4 November 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
at home
Questions & Answers
We passed the solar flare alerts without any major devastation; preservation of American Constitution hinges on outcome of midterm elections; Simon distances himself from the Kevin Moore/Kerry Cassidy/Mark Richards situation; Question Topics: how many groups of Reptilians are there in our galaxy; why does an out-of-phase Reptilian show up; can a human be a portal; is Nibiru and Earth going to collide; will chemtrails ever stop; does a 5D timeline exist now separate from the current 3D/4D timeline; how to stop abductions; 440 Hz verses 332 Hz, 228 Hz and other frequencies for human well-being; difference between channeling and telepathy; Bitcoin dreams might not have a happy ending; possible reason for being hypnotized by ET alien in dream; different levels of evolution in ET groups; Simon is asked to talk about what he experienced when his soul was in a Mantid body.

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Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. If you can hear the bangs and crashes in the background, no Great Britain isn’t up in a martial of law or large attack. It’s not a revolution. It’s a run up to firework night, so this is November the 3rd and hopefully this will go out tomorrow, Sunday the 4th, but because it’s the weekend lots of people like to let the fireworks off. For those people who are not familiar with Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes is a celebration of somebody who tried to blow up the lawmaking chamber, the Houses of Parliament but failed. That was a loud one wasn’t it. So every year fireworks sold and a Guy, what we call a Guy, is made. That’s a person with old clothes, it’s not a real person, and is burnt on top of a fire. Wonderful traditions in Great Britain. So what we’re going to do is because we only had one last week we’ll do a shortened version, but I’m going to keep it fairly fairly tight.
I want to do some updates and then go straight into the questions and try and cover as many of those as we can. So we’ve had the solar flare. The particles are hitting us today and tomorrow, and thank goodness that those people who got a warning of earthquakes or mass knock outs of our communication systems so far appear to be wrong. I think what I was always saying was that the utility companies in Great Britain over the last three or four years have been double earthing connecting up even some of the most rural telephone or power cable poles and so it would be actually less of an impact in Great Britain. You’re more likely to lose your personal computer, so it’s always worthwhile to have one of those surge protected plugs. It’s not guaranteed to save you, but it’s very helpful. So that seems to be something that has gone by and the Van Allen Belt and natural defenses seem to have reduced that.
A very quick talk about the midterm elections; they are really close now. This is in relation to sealed indictments. I’ve been told that there’s something in the region of nearly 60,000 indictments, and I’m actually convinced there are because I’ve been shown evidence that there are 60,000, and I’d like to be able to put that out on the website at some point in the very near future so that people can at least understand that this isn’t just whispers in a corridor. There really are nearly 60,000 indictments. There must be an army of people in Washington producing these. It’s obviously not just in Washington. It’s all over the States but someone’s coordinating them in the White House, and that’s a phenomenal number, and that’s something I want to return to as we progress through November. I think it takes on greater and greater importance. Certainly it’s a great focus for the mind for both sides that are battling for the humanity on this planet, so we’ll come back to that.
I guess I just have say something about the situation with them Kevin Moore and Kerry Cassidy and the Mark Richards situation. I’ve done my best to lay out what my position is. I thought initially I’d been quite clear but obviously I hadn’t, so I’ve done on my site in reply to my post. I’ve really tried to be clear that I have no interest in the subject at the moment. There are so many other things which are far more important, and this isn’t a disrespect to either investigators, but to me it’s a matter that they can get on with. They can get on with and argue with each other and I really do have other things to involve myself in.
Specifically I want to work out on the indictments and there are certain other things that are coming up probably in December which we haven’t talked about yet, but obviously in relation to the situation that I’ve said. It’s up to them. My information was very peripheral and I do believe that I was drawn into it and I don’t really want to be in that, so that’s my position. I made it crystal clear so that’s where we are with that, so I want to try and get on with these questions now. I’m going to try and get through them so thank you. Thank you Becky. If you’re ready let’s go with them.
Rebecca Bannister: Okay our first question is from Alfredo who says do you know the book, “Voices from the Cosmos?” The hooded reptilians in that book are very different from the type you contact with. How many types or races of Reptilians are in our galaxy? Probably thousands? Thank you for your work.
SP: Well thank you Alfredo. Yes I mean there are many different groups, partly familiar with the work. I think I have read it or read part of it some years ago. This is the one thing about this topic that we can only or we should only talk about what we have experience of. It’s very easy just to blanket, you know, the Reptilians or the Greys. I don’t believe there are thousands, no. I would say that there were twenty-five groups and some of those groups were so marginal that you could probably just call them two or three groups is to one, but there aren’t thousands of groups of Reptilians. There aren’t hundreds of groups. I’d put them in the mid-twenties. Unlike the Greys, there are quite a huge range of those or other humanoid-type species, but no, certainly quite few. This is what it must have sounded like in the Battle of Britain, Becky don’t you think.
RB: The fireworks are really bad. They’re really close. …they are doing okay.
SP: Well I think they are doing fine. I mean what I would say is they’re supposed to be a bit of a recessional. Well maybe that’s what people do. Maybe, you know, you haven’t got enough money to buy anything really big so hey you can afford to splash out on fireworks and, you know, that’s how you excite yourself and I do love fireworks I have to say, but the amount that we’re hearing sounds like a firework factory is on fire, so it’s quite exciting this end.
RB: Yeah.
SP: Next question please. Thank you.
RB: Okay the next question is by Mark who says hello Simon I’m wondering if you can shed any light on the following: One evening I was with my laptop in front of me on a coffee table. From the corner of my eye I suddenly noticed something wobble and sway from left to right in the chair near the window, so I took a look and to my surprise I saw a dullish semi-transparent outline of a human being, male, sat in that chair. The being eventually stood up, six to seven feet in height, seemed muscular, turned to its right and then walked towards and through a wall. I never saw it again. Thanks for reading this Simon.
SP: Right that’s… detailing that is very helpful because we could, before we got the height in there, we could have obviously we’re gonna go down the Reptilian road, but we could have had a black ops. We could have had a human operator, but if we’re talking between six and seven feet it’s highly unlikely, highly unlikely to have been a human, not impossible of course, but highly unlikely. Also the muscular build gives us a good clue. I wonder if it was a swivel chair and the chair swiveled and the person or thing got off. We’re okay. What can we extrapolate from that? What we can say is that you were meant to see it. It was deliberately wanting you to see it. It may have been observing you many times before but you hadn’t spotted it. The question is why is it there and why would it want you to spot it, so you’d have to then work out what sort of job you do, job your parents did, what you’ve been doing that day or that evening, what non-work interests or hobbies do you have, all of these things have to be looked at to see if there’s a pattern that comes through from that. I can be very clear from what you’ve said that that’s a Reptilian. It’s just out of phase. It’s come through enough to make an impression on the chair, an impression to absorb light through it but clearly wasn’t designed to frighten you, wasn’t designed to attack you. The only thing we would want to know is whether this was all of what you saw or whether this was a part of what you saw. In other words did something happen and all you’re remembering is it moving in the chair and going, because what we’re asking ourselves to accept here is that something made the effort to come and visit you, just to be in the chair to see you and then go.
Whilst these creatures don’t use money, they do use energy and time and it’s quite a big ask to expect something to come through a portal, to these creatures have, you know, interdimensional, extradimensional technologies. To do all that, to go in a chair for you to see it, for it to walk out three or four seconds later, what is the point of that? Now it doesn’t mean that’s not the case, but what I would do if I was working with the client is double check now to see whether this is only part of what’s happening. I accept you. I believe what you’ve told me. The information you’ve given me matches up. Certainly to me that is a Reptilian type of being that’s made itself deliberately known to you, so thank you for writing in. That’s really helpful. I’m glad you shared that.
RB: How do you know that it’s not a ghost?
SP: Because in this case it’s dark, it’s six to seven feet tall, it’s… most people report a traditional ghost as translucent, see through them. The difference here is that I believe that this is Reptilian because it was described as muscular and between six and seven feet, okay? Thank you.
RB: Okay Barbara says, Hi Simon, I’ve taken this opportunity to say I have listened to you for many many years because my heart tells me you are genuine and work tirelessly helping humanity. I send you love and sincerely thank you for being you, Barbara.
SP: Oh thank you Barbara.
RB: No question.
SP: No question but that’s really nice so thanks ever so much. I appreciate that.
RB: Nancy says, oh no question, just a thank you for your time and work and wishing you all the best.
SP: Well again thank you Nancy and I tell you what this proves there’s no doctoring of the questions here. I mean I don’t get the questions beforehand. Becky doesn’t share them with me. She just reads them out and I take them, you know, cold, and, you know, there was a time not so long ago when a certain person would, you know, pick out the questions that were liked and throw the others away, and I did say that what we’re doing is we’re just taking every question and going through it. So of course there will be ones like that. And I mean it’s just nice. It’s a friend saying hello to me, so I’m okay with that. Thank you.
RB: Okay let’s see, the next one doesn’t have a name. It just says congrats on your new show. I’ve been told I’m a portal and many beings come through. Can you explain more on being a portal? Thank you, all our love and support.
SP: That’s funny I have… that’s great. I seem to remember being asked something like this but I can’t remember if it was on this show or something else.
RB: I remember that as well. Perhaps someone sent it again.
SP: I wonder. Anyway objects can be portals. They can be interdimensional portals for demonic entities and others that are not necessarily demonic. There are portals that we would associate with a Mount Shasta or Stonehenge or some of these places and there are much larger portals. There are there are artificial portals like a Stargate. They do exist and there are small portal devices that can open up to transport people. It’s very unusual for a person to become a portal. It’s more likely that person can channel, receive information and that could be described as receiving information in like a portal way, but I don’t believe a person can be a portal. It’s quite… it’s not not normal, but it’s probable that what we’re looking at here is a number of entities are trying to communicate through you, and if you choose to call yourself a portal that’s fine, but it’s more likely that you’re more of a channel. You’re channeling these entities, so that’s how I would look at that. In a true sense of the word a portal is something like a spaceship that can pass through you or can come from you or can go through you or a person can walk into you physically. That’s the true understanding of portal. I think what possibly we’re talking about here is certain entities being able to access you and then you can have conversations or you can write things down. I guess that’s what you possibly mean. Thank you. We’re back again. We did have to take a break because the fireworks got so horrendous that all the animals went mad, so I think that we have a lull, so whilst they all reload their rocket launchers let’s let’s carry on.
RB: Okay Sue asks is Nibiru going to hit our planet and when will the chemtrails stop?
SP: Ah definitely not going to hit the planet. If we accept that there is alien life and then we’d have to accept that much of that is super intelligent, and then if we accept that many of this super intelligent life for right or wrong has a very strong interest in the planet Earth and human life in particular, then it wouldn’t do anything to destroy life. It just wouldn’t, because it’s invested so much. So that’s not going to happen. It might well happen that an object comes fairly close and the gravitational field does affect solutions and some of the weather patterns, that I would accept that entirely. That has happened in the past but a head-on crash or so close that there’s a disaster, no I’m wouldn’t ever accept that.
When will the chemtrailing stop? Basically when humanity reaches a point that it throws off the slavery that it’s in, or we are so at the brink of disaster that something from outside says I can’t sit back any longer. This is ridiculous, but if that was to occur that intervention would not be to save the human race. That intervention would be to save the planet Earth. There’s a very big distinction here because as I’ve tried to make clear on many occasions, that if big brother or big sister comes in and helps you it’s quite likely that you don’t learn. You just sit back and wait for your big brother or sister to come and help you again, so any intervention is more likely to be about reducing the pollution or reducing any damage to the planet Earth, rather than the evolution of humanity. That has to come, has to be driven from within and then we can expect some support and help. That’s just the way it is. Those of you who think that’s not right, it is right because this would have happened 20 years ago, 50 years ago, 100,000 years ago. It hasn’t happened at those points simply because human consciousness hadn’t evolved to the level at which we were ready to make a decision. We are nearly there now. For many of us we are there and we’re past it, but for the wider humanity it’s now approaching the point where it has to make a decision, and that decision, if it’s the right one, will bring a great deal of support and help. So that’s my answer. It’s not doom and gloom, but it’s certainly a bit of an uphill struggle. Thank you.
RB: Okay thanks. Anna says Dear Simon, do you believe that a new 5th dimensional Earth timeline exists presently separate more current 3D/4D timelines or do you believe our current 3D/4D timeline is slowly transforming into a 5th dimensional reality, an event that will take many years.
SP: Right I’m smiling because that’s a really really insightful question.
RB: That’s what I thought when I read it, yeah.
SP: No I don’t go for the second part, because nothing, I’ve got to be so careful what I say here. I can’t say nothing good can come out of the 4th dimension because that’s not right, but nothing that humanity wants in its search for evolution can be born from the 4th dimension. What comes from the 4th dimension is a trial, a strength, a trial, a test, and from that is the ascension if you like, or the evolution, but you cannot create the 5th dimension out of the 4th dimension. What you can do is you can, through the intent of the planet, the intent of Source, and the intent of humanity, you can win the right to evolve, and the intent of humanity is far stronger than even people in our own subject matter fully grasp maybe, and that we will go from the 3rd to the 5th passing through the 4th.
I’ll accept that there is a another reality lined up for us. It has to be 5th dimensional. It can’t be 4th dimensional. It can’t be. Why would we go back into that again through the control system? So there is a door ready. If you go through the door, there is this 5th dimensional Earth reality there ready. You can’t just say at one minute to midnight, right let’s create this 5th dimensional reality. This has to be accepted. It has to grow. It has to form connections. There have to be portals and passageways, and there are increasingly larger numbers of people now who are getting glimpses of this other reality. They’re sort of seeing through the matrix, is a bit of a banal world, but they’re seeing through this screen and getting glimpses of something else the other side. I don’t believe that’s an AI construct. I think there are genuinely spiritual people who are getting some, it’s quite a long vision, some it’s just split seconds, but as we as a human race evolve, so the barrier between us and the right to evolution gets thinner and thinner, therefore we get more opportunities to have a little look at what we could go for. So that’s my take on it.
It’s an extremely, it’s not a Zen question, but it’s an extremely intricate question. But I can really be clear and say to you that it’s not going to be born from the 4th dimension, although many people who are spiritually evolved have done time, if I can use that word, have done time in the 4th dimension and come through it and said, “Okay I’ve done that now. I want to go to the 5th. I don’t want to go back.” You know the days of the Great Pyramid were fantastic. They were, you know, we take our hat off to it. It’s great but we’ve done all that. We don’t want to go back to that energy. We want to go to a more cleaner, a more lighter and more positive energy. It doesn’t mean that we scrub out the history of the Earth. Of course not, but you know, it’s a rung on a ladder, you know, a very important one. The problem with important rungs of ladders is they’re quite big and you tend to feel comfortable and sit on them for a very long time, perhaps longer than we should, and you know, we need to move off these rungs and move up, and that’s what we’re doing. That’s great. Thank you.
RB: Okay thanks. Jessica says a big heartfelt thank you for making the efforts to find a new radio show.
SP: Thank you.
RB: Your service to humanity is genuinely needed and greatly appreciated. I had a few Skype sessions with you last year and we discussed how I’m being abducted in my sleep by the military/big corporations to be used for psychic missions. I believe you said they leave my physical body behind when they abduct me. What kind of technology are they using to accomplish these abductions and is there anything I can do to stop or prevent any further abductions?
SP: Well we would have talked about some of the lesser painful methods to try to prevent that. It’s actually more difficult to prevent human military intervention than it is alien intervention actually. Much of the technology that’s used was given, not back-engineered, given from the Reptilians but using the Greys as the intermediaries the go-betweens. Many years ago a number of treaties or deals or arrangements were made that allowed off planet entities to take people and ostensibly to return them. Now those of you who have researched the subject know that they reneged on those deals and in many cases people were taken and not returned, or if they were returned they returned at a much later date.
The amount of work or processing that was required, the facilities weren’t great enough, and so what they did was that they used, we are talking many years ago now, we’re talking in the ’50s and the ’60s, American military to collect people and then push them on and then they would be collected the other end, and it allowed the alien group to be at the warehouse rather than out, you know, the distribution network. So they were being fed people and that’s a very unfortunate choice of word, but in this case I’m not talking about eating people, I’m talking about numbers throughput on a conveyor belt going in. The technology that’s used removes the energy intent of a person from their physical body. It’s not harmful providing it’s not done for too long a period of time. After all we, you know, many of us can do out of body experiences or astral traveling. So it’s the capturing of that essence and then taking that and interacting with that.
The way to deal with that if it’s a human military is literally to be aware that most cases, in most cases, it’s helicopter-borne, and if it’s nighttime then you must have a flashlight or a torch and immediately if you’re aware of that you need to flash the torch out of the window. That is a sign these guys understand and they should depart. If you are regularly having black helicopters, and black helicopters remember are not just helicopters painted black. These are helicopters with no lettering and no numbering. They usually contain a pilot and a psychic. The pilot is just a regular pilot, but the psychic is exactly what the label says, and what we can do is mind battle the psychic. I had one very interesting occasion where I was at a client’s house and the black helicopter actually flew round and round the house while I was there just to make an impression and just to try and do a bit of mind battling. So there are ways of dealing with it, but it is easier if it’s alien than it is military. Depending on whether you are being taken by an off planet group or in planet group or a human group that, then my answer would depend on that.
The important point I guess I want to get across is they don’t want to kill you. They’re not there to kill you or harm you. You’re clearly more valuable alive to them, and the sad thing is I guess maybe about 85 to 90 percent of all of the human military abductions are for good purposes. Now I need to explain what I mean by that. It’s usually for the good of the country. Psychic women can do things that the most advanced supercomputers cannot. A superluminal computer, quantum thinking at light, can predict the actions of the human race or an individual human, get it about between 85 to 90 percent accurate within six months. After that it completely trails off because humans are so spontaneous and so different. There isn’t a human or alien computer that can look beyond six months and be anything like accurate, but a psychic female can. So psychic women are of particular interest to the military because they can target individuals and they can look into the future, they can look into the past. Children are very good at this as well, but it’s usually generally women that are used, especially women who’ve been in Atlantis and have that Atlantean divine feminine connection. Whereas an alien group, they’re operating a completely different agenda. They’re not interested in that. They’re interested in working with that individual for their own purposes, whether that be good, indifferent, or bad. So yeah, it’s a really massive topic. Thank you for bringing that up.
RB: Okay thank you. Dale says so glad you’re back on the air. Are musical instruments tuned to 332 or 228 Hertz or some other frequency better for humans than 440 Hertz? A, that means the A above middle C, [A4].
SP: Right well you’re more musical than I am so if I answer this Becky then you can tell us what you know.
RB: Okay.
SP: Because I know that you are a quite musical person. Any musical instrument made within the last 50 years probably is tuned to the standard, the industry standard. Now when we look back at say let’s just choose a composer Bach or Vivaldi, we’re looking at a couple of hundred years ago maybe, so if we are playing a musical instrument that’s tuned to the standard today, either the music that was written has to be rewritten slightly to equal that or the instruments are playing that music slightly inaccurately and not as it was originally intended, or as it was sounded at the time. If we go back even further to the Medieval times, it’s very interesting if you look at, so these groups that reenact Medieval—I’m going to give a plug to [31:00][Misericordia] or to The York Waits—now they play replica musical instruments. Now are those replicas tuned to the original tune. Do we know what the note was back then, but are they tuned to that or are they tuned to modern? So when they’re played are we actually hearing what someone would have played 500 or 600 years ago? I don’t know. What I can tell you is that it was under the Nazi regime; it was Dr. Joseph Goebbels. He was the minister of propaganda and he was all into the occult, all of these guys, and he was in charge of newsreels. We don’t get it today because we don’t go to the cinema to get news, but you have to remember that back in the 1930s that’s where you went to get your news apart from your radio. If you wanted to get visual with audio that’s where you went, and so he realized that it was a fantastic propaganda machine, and he actually set about through an international tribunal, Germany wasn’t at war by this time. It’s still the early to late ’30s, maybe ’36, ’37, and he got the note changed because he had done his research and he knew that a certain frequency, when played with a sort of stirring marching music with a very nationalistic film, hooked into the human psyche in a way that the more peace-loving organic earth-centered notes would not.
Now what’s really exciting from a researching point of view is that the Americans went and copied that. Now why would the Americans copy that? With two to three years away perhaps from a world war, Nazi Germany was very different from many other countries and yet the United States of America followed suit and took the lead, and many other countries and then they just changed. So that does talk about One World Government. It does talk about one group, so that’s my answer from my perspective, but I would ask Becky to tell us because she’s quite an accomplished musician.
RB: Thank you. Well I was. I haven’t played for a while but yeah, Bach and Vivaldi were both about 350 years ago, so the old frequency of A used to be 432 Hertz, but now it’s been changed to 440 due to Goebbels. All orchestras are either tuned now to 440 Hertz or 442, which is even sharper. The real difference in a note is about a quarter of a tone, so it’s not even a semitone, but it just feels, it’s sharper, and it’s faster, and it’s higher, and the resonance is just slightly out of phase with our natural Earth’s energy.
SP: Okay what I would like to do for the next, I don’t know if this is possible, but for the next one would you, because I know that you’re very musical, would you be able to give us… you have a flute I believe.
RB: Yeah, yeah.
SP: Would you be able to play us something? Now would you, in your flute which is, what is that tuned to? Is it the modern 440 [Hz]?
RB: It depends again how I tune my flute. My flute can play both because I can literally just pull the head out to tune it to a certain angle.
SP: Right. Would you…
RB: So I can give a demonstration of the difference.
SP: I’d love that.
RB: But people can look up…
SP: I’m sure they can.
RB: They look up.
SP: Yeah.
RB: …music, so old-fashioned music used to be played where the A was tuned to 432 Hertz.
SP: Okay.
RB: That is in connection to where middle C is I think something like 256 Hertz…
SP: Okay sorry to interrupt you.
RB: …and that’s tuned to the Earth.
SP: The point is that you clearly know what you’re talking about and I said that you did because, you know, a great musician, so I think it’d be really helpful for all of us including myself, if the next one you would be able to give us a set piece of music not very long in the modern setting, and then do what you need to do to your musical instrument, then do the same piece of music, because at least then people know that that’s exactly what’s happened. It hasn’t come from YouTube, hasn’t been doctored or changed, and we always wonder, we know, when we hear things. Would you be prepared to do that Becky?
RB: Well I would but I don’t have tuning forks that tune to…
SP: I’ll sort that out for the next one.
RB: Okay if we can find, just tune it to some, a note on the computer.
SP: Oh I can get hold of an electronic tuning fork…
RB: Okay.
SP: …which would do that. I think that’ll be variable or may be one of our many wonderful musical listeners might be able to help us out with that. I know there are a number of people I’ve spoken to over the years who write music and are very aware and familiar with it, and they might be able to write in and give us a help, but I would like a demonstration of that because for me what’s important is that how can one government that ended up being the government that it was change the world to go down a route purely because they wanted to brain wash people. They wanted to hook in their stories. Now I guess what was happening was that let’s take the United States of America. I’m just extrapolating now. If they knew the Germans were going to do that and they were then going to put out a counter video and their video is backed up by music that was more Earth and more Source and more loving, I can see how a more negative person would say hey we need to be in the arms race here. We need to go up to the same frequency because we need to, you know, match them and I bet you that’s what that was all about. Okay that’s been really helpful, so please let’s have the next question.
RB: Okay so Sefo says Dear Simon, my question is this. When channelers communicate with the soul of a loved one that has passed away how does this occur if the soul has already reincarnated into a new body on Earth? Love from Sefo.
SP: If a person is living on this Earth and is still able to connect with someone else that’s telepathy. That’s not channeling. If you are an incarnate body, if you are a solid body and you are able to send a message to someone else that is telepathy. If you are not carnate on the body, if you are an energy body, then we don’t call that telepathy. We call that more of a channeling. It’s an entity channeling. It’s yes, it happens absolutely it does, so it’s either telepathic communication or it’s channeling information. We tend to look at channeling as information coming from something that’s geographically a very long distance away, so that’s the defining moment there. Also through channeling there tends to be a historical connection. With telepathy there doesn’t have to be that historical connection. It can be that you have the frequency of that individual. You can dial up their number and then once you’ve got that you can then communicate with them. So it’s quite a straightforward answer, and it… both are quite common actually.
RB: Okay thank you. Shadow says Hi Simon, I found a YouTube channel of a guy who perfectly predicted the Bitcoin value to fall 2018 and he said that when it drops down to ten grand then we should all start withdrawing what we have left because it will continue to drop to naught with possible small peaks until the year 2020 when every cryptocurrency will cease to exist mainly because of hackers. Could this be true?
SP: First of all I fully accept that somebody would be in a position to predict how a currency would go. Such people usually end up working for great corporations or the military. However there’s possibly a much more mundane reason for that. When Bitcoin and other things like that were set up, they weren’t set up on the back of a matchbox or a cigarette packet. They usually had some form of very very insider dealing in terms of advancement of information, and just as stock markets are built and crashed, so that you could look at cryptocurrency and say right, this is the plan for it. We’re gonna run it to this level. That may take six months, nine months, a year, but at this level we will then crash it. Now remember that the National Security Agency has a very big hand in Bitcoin because the National Security Agency has the most advanced Earth-based computers, and Bitcoin like many other cryptos require this coding, this continually ever-increasing long coding, although some of the new systems don’t, but… so I can accept that if someone had that privy information they would know that at a certain point—it’s like the stock market—you know they knew at a certain point it was going to crash. Look at 911. We’ve got the stock and shares of the airlines. There were individuals who pulled their shares out 24 hours before the Twin Towers because they knew that the stock of those airlines would just go down to the ground. Now that’s one point.
Cryptocurrencies are no different from an arms race. We’ve been talking about that. You know you build something. Someone tries to hack it. Then you secure it, and then they try and hack it, and it goes on and on. I don’t believe that a cryptocurrency would collapse because someone would hack it. I think it’s much more likely that a cryptocurrency would collapse because it wasn’t controllable by the state in the way that they thought it would be. That’s much more likely.
The other likelihood is that we, by 2020, we are beginning to want to do away with money or the concept of money in the harshest point. Therefore small private organizations running these cryptocurrencies might be done away with and we’ll be left with the multinationals or the large organizations. Some of the most richest men on the planet at the moment have been pulling out of certain products and buying not Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, not the coin, not the value, but the platform that runs it. So I don’t believe that the cryptos will be dead by 2020, but I do believe that there will be so much legislation and control that it will no longer be the golden egg that people saw. Already the laws have been tightened and changed. That’s why we don’t read about it so much. It’s not on everyone’s lips. It’s just become another controlled system. I’m looking for the time when we don’t need money on this planet. I really am, so yeah that’s my answer to that. I’m sorry it’s not as gung-ho and as exciting as you might like, but, you know, I don’t really feel good about artificially intelligent money. Dumb money is bad enough, but giving it an intelligence, you know, that’s just about it for me really. Thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Sebastian says Hi Simon, I wanted to ask you about a being I met in a dream. It was an ET whose spaceship had been shot down, so I tried to see if he was alive, but he grabbed me by the collar and hypnotized me with his eyes. When that happened my heart started hurting and I saw flashes of colorful lights. When I woke up my heart still ached and still had the colorful lights in my line of vision.
SP: Right well anyone who does that to you isn’t a good good chap are they? That’s not very, you know, pleasant. This could all be a construct. This could be a trap. Often when we see colored lights, blues in particular, like a stained-glass window, you know a leaded window in a church, when the light falls right you get all these shardy shapes, pointed shapes and they’re blues and greens and and they can be quite beautiful, and that actually is mind control panning. It’s usually the human or nonhuman. The the vision of the spacecraft could be a complete con. It’s a physical trick to get you to go and help. So the spacecraft crashes. You go over to help because humans are generally good people. You go over to help and then he grabs you, hypnotizes you, captures you, and then you’re programmed with the colored lights. I believe that is the case. Now the question is whether that is human military, you know, secret society, or whether that is definitely off planet. Remember that a secret human group like to use as a cover an alien connection. Many abductions that appear to be alien are not. They are military. But obviously there are quite a few which really are alien, so I’m leaning towards a bit of subterfuge, a bit of trickery going on, and then again if you were my client, I would be asking you about what job your parents did, what job you’ve done, looking at your background, your history, trying to understand why they’re targeting you, there’s always a reason. If you dig enough you can find why the military are interested in you or why off planet aliens have got that interest in you. Thank you. It’s a good question.
RB: Okay thank you. Mica says Dear Simon, I understand that there are levels of evolvement also in ET groups as there are here with Earthlings. Do or did you have contact with Arcturian beings and on what level and what specific qualities they offer in cooperation with humans? Thanks, Mica.
SP: I’m gonna tell you a joke. I tell this to my clients but I think if I share it with everyone, and then probably I can’t make the joke anymore. So to answer the question first of all that no I haven’t, not Arcturians. I haven’t met them. I know of them, but I haven’t met them. In Great Britain we have the saying “a bull in a china shop,” and there’s one country that has something like an elephant in a china shop or an elephant something, but we’ll go with a bull in a china shop. 5th dimensional people are really good meaning. They’re really good intentioned and they want to get things done and they want to go from A to Z as quickly as possible and get it all done, and it’s not to hell with the consequences, but it’s like got to do it, got to do it. So your Andromedan charges into the crockery shop, the plates and the cups, and in his desperation to get out to the back of the shop he smashes everything on his way through. It doesn’t mean to do it. He’s just so fixated on it, so [47:08][out he goes]; he’s crashed through. Now the next level up in the 5th dimension is the Pleiadians, the Pleiadian group, so that is the same, very keen, wants to help, wants to do things, charges into the shop smashes all the crockery crash, crash, crash, gets the end of the shop, turns around, comes back, gets a broom, sweeps it all up, puts it all nicely up and then charges out the shop. The Arcturian looks at it and says hum, I think I’ll just walk around the outside of the shop and go to the back door. So if we look at the 5th dimension, the bottom of the 5th dimension is for Andromeda, the middle part is the Pleiades, and the top of the 5th dimension was Arcturus, but in human terms fairly recently it’s evolved up into the 6th dimension. Now I have no connection with direct communication with Arcturians. Was there a secondary question to that Becky? Was it, or was it by saying I haven’t connected with them that ends the question?
RB: Let me just check.
SP: Thank you… that’s all right.
RB: I’ve moved on.
SP: Probably moved on, yeah, ready for the next one. Was it a question about…
RB: What level and what specific qualities they offer in cooperation with humans.
SP: I knew there would be. Right, Arcturians are more withdrawn, than… that’s why I was trying to give them my joke, that Andromedans and Pleiadians are in your face. They’re very well-meaning. They’re vivacious. An Arcturian is, well I’ll just stand at the back of the room and I’ll just observe everybody, more thoughtful, more thinking. They are less likely to intervene in human politics, more likely to stay aloof and to be more wary of humanity. Whereas Andromedans and Pleiadians are much more likely to want to get in here and help, and do good things, and believe everyone’s great, and everyone’s gonna be great, and then when things go wrong, they’re deeply upset and hurt because they’ve trusted people. Whereas Arcturians are well I told you so. So Arcturians being a higher up have seen more. They’ve been there. They’ve done that. They’ve worn the T-shirt, and we are on the verge in the next few years of going into the 5th dimension and joining our brothers and sisters in the 5th dimension and also being “bulls in china shops.”
You see if you’ve lived as we believed as a human race in a 3rd dimensional world controlled by rather negative 4th dimensional energy and then somehow you break free of that, that’s what you are. You rush around. I want to make up for everything. I want to do good. I’ve been so stopped and held back and controlled and treated as a slave. Now I’ve got this freedom. I want to go out there and do as much good as I can, hence the bull in the china shop. So you see it wasn’t a rude analogy. It’s a very positive analogy. It’s just that we got this horrible 4th dimensional lock on the door at the moment. Thank you. I’ll do one more question I think Becky and then we’ve probably done the hour.
RB: Okay the last question is by Vlad who says Greetings Simon, I was wondering if you could elaborate on the experiences in which your soul was in a Mantid body. What were your feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations like?
SP: Nobody’s ever asked me that before. Isn’t that amazing? All these years no one’s ever asked me that. It’s sort of a joke that I could do a radio show on it. I don’t think people would want to listen after the first 20 minutes, because it would just be boring for them. The hard part for me now is, because I’ve said this is the last question, hard part for me is to try to not speak for ages on this.
Right. The first thing I remember is the face being completely different, actually being aware that, I call it a nose. It’s not a nose really, but aware that the front of the protuberance is out here, and it’s just like absolutely, it’s like wearing the mask. In fact I thought I got a mask, but it wasn’t. It’s like the body is completely different. [It] wasn’t a problem with clothes or anything like that. Walking was very different. A Mantid or a Mantis will walk in a sort of a, I don’t think there’s any animal on Earth that will walk like it, but instead of the way that the humans walk, fairly you know, the sort of normal gait, this is more of a “boomp, boomp.” It’s more like that and the other thing is that if you’re wearing a robe, it has to be just high enough so that your feet don’t get caught under the thing and you fall over. This is a joke but it’s true, so your feet, either the robe has to be so much forward that when you’re walking you’re walking withinside a tent so you can’t trip, or it’s high enough for your feet. Now I always remember the feet showing from underneath it, always, so that would imply that there was about that much gap [demonstrates about 6–7 in]. So the gait was different. The walk is different. Not a problem with the hands, but here’s the problem, not a problem, but here’s the first thing that the eye, eye of these beings is enormous. It takes this whole side of the head here and it’s convex, and it’s peripheral vision is really fantastic, so you don’t have to move your head much because you can get a good swing round, but also because the brain is different. It’s almost not x-ray vision, but when you look at another creature you can actually feel and see the soul.
Now I guess that’s what I do when I do my soul readings. I hadn’t thought about that, you know, this is why these questions are so fantastic. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I do soul readings, but in the body of a Mantid I remember that if you looked at another being you could almost see through them, and you could tell whether they were good, evil, whether they were wanting to do something bad or their intentions, you know, nothing was hidden. It was really quite, you know, you couldn’t be deceptive because you were found out straightaway. So that I remember walking along and them all sitting at a table and as I went past each one I didn’t even have to look at them because the periphery of the eye, so that’s that.
The hands are different so when you hold, they don’t eat food. Everything is taken as fluids, but because the hands are so much larger, and the fingers are so much larger that a cup or a drinking vessel had to be much bigger to get your hand around it and often these things had like metal straws because it doesn’t have a mouth like ours. It was much more of a like a mouth like that, so you could put the straw in and you suck fluid. So they don’t eat meat. I didn’t ever ever see anything eat solids, and I only ate when I was in that body, I had fluids. That’s what sticks with me, but what has more impression with me is the technology, being able to use these advanced machines, because in that body out of the 3rd dimension, remember I wasn’t in the 3rd dimension. I was in the 4th dimension.
An example of where there was a facility and a group of people had been shown a film. The film was of the Earth being destroyed. I wasn’t leading that group but there was a group there and they were being told that, you know, you’ve got to get involved in the equivalent of ecology. You’ve got to fight for the preservation of your Earth. There are people that want to pollute it and destroy it and although the Earth will not explode they were told, you might as well blow up your Earth, because unless, you know, you look after the planet that you’re on, and you’re the dominant species on there, this is what you might as well do to it. So they were indoctrination videos going on, you know, trying to reinforce in people that they had a responsibility to the planet. It isn’t just about we’ll have one less runway or we’ll just recycle our plastic. It was really about standing up and fighting for something that is so unique and so beautiful that aliens from zillions of miles away come to this planet just to behold its beauty, and it’s funny that those of us born on this planet, we look at it and we accept it, but these creatures have come all this way will just be in awe of this planet. It’s just a beautiful place.
But the technologies and I remember one female having a broken leg and then being sit in a machine and the doctor doing the repair work had a sort of a see-through screen that was not attached to anything. So it’s like science fiction but it wasn’t. It just raised its hand up like that and a screen appeared at eye height, and then they have fingers and then they were just pressing nothing, but there were marks. There wasn’t Perspex or glass. There was no wires. It was just an energy oblong sitting hovering in space, and just pressing the buttons like this, and that having an effect on a very physical device down here. And the other thing is that the old adage of the doctor in today he or she goes to their patients and has a bag, you know, has a bag and traditionally it has the bag. This was a kit and these machines, these devices, just hung in the air. This is just so hard to describe, so if you’re operating on a person you didn’t put your hand into a bag. These devices just hung in the air and you would just put your hand out and you would use that and you’d put it back and you take that. The concept is just not in any books that I’ve ever read anyway, and you know, I wish to God they would make a Hollywood film because they could actually say to them you’re doing that wrong. This is what you need to put in, you know, that’s just nonsensical. That’s not how it is. That’s how it is. Obviously that’s my take on it, the way it is, so a very very very different culture, a very different aspect, a very different outlook on life but a very very interesting one to experience.
It’s a bit like, you know, students that go from one university to another, or they do these exchanges and this was off this planet, but not exclusively so, but I’ve got many experiences of being in an underground base where hybrid children were being taught. You know there was a nursery area where three-month, five-month, six-month, nine-month-old babies that were hybridized were being taught and the, let’s call him the guy in charge of the nursery would drop a rubber ball and what the children had to do was to control the bounces of the rubber ball with their mind. And I remember one time where this kid didn’t and it just ran after it physically and there was a group circle painted on the floor. Everything within that circle was sacrosanct. Nobody else was allowed within that. This was because of [being] very very possessive of the children, very possessive, so you… there was death to go within the circle unless you had the authority to do so, and then around the outside, I was in a Mantid body and this is underground base, and on the outside there are human scientists, men, men. I didn’t see any women. There were men all in white coats. They were very stereotypical, and I’m sorry but they were all in white coats and they were teaching people to make coffee. Literally there was a coffee machine and they were teaching people who weren’t really human but looked like they were humans how to survive and how to make coffee.
So there’s lots and lots of these experiences and stories that I have which I think are really really fascinating and exciting. For other people it’s probably just a bridge too far. It’s like well we can accept the government’s corrupt, or yeah we can believe 9/11, but when Simon talks about, you know, that side of it, that’s a bit too much, but that’s what I saw and and that’s what happens, and one day when all the shenanigans come down and all the lies come down, we get all the truth out, then it’ll be just great to say right, let’s go forward and let’s be a race of humanity that can at least sit around the table with others without wanting to blow them up, stab them, shoot them, or hang them. We just sit down and just talk and they then, some of these groups have to be in a position where they can let go of the view that they are better than us. Reptilian groups got to let go of the view that they have the right to order us about, and so that balance is what we’re seeking. One day we’ll get that. So okay.
There’s no thank you today because it’s only been a week since we last did the other podcast and I did thank everyone then and I’ll do it in the next one. So the fireworks have stopped. The war’s over. Thank you very much indeed. Thank you to Becky and thank you to everybody and God bless you all and I guess there might be some election results in America by the time we do our next one. It will be very interesting to see whether the Republicans can hold the House and the Senate or whether they lose the House but control the Senate. It’s all really important because it has such a bearing on the indictments.
So I was asked, quickly, I did a Ted Mahr show and I said, you know, I’m not going to tell you what to vote, but just vote for the Constitution, and you know Americans are shocked that in Great Britain we don’t have a constitution. We don’t have any written down rules, and as I said quite seriously we make it up and we call it precedent. Oh this happened 50 years ago so we’ve got to do what that did. And the Americans say yeah, but don’t you have rules and regulations and you go back to your book? No we don’t do that here. We say yeah that happened 350 years ago, Smith versus the Crown. Oh what happened then? Oh well we will do that, and that’s Great Britain for you. Anyway lovely, thanks ever so much and speak to you soon Take care, bye-bye.
[transcribed 11/08/18 gsc]

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