity, so that was the first part of the question. What was the next one please?
RB: So is one race of Reptilians [are] still reptiles or whether the term Reptilian is used to describe the lineage of humans that still contain a large amount of Reptilian DNA.
SP: No. No they’re very proud, the group that I’m familiar with anyway, are very proud of the term reptile. That’s why we have it in English, and I expect other languages. That’s why it’s a, it’s an honor word. Why is it an honor word? Because if we look back at the fossil record on this planet, you can find lizards, reptile creatures millions of years old in the fossil record, and haven’t changed at all. If you look at mammals, they are continually evolving. Now here’s the standpoint. From the Draconis or the Reptilian point of view, they’ve reached the pinnacle of their evolution. They don’t need to evolve because they’ve reached the pinnacle, that’s where they are. They are superior to mammals in their thinking because they don’t need to alter.
But from a human point of view, humans possibly have the edge because mammals can evolve and adapt to changing environments. So given enough time, mammals could potentially go from an arctic condition to a desert condition, whereas if you put an iguana out of the desert and stuck it in Iceland or Antarctica, it wouldn’t be very happy. So one of the questions is how have the Reptilians maintained the sort of environment that they’re used to over all this period of time? You know, if you look back at Earth’s history, there is some truth in the fact that about two–three million years ago the forests in Africa began to be reduced greatly because of the temperature change, and it was more of a savanna than a forest, and that the monkey-type creatures were forced therefore to come out of the trees onto the ground. So remember that I’ve always accepted the fact that Reptilians and other space faring people have tinkered around with humanity’s genetics, and they had to use the stock of the creatures that were already there. So in one way it proves that humans, mammals can evolve, but are quite dependent in the short term on their environment. Maybe what’s happened is the Reptilians have created a technology that allows them to bubble or to encase their communities within an environment that sustains them happily. I know it’s very hot. I remember I talked about it before, a long time ago, is that three, four, five-year-old may… no five- or six-year-old visiting one of these places, and it was so hot. It was unbearably hot because that is the natural temperature for these creatures. Anyway I think was that one more? Did she snuck another question in there?
RB: She did, but I think she’s still trying to ask that is the term Reptilian more to describe the lineage of humans?
SP: No.
RB: …that still contain a large amount of Reptilian DNA.
SP: No absolutely not.
RB: Or is it more of a soul level reptilian content of the DNA or physical measurement?
SP: Right. If… okay, if a person contains a considerable amount of Reptilian both in the physical and in the energetic, they are capable of changing parts of their bodies into a scaly site. It’s quite exciting. I am NOT able to do that, just to confirm that. I can’t do that, but I have met people that can, and these are very good people, people who want the best for humanity. They’re not… that’s not a Reptilian. That is a human person who’s got a lot of Reptilian in them for whatever reason, and no it’s at soul level. So on Earth, if you’re looking at a person and they have Reptilian, they most likely got a Reptilian soul in their body, and therefore their physical body expresses the nature of the soul. Those that are able to do some dramatic changes are a human, imagine the human shape but dropping a sheet over it, with an energy overlay of a Reptilian consciousness. That’s completely different. That’s like a takeover of that individual, and there are a number of those characters on the planet. So lots of good questions there. Thank you.
RB: And some humans with a lot of reptilian in them can, their eyes can change, that the pupils of the eyes become more slit-like, but then that goes back again, but that’s one of the more common shape-shifting. The ones with the skin goes scaly is a bit viral. Sometimes some people grow in height don’t they, in stature?
SP: The eyes are relatively common. It’s far more common than even people who are awake and aware perhaps are aware of. It’s not the eye that actually physically changes. Generally it’s like a projection over the eye. That’s far more common because if a Reptilian element is expressing itself, then that’s what happens. So one could make a joke now and say that there’s a person with a lot of Pleiadian. Do they produce a dolphin-like tail? Do they make dolphin like squeaky sounds? Actually they probably do, so a person’s soul expresses itself through the body, and we have to be very careful that we don’t join the pitchfork and burning torch or burning brand brigade and go burning people’s houses down because they might be able to shape-shift. So we have to understand that it’s about your intention, whether you’re good for humanity or you’re not good for humanity. Thank you.
RB: And sometimes the ability to shape-shift might have something to do with the finally having drawn down a certain aspect of the DNA like one of the strands their DNA.
SP: Often for many people who are 5th, 6th, higher dimension, the very last strand of DNA they draw down is the hardest one to come home, which is of course the Reptilian.
I just had a flash up confirming that Kavanaugh is now the Supreme Judge, so isn’t that great! On live, you’ve got it here. Well that’s not live because you’ll get this on Sunday, but here we are. It’s five minutes past nine on the 5th[6th?] of October, you know, just been told that Kavanaugh has got it, but I think it was knife-edge, so that’s exciting.
RB: Okay thank you very much. Uh Shelly says Dear Simon, thank you for all you do to help humanity learn our true history. Your knowledge and wisdom is greatly appreciated. I am confused regarding our soul origins. My question: how does our soul lineage and body lineage [come] into play? Why is our soul identity associated with the very first body we reincarnate into? Is this because our soul was initially created at that time and therefore identifies with our first incarnations over all subsequent incarnations. Is our soul picking up and retaining all the genetics of bodies we incarnate into? Thank you.
SP: Right it’s a really good question and when I work with clients it’s something that comes up for every client. The answer is yes and no. There are a number of people who when they incarnated they don’t incarnate into a physical body. They are incarnated into an energy form, or just pure consciousness. Therefore they don’t have a physical form, but if you’re gonna come here and do some work on the Earth, you are going to have to come down and come into a body, and it would be pure folly to come from a higher dimension straight down into Earth. You would be had for breakfast. So what a lot of these higher beings do is they stop off on the way—6th dimension, 5th dimension—where they obtain a physical body and they begin to learn about humanity, basically. And then when they’ve done that they’ll either decide to miss out the 4th dimension and come straight here or go to the 4th dimension, try to understand what it’s all about, because if you can understand the 4th dimension, you get a good grasp of what’s happening here on Earth, and then from that come here. So when people talk about bloodline, they don’t just mean the blood in your veins. They’re talking about the physical body’s connection, but we really should have the word “soulline,” or “spiritline,” because if, for instance, a person incarnated as a pharaoh in ancient Egypt, you technically could call them bloodline, but only if the physical body matched the soul. So when a soul has chosen with Source its vibrational frequency, it then finds a body that matches by and large that vibrational frequency. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it has to incarnate into an area where the body does not match the soul’s vibration, but the soul is on a journey and needs to incarnate in that particular location, because it’s part of what it wants to do.
Now after maybe a thousand years, and maybe I don’t know, 10, 20, 30, however many incarnations, the soul begins to, as communicated with the physical organic body, and begins to take on the idea of the physical body, so that when it leaves that dimension goes into another dimension with a different different physical body, the soul starts to rewrite the physical body. Now humans have two eyes, a nose, ten digits on the hands and ten on the toes, so unless something’s gone very wrong, that can’t be rewritten or rechanged, but whether you’re fat, whether you’re thin, whether you’re tall or short, whether your eyes are blue or green, I don’t care what the doctors tell me, this is linked largely to the energy of your soul journey. So the soul is expressing itself through the physical body. So it don’t matter what color your skin, but we’ll come back to that because black people often have brown eyes, but not exclusively so, but it doesn’t matter the color of your skin. It doesn’t matter the accent of your voice. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It doesn’t matter how much you dress. You will have a blood group and an eye color and that is like a fingerprint, and it tells those who know a little bit about you. So the soul and the body are one in the sense that they must work together, but when push comes to shove, the body is discarded and the soul then will go and find another body, hence out-of-body experiences, hence when someone has a near-death experience it is not the physical body that leaves the soul; it is the soul that leaves the body. That should tell us all we need to know. So it’s a… it’s not complex, but it’s incredibly exciting the way that a physical form and the real you, the energy you, match.
Now I’ll just finish on this. Let us just talk about the character Jesus, a big argument whether Jesus lived or didn’t. Let’s just, let’s just say Jesus lived. Jesus would never be fat. The soul in Jesus’s body would always want a slim person, never a fat person, so there are certain characters in history which reincarnate. Let’s take Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth II. There are certain traits that come through these individuals because it is the pattern that is approved by the soul. It’s a really good question and one that I just don’t have enough time to talk about because it would impact on everyone else’s questions, but thank you for that.
RB: Okay thank you. The next one is really long and I think what I’ll just do is read everything out…
SP: Okay.
RB: …and hope that you get an impression, so you can answer an impression.
SP: I’ll do my best.
RB: This is by Alexis who is a USA Connecting Consciousness member. Alexis says human reproduction domination.
SP: Domination.
RB: I can’t read, yeah.
SP: Okay.
RB: Control…
SP: All right, okay.
RB: probably manipulation by Cabal where women once free to express themselves sexually without unintended pregnancy being the probable consequence. Monthly menstruation, random fertility subjugates women, children, humanity as well. Sexual violence, assault, child rearing primarily the responsibility of women worldwide. Women, children, men suffer circumstances. Did humans once possess the ability to determine if a child would be conceived? The idiom of keeping women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, will humanity be able to have control of their bodies and their fertility in future without drugs or other methods of birth control?
SP: Right the biggest problem for the Divine Feminine was the Moon. That’s the biggest problem. The moon as we know it is an artificial construct. It doesn’t just control the oceans. It controls a lot to do with the feminine and that was a byproduct of it. That’s why, you know, so many females were called Moon goddess. That’s why Princess Diana ended up the way she did, because she was a Moon goddess. So the answer to your question is yes.
This is a patriarchal planet, and it was after the fall of Atlantis. We could say that many of the continent, elements of the main content as it was then, were patriarchal, but Atlantis was Divine Feminine. Remember Lemuria was patriarchal but had some feminine in it. Going off course here a bit, but basically when Atlantis fell, the Divine Feminine who found themselves in employment in ancient Egypt or wherever else, found that their position wasn’t anything like what they had had, and that they needed a person to protect them and employ them and guard them, and over the years their position deteriorated until if we look at ancient Rome, you know, it was reduced to things like the Vestal Virgins, so when the Catholic Church really took off, it was merely building on this patriarchal control system, all born out of fear of the Divine Feminine because if we believe, and I do, that Atlantis was a crystalline technology, and each of the high women was connected to, I don’t know, a 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, 12-foot crystal. You had a capability as a Divine Feminine to do things a masculine couldn’t do. That’s what terrifies males who live in fear. There are many many males who live in fear of females, and it was all around the fact that women could do things that men couldn’t, so what did men do? The bad men was to control the females through rules and laws and innuendo and tricks, so for instance witchcraft.
The hoped-for development is all part of what I hope is going to take place in the next three months, because in order to break this very high-energy bond, one has to break them very lower down. It’s going to be bottom upward basically, not top down downward here on this planet anyway, and only when males, and females, but this is what we’re talking about, males begin to question the reality that they have accepted. Will they then be open to living in a world without fear? So at the moment we have feared that we can’t pay the rent, or we can’t pay the mortgage, or we can’t pay the installments on the motorcar, or we are fearful that, you know, if we don’t have a designer pair of jeans our friends will not like us. Or we’re a Catholic Church or what have you and we are fearful that if we let women come into the highest position, you know, they’ll take away our our [54:12][jinn/gin] parties or whatever it is that these priests get up to.
So what I’m saying is that it is all born of fear, and if you imagine my hand as the planet Earth, I know many of you understand that time isn’t in the line. Time could either be described as this motion (wave), or actually corkscrew motion. It doesn’t matter which, but if the top of the screen here is patriarchal and the bottom of the screen is matriarchal, so male at the top, female at the bottom, the planet Earth at the moment which is here, is moving down into the feminine. So we are dropping out of the strong masculine time. Think of the time of the Vikings. Think of all the bloodthirstiness and all of those things. We’re coming out of that, and we’re now coming down into a feminine environment and this is the change which is perfectly natural on this planet. The problem is that we have physical bodies which are made of chemicals, and these mean emotions that are controlled by a chemical reaction, as opposed to electronic emotion which is more even. So our physical bodies are responding to the subtle change in the energy field around us as we are currently moving from a masculine to a feminine and this is creating a lot of interesting things on the planet. Again another really fabulous question and one that, like the previous one, that we really need a proper debate on it. I’m sorry I can’t give you anymore because of the time constraints, but thank you for writing in.
RB: Okay thank you. The next person signs himself as Dr. B and they say my 27-year-old son was recently admitted to a mental health facility for episodic mania. This is the second time in approximately 16 months. What are the chances that this is due to some kind of demonic possession?
SP: I don’t know the case. I genuinely can’t answer that on a specific case, and I would need a photograph. I dearly need to talk to the person concerned. It’s very, I don’t use the word easy, meaning it rude about doctors. I’ve got a lot of respect for doctors. I really do, but the word schizophrenia or bipolar, it’s easy to trip that out because you can then go and get the old pharmaceuticals to oh yeah, we’ve got some drugs for you, and they don’t cure you of it. They just control you of it, and that’s great because, hey you’re going to be schizophrenic for 30–40 years. That means that you’re going to be bringing this prescription in for the next 30–40 years, so you know, that’s really good for the pharmaceuticals and the shareholders. It’s not good for the individual. It’s not really good for humanity. So I’m sure there are mental conditions which may or may not be alleviated by drugs, but there are a number of cases that I have worked with where an individual has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but when I’ve actually taken the trouble to actually really look into and ask the right questions, then these individuals have been plagued by off-planet entities since they were born, and so all I can answer you is that it is possible, but without a knowledge of the individual I can’t say for one way or the other.
Just think about the Bible. It’s very fashionable to laugh, but there’s a lot of truth there, you know, don’t throw the whole book out. There’s a lot of truth hidden in the Bible, and you know, other holy books talk about, you know, these holy people casting out devils. But up until that point that individual was seen as a complete madman, or a complete crazy woman, or bipolar, or schizophrenic, but they didn’t use those words back then, and there are so much confirmation where a demon was removed from the person and the person then became normal, whatever that is. So all I can tell you is there’s a possibility of it, but I would have to talk to you privately, so thank you. It’s a good question. Thank you. One more question then I’m going to do my thank-you list.
RB: Okay.
SP: And I think we’re approaching the hour. It goes so quickly doesn’t it? It really does.
RB: Yeah. Okay.
SP: One more question eh.
RB: The next question is by Nicholas who says many say the universe is predominantly benevolent, that is that it’s substratum is [59:16][love beneficians]
SP: Yep.
RB: …in its highest spiritual sense. It is also pure consciousness and multipolar that is, is male and female in perfect equilibrium?
SP: That’s interesting.
RB: Can you comment on this and expand please, and how is evil so intertwined and tolerated?
SP: Well it’s tolerated because it has free will. I could be quite short on this. Some of the worst evils on the world, child trafficking, pedophilia, all of these horrible things, Satanism, don’t exist in the 3rd dimension. Hang on a minute. They don’t exist in the 3rd dimension and they don’t exist in the 5th dimension or higher up, and when they do exist on Earth and Earth is a 3rd dimensional planet, Earth has been crafted with a band around it, a 4th dimensional energy. These words that we use, Satanism, pedophilia, they don’t exist anywhere else. They only exist in the 4th dimension and that energy has been brought to the Earth and is being used to control the Earth. That’s why many people who come here on a mission to try and do good will stop off in the 4th dimension to understand what the heck it is they’re fighting, to get a good handle on it before they come here. And those that believe themselves to be totally pure miss out everything and come straight here, they’re in for a heck of a shock, because this is such a primitive planet, and if you come in from the 10th or 11th or 12th dimension, and you just womp, womp, you incarnate here you go mad, because, you know, it’s so crazy down here. So we need to understand what the 4th dimension is, and the very evil people, the evil off planet entities who came from the 4th dimension and that’s why they got stuck in there, because that is the energy that creates this, and if you get into that and you believe that that’s worth while working with, then that’s why you’re in a dead-end street or a cul-de-sac. It’s why some of these entities in the 4th dimension are not advancing because they’re actually not just stagnating, they’re actually going down. I talked before about some of these entities are in a bubble that’s forcing its way down into the third dimension. So it’s tolerated because when the Great Creator made everything, it gave it the choice to do it. Humans can’t leave alone. I never had… oh what’s the term when you keep a whole nest of ants. There’s a special word for it. [1:02:06][Apuri[1]] is it? No. Anyway I don’t know, because one of the things that I’ve never had to think about.
RB: It’s between two sheets of glass… of earth.
SP: Yes. What’s it called?
RB: I don’t know.
SP: All right.
RB: I’m just imagining it.
SP: Yeah, yeah two sheets of glass. I’ve never done that. I don’t think I’d ever want that, but anyway wasn’t that in the last “Alice in Wonderland” film with Johnny Depp? It was wasn’t it? Anyway, so humans can’t leave well enough alone, so you’ve got this, or a fishbowl, and you are forever poking it with a stick. Do something you know. That ant has been sitting there at that corner of that chamber for ten minutes and it hasn’t done anything, so I’ll poke it with a stick gently. I’ll make it move, or if I add this syrupy mixture what will happen, and if I do this. Source isn’t like that. Source creates and says oh I’ll go and leave it, and it doesn’t matter what you do, because that’s your choice. I’ve given you life. You go and do with it. So what happens is that when some of these creatures start to really threaten an ecological system, like the Earth, then other creatures that were made, other living humans, but not exclusively so, but humanity tends to stick together. When they see one of their own slowly but surely being flushed down the toilet, they say we have free will to go in and help, and that’s by and large what’s happening, and occasionally Source will move in and make things happen to balance the books, because the evil energy is doing the same thing. So Source and the evil side tend to try to balance things out, and then it’s the free will choice of all the other living creatures as to whether they… which side of this balance they want to go on. So it is the way it is because it is the way it is, and if it wasn’t that way, if life was fantastic why would we strive? What tests would there be? There wouldn’t be a level of dimensions because if everything was brilliant and there was no issues, we’d have reached the pinnacle. But we’ve got the 5th dimension calling to us and we can only get there when we’ve proved that we can break through the 4th. We understand and we learn and we both physically and mentally and energetically change, and we do that, and people in the 5th and people in the 6th and so on, they all are tested in their own energy field, and they’re either kept on a hold, like a holding pattern where an airplane flies round and round and round before it’s allowed to land, or their advanced upwards. So this is what it partly anyway what it’s about. It’s about we’ve been given the life. How do we live it, and do we identify what’s holding us back? So thank you.
I want to just thank everyone now. I was pretty ill a few weeks back. The last time I was that ill I was in a hotel room meeting somebody from SETI. British people might not know what SETI is. SETI is an American-funded organization that seeks to connect with extraterrestrials. It’s semi-independent, funded by the U.S., so I suppose it’s not actually independent, but there isn’t a major general sitting at the table. It’s a civilian-staffed organization with some very very gifted people, and I had a meeting with somebody from SETI, and that’s when I was attacked, and I was pretty bad and I had one a little while ago.
I want to thank those of you who were in a position to help me out. You sent me some lovely donations. I had more donations over that period than I have for a long time. I think people were concerned for me and it’s their way of trying to support me, and I was able to buy like really good food, and you know, lots of orange juice and, you know, things that unfortunately cost a lot of money these days. To have decent food, you know, not processed rubbish, it does cost and actually organic chocolate. I have to admit to that. I love organic chocolate. So people heard me. I didn’t ask for any extra help. I just said look I’ve been really ill and I’ve been bringing up blood because that’s what happens, and I was many hours in a hospital and… but here I am, not dead. It’s not my time to go yet. I can’t afford to go yet because I’ll only have to come back again, like many of us.
So I am so grateful to those of you, you’re all wonderful. Some people just can’t send any money because they’re struggling, and I appreciate that, but those who did have a little bit to spare and were able to help me out, I’m really grateful. I want to just read out, if I’ve missed your name out it’s not because you don’t matter, it’s just because I’ve missed your name out, okay and not, you know, because I have to leave my list off and sometimes I miss names out. So I want to thank Carol, Vesna, Oliver, Jeff, Paula, Candice, Sarah or Sara, Edilene, Terry, Stefano, Manuel, Valerie, Campbell, Alan, Exciting, that’s a good one, Gunder, Roberto, Rudolph, Paul, John, Ritchie, Claudia, Pattap, Eric, quite a lot you know. Mary, Ingrid, Stefano, Kurt, Martin, Robert, Kayoco, John, Susan, Gabriel, Marvin, Donny, Christine, [Zeussana], Charlie, and Chari. I should have written those two names separate and it would have been easier. Robin, Kateleen, Iris, Erica, Petra, Nicola. I’m going to have to struggle this one, German name, good German name here, [1:08:55][Seals and Schimmern], thank you. Isalda, Rainer, Anita, Raymond, Drumset of course, Thomas, Danola, Trisha, Petra, Erica or could be Eric, Andrea, Simon, well… Monica, Gerald, Marilyn, del Rina, David, Farolee, Hans, Sharon, James, Natalia, nearly finished, K-I-S-S Kiss, Teresa, Brian, Kenneth, Bella, Karen, Martin, Vincent, Nuala, and Eric. If there’s a name that’s appeared twice it’s because there were two separate people who donated with the same name. A great thank you to you all.
It always takes about two weeks after the attack to get back. I did actually have to put off the Kerry Cassidy Show. I just wasn’t well enough to do that and I think I put it off three or four days. I was absolutely determined to do that because I’m not gonna let anybody beat me. I’m not gonna let them, you know, stop me going out and trying to connect with people. So there we go.
Kavanaugh, unless my information is completely off the wall, Kavanaugh has been confirmed as in, and as soon as we close this I’m going to go and check the established news to see what the established news is saying.
So listen God bless to everyone. Thanks ever so much and remember that if you’re listening to this, you are a spiritual person. Please try and demonstrate that with people. Remember there’s lots of people who are unawake and unaware and just by the way you talk to them, the way you demonstrate to them is the best way to educate them. You can stand talking to them for 10 minutes and they’ll just glaze over. We’ve all seen it. They just shut down and glaze over, so it’s much nicer to make a statement. So for instance, I don’t mean someone on the street, you know, who’s obviously really badly into drugs, but that’s another issue why they need help, but someone who’s, you know, trying to get themselves together, then give him some money, and if that person was a really bad drug addict, give him some food. Don’t give him money. Give him some food. Show a demonstration of education to those people who just walk straight past and don’t want to do it. In the way if you an employer, way you treat your staff, you know, try and treat them in a spiritual way, and I don’t care whether you’re in a multinational or in a small family business. You know, if you in a crèche in a school setting try and not just have that professionalism that you have, but try and interject some spiritual way of life. If you’re a schoolteacher try to bring that spirituality into the curriculum, you know, and that is how we can actually start to make a change on an individual basis. So thank you and look forward to speaking to you soon. Bye-bye.
[transcribed 10/09/18 gsc]
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