25 April 2015 – with Henning Witte, White TV, Sneaton Castle

White TV with Simon Parkes

interviewed by Henning Witte
from White TV
at Sneaton Castle, Whitby, UK
April 25th 2015
Etheric Implants and Shields Against Mind Control
All the secret facts that Simon Parkes confirms or reveals to the audience are mind-boggling. This is the most groundbreaking interview on mind control that has ever been made in modern times. Never has an Illuminati insider told so frankly and pedagogically on those hidden facts and technology of the most pivotal tool to remote control homo sapiens and other races. The only 48 min short interview (because people usually have little time) focuses on metal and etheric implants in humans, how to detect and remove them, how to shield against mind control with gold and why that is working. The techniques for mind control are discussed: horrible torture, scalar waves distributed with cell phone and television technology, phased array radar, chemtrails, morgellons, HAARP, military stations on Moon and Saturn and a lot more. The threat of artificial intelligence (AI) is warned about. The murder of Michael Jackson and the helping hand of Sir Elton John to celebrity victims is mentioned. This interview is a must for all Targeted Individuals (TI’s) on the planet. A lot of them got help from Simon Parkes already. He is good for the rescue of the most hopeless cases of remote controlled humans.
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