Here you can find transcribed and translated interviews with Simon Parkes. This website holds the biggest collection of Simon Parkes interviews in audio/mp3 and video/mp4 formats hosted locally. Please use ‘Media Database’ menu item for this. You can also use the search panel on the right-hand side.

If you find errors, feel free to use the ‘Contact‘ form on the website so that we can get them fixed. If you would like to volunteer your time to transcribe, translate, or proofread Simon’s interviews and presentations, please register on Simon’s website and then use the ‘Contact‘ form on this website to show your interest.

All transcriptions and translations are generously contributed by volunteers.  Although Connecting Consciousness works hard to ensure  accuracy, we cannot guarantee it.  In particular, many of the materials presented here have not yet been proofread, meaning that there are likely to be minor errors.  While this is unfortunate, we feel it of overriding importance to publish the materials as quickly as possible.