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with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio 1150
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, April 5, 2019
Simon shares with Ted that he received Air Force One gifts from a visitor who met with Trump on Air Force One; 5G a serious health issue which will be worse in some areas of the world than others; find linked 5G video on Ted’s site and please watch, do your research, educate yourself; Brussels, apparently in the know, has banned 5G; Planet X has entered the edge of our solar system, might cause magnetic pole shift but no land movement; unstoppable organized influx of migrants to U.S., and wall/fence needed to protect border not just from this influx, but other nefarious situations that could result from an open border; Monsanto in Mexico causes job losses and contributes to influx of migrants to U.S.; time/space concept in 3D does not work same way in any other higher dimension; several possibilities for black ops incident on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles; will life become easier as Earth’s vibration rises; those never ending chemtrails, will they ever stop? Answer: probably not as American military wants them because the trillions of tons of aluminum dumped into the atmosphere act as a radar blanket to detect incoming alien spacecraft; when 5G activates all the aluminum we have breathed in will make us shine and be like an RFID chip giving off a signal when we are struck by a phased array, making it possible to have a real time database of each person’s movement and whereabouts, far more efficient than Big Brother ever dreamed wouldn’t you say.
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with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Friday, April 5, 2019
Simon tells us Planet X information he posted on April 1st was the real deal, not an April Fool’s prank; Sacha Stone’s 5G interview with Simon was quite exceptional with astonishing information revealed about the dangers of 5G to all living things; Simon is presented with an Air Force One hat from a visitor who had a meeting with President Trump and then wanted to bounce ideas discussed off Simon; invite to join Connecting Consciousness; protective border wall to become puny fence; harmful effects of 5G might be less in U.S., Brussels bans 5G altogether, and rest of world scurries along to implement it; 5G is part of the AI attack on humanity; Questions: wondering about origins of an alien the color of snow with eyelashes, bald head, and diamond-shaped skin pattern holding a metal gold-colored pole; Tartaria mud floods; effects of coming Planet X on Earth; purpose of low-flying helicopters; predicting timelines accurately; death of MI6 chief’s son is example of threats brought against those who fight the good fight; did robot that harmed/killed technicians do so because it became self-aware; AI to replace human workforce; 5G to replace/exterminate jobless humans; pros and cons of Brexit leaving EU; in-depth explanation of dimensions; pros and cons of Hadron Collider, FYI not run exclusively by humans.
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with Sacha Stone
at northern England and U.S.A. via video conference
Connecting Consciousness Interview with Sacha Stone on 5G, April 3, 2019
Simon interviews Sacha Stone about the genocidal perils of the rollout of 5G, which Sacha covers in his excellent film, “5G Apocalypse–The Extinction Event” by NewEarth Media. This event could well be an apocalypse, as Sacha points out there will be no protection from the 20,000 satellites that have been launched to beam down 5G upon the entire planet. Brussels, however, where some of the policymakers of this culling project reside, have opted out of the physical masts of 5G in their city, the rest of us be damned apparently as the project moves swiftly ahead. On the positive side, however, both Simon and Sacha feel that this event could be the waking up of large swaths of humanity to act against the harmful effects 5G will have, not only on humans, but on Earth’s eco system as well. As Simon puts it, this could well be, “the spark that throws the yoke off the human race.” Simon encourages everyone to see the very informative film at
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with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Friday, March 22, 2019
There was a meditation by Connecting Consciousness for New Zealand and Australia after the shootings to refocus energy on a positive; shooting videos banned because elite hide answers in them they don’t want people to see; banning action will cause social media contributions to become narrower as certain posts will be censored; Brexit problems, deputation on way to British prime minister telling her to resign next week; technology coming out of Antarctica is being divided between East and West with Putin supervising; both sides are using it differently and it will probably be in stores next year; when Mueller inquiry comes out it will be trigger for Trump to take action against the criminal deep state; there’s a big change in way White House and Pentagon recruit to stop infiltration of negative people into government; the wall, supposedly in some form, will be built; there’s been a coup in the Vatican but Pope will stay as a figurehead only; Simon and Benjamin Fulford agree on many points but Simon doesn’t see an immediate war, although maybe an economic realignment if action is taken after audit of Federal Reserve; if there’s a reset the planet will be divided into two groups, the U.S. on one side and Russia/China and probably India on the other; Zionists, Vatican, and people who have gone too far to turn back are yet to find out where they will be after the reset, therefore they could order an artificial environmental catastrophe to thwart/stop the coming changes; Questions: Simon is invited to The Children’s Crusade in Llangollen, North Wales; new (in retrospect old) technology coming out of Antarctica is being released that would allow development of new energy concepts; did Aleister Crowley conjure up Nessie; did humans push Jinn from 3D Earth; are Mantids visible to us in 3D, where do they live, and best sources to learn about them; street level magic to create mental/physical health demise of a target probably voodoo; Are Q–a bunch of humans and a supercomputer–and Trump working on the dark side or the truth side; description of dark image that changes shape, probably a demonic form and far more prevalent than people think.
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with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, March 15, 2019
Italy passes forced vaccination law for children, i.e., no vaccinations, no school; possible causes of Ethiopian airline crash: AI software problem, engine fire, or something else; energy behind the mass shootings in New Zealand and Australia; packages placed in British train stations and airports have IRA code word but might not be from IRA; Britain’s policemen police without guns; Questions: significance of 11:11, a symbol representing portal technology meaning movement from one stage to the next stage, can be either positive or negative; is the John Podesta/Hillary Clinton visit to New Zealand connected to false flag in Christchurch; because Switzerland is not a constitutional state, elite people in high places are above the law; why doesn’t media release name of politician who’s molesting a child on the audio/video that’s surfaced on the internet; are 5G, 6G, and the Wall all connected for frequency protection or frequency weaponization or both; rule of black magic is to tell people what they’re going to do before they do it, but in such an obscure way that it probably won’t be picked up, otherwise, they won’t be permitted to complete their task.
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with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Friday, March 8, 2019
It is said military generals who support Trump don’t want the opening of indictments or military tribunals made public for fear of financial collapse, possibly influencing President Trump to opt for closed-door proceedings with no media coverage on the 9/11 truth and other treasonous acts perpetrated against America by Americans; Simon agrees with Ben Fulford about the Knights Templars playing an active role in financial redistribution; audio/video of child abuse on dark web that Simon reported is being taken care of by NSA with involvement by (Robert) David Steele; Connecting Consciousness is busy and expanding with new coordinators; superpowers backing the India/Pakistan situation don’t want war; Questions: in life between life sessions was there a connection/deal with beings I encountered; China has become a superpower entity not interested in human rights, only economic deals and tight control of everything/everyone; entities from lighter densities dropping into 3D in spheres considered positive; Simon is asked about connecting threads running through his past and future lives; Simon answers those who think he should give his services for free even though he lives in a 3D world where money is essential for survival; must have protection before clearing homes of negative energy; could depression be an awakening; dealing with ES and its debilitating effects in 4G and coming 5G; could initiation through channeling to merge one’s multidimensional selves be dangerous; cult sex practices; seeking help from the many tentacles of black ops intrusion into one’s life; Simon’s Russian YouTube video interview and Skype with Putin not available in English; how can a TI stop the frequency that’s being used to target him/her.
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with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, March 1, 2019
It appears the India/Pakistan conflict has been defused from a nuclear war to a local conflict; brinkmanship at play in U.S./North Korea meeting but Trump walked away because he knew about second hidden uranium enrichment plant; never ending treasonous impeachment efforts; national emergency declared in attempt to curb illegal invasion; Simon agrees with David Wilcock, who says deep state is trying to divide the spiritual community; Pope Francis has been demoted to figurehead status with no authority; Trump has been briefed about dangers of 5G but still wants both 5G and 6G, and is looking for solutions to block the negative aspects of this technology; purpose of chemtrails is to help ground radar to detect incoming off-planet spaceships entering Earth’s atmosphere regardless of the fact they’re causing health problems for humanity; Russia uses plasma-based Tesla-type technology for this purpose, thus eliminating negative health effects to their people; methods for higher dimensionals to project their consciousness into 3D; Iran preparing for Iran/Israel war; Yemen war not being reported; question about protection from or vanquishing dark forces; question about 3D experiences changing the soul; question about attracting financial stability, a necessity for living in 3D; extraterrestrials were in California fire areas to target negative forces starting the fires; Benjamin Fulford’s latest article regarding President Trump poses the question was he given disinfo; is prediction of weather manipulation true that temperatures will plummet to -70°C (-94°F) in Canada/U.S. this month?
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with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Friday, February 22, 2019
Simon talks about his discussion with Benjamin Fulford and how their info is similar although coming from different sources; One World Order must be stopped; President Trump has authorized audit of the Fed just as they issue a large number of money-raising bonds; ex-director of FBI admits unconstitutional meeting was held to remove President Trump shortly after his inauguration and that’s called treason; President Trump moves ahead with legislation to enact a U.S. Space Force; QAnon and potential arrests under cover of national emergency; possibly a war between Pakistan and India; predict Brexit will leave EU; 4D satanic energy programming is not of 3D reality, thus causes people to act illogically; Questions: effects of soul expression on eye color; if we don’t understand energy of 4D oppressors we really aren’t equipped to deal with it, but a large proportion of Indigo children from 4D have 4D codes capable of dismantling 4D energy here on Earth; suspicious circumstances surrounding QuadrigaCX, death of CEO, and investor’s crypto currency probably going “poof”; timescale for India/Pakistan conflict escalation; is Obama at Gitmo; energy healer asks about mysterious deaths; no safe/secure private way to communicate today; is deep state coming down worldwide; concern about lack of anonymity when researching electronically; Homo sapiens sapiens and soul advancement; Simon’s toothache related to CERN; does Trump truce with Bushes mean indictments and 9/11 truth remain hidden or disappeared forever; 5G and protection of oneself from its effects; does AI only exist in 3D or can it follow humanity to other dimensions; is the Ark of the Covenant a solid physical object or a metaphorical concept; crystal skulls with encoded knowledge; why are Reptilians in a higher dimension than humans; catching a glimpse of a Reptoid in 3D.
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with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, February 8, 2019
Discussion about quarantine(s) on Earth that was mentioned in the Fulford/Parkes interview; what was message of Chinese probe landing on dark side of Moon; opened indictments need to be made public so people can see how the elite exploit/abuse/sacrifice vulnerable people, as Cathy O’Brien’s interview confirms; Brexit yeas and nays; Trump to visit Britain in December, could possibly make trade deals; mass media organizations rarely ever cover or only show short blurbs on demonstrations held contrary to the control system; off-planet entities, both good and bad, plus humans involved in the Paradise, CA fires; strange massive tornadoes on the ground may actually be battles between ET factions; without state of emergency indictments probably won’t be opened publicly; elite treat humans as slaves, but because we’re paid slaves we’ve been tricked into thinking we’re free.
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with Benjamin Fulford
at northern England via video conference
Discussion with Benjamin Fulford, February 2, 2019
Benjamin Fulford starts interview with Simon by asking him about his off world experiences; Ben and Simon mutually agree most of their time today is spent dealing with problems that affect the average citizen on Earth, such as the sacrifice of children; discussion of the current state of battle for the planet; it seems the central control center of the puppet masters is Switzerland; some indictments have been opened and acted upon but behind closed doors instead of allowing the people to witness the good guys taking action; everyone agrees the current system is not working but which path to take seems to allude the planners; Ben wants to set up a Planning Agency to plan the planet’s future, which could work under whichever faction wins; in moving to a new system we have to ease people away from money and profits gently; harder to distract the public with false flags now since there’s access to never-ending news choices at the tip of one’s fingers; bankrupt America needs China to buy real stuff from them so they can pay their bills; Pope Francis/Jesuits seem to be blocking Ben’s Planning Agency; what is the Venezuela story; the P2 in Vatican City worship the black sun, aren’t Christians, and take orders from Switzerland; May could be the time of change from one energy to another; government shutdown delays scheduled tribunals; Dow Jones losses a deliberate threat to the U.S. military; we’re in a shift from the old paradigm to a new emerging paradigm that wants control of the financials taken away from the elite, but the new paradigm is not strong enough yet to win the struggle; the public doesn’t understand they are paid slaves under the current situation so they remain passive to change; should there be a Jubilee, and if so Simon feels that for it to be successful there needs to be education before the redistribution.
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with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, January 25, 2019
Pelosi refuses to allow President Trump to give his State of the Union Address to Congress in the House of Representatives; press reports Roger Stone arrested and indicted on charges over Russian deals—totally untrue—real focus was about WikiLeaks info; it appears that opening of sealed indictments may be more wishful thinking than reality; UFO disclosure and other hidden information is denied to humanity; Trump hints at disclosure when he says we need a Space Force; cloning and human/animal hybridization exists both now and in the time of Atlantis; real purpose of government shutdown antics; revolution in Venezuela; economic reset and what will happen to Federal Reserve; silver or gold currency or both for U.S.; Rudolf Hess and/or body double gets long prison sentence because he knew too much; if or when we enter 5th dimension we’ll use spoken language less and telepathy more, be harder to lie, and will cause collapse of entire gadget—cellphones, et cetera—industry and loss of mega bucks for the cabal; we have opportunity now with technology available to access the truth.
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      103,039  2019-03-23  62893b9671c785cb4f458f59658ecaad  2019-01-25_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Sunday, January 20, 2019
A website has given the date of January 5th as when a new humanity will ascend into the 5th dimension and the Cabal will be no more, which can only realistically be understood as disinformation designed to cause people to drop their guard; Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has cancer and will most probably retire in 2019; Nathaniel Rothschild is attempting to take the senior position in the Rothschild family; some indictments are maybe starting to be opened, but if it’s in a military tribunal the person may have only two choices: a quiet execution or a way out, and the public won’t hear about it; the need for change of the whole economic structure is discussed at the CC meeting in London, especially doing away with the illegal taxing of people’s income; Russia, China, U.S. are beginning to position themselves for an economic reset; Putin may be behind the unrest in the Eastern or Central Bloc countries; if shutdown goes on long enough it can cause federal employees to be laid off and could remove whole departments; will Trump trade amnesty for the wall; Brexit possibilities, three as Simon see it; Question Topics: nature of souls as created by Source and technology that can forcibly remove souls from bodies; significance of unexplained markings on one’s body, who is responsible and why; dealing with jinn possession; need safe ways to treat a child diagnosed with Parkinson’s; warning to Simon that jinn are using him; invitation for Simon to join an upcoming meditation; why do we flatter ourselves to think evolved aliens would be interested in us or want what we have; writer states Northern Ireland didn’t back Theresa May, Simon says otherwise; Simon shows us one of his Christmas presents, a copy of a Haynes Manual entitled “Alien Invasion, Know your enemy (all extra-terrestrial life forms) Owners’ Resistance Manual,” which shows a photo of two sides of Her Majesty the Queen, indicating a rather blatant disclosure of truth being leaked out in unexpected places.
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   38,459,026  2019-01-21  bd35e157ee88a36dc8629f2a1585841f  2019-01-20_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  176,515,491  2019-01-21  4e812a5ed7b4303b87ec28a3ee290ed1  2019-01-20_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  572,015,562  2019-01-21  4da477c0907b68557d0903f17e124dba  2019-01-20_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Sunday, January 6, 2019
Simon’s yearly Christmas morning psychic attack from the bad people comes approximately a week early this year, when upon awaking, he discovered physical damage to his hands; Bush Senior really deceased this time leaving a vacuum in the elite’s control structure; letters passed out at funeral are a mystery as to content; reports of big UFO over NYC (triangle or boomerang craft probably from breakaway human group) causing transformer explosions and power outages is basically a message to Trump that we can take any part of the U.S. down anytime we want; in response SAC tweets they will drop a nuclear bomb on anybody who is anti-American; Democrats refusal to fund President Trump’s wall causes partial shutdown of U.S. government; Trump refuses to sign off on budget unless he gets money for his wall, but maybe he has waited too long since he no longer has control of both houses, or maybe the wall is not his main objective; QAnon website suggests declaring martial law or a state of emergency is a real possibility; Questions: what happens to a soul that leaves the body through suicide or euthanasia; meditation to meet spirit guides brings an encounter with possibly a Mantid/Mantis; history of royal bloodlines and their involvement in NWO; why are true ancient historical accounts of Earth nonexistent; what are the objectives of black helicopter shenanigans; will Pope Francis resign in 2019; how will EU’s Article 13 affect truthers; characterizations of dimensions from 5th and beyond; request for Simon to share some of his experiences with the Mantis/Mantids.
       36,510  2019-04-04  50069f1d850a8e51a45e26ba37619391  2019-01-06_connecting_consciousness.docx
   77,550,582  2019-03-25  c3c442d69ded8acb40bc69fe8ed116e6  2019-01-06_connecting_consciousness.mp3
      134,746  2019-04-04  00e9a3f7dd112e2258089cc1bb8005e4  2019-01-06_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       67,932  2019-04-11  6e6b2bc18e0482fed3a3f2571f3b4d19  2019-01-06_connecting_consciousness.txt
      134,201  2019-04-04  cb9107d19c79a0280a61044a3d6de02d  2019-01-06_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   48,244,237  2019-01-07  0cff0aa274e86b37672a4e29002b7b1a  2019-01-06_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  219,615,215  2019-01-07  d7589d22ec039f661cb41e949c4ac659  2019-01-06_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  697,537,091  2019-01-07  7c10767f7c25bd62e48947f85f507ff0  2019-01-06_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with musicial friends from around the world
at northern England and around the world
Christmas Special: Comparing Music Tuned to 432 Hz and 440 Hz
Musicians from several countries play a local piece with A tuned to 432 Hz and 440 Hz, and some to 444 Hz. Listening to both versions allows us to really hear and compare the different tunings. Listeners can actually feel as well as hear the difference when the same piece is played by the same person, with different tunings. Happy Holidays!
   93,655,813  2019-04-04  2e3eec54e3a4e622ae6a5dfd4896d104  2018-12-24_christmas_special_440_432_hz.mp3
  323,826,316  2019-04-04  622803a8c9a24ed37e04166fabfadc15  2018-12-24_christmas_special_440_432_hz_360p.mp4
  649,461,488  2019-04-04  a63445fab71cdd1d6c7ddff572273764  2018-12-24_christmas_special_440_432_hz_720p.mp4
   20,190,372  2019-04-04  83ca6db1609f4e602ea0b2e9fb9240ba  2018-12-24_christmas_special_trailer_480p.mp4
   17,034,406  2019-04-04  49d665a86e3ef29b1837ffb5d31812a3  2018-12-24_christmas_special_trailer_480p.webm
with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Saturday, December 15, 2018
Rogue group trying to instigate conflicts worldwide, one between Russia and Ukraine, another between China and North Korea or maybe just an all-out World War III; passenger list of Malaysian flight 370 and raid on Deutsche Bank may shed light on widespread money laundering operations; Rothschilds say they’re leaving the money lending business; musical sound of earthquake in Madagascar area may be Earth doing what it needs to do; sealed indictments continue to grow but some of the lesser charges already unsealed; Brexit, Simon says, is a mess, so will the people’s vote be honored; invite to CC in Spain and there’s a new CC in Wales; Christmas Special planned regarding 432/440 hertz tuning frequencies; California fires were deliberately set, looks to be land grab for whatever nefarious reason; where do evil people go when they exit Earth; what is the purpose of the Transgender Agenda; how can we remember an agreement we made with Source if our consciousness is wiped clean when we die; is a pole shift causing so many small animals to die; perspective on dreams.
       29,040  2019-04-04  1b9bd1e3cb401d07b421f01cf3b9862a  2018-12-16_connecting_consciousness.docx
   34,419,792  2019-04-04  fb4cc236915624187f8ad89617a24520  2018-12-16_connecting_consciousness.mp3
   17,449,124  2019-04-04  d90eafcb4a304f16dbb2534bb816c63e  2018-12-16_connecting_consciousness.ogg
      120,454  2019-04-04  9892960c3d18320052a8a96a91b7d5bb  2018-12-16_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       59,317  2019-04-11  9378f18b807b649cd0fb36a72796d62c  2018-12-16_connecting_consciousness.txt
      120,189  2019-04-04  233423a9d49cf1e852266dc46a3afc5b  2018-12-16_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   43,481,534  2019-04-04  3d10d273869645694c81ec420a627c5e  2018-12-16_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  196,989,803  2019-04-04  5b589cde3c07996b5dda67b3c5aa3c8f  2018-12-16_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  244,849,004  2019-04-04  4f06f619c29da8641abc9b36c77822a2  2018-12-16_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, December 7, 2018
British Parliament passes act holding British government in contempt for refusing to disclose all legal advice received by prime minister and her government leading to problems of Britain exiting the EU; Macron’s carbon tax has pushed the French people over the edge and they are rioting; the stark contrast between life ordinary people lead and life the elite lead is so great it’s forcing violence; military police are being moved to Guantanamo Bay so if indictments are opened people charged will be going there; Bush Senior bragged about being beyond the reach of law and one instance of this would be the Bushes selling oil to our enemy, Germany, during World War II; some California fires appear to have been caused by particle-beam weapons and although the people are not going to find out the truth officially anytime soon, they need to realize there is an ongoing war against the state of California; Deutsche Bank raided but why did it go public; self-taught Chinese fellow learns law, sues company polluting his home and wins the case in China; Questions: is Bush Senior coming back to Earth; how do you protect yourself against negative attacks; is JFK, Jr. QAnon; predictions for next 3–6 months worldwide; future of caravan forcibly trying to enter U.S.; why are Pleiadian ships now stationed around the Earth?
       30,738  2019-04-14  fa611a650b25696c52b6d7a55f084f02  2018-12-07_ted_mahr.docx
   53,345,343  2018-12-18  186e2b76872077666f78dff61cc0b3df  2018-12-07_ted_mahr.mp3
      100,694  2019-03-24  bafb1173022a8cbde209d73e9bb55e10  2018-12-07_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       46,515  2019-04-14  bfaf469eb8a92b81bb0217068cdaf3c9  2018-12-07_ted_mahr.txt
      100,852  2019-03-24  f80875f32791c0b7164143a2a5122137  2018-12-07_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Sunday, December 2, 2018
Rogue group trying to instigate conflicts worldwide, one between Russia and Ukraine, another between China and North Korea or maybe just an all-out World War III; passenger list of Malaysian flight 370 and raid on Deutsche Bank may shed light on widespread money laundering operations; Rothschilds say they’re leaving the money lending business; musical sound of earthquake in Madagascar area may be Earth doing what it needs to do; sealed indictments continue to grow but some of the lesser charges already unsealed; Brexit, Simon says, is a mess, so will the people’s vote be honored; invite to CC in Spain and there’s a new CC in Wales; Christmas Special planned regarding 432/440 hertz tuning frequencies; California fires were deliberately set, looks to be land grab for whatever nefarious reason; where do evil people go when they exit Earth; what is the purpose of the Transgender Agenda; how can we remember an agreement we made with Source if our consciousness is wiped clean when we die; is a pole shift causing so many small animals to die; perspective on dreams.
       30,544  2019-04-04  a5f2b7c194be3c74b8f3aa7eda5e5814  2018-12-02_connecting_consciousness.docx
   28,106,101  2019-03-25  14b96d2f907cd5fb98596570dd1b0e35  2018-12-02_connecting_consciousness.mp3
   14,250,152  2018-12-30  d76ee0179d2ae34ee6ed5acef7021ea4  2018-12-02_connecting_consciousness.ogg
      109,887  2019-04-04  3e248ff29bf40d2f9ed1a3aa1559b714  2018-12-02_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       50,996  2019-04-11  e7911bf49a969fd040007b83a1bdd005  2018-12-02_connecting_consciousness.txt
      109,281  2019-04-04  afe1abb3e5dfb69eade7462ebd83e5b1  2018-12-02_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   36,260,595  2018-12-03  1ed55c2c89006197aa6ee3785369a450  2018-12-02_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  165,251,310  2018-12-03  2a990fdd6ec5607fd64cc0d089ee9354  2018-12-02_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  216,625,214  2018-12-18  5c810bbf1ef1b7268f084054b8217c37  2018-12-02_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Saturday, November 17, 2018
Simon discusses the project “Return to Life,” that would return money to the people by setting up some sort of equitable financial system; exotic weaponry appears to be used in burning California to a crisp; Brexit unraveling; Interpol looking at a Russian to lead its organization; Simon asks for volunteer musicians to send a demonstration of the difference between 440 Hz and 432 Hz tuning frequencies; Southern Ireland doing terrorist drill; Question Topics: what is the role of Columbia both on- and off-planet at present; why are voter fraud and child trafficking in California allowed to flourish; dark tendencies of current leadership in China; will artifacts/technology from Antarctica be shared with public; reports of underground cabal base raided in Ireland; do blood transfusions transfer soul memories; opinion on barbankar; seeing AI spiders; ways of attracting Jinn/shadow beings; cancelled chemtrails still there; do Queen Elizabeth II’s grandchildren know the truth about her overlay; why does our artificial moon affect us emotionally?
       31,804  2019-04-04  6ab9c66958dc80d6f2b2d3377a9b2f5a  2018-11-18_connecting_consciousness.docx
   37,646,437  2019-04-04  362ef330ec240293b8db53ff42222381  2018-11-18_connecting_consciousness.mp3
   19,095,854  2019-04-04  9a9d634ff7fe0dd8982bff36882ee12d  2018-11-18_connecting_consciousness.ogg
      129,297  2019-04-04  f0fc901786a86a2ced2e6ef326337671  2018-11-18_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       66,068  2019-04-11  1ef601cc89b4a6baf538cf063c84f525  2018-11-18_connecting_consciousness.txt
      128,595  2019-04-04  a40a9929edfeebeb11a697066f7554bb  2018-11-18_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   48,034,355  2019-04-04  80c3279a4f270c39ba155013e0fa7a9c  2018-11-18_connecting_consciousness_144.3gp
  216,715,200  2019-04-04  7c4e7683152134e20d3b7fe5399fa637  2018-11-18_connecting_consciousness_360.mp4
1,141,437,547  2019-04-04  750c5c579d8b769135cd31a62110f945  2018-11-18_connecting_consciousness_720.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at Northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, November 16, 2018
Simon feels the various shootings are all part of a well-planned great drama unfolding, but whether false flags or not people do get hurt; election fiasco appears to leave Republicans in control of Senate but not the House, so President Trump can’t be gotten rid of easily; CNN reporter Jim Acosta accosts White House intern, gets press pass revoked; 60,000 indictments and counting waiting to be opened; some money fraud indictments are being opened; disrespect of authority and the law creating violence throughout America; when corrupt local police force refuse to do their job federal agents have been, in the past and probably will be in the future, sent in to do the job; pipe bombs possibly false flags to help Democrats win in the election; future role of Japan on world stage; fate of the soul when one commits suicide; is Soros behind the migrant caravans invading America; true purpose of flooding a country with uncontrolled immigration is to destabilize the nation and destroy the family unit; success of Olympics will depend on who is president in 2020; TEPCO decides to dump radioactive water into the Pacific ocean; Japan’s fixed attitude concerning honor creates problems for them.
       23,736  2019-03-25  09e8abd66502540de4a68f83a4f4cbd6  2018-11-16_ted_mahr.docx
   54,402,749  2019-03-25  f697f54e59ef3bc8ed44a35453bc34d8  2018-11-16_ted_mahr.mp3
       93,673  2019-03-25  51b5891b6adbf8bbeba16369a551a03e  2018-11-16_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       42,128  2019-04-14  1741dc1aef88b34472fab9f2b18b0865  2018-11-16_ted_mahr.txt
       93,878  2019-03-25  5f6d1b8f3f5bdee8f4991777675f180e  2018-11-16_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
    5,308,416  2018-11-19  eb0a1a32bff8a1892b4babd54de163a1  2018-11-16_ted_mahr_144p.3gp
  127,351,179  2018-11-19  fa1098bfd7ee45143a0f53534745edf9  2018-11-16_ted_mahr_360p.mp4
   91,835,879  2018-11-19  d315de473b961936aa9c5b345151dd95  2018-11-16_ted_mahr_360p.webm
  114,131,133  2018-11-19  5367fd04415214a731b32df73e9dc0c5  2018-11-16_ted_mahr_720p.mp4
with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Saturday, November 3, 2018
We passed the solar flare alerts without any major devastation; preservation of American Constitution hinges on outcome of midterm elections; Simon distances himself from the Kevin Moore/Kerry Cassidy/Mark Richards situation; Question Topics: how many groups of Reptilians are there in our galaxy; why does an out-of-phase Reptilian show up; can a human be a portal; is Nibiru and Earth going to collide; will chemtrails ever stop; does a 5D timeline exist now separate from the current 3D/4D timeline; how to stop abductions; 440 Hz verses 432 Hz, 528 Hz and other frequencies for human well-being; difference between channeling and telepathy; Bitcoin dreams might not have a happy ending; possible reason for being hypnotized by ET alien in dream; different levels of evolution in ET groups; Simon is asked to talk about what he experienced when his soul was in a Mantid body.
       31,867  2019-04-04  0d908172d28038b36d7b546f357c936e  2018-11-04_connecting_consciousness.docx
   30,318,359  2019-04-04  9a78230c8b0dfe4d7d42fd05736a38ae  2018-11-04_connecting_consciousness.mp3
   15,382,163  2019-04-04  54e109c87bdd3719a57784d483b60f86  2018-11-04_connecting_consciousness.ogg
      109,295  2019-04-04  62009015fa52f49cb88b36a56ecc6102  2018-11-04_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       53,451  2019-04-11  f4d808e739f8ee9a0e15ca1a4db7457f  2018-11-04_connecting_consciousness.txt
      108,509  2019-04-04  3bc8de46abfa9fb144bd4c2ff638dc45  2018-11-04_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   36,762,427  2019-04-04  aa3c2e6b354201696e2b5b0faafcb5d7  2018-11-04_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  173,038,211  2019-04-04  136b88d6f98416666d7288eefeb48cf4  2018-11-04_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  296,522,683  2019-04-04  3ca384eca15ef64a5027d8877e3cb430  2018-11-04_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, November 2, 2018
Solar flare hitting Earth November 3rd–4th will possibly affect satellites and Schumann resonance; pole shift doesn’t mean land masses are going to move, just a magnetic shift, i.e., north is south and south is north; chemtrails galore pretty much everywhere but especially in Great Britain and U.S.; field generated by 5G will allow something not of Earth to survive temporarily and possibly inflict AI infection on humanity; using drugs, especially psychedelic drugs, for spiritual advancement often leads one into lower 4th dimension and interaction with negative entities; outside hand organizes paid migrant caravan to crash U.S. border; Mexico offers work visas to caravan; AIDS virus created in U.S. government lab; Ted thanks all those involved in making arsenic-free drinking water a reality for the Hopi Tribe; Simon considers cats 4D and dogs 5D; advice: vote for the American Constitution on election day.
       34,491  2019-03-25  01636a925be4e01b149fa8ee10dd4eda  2018-11-02_ted_mahr.docx
   52,836,186  2018-11-03  a8db73a85bd198b0b1ac1ac9d9e891c7  2018-11-02_ted_mahr.mp3
      108,203  2019-03-25  d7171f98cb26eae318c5dd20df610358  2018-11-02_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       50,867  2019-04-14  3ceaefeeac31f24ab6447f4c508eabad  2018-11-02_ted_mahr.txt
      108,463  2019-03-25  aa37226f6690777aa9b2352a066dd8df  2018-11-02_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with himself
at Northern England
Statement regarding Kerry Cassidy, Kevin Moore, and Mark Richards
Simon comments on finding himself sandwiched in between the “toings and froings” from Kerry Cassidy and Kevin Moore regarding Mark Richards.
       16,541  2019-03-25  8b93e96082293e6c12f6f4728c3c8718  2018-10-29_regarding_mark_richards.docx
   15,721,880  2019-03-25  2cc73b2c014e20f872fad7f5ae4fe39e  2018-10-29_regarding_mark_richards.mp3
       50,357  2019-03-25  7d752b426a0878c420631fd229cd2e53  2018-10-29_regarding_mark_richards.tall.pdf
       14,743  2019-04-11  524f94a93b9945d7a7054c6dc6ca98a1  2018-10-29_regarding_mark_richards.txt
       50,330  2019-03-25  f747c29c764ca5b438b6a78caaee51ac  2018-10-29_regarding_mark_richards.wide.pdf
    9,894,260  2018-10-30  2d8d1a74b6a6b8b782a5617a4c28627e  2018-10-29_regarding_mark_richards_144p.3gp
   53,538,962  2018-10-30  80e423b52abdc173334f50753e38ae4a  2018-10-29_regarding_mark_richards_360p.mp4
  100,809,272  2018-10-30  6aac4b3a918ab1a8447443f32b405db4  2018-10-29_regarding_mark_richards_720p.mp4
with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Sunday, October 28, 2018
Jamal Khashoggi’s murder in Turkey, pipe bomb handiwork of Caesar Sayoc, Pittsburgh synagogue shooter are all part of a continuous pattern glued together to influence midterm elections, get control of House and Senate, and impeach President Trump; U.S. domestic terrorism events also take focus away from opening sealed indictments, which if not opened by December 20 moving forward with positive agenda will be difficult; helicopter crash in Leicester Football Club parking lot with football club owner’s rising-star daughter on board was probably more than an accident; Question Topics: does Philip Pullman have inside information in “His Dark Materials” writings about child torture and corrupt church; why are Sirian blue aliens on Earth now; purpose of autism; Buddha statue at Bohemian Grove; another argument against Earth being a globe; is there a basis to story of redistributing wealth of the planet; father/son relationship, opposing agendas, mutual respect; info on underground non-Earth human base in Bucegi Mountains; Illuminati and/or Masonic symbology; making and breaking vows; both ET and humans have technology to clean our environment, but elite says no; barriers to spiritual growth.
       38,702  2019-04-04  62971cbad1491d804568f3122ae6bc9b  2018-10-28_connecting_consciousness.docx
   38,644,524  2019-03-25  585715bb47bbd61086c981fd065a3530  2018-10-28_connecting_consciousness.mp3
   19,602,358  2018-12-30  28d149b813af49d77300449d1461d7b4  2018-10-28_connecting_consciousness.ogg
      156,852  2019-04-04  00141e49e8353cf24947eefde9391a28  2018-10-28_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       69,407  2019-04-11  84f56753b897baf24598fdba2163615a  2018-10-28_connecting_consciousness.txt
      156,837  2019-04-04  9ef46dd360ec2347df38713328d00bdc  2018-10-28_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   49,351,705  2018-10-28  f175fac068c9ee06b94801f8f6e6ee34  2018-10-28_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  262,073,171  2018-10-28  3021da0746c0773c193364d2a239388b  2018-10-28_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
1,034,283,094  2018-10-28  1c6e3a1d5fb076dbad104d21a515347e  2018-10-28_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, October 19, 2018
Hillary’s security clearance is removed; Trump comments that global warming has a political agenda but it’s not reported by major news media; the spraying of chemtrails, some pilots know, some don’t, and some pilots aren’t human, think terraforming; greed, money, and detachment from humanity make it okay to dump radioactive mud and water into the environment; ET’s currency is our DNA, abductions continue undercover; missing children never found, almost same percentage in every country, probably not coincidence; Comet 46P/Wirtanen coming soon; thoughts on alleged murder of Jamal Khashoggi; why don’t aliens help us?
       30,924  2019-03-25  2c6c2fc41eca181e409d6d6a65c8812e  2018-10-19_ted_mahr.docx
   50,770,785  2018-10-27  15a6a468204b88b4837255270495d25b  2018-10-19_ted_mahr.mp3
       96,459  2019-03-25  92928b9cc18b128226bebcf9ffb67a49  2018-10-19_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       42,543  2019-04-14  399820feb5a87b3ae0b08fe97f586c2e  2018-10-19_ted_mahr.txt
      116,316  2019-03-25  8dc51de282c8641adbb12aeb9048c001  2018-10-19_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Saturday, October 6, 2018
Reports of another assassination attempt on President Trump; much buzz about consequences of Judge Kavanaugh being added to the Supreme Court but opening of the sealed indictments wasn’t mentioned; many many sealed indictments waiting to be opened against Americans both here and abroad; Fulford, among others, talks about Americans already living under martial law but are not aware because it hasn’t been announced; elite of the land are seeking protection; Major General Stubblebine says airplanes didn’t bring down the Twin Towers or hit the Pentagon; woman testifying against Kavanaugh has had trauma as a child but not sure if she is mind controlled; White House/FEMA might take control of telecommunications to broadcast to American citizens the truth; Simon thanks the people playing a role in establishing a worldwide CC; Questions: are there female jinn and/or good jinn; hidden war between Satanic factions of Reptilians and Annunaki; is Trump Annunaki; what dimension does our soul reside in; Reptilians, their physical appearance, lineage in humans, soul content; Simon gets flash confirming Kavanaugh is now Supreme Court Judge; how does soul lineage and body lineage interact; did women once have the right to decide whether or not a child would be conceived without the use of pills or other birth control paraphernalia; a case of episodic mania: is it a mental health issue or demonic possession; why is evil intertwined and tolerated in the benevolent universe.
       34,238  2019-04-04  3590b10dd423679a8497e593945ae97a  2018-10-07_connecting_consciousness.docx
   34,756,667  2019-04-04  f7d6ab1da353a83c3b13daca48588efe  2018-10-07_connecting_consciousness.mp3
   17,622,823  2019-04-04  0a46be8425482f7928e903abade2471b  2018-10-07_connecting_consciousness.ogg
      139,896  2019-04-04  12873402373aeba8b94fcfc8d1c182fd  2018-10-07_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       58,413  2019-04-11  02dc3a87c27965a412e78805471a69d5  2018-10-07_connecting_consciousness.txt
      132,345  2019-04-04  36ff02ef4418653d97b4fc641c055c33  2018-10-07_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   44,441,375  2019-04-04  9f1277c581b46b32edbd1b7133fa6e4a  2018-10-07_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  203,647,921  2019-04-04  bccbb15d090215c07c0da797284ef930  2018-10-07_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  446,012,518  2019-04-04  aff96c433a2006f2744337003a62fbad  2018-10-07_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, October 5, 2018
The last three months of 2018 are a crucial time for changes to be made, as time allotted for military and civil courts to run in tandem will expire in December; the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh probably experienced trauma at some point in her life which possibly compromised her testimony; chemtrails so heavy over parts of England they formed clouds, reason unclear; nuclear mud being dumped in Penarth supposedly in unused underground tunnels; Kavanaugh has lower 5th dimensional soul and is deep state but not evil; Nibiru is in our solar system in a holding position because the timeline it’s to arrive on is not yet; reason for importance of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination; how do we realize the shift to the higher dimension; observation is made that good people are getting better, bad people are getting worse, and the gray area inbetween is disappearing; ways of getting rid of curses; who’s sending ricin to politicians and President Trump; rumored Kavanaugh helped write the Patriot Act, but it was probably written 6 months–1 year before 9/11; Major General Stubblebine says no airplanes involved in 9/11 demolition; Elon Musk has Tesla share price problems and court action problems over pedophile accusations he made against organizer of a child rescue effort; scientist says CERN is one of the greatest dangers to humanity; Democratic senator opposes FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh, politics at its dirtiest.
       30,055  2019-03-25  a39971cf7db928843605be92294338dc  2018-10-05_ted_mahr.docx
   52,532,610  2018-10-07  4a696864505e875177b0734de42febc3  2018-10-05_ted_mahr.mp3
       97,713  2019-03-25  f45ed0ba0166a6b11a67c8b1e01a44da  2018-10-05_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       42,727  2019-04-14  f718307bd3e74d7a3b9e0b65e7e8f0b8  2018-10-05_ted_mahr.txt
       97,060  2019-03-25  72bdae91089a2506f4515a1a2b24bd4f  2018-10-05_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, September 21, 2018
Particle beam weapons being fired from helicopters, space, and the ground by both humans and nonhumans result in unnatural Northern California fires, which may be work of Agenda 21 and/or something else; fall 2018 is a critical time for humanity; much hinges on Kavanaugh surviving the attempted character assassination and being nominated to the Supreme Court; 50,000 indictments need to be processed against mostly U.S. citizens guilty of pedophilia, selling children into sex slavery, and/or use in sacrificial occult ceremonies; President Trump and Angela Merkel have animated conversation about Germany helping Poland; rumor is both Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel contain genetic material from Hitler; that rumored relationship of Merkel to Hitler may have been reason President Trump suggested Merkel help Poland because of atrocities Germany committed against Poland during Nazi era; chatter lingers as to why so many observatories worldwide close simultaneously, some say to stop the observatories from capturing images of spacecraft around Sun; can a person with multiple soul parts drop a part after birth to resolve a conflict; strange happenings concerning commercial flights—Boeing 777 loses flight control systems when approaching New York on 9/11, many people being poisoned on various flights—could be warning to Trump not to drain the swamp or else!.
       29,320  2019-03-25  3d6493313fb61ce1abe2ba3a1fcca0ed  2018-09-21_ted_mahr.docx
   52,143,549  2018-09-23  10bfee79c70de2b6e5b80031758d074a  2018-09-21_ted_mahr.mp3
       95,090  2019-03-25  448cdbd780e08a4b51774d125ff80e89  2018-09-21_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       42,394  2019-04-14  78d58e5f8fc8986ec48f292f9a8e9b0a  2018-09-21_ted_mahr.txt
       94,639  2019-03-25  3ee032a2a6afff7eaf9d4d446d1a5f6a  2018-09-21_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot (
at northern England via video conference
Interview: Latest News and Commentary, September 18, 2018
Between three and six satellites deactivated, especially Black Knight which could take control of people on the ground; Sun Spot Observatory along with other observatories shut down simultaneously to avoid viewing the traffic around the Sun; QAnon is four human males and AI in a D-Wave computer; when all else fails try sexual allegations to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court; along with indictments, rumored to be around 50,000, will come military tribunals and most probably civil unrest; states with most indictments: Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, California; remote viewers see a hugely depopulated Earth in the near future; timelines, both positive and negative, coincide with psychological profiles of people viewing them; destructive weather war devices haven’t been used as of yet to their full potential, but as a secret weapon to play a political game; hurricane Florence was an example of weather war, compliments of stations across U.S. and Europe that have ability to enhance existing weather conditions; energy technology witnessed in Northern California fires suggests a battle between humans and nonhumans fought above ground, a first in the U.S. .
       46,970  2019-03-25  be34aaaf318597f99ec427bf20bea60c  2018-09-18_kerry_cassidy.docx
   55,205,111  2019-03-25  a28cb7f470fb287d5b2e29634d51983c  2018-09-18_kerry_cassidy.mp3
   27,326,068  2018-12-30  4b4ef0a8bdcb531608c26e7332f3b815  2018-09-18_kerry_cassidy.ogg
      166,601  2019-03-25  e6d2819e422a3afad0d081d1eae70b36  2018-09-18_kerry_cassidy.tall.pdf
       90,845  2019-04-11  d12f6fc0fc1f3fc3f13b0deb674dce9f  2018-09-18_kerry_cassidy.txt
      166,218  2019-03-25  111894fbd8c9abe199e9abaf8012bfb4  2018-09-18_kerry_cassidy.wide.pdf
   55,824,174  2018-09-19  878f372557195a7fdc5f6e887cc37048  2018-09-18_kerry_cassidy_144p.3gp
  304,325,776  2018-09-19  2f32e2f039aeb13e4de49b11651aa23a  2018-09-18_kerry_cassidy_360p.mp4
  471,149,228  2018-09-19  7e745618d96a40ecbe829fa29e362681  2018-09-18_kerry_cassidy_720p.mp4
with Rebecca Parkes
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Sunday, September 16, 2018
This session of Connecting Consciousness addresses the people who have been soft-poisoned on airplanes, the hurricane Florence, GCHQ and the Solar Observatories. Brexit was lightly addressed. Connecting Consciousness held a meeting in the U.K. and Simon explained how this organization will be for the benefit of the people. Some very deep questions were asked regarding how to process memories from past lives, especially if one is evolving from a darker life path toward a positive state. Another topic included information on the ability to detect someone by a brain wave scan or their electromagnetic signature. Thrilling information was provided on soulless entities, clones, artificial intelligence, and astral travel. And best of all, Simon’s new cat was introduced.
       33,297  2019-04-04  e945d1887c1dcf4b90e9bd11e2da37f7  2018-09-16_connecting_consciousness.docx
   31,573,281  2019-03-25  30ef648df76b6bf2737439010f35c65c  2018-09-16_connecting_consciousness.mp3
   16,010,284  2018-12-30  4da57e8d4717c887b4bd50cf702ca039  2018-09-16_connecting_consciousness.ogg
      129,259  2019-04-04  473dc7dee39945e7ea6acc85799d6e6a  2018-09-16_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       57,426  2019-04-11  3ae36c3f20cb3fa7a0bc80bb4d6123ab  2018-09-16_connecting_consciousness.txt
      128,429  2019-04-04  29b462bea7ae32eaaa6dc860a37b5996  2018-09-16_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   40,160,025  2018-09-15  3f6c4be0953b2e90613db6a79fc0ea09  2018-09-16_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  188,398,984  2018-09-15  906f760b8d6208e2c28f60dd3bbd4d11  2018-09-16_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  417,177,654  2018-09-15  b52844e8fb87f684ee2676217503558d  2018-09-16_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Rebecca Bannister
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Friday, September 7, 2018
Strong call by left for Trump impeachment has led Trump to say that action will cause a revolution/martial law; GCHQ has been cut from U.S. control; some satellites that have been deactivated are Dark Knight satellites that can activate an individual on the ground; code words are dropped during Brett Kavanaugh’s stormy vetting basically saying treasonous Americans will be tried in military tribunals; Questions: past interviews of Connecting Consciousness disappear from internet because of copyright laws; Airl, survivor of Roswell crash, comments on escaping the prison planet Earth; relationship, if any, between lighting used on Judge Kavanaugh’s interviews and Pleiadian Constellation; how can we reverse negative legislation the EU–Britain call animal rights; relevance of seeing floating faces in orbs; finding trustworthy news, FYI: Fulford’s info is genuine; demonic entities and symbiotic relationships; purpose of articles on death of Queen Elizabeth II and its disruptive effect; are earthquakes coming in 2018–19, especially Yellowstone Park; where should we focus our thoughts and energy when crossing over; empowering/protecting an indigo child; causes of women looking like men in various areas of the world.
       35,492  2019-04-04  413b8264ea56fdb148c59f6ceff6e5bb  2018-09-09_connecting_consciousness.docx
   35,279,116  2019-04-04  6b65a55d5da50dae24169c8273d0ed09  2018-09-09_connecting_consciousness.mp3
   17,894,221  2019-04-04  15589bc6c41fc61ad18e9592cf898272  2018-09-09_connecting_consciousness.ogg
      125,017  2019-04-04  cae1dd2f8343defe3599911ffc213b94  2018-09-09_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       63,192  2019-04-11  b4d0fe50722f8a964bb7478c54fc6e2a  2018-09-09_connecting_consciousness.txt
      124,073  2019-04-04  15160a8565c6a59857bb8c3250d9baea  2018-09-09_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   44,456,326  2019-04-04  8a946dcb91549bb4ce26ec2e09e8a6ea  2018-09-09_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  200,340,028  2019-04-04  753d5cd8e2fdf7db79e6e827e2787e8d  2018-09-09_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  338,896,951  2019-04-04  7aa78c7324ea4e1d93322d231cf96363  2018-09-09_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, September 7, 2018
Simon discusses his post about the questioning of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the mention of military tribunals as a way to try Americans who betray their country; ridiculous political games being played out for the public are a distraction tool to keep people from focusing on the real issues; America needs to understand they are in a fight for their life to maintain their sovereignty; how do we stop weather control and deliberately set fires by particle beam weapons; implants can be both positive and negative; is it true that all nuclear weapons on Earth have been deactivated; are the Annunaki gone from the surface of the Earth; when celebrities know too much they seem to mysteriously commit suicide according to the system, but the public thinks they were murdered; pedophilia in the UN; 5G and all the new gadgets that run it and damage health are all ways to make money; if the light tunnel traps souls then maybe we shouldn’t send trapped souls to the light, but instead to Source or their star family; how the future looks to be shaping up.
       29,150  2019-03-26  14f3573a33fd2c383bf2e7af266701d7  2018-09-07_ted_mahr.docx
   52,225,698  2018-09-10  fcdaffdf7647594be3147e1c30027d57  2018-09-07_ted_mahr.mp3
       94,743  2019-03-26  aaf49c2873ab8d9a79ba263c560c4588  2018-09-07_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       42,486  2019-04-14  331bd6816ae4adc561104a08822d87a4  2018-09-07_ted_mahr.txt
       93,775  2019-03-26  b49c3b7704b51dbcaa880af09139dec7  2018-09-07_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Rebecca Bannister
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Sunday, August 26, 2018
Simon starts his CC August Bank Holiday Special by discussing the trouble brewing in the U.S. government; people in Trump’s administration are being criminalized in lawless law courts; Mueller and elite use media to push impeachment of President Trump; Questions: regaining memories; removing blocks/implants, best to try to do it yourself; a Mollison disclosure reveals Annunaki leadership change coincides with large human die off between 2020–2040, and Simon confirms this intention is planned, but not set in stone, for around 2025; if Reptilians bioengineered us how is it we have a soul; will Kriya Yoga aid in going back to Source; how do you dissolve karma; is the god or God sharing information with Mark Taylor a trap? Hillary Clinton snuff film; ability to focus is the key; what is behind society being in a divide-and-conquer mode, even the alternative community; can you verify 2012 portal.blogspot group is working with light forces to free Earth and are you affiliated; when the event happens will the U.S. and Canada be treated the same?
       29,563  2019-04-04  232987cdb8f3e13be9ff923297a763e7  2018-08-26_connecting_consciousness.docx
   28,818,303  2019-03-25  3dfb6e2600bd620b8a25b4bf9abbe286  2018-08-26_connecting_consciousness.mp3
   14,619,281  2018-12-30  f887cc0026032d0b7b42859bb13df819  2018-08-26_connecting_consciousness.ogg
      102,429  2019-04-04  12a2626dd36aa198460ce29bd366ab91  2018-08-26_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       47,192  2019-04-11  86d342ae3e8ea5ea49254c0a4bb6c604  2018-08-26_connecting_consciousness.txt
      101,991  2019-04-04  6084eba7fb26bae4c4e5aeb14adaac0b  2018-08-26_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   35,421,673  2018-09-09  7d1a72ac12aeededbfc05abf3d0e1420  2018-08-26_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  186,858,235  2018-09-09  cd0d06b4a11aa50ea17d85852fbca1c6  2018-08-26_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  554,354,603  2018-08-26  b46f85c458bec20d72788222931c8fe4  2018-08-26_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Rebecca Bannister
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Saturday, August 18, 2018
Richard Russell, airline maintenance worker, uses his video game piloting skills to steal, fly and crash a plane in the real 3D world; President Putin invited to a wedding in Austria, Green Party making a fuss; gas line from Russia to Germany is a go; blockchain game a bit iffy; what’s going on with Elon Musk and Tesla; indictments, are they being unsealed and why are witnesses ending up dead; the out of control economy just keeps going, reminiscent of that cute little pink energizer bunny; methods of cleansing a house or oneself of negative attachments; which ETs are helping Chinese hidden government and aiding their hi-tech developments; pet deaths, reincarnation and finding their human companion again; will Earth still be a prison planet when it reaches the 5th dimension; did humans ever have green copper-based blood; what’s a transformed Reptilian; energy waves hitting planet will continue until about 2023; request for thoughts on dream; crystal discussion: Earth crystals don’t have a soul but there are crystal soul beings.
       34,347  2019-04-04  6010194039ae7585c1db479df2d785db  2018-08-19_connecting_consciousness.docx
   19,986,617  2019-04-04  2bbe4debc7d1ba26bcc1d1e414cda6e0  2018-08-19_connecting_consciousness.mp3
   10,139,691  2019-04-04  4e74ad3de2891c9dd9e7d5d3c153a631  2018-08-19_connecting_consciousness.ogg
      116,058  2019-04-04  2e4a7a33e4f8b685246d5639252a1c44  2018-08-19_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       58,578  2019-04-11  40782e09ed2b3cdfafbe9f7d8a1d11e0  2018-08-19_connecting_consciousness.txt
      115,480  2019-04-04  a9f8df7b177babddbffcfd88724fbc23  2018-08-19_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
  192,669,851  2019-04-04  0695f565725b77d2280a2c2f58e5d8e5  2018-08-19_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  960,103,393  2019-04-04  cff93411d4e1b0e49d78f4f719ccd12f  2018-08-19_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, August 17, 2018
Unusual weather; particle beams shooting from planes/helicopters are starting abnormal fires on West Coast; Seattle-Tacoma Airport employee taking plane for a joy ride and crashing it onto Ketron Island is another demonstration, along with particle beam fires, of the elite’s destructive West Coast agenda, probably a warning to President Trump, i.e., look what we can do; Mantis, Reptilian, and Grey beings have a written language but prefer telepathy; Turkey won’t release Christian minister so Trump makes Turkey’s stocks take a tumble; Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School named after woman who campaigned to drain Everglade swamp, Trump wants to drain D.C. swamp, metaphor too great for bad guys to pass up so school shoot up was a message to Trump; if powers that be legalize pedophilia, pedophile arrests will be cancelled; rumor of thousands of indictments against U.S. government criminals but news is quiet, hard to know if anything is being done; more attempts will be made to murder President Trump, at least two more before Thanksgiving; comments on Buzz Aldrin saying, “We didn’t go there”; word is dark side of Moon is already inhabited partly as a result of Adam and Eve of Eden leading an exodus from Earth of chosen people, i.e., elite/wealthy/professionals to a base on the Moon and a base on Mars named Adam and Eve.
       29,224  2019-03-26  dd5ae29f34095c94807e7b15c3d4ba19  2018-08-17_ted_mahr.docx
   52,873,795  2018-08-18  989c2b6a6382328dc20b57c319007cec  2018-08-17_ted_mahr.mp3
      102,770  2019-03-26  057165134a7b397c78245c01a905df9d  2018-08-17_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       43,487  2019-04-14  2c12330555aca524a94d8f8c2ed99277  2018-08-17_ted_mahr.txt
      103,866  2019-03-26  8fc32287b3e2f864b06870058172e832  2018-08-17_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Rebecca Bannister
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Friday, August 3, 2018
Brexit woes: no deal with EU, no food or pharmaceutical drugs for you; three Norwegian Forest Cats have been added to Simon’s family; prayer that is beneficial; ways different dimensional beings show themselves; is President Trump incarnation of King Herod; Mandela effect heavily linked with CERN’s Hadron time manipulating device; timeline shifts; thoughts about interviews on Why Is This True; false flag Syrian gas attack followed by stage show put on by Trump and Putin to prevent World War III; Michael Newton’s hypnotherapy dealing with Life Between Lives and people’s memories, some real, some implanted; will bad guys and good guys split and each end up in a separate world; differences in one’s soul energy and physical energy; Trudeau visits the Queen; does German ethnicity automatically mean a higher proportion of Reptilian soul energy; lung parasites possibly from chemtrails; note: most parasites are fourth dimensional energy; interpretations of DNA ancestry test results and their many variations; views on soul/body relationship; ways to protect against failing dollar.
       35,591  2019-04-04  3cb108d8d984cd1d118f1e0fab77abfb  2018-08-05_connecting_consciousness.docx
   33,562,976  2019-04-04  5c3aaac384d9d7ce7dfee5eb035238ad  2018-08-05_connecting_consciousness.mp3
   17,024,271  2019-04-04  5959181692c2e0dc0f2a3eb8e3d3c252  2018-08-05_connecting_consciousness.ogg
      148,069  2019-04-04  e3ffd236075e435fc552fa13af481600  2018-08-05_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       61,257  2019-04-11  ad2d88e8c1076f1fc3e5cce7af9490f8  2018-08-05_connecting_consciousness.txt
      129,582  2019-04-04  37c4c1d1739462120eb5cc8c4aa66113  2018-08-05_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   42,192,738  2019-04-04  32ea44055cd1acd60cfe6b82cf96f502  2018-08-05_connecting_consciousness_144.3gp
  192,624,851  2019-04-04  5d5cf3af775f1d89ab3e684736dc6dd7  2018-08-05_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  405,636,835  2019-04-04  262591c204abb936ff8c9f241fe42ab1  2018-08-05_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
       30,766  2019-04-04  35c57c82748b26784d9b8e8bc6076f81  2018-08-05_connecting_consciousness_extracts_RU.docx
       46,872  2019-04-08  36721d7cc00d63043e0b9e2c4a5bdd6c  2018-08-05_connecting_consciousness_extracts_RU.txt
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, August 3, 2018
News from Hollow Earth: mermaids/mermen are showing themselves; Sasquatch create peace mandala using rose quartz crystals from Telos; more dangers involved with persons who dispense ayahuasca than ayahuasca itself; Ouija board created by interdimensionals as a way to attach to humans; the seemingly never ending but decreasing chemtrails; driverless cars, a plan to force humans to accept automation/robots as superior to humanity; 5G not necessary to control driverless cars; long history of Reptilian influence in China and they could use Chinese as puppets to dominate entire planet through economy; Eddie Page sees timeline where China invades U.S. by 2028; climate alteration, artificial green algae, red tide; is Agenda 21 behind energy weapon fires or possibly a computer connected to a person using consciousness that visualizes cars and houses and then combusts them, leaving vegetation intact because it wasn’t part of the visualization; to complete the Agenda 21 plan authorities then forbid owners back on their premises to rebuild, giving them ultimatum to move to large cities and live in cubicles; more cheating as usual by financial institutions; meaning of Buzz Aldrin’s statement, “We didn’t go there”; McDonald’s in North Korea?
       30,379  2019-04-14  796ef8fd166ab0a459315cc3abf36de4  2018-08-03_ted_mahr.docx
   52,243,212  2018-08-05  e570c237294b8d5d263255e3993b992a  2018-08-03_ted_mahr.mp3
      115,184  2019-03-26  0cbffe6ac4c2d415838e123aa98ae2f6  2018-08-03_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       43,418  2019-04-14  24174b7f793a00cfcb853482407e820d  2018-08-03_ted_mahr.txt
       97,664  2019-03-26  92c9ea496b44a14044ab7c576f0d96bc  2018-08-03_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
       18,994  2019-02-27  2b32377d778e7be2402332ea4ccfb9de  2018-08-03_ted_mahr_extracts_RU.docx
       10,319  2019-04-08  4c8621c4e3ff9686266879f7f7adeb26  2018-08-03_ted_mahr_extracts_RU.txt
with Rebecca Bannister
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Saturday, July 14, 2018
President Trump visits the Queen and Prime Minister Theresa May; Trump appoints Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court position; if there is going to be any upholding of the law it will probably begin in late August; in September 911 and 911-type issues might be spun in a more truthful way; in October Western economies are at their weakest, good time for a crash; tottering Deutsche Bank is linchpin of European economy; Merkel’s leadership shaky; America wants to stop footing the bill for UN, NATO, and Cabalistic groups planet-wide; Wang Jian, Chinese businessman about to turn whistleblower was probably murdered; Questions: what happens to those who have died and gone to the light when this trap system breaks down; is worldwide economic crash coming; is planet still being run by the Annunaki; effects of Nibiru cruising past Earth; Silver Legion, beneficial to humanity; Dutch monarchy and DNA testing; Secret Coalition for American Nationalism and their influence; role of South America; dream blockage; Bosnian pyramids; don’t foresee another Bosnian war; who is ancestor star race of people of India; Nagas in India; multiple personalities; one person’s account of falling asleep listening to Tibetan singing bowls.
       35,125  2019-04-04  094c5d095221be9d29609497039dd57b  2018-07-15_connecting_consciousness.docx
   68,074,194  2019-04-04  30f0b6a32b34960c1df1e33d465782f3  2018-07-15_connecting_consciousness.mp3
      141,034  2019-04-04  610a145fa08c5febdfd109b5094e7a6e  2018-07-15_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       59,180  2019-04-11  1b7853cc2d11dff1627b4efb9491a5bd  2018-07-15_connecting_consciousness.txt
      122,428  2019-04-04  f11a39a04c69c81c122eab81ab92a47d  2018-07-15_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   43,363,047  2019-04-04  5c01720becaa8a0895b8e7cf9577cdb8  2018-07-15_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  191,778,084  2019-04-04  ba589e886a37984b3d9a6354ed599b53  2018-07-15_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  295,453,735  2019-04-04  60513c61463268c98952c92649e66f5d  2018-07-15_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, July 6, 2018
Ted interviews Simon from Mount Shasta where UFOs possibly hide in lenticular clouds; chemtrail ramp up is to stop ascension by preventing increasing frequency of sun from reaching Earth; this wavelength of the sun’s light is raising core temperature of all planets in solar system and is natural global warming, nothing to do with humans; new Supreme Court Judge will hopefully free up Trump so he can take legal action against the bad guys; good government structural changes predicted to be coming in next couple of years; are chemtrails hiding the approaching Nibiru, no but government has technology that can hide it; possibility that some chemtrails are being sprayed by Reptilians cloaking their spacecraft to look like ours and in essence are terraforming Earth to make it more Reptilian friendly and less human friendly; Simon comments that this plan was on the drawing board as early as 1895 as witnessed by H.G. Wells The War of the Worlds; showing positive emotions to negative entities could give them another option; is there a California earthquake coming; extreme weather caused by high frequency technology fired into atmosphere will prevent earthquakes as long the activity continues; ways to create harmony on Earth; is ascension progress on target; deliberate immigration invasion of U.S. and child trafficking; President Trump is a figurehead, doesn’t have authority he needs to clean up America; as it stands now planet scheduled to arrive in 5th dimension by 2025; Brexit transition out of EU, easy or not; Merkel almost lost her job because of her immigration policy.
       29,936  2019-04-14  501b4f199079c6b60c6012d14af81aea  2018-07-06_ted_mahr.docx
      142,349  2019-03-26  1c2ce5838d5c73a433d7e7149914caf1  2018-07-06_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       40,099  2019-04-14  6cb6c2111f48c9b360035395fbf901f4  2018-07-06_ted_mahr.txt
      134,714  2019-03-26  d132228655d32b519c2727de9930d1a4  2018-07-06_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
   50,976,810  2018-07-09  fc3fc54f9e9a5f7e76db3880961731e1  2018-07-06_ted_mahr_1of2.mp3
   52,925,753  2018-07-10  ef4c8c612d267592c6c6603bd867a564  2018-07-06_ted_mahr_2of2.mp3
with Rebecca Bannister
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast, Recorded Thursday, June 28, 2018
Fulford and others are saying a nuclear explosion might be set off in the U.S., and Simon acknowledges it’s possible but has no solid information on this event; U.S. and Russia meet to discuss joint ventures economically and militarily; Trump/Putin meeting receiving very little press; Dunford/Gerasimov meeting to discuss possible civil unrest globally; Angela Merkel’s removal might possibly prevent deadly riots in Germany; Trump Supreme Court nomination necessary to ensure there is anti-Cabal Supreme Court before opening indictments; G7 is now G6 as President Trump withdrew because he doesn’t like to deal with nondemocratic organizations; Chinese trade war political; European trade war is attack on Cabal; Simon’s beloved Ingimar has left the planet; Stone of Scone, a sacred object; do Akashic Records record life events after we have left the physical body; cause of trumpeting sounds heard from the sky; planet frequency accelerating but not responsible for activating DNA; soul/body relationship and DNA retrieval; the moon, control systems, transcendental meditation, negative forces; Brett Stuart, remote viewing Mantids/Insectoids; QAnon not always spot-on; has any entity attempted to dispose of Draco King Anu; why not big filmed alien interview or spacecraft footage for public; human/animal connections and symbolism; interbreeding races and disabled children; ways we can support humanity at this time.
       36,977  2019-04-04  00aaa4c230716fa7f60fed812f3dc223  2018-07-01_connecting_consciousness.docx
   37,839,725  2019-04-04  36804be5061f7e1b0b97a9d1c217164c  2018-07-01_connecting_consciousness.mp3
      133,117  2019-04-04  5a8d58b4a906a1f0e61849029e471f14  2018-07-01_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       64,735  2019-04-11  7ff673d35f8f5adde310a4e157ff40a5  2018-07-01_connecting_consciousness.txt
      132,368  2019-04-04  e5b6ec5999c7e08f1886c3b286eb51d1  2018-07-01_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
  214,137,603  2019-04-04  3ade84b842afc8cdde74642c53512f5e  2018-07-01_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  346,855,637  2019-04-04  0876cec38a8fc1588f1033466e3281fd  2018-07-01_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Rebecca Bannister
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Friday, June 15, 2018
Bilderbergers call in Vatican to debate dealing with humanity waking up; U.S. federal judges will be sworn in during August and civilian lawyers are being drafted to give balance between civil and military side of court system; purpose of Trump’s trade war with Europe is to attack cabal; China, Korea, Trump, and negotiations; because of Tommy Robinson’s shady past Simon suggests instead checking out and supporting Sacha Stone’s work on pedophilia; Questions: is the false light trap still operating; will all living creatures get upgraded and humans become telepathic in 5D; Mandela effect; what was taken out by air strike on Al Kibar; request shows with specialized topics; thoughts on Urantia Book; Fairex barter status; will disclosure happen; can one be invisible to other dimensional entities; energy wave hitting Earth weaker than expected; effects of currency reset; 4D timelines not same as 3D linear timelines; intent of crisscross chemtrails is entrapment of energies.
       35,497  2019-04-04  fff85d61ce3504097b34cd62dc55e167  2018-06-17_connecting_consciousness.docx
   34,529,906  2019-04-04  9e26d323f1e5490878c36640e7fa9ce7  2018-06-17_connecting_consciousness.mp3
      126,570  2019-04-04  47d7c1c3c69f14310dba6bbbe5242617  2018-06-17_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       60,860  2019-04-11  e870e9a6c43b6e32aa7dbde03381c053  2018-06-17_connecting_consciousness.txt
      125,732  2019-04-04  cb1c6fc0bfb9bcebd140cfb00f04323b  2018-06-17_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   43,822,602  2019-04-04  5c0a6a751c6b73673c87824bc8871af7  2018-06-17_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  201,786,575  2019-04-04  05d01a431b79ac054b183dfa251c7639  2018-06-17_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  615,268,567  2019-04-04  7f245c9bc3b8e34b3653b27590d22d78  2018-06-17_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, June 15, 2018
Meeting between U.S. and North Korea takes place with an agreement; Bilderbergers invite Vatican rep to discuss people control issues; unofficial news that some people are being told not to leave U.S. because of possible upcoming indictments; President Trump is not playing ball with European elite, trade war still on; if there are future natural disasters they will probably be localized; control system is breaking down partly due to increased frequency on Earth; mainstream media is beginning to report pedophile arrests; comments on Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon; was lack of rescue effort of capsized Sewol Ferry a deliberate student sacrifice by a religious cult; suicide or not of Anthony Bourdain; Kennedy family targeted because their goal was to color outside the establishment box; did Hillary Clinton want NY Senate seat badly enough to cause mysterious demise of J.F.K. Junior, many think so; might see a return to spiritual values of Christmas this year; some historical truths won’t come out until people involved have left office.
       34,290  2019-04-11  7c6c6353927c4d96e9614b65d11d22b4  2018-06-15_ted_mahr.docx
   52,900,821  2018-06-17  7d5bb03040d27998ff42a6e9f729955e  2018-06-15_ted_mahr.mp3
      145,962  2019-04-11  fdbd6553b9da01e7e9099de46b8ee3f1  2018-06-15_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       50,548  2019-04-11  0285fee1df4d7bdc76461a8881b307cf  2018-06-15_ted_mahr.txt
      137,481  2019-04-11  0c13d24f351cab4e5a8a631870c49fc2  2018-06-15_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Rebecca Bannister
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Sunday, June 3, 2018
Connecting Consciousness on YouTube is an unofficial site not okayed by Simon so to get what is directly coming from Simon go to his official website. Trump’s trade war will hurt ordinary people; Germany and Turkey alliance might organize a war; Italy is now anti-Europe and pro-Putin; Harvey Weinstein could name names; new Supreme Court appointment will make a positive difference in prosecuting the swamp creatures and if convicted there will be a cultural change in entertainment venues; possible consequences of Jeff Epstein reporting to Mueller; Trump is actually not selling out; conservative Spanish prime minister forced to resign; economic/political domino effect will be felt by everyone on planet; usual warning: the war is not won as yet; Questions: Jordan Maxwell and his claims about Jesus, Christianity, and Judaism; validity of Lacerta Files; use of the pentagram; beliefs of Reptilians, Mantids, and Greys about God; Dogman (Canis) encounters on increase; the dinar and soccer; read Protocols of The Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn; watch AI; give people a nudge to wake them up; is Canadian Prime Minister a clone; how many Draco Reptilians are here now; where is your autobiography; are mandatory chip implants coming; UFOs in Cappadocia area; dyslexia and immunizations; can playing vocal recordings of deceased persons entrap their soul; Cobra, the chimera group, human freedom; the overall state of the planet.
       35,349  2019-04-04  b2f20ed24986c95bb24e8cea8da0ae60  2018-06-03_connecting_consciousness.docx
   34,197,629  2018-06-04  6405adddacaa35cb256f83761689d338  2018-06-03_connecting_consciousness.mp3
      126,613  2019-04-04  f10230a3768a25caa1bb1af850f040a3  2018-06-03_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       60,153  2019-04-11  fdd5bc61bcb85ec01512820ec19c9a48  2018-06-03_connecting_consciousness.txt
      126,096  2019-04-04  7a9c6c33bd5c7519595f069faa1bd8f5  2018-06-03_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   43,078,041  2018-06-04  a6eab6ee513cd0788225efc24cb07248  2018-06-03_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  200,579,058  2018-06-04  8055e3a97303fc3e94978776e5be4c5a  2018-06-03_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  388,631,257  2018-06-04  66f4c1f5ce89970548c75f69f5114586  2018-06-03_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers: Friday, June 1, 2018
McDonalds in North Korea?!? once new Supreme Judge is sworn in there might be indictments; Epstein/Weinstein could name names and cause problems for elite; both Italy and Spain lost their prime ministers; Zionists pressure President Trump for World War III with Iran, Congress intercedes; suggestion made that maybe the cartoon channel in U.S. would have greatest audience for getting news out; European Union has iffy future; referendums past and present; President John F. Kennedy, the people’s president; need mass demonstrations to save Mother Earth from oil pipeline in Canada; volcanic activity in Hawaii is directed on specific route due to human intervention and related to recent missile situation; volcanic lava and monatomic gold; world population around 12 billion, NOT 7 billion plus; will U.S. states secede from the Union; Fukushima radiation near West Coast cleaned up by off planet entities; news articles about caverns discovered under sea in Antarctica area and AIDS being created in a lab are short-lived or missing altogether from mainstream news.
       32,893  2019-03-26  11603a154268785e00302b253d34e9f2  2018-06-01_ted_mahr.docx
   51,967,992  2018-06-04  b69dfe930817627cc09a12def6010cb2  2018-06-01_ted_mahr.mp3
      116,771  2019-03-26  58e31b95d68987b5bb925673d314580b  2018-06-01_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       50,764  2019-04-11  c98f2c79284a5e03f3022dd6ee5dd187  2018-06-01_ted_mahr.txt
      115,289  2019-03-26  4258d0bdb6a45970a5d431f88a0d6297  2018-06-01_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, May 25, 2018
Turkish economic meltdown will have domino effect on everyone; planet needs plastic/pollution cleanup before it’s too late; time for clean energy technologies to be allowed to flourish; effect of JFK on the world; aborted missile attack on Hawaii and volcanic eruption are linked; Florida school shooting was direct/indirect message to President Trump/public not to drain the swamp; people in power give politicians office with designated perimeters and they’re not to color outside the perimeter’s box or else; like JFK, Trump is having problems with FBI; ways to work with premonitions in dreams; cryptocurrencies, the sophisticated technological enslavement of humanity; money is a control mechanism for people of Earth and an attack on love; increased gravity will bring about Earth changes.
       31,829  2019-03-26  75992ced32045bd7bb2d896ac92fe531  2018-05-25_ted_mahr.docx
   52,267,468  2018-05-29  d828778b3aba081ba3a31f8755b8dcf9  2018-05-25_ted_mahr.mp3
      121,353  2019-03-26  7a7c6bd49867493709f3d7404ec59d2d  2018-05-25_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       48,937  2019-04-11  07e1276e764d57405a225b442660e61c  2018-05-25_ted_mahr.txt
      102,952  2019-03-26  2d98e2edebce1958cb0abec8e9c87ed1  2018-05-25_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, May 18, 2018
Simon starts with a snippet of news about the Royal Wedding; the Texas school shooting has fatalities but scant information as yet about the shooter; the Trump incident also has little information on the ranting and raving shooter; 34 bishops from Chile ask pope to accept their resignation over pedophilia/child sex trafficking; Questions: Earth technology now exists to turn any metal into gold so why did the Annunaki, a higher dimensional group, who would have known about this technology not use it instead of coming here to mine gold; in-depth explanation of the Canis race; are shapeshifters evolved physical beings existing multidimensionally; is it all right to eat dairy; understanding dreams/memories; Loch Ness Monster, Bermuda Triangle, time warps, portals; speculation on Napoleon’s death; demonic possession can alter hormone balances/mood swings; why did Source create the Jinn; timeline definition; dreams/past live memories and where it fits into history; Is Nibiru still here; Hela, what might she be up to; stargates and portals; dimensions/subdimensions and underworlds; the Golden Age and after; technology plus correct mindset needed for preserving the environment; Harald Kautz Vella, black goo, Arc of the Covenant; using a pendulum vs. Ouija board; what does Mother Earth call herself; beating globalist agendas.
   51,339,774  2018-05-29  7d872240d08e1829b82dd861a590f516  2018-05-18_ted_mahr.mp3
with Rebecca Bannister
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Thursday, May 18, 2018
Simon starts with a snippet of news about the Royal Wedding; the Texas school shooting has fatalities but scant information as yet about the shooter; the Trump incident also has little information on the ranting and raving shooter; 34 bishops from Chile ask pope to accept their resignation over pedophilia/child sex trafficking; Questions: Earth technology now exists to turn any metal into gold so why did the Annunaki, a higher dimensional group, who would have known about this technology not use it instead of coming here to mine gold; in-depth explanation of the Canis race; are shapeshifters evolved physical beings existing multidimensionally; is it all right to eat dairy; understanding dreams/memories; Loch Ness Monster, Bermuda Triangle, time warps, portals; speculation on Napoleon’s death; demonic possession can alter hormone balances/mood swings; why did Source create the Jinn; timeline definition; dreams/past live memories and where it fits into history; Is Nibiru still here; Hela, what might she be up to; stargates and portals; dimensions/subdimensions and underworlds; the Golden Age and after; technology plus correct mindset needed for preserving the environment; Harald Kautz Vella, black goo, Arc of the Covenant; using a pendulum vs. Ouija board; what does Mother Earth call herself; beating globalist agendas.
       36,119  2019-04-04  12403ca1ef0407cb248cf34921d4331a  2018-05-18_connecting_consciousness.docx
      131,119  2019-04-04  a9e350de881aa0c9464d4afa2a770a43  2018-05-18_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       62,010  2019-04-11  6965a26071d37ef86f428a7532443df0  2018-05-18_connecting_consciousness.txt
      130,931  2019-04-04  e98847020591b090c2cd12bcefef8c2e  2018-05-18_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
       35,615  2018-10-11  b4fce742e8b5d7c3b8725824b0f13b14  2018-05-20_connecting_consciousness.docx
   35,533,844  2018-05-30  110f7981681249b711e257545314d6b6  2018-05-20_connecting_consciousness.mp3
  202,282,982  2018-05-30  de994580462c5dcd3e6b7f7307159716  2018-05-20_connecting_consciousness_320p.mp4
  648,756,319  2018-05-30  fc14237dd9206a2ad0339fd4967626e9  2018-05-20_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
with Christopher Stephen Jacobs, Joanna Michaels, Katryna Schaf of The Lifting ( episode 46)
at England via video conference
A Discussion on Atlantis
Joanna Michaels and Christopher Stephen Jacobs of The Lifting compiled a list of questions about Atlantis for Christopher and Simon to discuss. 1. Description of infrastructure of Atlantis, both physically and energetically; 2. Who were the main groups or factions that occupied Atlantis; 3. What was Atlantis in relation to Mars, Maldek, and even Egypt at that time; 4. What is the relationship between the thirteen crystal skulls and Atlantis; Simon says there is news that the negative forces are going to go for an impeachment of President Trump.
       38,325  2019-03-26  34fd9020cdab462b7bfe9098ce11a649  2018-05-08_the_lifting_atlantis.docx
   36,078,863  2018-05-14  e2d609091022b4f92e621a5037f19eb4  2018-05-08_the_lifting_atlantis.mp3
      148,857  2019-03-26  6bbe6a4e559add3254a8305090f1aa8d  2018-05-08_the_lifting_atlantis.tall.pdf
       64,691  2019-04-11  e3b6a8c0d5d71c5c538a43c0168ac99f  2018-05-08_the_lifting_atlantis.txt
      136,589  2019-03-26  f70d94a40afc281f992ab3079c25d2b3  2018-05-08_the_lifting_atlantis.wide.pdf
   45,784,926  2018-05-14  07703ffe8adf6652659461c1f31f023f  2018-05-08_the_lifting_atlantis_144p.3gp
  207,098,537  2018-05-14  da093b06c0f3f29196a6300927c3cf5a  2018-05-08_the_lifting_atlantis_360p.mp4
  370,112,685  2018-05-14  0e5cc9a747779610fa77f8afe13f7c2f  2018-05-08_the_lifting_atlantis_720p.mp4
with Rebecca Bannister
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Friday, May 4, 2018
All did not end well for Britain after accusing Russia of being the culprit in the poisoning incident in Salisbury and now the British Consulate in St. Petersburg is gone; Deutsche Bank rumored to be about to collapse; time zone change in North Korea signals the reunification of North and South Korea; Argentina bank interest rates now 40 percent; Kerry Cassidy was attacked satanically and electronically while interviewing Simon, but she still managed to get through it and get it posted; Questions: are there a lot of human NPCs; thought form creation; are Reptilians dying out; are 144,000 light workers here on Earth; densities vs. dimensions; perceptual manipulation of our visual images definitely a MILAB skill; knowledge Jehovah Witnesses and other unusual organizations have not mainstream; human healers act as conduit for energy coming from Source; what did Mantids give John Lennon; purpose of dolphins on Earth; greeting committee for those passing over: AI holograms, spirit guides, angels or other; how will disclosure affect Obama; political parties don’t really serve ordinary people.
       31,844  2019-04-04  7f436415dc6efb43fb8e4d4a67ba713a  2018-05-06_connecting_consciousness.docx
   30,615,092  2019-04-04  375e1645cce16bee416492cb2a997a47  2018-05-06_connecting_consciousness.mp3
       30,302  2019-04-04  378d3a80402454f6e58e064c1661a36a  2018-05-06_connecting_consciousness.odt
      117,532  2019-04-04  b6e218891860723cec3a35492e7a0d83  2018-05-06_connecting_consciousness.tall.pdf
       53,016  2019-04-11  c7cf230e427a80a5207795a2f8f4cdb5  2018-05-06_connecting_consciousness.txt
      116,551  2019-04-04  34089567bcd0a1a828ca071b5deaea9d  2018-05-06_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   37,126,986  2019-04-04  5c7132aacf3f03af2bbe9aa3c7486f9a  2018-05-06_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  173,851,083  2019-04-04  b4fd8f28dfccbdc153292958e1393888  2018-05-06_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  333,161,336  2019-04-04  fc03896a155f6db961ea6c9fb56f7b93  2018-05-06_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
       42,663  2019-04-04  9e38e3105d269be216bc5a9c91eb0b7e  2018-05-06_connecting_consciousness_ES.odt
       41,887  2019-04-04  9d9883d64fd5147a62297f2e0db25635  2018-05-06_connecting_consciousness_FR.odt
with Ted Mahr and Kerry Clancy of Out of This World Radio (
at northern England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, May 4, 2018
Unification of North and South Korea appears to be moving forward; watch Deutsche Bank’s activity; FBI needs a little tweaking before President Trump can move to the next stage of his plan; Argentina has interest rate of 40 percent and inflation rate of 25 percent; Japan might see a change in their government structure; Abe government institutes draconian law making talk of Fukushima a crime with possible prison time; protection against psychic attacks; is there karmic repercussion for psychic attacks; negative parts of Chinese government may collapse; German bank failure and its effect on U.S. banks; heavy losses in both Italian and German banks could cause devaluing of Euro; 5G and its dangers, especially relating to mind control; mind wiping app being worked on; persons inflicted with injuries from 5G can’t receive justice in a court of law because the system says debilitating symptoms are nonexistent; demonic entities infected by AI can live in the 5G energy field, can use the human body as a host, hibernate, hatch, and erupt from human body; Chinese are testing facial recognition technology; use of photographs in psychic attacks; prayer of protection.
       35,054  2019-03-26  28f66896860d8d2c1843cf2306ac3439  2018-05-04_ted_mahr.docx
      142,245  2019-03-26  4f092f538e46d110a214857df833f49b  2018-05-04_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       57,584  2019-04-11  29f13637eab22533e4e3fe736009da4d  2018-05-04_ted_mahr.txt
      124,010  2019-03-26  f5cfd38ebf121effed549579a1197a74  2018-05-04_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
   52,465,473  2018-05-30  0e6664b18e3dd283ed8415e100d0cc3d  2018-05-04_ted_mahr_1of2.mp3
   53,216,490  2018-05-30  9a5d017f33cadf1026a38de303afe9ec  2018-05-04_ted_mahr_2of2.mp3
with Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot (
at northern England via video conference
Remote Viewing, The Mantid Agenda, and Update, May 3, 2018
Kerry and Simon discuss the Mantid Agenda, not to be confused with the Insectoids, and Simon feels Mantids want positive outcome for humanity; Urantia Book seems to lean toward dark forces; Trump and Putin coordinated events leading up to three military strikes by US in Syria in order to prevent Russian causalities; so-called nerve agent attack on Sergei Skripal most probably came from the lab of Porton Down, not Russia; Kim Jong-un doing business with West is in the North’s best interests; Korea/China has population problem, needs to eliminate ten million in Korea and one-hundred million in China; the destabilizing effect of forced immigration on Europe, most evident in Germany; eavesdroppers on MIG-15s flown in Korean War heard pilots speaking German; modern enclave of Nazis in Antarctica with ancient technology but superior to US present day technology from Greys; Questions: eliminating people will clear way for off planet entities to move in and other projects; Mantids can’t blend in with humans because too tall; planetary grid still has us in lockdown mode but there are holes in it now; an upcoming event with sharp short positive energy wave from sun might disrupt communications and knock out AI; Pope, Argentina, Nazi connection; G5 form of WiFi will allow 4D entities to exist within it and brain control humans; FBI working against Trump; not always necessary to remove etheric implants; Reptilian/human hybrids can sometimes be captured on camera but rare to spot with naked eye; Macron in meetings in US that will affect future decades; can we get rid of the moon; who’s UFOs overflew D.C. in 1952; possible scenarios around sudden death of William Tompkins.
       37,147  2019-03-26  d90dc066952354cc9b014150501b0b4f  2018-05-03_mantid_agenda.docx
   82,892,519  2019-03-25  2164ac9e40f7e5d6d7d21f4ff8c7aa65  2018-05-03_mantid_agenda.mp3
      142,993  2019-03-26  3ba648d1a7cc00c0f9dc2be2dcae6592  2018-05-03_mantid_agenda.tall.pdf
       68,726  2019-04-11  3a915769a23f3b5ae3b78c00ed178d31  2018-05-03_mantid_agenda.txt
      144,733  2019-03-26  07c14187671db73e626ae927a75990cc  2018-05-03_mantid_agenda.wide.pdf
   43,275,774  2018-05-05  93e61468ca81896dc081cf8a84019551  2018-05-03_mantid_agenda_144p.3gp
  233,893,814  2018-05-05  1d9ba240ad5d9af9f97555ab7b268e12  2018-05-03_mantid_agenda_360p.mp4
with Rebecca Bannister
at northern England
Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers, Recorded Friday, April 27, 2018
Simon’s 1st hour-long podcast begins by discussing satanic attacks across the planet to both individuals and organizations, especially healing centers; Barbara Bush may or may not have died; France-Israeli connection and weapons; President Trump has 20,000 plus secured sealed indictments against pedophiles, not sure how or if they will be used; FBI created big problems for President Trump but most FBI problems have been removed; President Trump was not planning to meet the Queen, only the Prime Minister, but he may have to reconsider meeting the Queen to avoid diplomatic problems; US will give Turkey their gold back but with strings attached; Benjamin Fulford comments that tin foil hats prevent electronic mind control at a distance; Questions: No I’m not a member of Free Masons; brief description of the 12 dimensions; current state of Draco Empire; is solar flash coming; is QAnon real; what happens when deprived of loosh; are Tall Whites real; will angels help Earthlings; Reptilians trade in genetics/body parts, circuitry or anything that is tradable; is global reset like Nesara or Gesara coming; artist captures true likeness in painting of hybridized human/amphibian black aliens; Octopus aliens are probably AI creations; what is meaning of light coming from one’s body in geometrical shapes; meaning of orange orbs; are dark forces unable to leave Earth; removing implants with intent; Trump, Putin and Syria.
       32,014  2019-04-04  fcd34c0fe69a584f266cdb40ca0dfc80  2018-04-27_connecting_consciousness.docx
   30,310,191  2018-04-28  506be7f48cc8c07254cc7d95eb6929ca  2018-04-27_connecting_consciousness.mp3
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      115,214  2019-04-04  c177e0de435997b4e8125f4f0038bcbd  2018-04-27_connecting_consciousness.wide.pdf
   38,775,246  2018-04-28  7ca51bfbae3c8909e0c8b6287e883baa  2018-04-27_connecting_consciousness_144p.3gp
  173,524,108  2018-04-28  91df6073b380aad3d2caddd1934280e1  2018-04-27_connecting_consciousness_360p.mp4
  530,877,669  2018-04-28  79988f812cebfcec9bc65c372f657ad7  2018-04-27_connecting_consciousness_720p.mp4
       50,990  2019-01-26  38628999f19ea3b1d755be9ebf5d61e3  2018-04-27_connecting_consciousness_ES.odt
with Ted Mahr and Michiko Hayashi of Out of This World Radio (
at England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, April 20, 2018
Syrian airstrike possibly a show of gamesmanship; reunification of North and South Korea probable; collapse of Soviet Union was result of Americans buying out Russian communism so they could have access to Russian markets; Trump’s executive orders make it possible to prosecute ex-members of U.S. government; President Trump has had five or six attempts on his life since taking office but mainstream media doesn’t report; predicted California earthquake will lessen after mid-June; William Mills Tompkins commented that both U.S. and Reptilian craft were/are participating in chemtrail dumps on humans; off planet entities have both aircraft and groundcraft, i.e., cars they use to blend into human society; disclosure should happen during President Trump’s lifetime; Planet/human frequency is increasing, will eventually be out of reach of negative influence.
       38,423  2019-03-26  d976bfbd2d0f45c5341e90e97ef1675e  2018-04-20_ted_mahr.docx
      135,644  2019-03-26  8556cd5cf23bcb012d3b59a46ea881fa  2018-04-20_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       63,615  2019-04-11  04cacf5079f1cc09217750a12f6365c7  2018-04-20_ted_mahr.txt
      134,358  2019-03-26  3a8ed32c1a81a97220e345b92e02738a  2018-04-20_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
   52,647,285  2018-05-17  c7e5ee04e89fb6f0347a4fefc9cd42a7  2018-04-20_ted_mahr_1of2.mp3
   52,837,425  2018-05-17  fb49ac49caa9db834197f10b8b96ee42  2018-04-20_ted_mahr_2of2.mp3
with Ted Mahr and Michiko Hayashi of Out of This World Radio (
at England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, April 6, 2016
Simon discusses remote viewing White House during Obama occupancy and finding a Grey in a room beneath the White House who was not happy about being viewed; the seduction by Bitcoin; gold-backed Yuan vs. the petrodollar; Wilbur Allen’s photos of UFOs on White House lawn; extradimensional 4D creatures who enter 3D are stuck here because CERN can’t open a portal to 4D; true 3D ETs can leave Earth in spaceships; nonhuman groups here had huge technological advantage over Earth governments so Earth stalled for time to develop defense technology i.e., Reagan’s Star Wars; blatant mind-controlling ads with AI/borg-looking humans is indirect way of destroying humanity; President Trump hints at disclosure; five–six and counting attempts on President Trump’s life since he’s taken office; differences between U.S. military branches; extraterrestrial technology: thinking helmet, pilot’s chair, head-up display; Reptilians are psychic mind readers; Hitler wanted nuclear reactor found in crashed UFO to power aircraft and America wanted it to make bombs; government needs to shift from controlling to enabling people; 2012 shift has quickened pace of ascension/evolution; battle between good and evil will continue in the future; many shooting atrocities being played out because of secret small government operating separately outside of control of established democratic governments; Questions: requests advice for Native Americans; Russian investigation nonsense; timeline for Earth changes; amount of time Cabal has left.
       47,234  2019-03-26  39e2c28e1cec0b27e3415a50c26432ba  2018-04-06_ted_mahr.docx
      197,535  2019-03-26  8b60cc203dd45537bbfb8c22547bd312  2018-04-06_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
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      185,303  2019-03-26  240af069aa452eddfaa4901858ae3cb7  2018-04-06_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
   53,196,057  2018-05-30  ecdadd668d614475e89b8f25df9aee33  2018-04-06_ted_mahr_1of2.mp3
   52,416,267  2018-05-30  7a3751960e4724b13d89fb44450d8ba4  2018-04-06_ted_mahr_2of2.mp3
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, March 18, 2018
Rumors of explosion at CERN cannot be verified so we have to assume the Hadron Collider is still in operating state; Skripal incident at Salisbury may or may not have been perpetrated by Russians; if reunification comes in Korea it will mean certain people are losing control of the world; Japanese Prime Minister is in trouble over sale of steel to U.S. military that was not military grade steel; President Trump replaces his chief economic advisor and now trade war talk is possible; truth about the unscrupulous Obama may get exposed; it’s predicted that Jeremy Corbyn may become Prime Minister of Great Britain within the next two years; recent Italian elections won by anti-European parties, might push for referendum; French unhappy with Macron; is Angela Merkel’s father Hitler; Benjamin Netanyahu would like a 3rd World War; President Trump signed off on legislation allowing civilian prosecutors to participate in military tribunals meaning American civilians can now be tried in military tribunals; hopefully Florida bridge collapse wasn’t result of using faulty building materials; Questions: news about the coming energy waves and galactic political news updates; dendrites, an organic method of communicating with humans; types of opportunities/experiences in the 5th dimension; God, Jesus, Satan, Anu, Enlil, Enki how are they all related; mind control and women shaving their heads; did Lemurian or Atlantean giants play a role in terraforming Earth and if so why; will White Hats be able to halt Agenda 21–Agenda 2030 in 2018; reason for Illuminati’s preferential reading material of The Lord of the Rings over the Bible; what makes a genuine moon goddess; is photo of Simon being knighted real; are there ways to reduce chemtrail damage to environment… wiser to make our physical bodies resistant to them; stories about Enki, Enlil and Yaldabaoth; who does and doesn’t want Brexit and why; planet’s water as container of information is being poisoned by fracking among other things; types and uses of alcohol; are humans part of the Great Central Sun; meaning of dream of ruling family ceasing to rule and image of silver coin as the monetary system in 2019, possibly a symbol of country being broken out of slavery.
       40,304  2019-04-08  4c0ae63ac4aa1ad3411efdda0e75ed86  2018-03-18_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   26,181,381  2018-03-19  3e54b4cb1262caabf9bcc98ef96bad75  2018-03-18_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
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      173,156  2019-04-08  f2ff5f508f7ff3be959839901a5056bf  2018-03-18_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   35,312,073  2018-03-19  0a4820afc3cf696986463ba0c8cc2ac4  2018-03-18_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  187,558,141  2018-03-19  38671ae543b6b522a7bb85d969476fe3  2018-03-18_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, March 4, 2018
The Pope and the Vatican have taken the Knights Templar back into the fold; video of space battle above Earth appears genuine, most probably between two off planet fleets; so many conflicting stories of Florida school shooting that this could be the false flag that tips the balance, plus Simon notes many students were Jewish; two forms of energy waves are coming that may slow down/take out the AI embedded in our domestic computer network; Simon doubts Benjamin Fulford’s info about death of Jacob Rothschild and George Soros is accurate, but believes an attempt was made to take out one of the Rothschilds; George Soros moved 18 billion dollars to his Open Society Foundations; at end of March the Chinese gold-backed Yuan will challenge the petrodollar and Great Britain might dump the petrodollar and go over to the Chinese side; Putin up for reelection March 18; if the gold Yuan becomes the dominant banking system it will not be compatible with that of the West, so Trump is trying to get gold and silver into U.S. to maintain its independence; Cabal is beginning to collapse; Questions: can awake and aware humans build organic houses molecule by molecule on Earth; is there an intended collective purpose/goal for humans as they go through many lifetimes on this planet; regaining memories, usually in later life; is the meaning of the black box an allegory of the void; when will disclosure happen; can dreams come from DNA memory; why is there so much media coverage of the Royals; benefits of carbon 60; AI spiders, smoke shadows, and normal shadows; the Druids; entities that live in Wi-Fi systems; effects of comas; will Ubuntu work; criticism of President Putin justified or not; agenda behind disqualified Russian Olympic athletes; implications of seeing certain numbers frequently; Satan’s identity, role, powers, and domicile; the Ganymede outpost; romantic love in 3D and other dimensions.
       46,360  2019-04-11  495f32233667735b354106ad6a818ec0  2018-03-04_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
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      183,299  2019-04-11  60ee58896a06417029ea627cea2cb148  2018-03-04_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   38,939,931  2018-04-29  c59c76a07a07f3c867694056a9fdee6c  2018-03-04_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  188,195,535  2018-04-29  f54fe2a0206981b774e8db16b80a3ae3  2018-03-04_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Ted Mahr and Michiko Hayashi on at Out of This World Radio (
at England via teleconference
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, February 23, 2018
Ted ask Simon to explain his soul history; attempted Hawaiian missile strike discussed; Fukushima radiation plume headed to West Coast gets mysteriously cleaned up; reports of Schumann resonance rising and its effect on human awareness; a look at possible future events, i.e., earthquake in California, EMP device used on U.S. by same internal group that stages school shootings; differences in U.S. military branches; important for Trump maintain support of military; Trump also expanding an elite Marine Unit; an alleged earthquake (nuclear torpedo) in Sea of Japan in 2016 didn’t create another tsunami; Simon suggests we keep a record of future events as they unfold so that history reflects what truly happened.
       30,572  2019-04-14  be863fc38551cf537cb6d94882e94a38  2018-02-23_ted_mahr.docx
   52,899,570  2018-05-29  4192eaf677cd84a59b09373f46d3d5bd  2018-02-23_ted_mahr.mp3
       99,657  2019-03-23  dba1f1253b2b4b7be6b147312a8cc2bf  2018-02-23_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       43,644  2019-04-14  d53b6f2388fa761a3303a16c6ed93300  2018-02-23_ted_mahr.txt
       99,103  2019-03-23  3f83693edf5b4dbb20778e1ab626b1e2  2018-02-23_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, February 18, 2018
Could it be that the long arm of the Clintons caused the downing of the Russian airliner by an onboard bomb to stop passenger Ivanov of Uranium One from testifying against them; Florida school shooting by guy appears to have mind control, mental health issues, and demonic possession, and as usual there was a drill prior to the shooting rampage/false flag event; again key to downed Iranian plane is passenger list which is hard to obtain, but number of dead announced was 66, then it was retracted; stock market attack was about hitting President Trump’s powerbase, the military, by cutting off Wall Street profits that largely fund the U.S. military, but alas the Dragon Society and White Hats intervened to spoil the plan; 350,000 Chinese troops are on North Korea’s border for two reasons: to possibly remove North Korean president and to stop refugees from fleeing across the border; China, Russia, India, and Asia are in dominant position with gold-backed currency to challenge U.S. petrodollar and President Trump has been maneuvering the U.S. into position where it won’t be excluded, but he will have to make deals with the Dragons; Marie Kayali has maligned Miles Johnston, Ben Hamlin Jones and Simon and this situation may end up in a courtroom; Healing Center getting closer to realization; Questions: what is background on Maldek; cause of attitudes toward LGBTQ community; meaning of shadow beings appearing at time of conception; does the soul have one name forever through all incarnations; difference in dream/contact experiences when in black and white and when in color; dreams of sex with Reptilian and its ramifications; dealing with Hillary Clinton, or not; Quran teachings; meaning behind eating raw meatballs; mention of Q-Anonymous; what will life be like in 5D and higher; Rasputin and consequences of him misusing his gifts; Wachowski brother’s Jupiter Ascending film worth watching if only for portrayal of Greys and the brother’s Matrix film gave much information for those who had eyes to see and ears to hear; Simon suggests a followup with Kerry Cassidy’s discussion of Abattoir ships; on the fourth dimension DNA, body fluids, and body parts are being traded and the Wachowski films are trying to show that a population in denial is a population that can be exploited.
       47,182  2019-04-08  f8a68828e1b262d218baade38676f707  2018-02-18_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   27,427,318  2018-02-20  4bd7e81ff7c1f13eb410897d63cd27db  2018-02-18_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
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      222,839  2019-04-08  e6c5b121a0d166521e23c46c761c323f  2018-02-18_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
    8,814,592  2018-02-20  cbb8a56f0d06ef267d767b7f3f5d2507  2018-02-18_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
   24,477,696  2018-03-05  c9247bf49971632b4820e091c057a36c  2018-02-18_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot (
at England via video conference
Interview: An Update on Current Events, February 6, 2018
Two greatest threats to planet are AIs and crazies (i.e., Zionists, fundamentalists, Satanists); Trump is trying to bring about positive changes; some government employees may have been put into house arrest; cryptocurrencies, a Trojan horse, will only work with 5G, then AIs can infiltrate the planet thru electronic currencies by implanting humans and using them as hosts to maintain this demonic/AI creation; are implants found in skeletons of Nazca race proof of ancient AIs or enslavement control mechanisms; Rothschild’s sell hunting lodge; Khazarian Jews want to move back to Ukraine; hopefully Trump will deal with pedophilia blight in next 1–2 years; significance of the Brexit vote; Trump and UN at odds on Jerusalem; Muslim/Jewish conflict over who controls Dome of the Rock and receives benefits of its prophecy fulfillment; Dragon or King Solomon’s gold; Dow Jones loss worst in 120 years; money laundering taking place in Frankfurt, Germany; Dow Jones, since ’50s, has funded US military but it wasn’t enough so other trading was done by CIA, then FBI; black project funding done through the stock market and governments deliberately stealing from all citizens of the planet; elected officials who represent the people are actually supporting something which is not necessarily based on this planet, think missing children; rumor of female alien (possibly Grey) calling the shots within U.S and when she “barks” the CIA comes to heel; off planet races have ambassador meetings at Exeter and other places; Questions: is the current pope the last one; is Hillary going to prison; are we living in the 4th dimension; can artificial intelligence summon entities of their own accord; is Queen Elizabeth II a clone; does President Trump have knowledge of black projects/alien agenda; Draconis Reptilians are all living in the Vatican; dragons living in castles; frequency of light from sun is rising.
       38,971  2019-03-26  6fa8a4293e8bf6eeda21616b57d91c45  2018-02-06_project_camelot_update.docx
   43,723,546  2018-03-20  82dd2fb18f4fe1dcc9a74318013d3e4b  2018-02-06_project_camelot_update.mp3
      148,127  2019-03-26  340f9687f22ca2baa1c9ef9b40ff2481  2018-02-06_project_camelot_update.tall.pdf
       75,439  2019-04-11  414ec0755f8fa88711adb9f5338bfbfb  2018-02-06_project_camelot_update.txt
      148,151  2019-03-26  8ab3dee594ae9a78d15cdeef7609cc2c  2018-02-06_project_camelot_update.wide.pdf
   43,303,056  2018-02-07  e6c8dd3c2d20f2f9de6cfb54c5cdd0cf  2018-02-06_project_camelot_update_144p.3gp
  243,737,879  2018-02-07  98e3a1de1129d8f48480e1660040727e  2018-02-06_project_camelot_update_360p.mp4
  316,764,540  2018-02-07  371c27057e803290aff4ff93c4bba31f  2018-02-06_project_camelot_update_720p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, February 4, 2018
Nibiru is not going to hit Earth; Dow Jones has 665 sell off; memo about spying on Trump reveals Democrats paid for it and corrupt FBI officials participated, but will these treasonous individuals be brought to justice; potential for AI to reside within cryptocurrencies and how 5G relates to this issue; we know that Elon Musk knows the truth; wealthy are jumping ship and moving into the business of predicting the bitcoin market; new technology, first from the Greys, then from Antarctica will be released but will public have access to it; Simon’s Healing Center will hopefully become a reality in 2018; Questions: mass abductions on U.S. military bases of American soldiers by other Americans for experiments; origin and connection of human blood types/Rh factors done on humans in genetic experiments by off planet beings; origin of physical body scratches received while asleep; the truth behind climate change; reasons for blood being drawn from newborns; explanation of a human-looking being’s arms turning grass green as she discusses DNA; once we ascend to the 5th dimension, can we move back and forth from 5th to 3rd–4th; explanation of phenomenon of statues in churches, moving, speaking, giving future predictions; only the elite receive cures for lab-made diseases, the rest of us be damned; how can awake people be of service to those still asleep; did the real Trump or a stand-in Trump give the State of the Union Address; damage to planet life from long-lasting radiation at Fukushima; a 13th dimension is being created; is there an accurate calendar for Earth; many going through a phase of bad energy attacks at present; elementals are real and play a role in fine-turning and holding space for sacred places on Earth; elite Dutch Banker turns whistleblower.
       46,594  2019-04-08  906bc847f6f775a67bdd8d4117ac9ac4  2018-02-04_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   26,892,748  2018-02-05  e4bbc6410692db78c8797fc7db3062ee  2018-02-04_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      199,772  2019-04-08  d5f8db15909d26433b4f72a1d08380fa  2018-02-04_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       94,692  2019-04-11  86520f9702ffd5cd78763a6463e76747  2018-02-04_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      199,484  2019-04-08  cce54de8ab0edd7030b08eb2274aa738  2018-02-04_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   36,172,539  2018-02-05  44b45a27a8f48953c9dee6e021c6d2e1  2018-02-04_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  186,590,739  2018-02-05  70d5f3b9b9f5ed2ccc9e1a6ed623f8ed  2018-02-04_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, January 21, 2018
Media’s report of fake missile warning on way to Hawaii was actually a real missile; Chinese have launched gold Yuan; 2018 US budget needs to get passed or US economy halts, more or less; possible Dow Jones collapse may be offset by new technology stocks; President Trump has been fed information about the Clinton/Obama transgressions against America and its legal citizens; death of founder of World Trade Organization, Peter Sutherland, will create changes there; Prince Andrew needs to be careful as world he inhabits is changing; seeing black spiders on wall when awaking that suddenly disappear are AI’s favorite way to manifest; are reptilians born from an egg and do they have a soul; Greys created to live in space for 1000 years don’t need a soul; eye color and the soul’s cosmic origin; do persons with evil past lives ascend; President Trump may have had a past life in the Ming dynasty; possibility of subliminal evil influences in rock/heavy metal sounds, best to avoid; choice of devolving versus termination; Aborigines, past and future; Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, 2nd movement’s 1st 3 minutes in A minor has healing sounds according to Bashar; can healers protect children from toxic mandatory vaccinations; Simon is asked to describe his out-of-body and/or remote viewing experiences; when spraying of chemtrails with invidious virus/bacteria encased in gel hit the ground they start growing when it rains; returning to Source; Reptilian warrior mannerisms displayed in present human behavior is counterbalanced by Viking warrior behavior being fed into human consciousness; personal question about Simon’s soul division; question about Avaaz leads Simon to point out obscene rackets of many charities, to which JayPee responds he suspects Avaaz is a data mining operation; origins of the homo capensis species; did someone hack programming of persons in Monarch, MKUltra and Secret Space Program to make them remember at a certain time; protocols for interacting with a Mantid or Reptilian.
       49,178  2019-04-11  231b192b78ef722a105029be79b89222  2018-01-21_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   28,660,924  2018-01-22  9dc87ffc8d51bcff8609642fce5c90f9  2018-01-21_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      204,316  2019-04-11  05603d628cb7c383c10c6dc50120ffe2  2018-01-21_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       98,474  2019-04-11  ff43144f2ed86b2e4b843f2a2e3f3b6f  2018-01-21_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      204,427  2019-04-11  31759d2e1fd8b45bf7d3699fe88ad152  2018-01-21_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   38,111,720  2018-01-22  3a1e732038a66c3c7fecd8be2fc31232  2018-01-21_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  194,830,350  2018-01-22  ec923573d49fe148df67544779dedeaa  2018-01-21_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, January 7, 2018
Executive Orders President Trump issued outlawing trafficking of human slavery is rumored to have resulted in detainment of several high profile people involved in child trafficking/sacrifice, and others are retiring from government to avoid prosecution; President Putin says if disclosure has not happened by the end of his term he will disclose the reality of off planet entities here on Earth. Questions: dangers from 5G, AI supercomputers, and chemtrails still exist, why; possible causes of physical body scratches received while asleep; eye color and what it means to the elite; how to distinguish between answers coming from one’s soul and one’s mind; do ETs throughout the universe know Earth is a prison planet; discussion of Solway Firth Spaceman photo; the elite Draco Lord’s choices concerning change; energy tools for awake and aware people; is Jesus part of the control system or not; is Anu now working with the human race; is Trump a Zionist; possible activities involved in initiation rites; Simon tells us why he doesn’t ingest garlic, onions or fluoride; journeys of the soul: does death off planet free the soul from this prison planet, past life memory retention, suicide; accessing past lifetimes or alternate personalities in real time.
       47,358  2019-04-11  f1b116ec61fb2f1d8c766df7db6c7ba5  2018-01-07_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   27,423,765  2018-01-09  2cbe7eef4b30f09fdcc8276b7cdb62f6  2018-01-07_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      191,344  2019-04-11  de5d0a997c16e4e5109fb8eff882eb75  2018-01-07_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       94,011  2019-04-11  ad549eca5af7a2ba5f1801a75e23d822  2018-01-07_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      190,027  2019-04-11  374d0409a460813ab84133406e52ed0d  2018-01-07_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   36,801,591  2018-01-09  5d46da8d3237dd1cd1dd178c9eb6b0cd  2018-01-07_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  189,721,008  2018-01-09  48d18ef88c8e8950416efeca274022d5  2018-01-07_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, December 24, 2017
Simon comments about the Dartington Great Hall Conference with Robert David Steele and Sacha Stone, dissent in audience which Simon thought was excellent; Simon also commented that Obama and the Clintons were in a bit of treasonous/demonic hot water; Trump received codes that would name pedophiles and signed Executive Order on December 21st to go after US government members—past and present—who were in child trafficking; meaning of Gadsden flag; are chakras and Kundalini a control system; Aryan history, genetics, culture, use of Sanskrit-like language both on and off planet; Zeta Reticuli and ongoing joint Serpo/Earth missions that few Earthlings return from; a gargoyle could be a portal or entity’s home; cryptocurrency control; how far does President Trump’s swamp drainage extend; Zionists are problematic for Trump; how to help the next generation cope with Earth changes; ascension process: two timelines, 5G, singularity; Simon hopes to expand Connecting Consciousness in 2018.
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  101,508,206  2017-12-25  828b071a5a30bc598a52933614d6c721  2017-12-24_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with introduction by Jason Liosatos
at Deeper Truths Conference in Dartington Great Hall, England
Lecture: Empowerment, Sunday, December 17, 2017
Simon talks about empowerment, the situation/system as it is now, what we need to do, what we face, our options and how we deal with what we see; we change the system through groups; the many can accomplish what a few can’t; elite are mistreating human race same as they did 1000 years ago except instead of physical torture they now use electronic torture thus more subtle, covert and harder to prove; final thought: the system was never designed to serve us, it was designed to use us; Questions: way to revolt legally without violence by not paying taxes; concerns about 5G, smart meters, smart street lamps; voting for Brexit and elite’s role; money systems; can people who eat meat ascend to 5D; orgonite reduces Wi-Fi effects and weakens mechanical attacks, also chest armors are effective to prevent being taken out electronically; aliens work through the half human/half something else elite in controlling us, but their power has weakened; AI our real enemy controlling us without us being aware; GMO labeling? actually GMO food shouldn’t be sold; use of glyphosate on GMO crops helps kill pretty much everything from mold to humans; first thing a group should do is learn to psychically protect themselves; how do you justify favoring groups but advocating leaving EU group through BREXIT; can we protect ourselves against AI singularity; why do you support President Trump; is new Hadron Collider a portal to bring back Nimrod; Hadron Collider can be thought of as an escape pod; Hillary and Bill Clinton seen on video stuffing nose of Cessna airplanes with cocaine when leaving Arkansas; CIA not Russia passed info through WikiLeaks.
       58,987  2019-04-14  6767e88796c5b26981f7bf8c0fe4e8f9  2017-12-17_dartington_great_hall.docx
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   90,092,593  2018-01-19  e31c2bbfd5e4c35795bf98ce771f1406  2017-12-17_dartington_great_hall_144p.3gp
  508,340,016  2018-01-19  81ee27a5177048241fb50ed622e5924e  2017-12-17_dartington_great_hall_360p.mp4
  774,863,000  2018-01-19  05b4953bab489446413e89cc470d32aa  2017-12-17_dartington_great_hall_720p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, December 3, 2017
Simon suggests we listen to Robert David Steele as he too talks about gold hidden in caves; Simon doesn’t agree with Fulford that Langley base was raided by Marines, but they did a low flyover of Langley demonstrating loyalty to Trump and are at his disposal should the necessity arise; codes of those involved with pedophilia have been released to Trump, up to him now to release the names; Israel under pressure because many deals they made with other countries are being cancelled and Trump may back out of arms deal Obama made with Netanyahu; Presidents’ Putin, Trump and Widodo meet to talk about new gold-backed currency and the effect on the petro dollar; names of pedophiles in some of biggest organizations are about to be exposed as was Bill Clinton, who was outed because he tried to cut in on the CIA’s slice of drug profits, also information on Clinton Foundation is now available which might lead to arrests; evil entities are still here attacking people who do psychic work, including Simon; best thing to do now is stay positive; questions: why are holidays centered around children? answer: for corporate profits and the hidden agenda of satanic use of children’s energy; origin of flat earth theory; entity attachment removals and breaking of soul connection contracts; where do personalities come from; will the veil be lifted after the event; does eating garlic and dark chocolate discourage Reptilian contact; accurate books on the Annunaki: Sitchin, Tellinger, Clark good, but online research is better; how is Britain fighting satanic forces for humanity’s freedom and what are streams of etheric patterns seen in light rays; use of hypnotherapy/past life regressions to clear memory blockages; what is the nature of light; Polish people’s naivety about Polish Church and demonic Roman Catholic deception, needs to be stopped.
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  192,106,936  2017-12-04  589165452be235f68a1374a35991eab3  2017-12-03_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at England
Interview and Current Events, Friday, December 1, 2017
Ted asks Simon for a brief update on world events and the topics include President Trump and President Putin meeting in Vietnam; investing in crypto currencies, best to stay away from Bitcoin because NSA can, with the click of a button, void your account; President Trump has list of pedophiles but it’s not clear if he’ll release their names during the holiday period or at all; corporate power strong arms the British government into providing armed police at malls so people will shop there; Agenda 21 didn’t work so now we have Agenda 2030; Cliff High and Bitcoin predictions; delayed financial crash so elite can move their assets around; presidents who don’t do what the elite want get removed one way or another, i.e.: JFK wanted to take on the Fed, so he was murdered; most terrorist incidents are false flags with several people participating; Hollow Earth people may come to surface and help humanity.
       32,424  2019-03-27  597e38b3df0c7e0ce93993f1da4739f1  2017-12-01_ted_mahr.docx
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      117,788  2019-03-27  d1f7b71789289fc137c74e6c32cecb68  2017-12-01_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
   38,298,436  2018-05-29  5e94605156c53fa0a8095092b7aed9cc  2017-12-01_ted_mahr_1of2.mp3
   52,992,627  2018-12-02  2d43b7904c98ac6102b32376e54a9241  2017-12-01_ted_mahr_2of2.mp3
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, November 19, 2017
Discussions about gold take front center, apparently a never-ending obsession of people on Earth and maybe elsewhere; President Trump was in on BRICS gold debate meeting and as a businessman understands gold and power go together; his deleted tweets may have delayed Alice in Wonderland Operation, a program to convince people all reality is fake; military has been removing Satanists from US government; those who practice pedophilia and get a pass prove we are not living in a free society; one way to change society is introduction of new gold-backed currency; governments will have to decide whether to go with gold- or oil-backed currency soon; big corporations may have reduced Christmas profits due to threat of terrorist attacks at big malls which will keep people away so elites demand increased police presence in malls to curtail their profit loss; questioner asks if it will ever be possible to see a real reptilian; pure evil practices of White Brotherhood are physically veiled by their wearing white; use of mind psyops in movies concerning 9/11; stretching time and time travel; Illuminati families, bloodlines, and their controlling role of events on this planet, even when they are sometimes victims of mind control; Mantid’s role in building Giza Pyramids, human cloning left to the Reptilians; role Dutch Queen Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti plays in the Illuminati if any; possible pitfalls of Tarot card use; dimensions: how are they distributed in the structure of our universe, Simon’s advice: okay to understand but can be a trap, best stay in 3D; we should take responsibility for our own development and not look to be rescued by a savior; the JonBenét Ramsey murder–9/11 connection, Simon passes on this one, too personal; Simon says he keeps cats, among other reasons, because of their psychic ability to detect presence of energy he can’t see; are soul fragments of Adam and Eve on Earth now?
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   36,795,911  2017-11-21  80af3a3cb6f1cfeb05926179014a6aeb  2017-11-19_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  192,514,972  2017-11-21  f6945e2e7b116f57e9217b511993148b  2017-11-19_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, November 5, 2017
Soros moves 100 billion dollars to his foundation possibly to pay for a revolution/disruptive demonstrations in US, also paid for revolution in Ukraine; attempt was made to kill President Trump1, White House in lockdown, Trump’s Twitter account taken down; ballistic missile fired from Yemen against Saudi’s main airport could have started World War III, nefarious plan failed; strange video footage of helicopter in Las Vegas with what appears to be gunshots coming from it; DoD’s November EMP simulation drill wasn’t turned into the real thing, at least not yet; Agenda 21, which was all about killing people, hasn’t been implemented; the timeline has been stretched to delay a financial collapse—elite need time to move/sell their assets and drain all the money off the planet; questions on spirit communication; disclosure in Russia, a new currency and technology not of this planet; timeframe of past six attempts in planet’s history of humans trying to break free, what caused failures, and will current seventh attempt be successful; was the 9/11 crash into the Pentagon an attempt to create an opening for a demon to exit? Simon doesn’t think so; prime creator and human’s link to prime creator; Jesus/Mary lineage; communication by planting images of symbols in one’s mind might be trustworthy or could be manipulation through electronics or Wi-Fi; what are the images of creatures that look like Gollum as seen on the Internet; Annunaki/Egyptian gods if here now are in human form in human bodies, think Soros and/or Queen of England; source will occasionally share with expectant mother intent for unborn child; does type of soul we have determine our music preferences; reasons for incarnating on Earth, a prison planet..
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  193,653,122  2017-11-06  6b33bc6ca275dcbbbcfbb51e48955141  2017-11-05_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
       11,925  2017-12-04  3e80d498ea0e553919ce7864649a0424  2017-11-05_wolf_spirit_radio_summary_RU.docx
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, October 15, 2017
Definitely false flag in Las Vegas, fake security guards, crisis actors, FEMA drills, interesting the shooting activity was in shadow of pyramid, but people were murdered/wounded; fires in California are a continuing attack on the state because they want their gold back and might try to become an independent country; there are benefits from listening to high-frequency sound/music, if source and intent is pure and you meditate with it, but probably best not to listen to the many vibration-raising CDs on the market; contact with different ETs and who they might be; Saturn rings, probably artificial, crystalline and could be part of a control mechanism transmitting control elements to Earth; fracking, our inability to have a voice in deciding to frack or not frack is result of elite having manipulated our laws into meaningless gibberish; cannabis oil works best with a visualized energy intent; importance of retrieving lost memories.
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   14,257,110  2017-10-18  a0b9a8e603ace11238bd437e797e9b98  2017-10-15_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
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   19,426,268  2017-10-18  59196887f87da87f5fffc8e4381ab0ac  2017-10-15_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  105,268,598  2017-10-18  22dd514ec02b34d68263dd5fb5a29ad9  2017-10-15_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, October 1, 2017
Simon is moving but won’t become a recluse; all is quiet except for very unpleasant stabbing attack; if Deutsche Bank fails will be bad for Europe; Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a dark satanic zombie film, definitely not uplifting, save your money; Bitcoin’s reliability, computer code—on the screen, oops it’s deleted; happenings: are they coincidences or attention getting events by something; minerals/gemstones and their uses; Akashic records preservation and access; hypnosis, the values and dangers; Italian researcher says 80 percent of humans have no soul? Simon disagrees; significance of seeing a symbol everywhere; the downside of being taken; People of Earth, a delightful comedy of alien-human exchange, well researched, appears based on actual experiences; possible October financial event not of elite making will either be bank or stock market crash; update on disclosure by off planet groups will probably be result of technology coming from Antarctica; what is known about the Keresch; uses of sound: it can heal, it can kill; chocolate tidbit; alien-human communication through visual images as opposed to physical interaction.
       48,677  2019-04-16  b9855a220354c94b846e3d78a9f2dbcc  2017-10-01_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   28,557,688  2017-10-05  89bf34761bd266fef44628b4b8a73636  2017-10-01_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      210,393  2019-04-16  7f41e13e7c78549b468b876847167728  2017-10-01_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
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   38,706,217  2017-10-05  defc53681c724f2ee89143b9d6357268  2017-10-01_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  207,724,266  2017-10-05  241dd8a0d0befde793702da13df282e3  2017-10-01_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, September 17, 2017
The use of very real neurotoxins being sprayed over Houston, TX to supposedly kill mosquitoes will have a negative affect on humans by getting into the food chain, a sort of soft kill version of the agenda to wipe most of us off the planet; attack at Parsons Green underground station may or may not be a false flag; Chinese/Russian satellite launches are enabling 5G to be ushered in and it is a bridgehead for 4D demonic entity energy to enter into our 3D reality; the alternative media or truth movement is being infiltrated by the elite, example: Farsight Institute being introduced in glitzy Hollywood Let’s Make Money promo; if a big change doesn’t occur in October 2017 then the elite have gotten hold of technology to change the Akashic records; economy’s not better, interest rates rising, quantitative easing not working; President Trump has given official okay for small military strike against North Korea; off planet entities out of patience with Earth governments and are going to take matters into their own hands for disclosure. Questions: do demons have souls? answer, yes; souls of walk-ins; use of black magic symbols, a demonic infiltration technique, innocently tucked away in jewelry, T-shirts, CD covers/posters, and a music energy frequency; battle for Earth releasing the reptilian’s grip on us is up to us to take a stand; homosexuality doesn’t exist among Draconis reptilians, was created as control mechanism for humans; Rh negative blood associated with off planet entities; crystals with memory banks of info; possible loss of consciousness/memory if you put your head near equator of rock spheres found on Earth; Bigfoot is real and is proof of hybridization; good diets for humans; cancer: causes and treatments; the Tesseract, Earth’s quarantine, our trade currency with off planet entities is genetics, they kill us like we kill cows; the Sun is a portal and light frequency being given off now is a catalyst for change.
       43,990  2019-04-16  a84f243b96c9f85439a4066edbd4e724  2017-09-17_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   25,825,280  2017-09-19  36a991bf3aa4ad0eba9f02cd1b49e092  2017-09-17_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
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      173,245  2019-04-16  086ad32abc34111d8df4e130ad8941af  2017-09-17_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   35,353,537  2017-09-19  599345ce60451ef0daa116927ab758b5  2017-09-17_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  192,542,155  2017-09-19  9c1d3123fce11354839e6a2f033f5459  2017-09-17_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, September 3, 2017
The NSA has both the legal right and the technology to press a couple buttons and drain your cryptocurrency account to zero in a nanosecond, therefore physical gold is a bit more stable, provided it’s not gold-plated tungsten; Corey Goode’s eclipse meditation effort was infiltrated by two “bad” guys in an attempt to create evil outcomes; manmade weather warfare catastrophes devastating U.S. coastlines in the form of floods/fires; National Security Act of 1947 creates U.S. Air Force and CIA to intercept/deal with UFOs, leading to a runaway political military-industrial complex. Questions: types of 4D pranks in 3D world; determining if dreams are random or important messages; shapeshifting experiences and possible consequences if witnessed; Japanese and Draconis Reptilian cultures have similarities, but Japanese are not direct descendants of Draconis Reptilians; ways to protect children from being taken; hoping health problems will be healed after upgrade of planet energies; observed by a sphere after studying numerology and Enochian magic; governments declare war on their citizens through weather warfare; origin of Yahyel hybrid race unknown to Simon by that name but says three types of Greys using genetics, but as far as he knows not stealing human souls; relationship of alchemy, the Sun, and humanity evolving; no life on or in the Sun but one could pass through the Sun with right craft; the truth about healing properties of cannabis; sacred geometry and the merkaba; whole souls/fragmented souls; meditation experiences; tracing the gods through various cultures: same gods (dimensional entities), different names.
       47,464  2019-04-16  e1e544d7b0fc3b45beed106823c7f91b  2017-09-03_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   28,113,816  2017-09-04  d67cdadbab42c86bd4833a4f665179c6  2017-09-03_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
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      185,500  2019-04-16  ebf91bfab4dc876679a7cdc96ee86b7c  2017-09-03_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   38,131,040  2017-09-05  ab122b54f6463737abf70c64aef08df1  2017-09-03_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  206,939,283  2017-09-05  e01baa82f3485ea3d781cad93bcb0d0d  2017-09-03_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
       51,772  2019-03-24  c60794f598db615a08bc51ced4b383ed  2017-09-03_wolf_spirit_radio_DE.docx
      168,423  2019-03-24  ed4a8cec0356a383c234a02a7de003da
      219,310  2019-03-24  d6ff700827e0e8fe8e1855202ac3637b  2017-09-03_wolf_spirit_radio_DE.tall.pdf
      105,517  2019-03-24  42574e56e66f8df065aa8cd56b10d2d9  2017-09-03_wolf_spirit_radio_DE.txt
       22,624  2017-10-28  d51daf7570fb85fd5997a0a100bfb042  2017-09-03_wolf_spirit_radio_Q&A_summary_RU.docx
       41,339  2018-01-11  6bcc96e80ccf34bd891305c5964d2c07  2017-09-03_wolf_spirit_radio_RU.docx
       22,576  2017-10-28  48ef35a3bfe61fc71cc0ed7a2064f02e  2017-09-03_wolf_spirit_radio_intro_RU.docx
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, August 20, 2017
Everyone wants to know what is going to happen on the 21st, which is an energy spike day; Simon is concerned about Corey Goode doing a meditation on the 21st to ask off planet entities [Blue Avians?] to save us, pointing out this could lead to a danger of bringing in a false Messiah; some people think Simon should work for free, which of course is impossible in a monetarily structured society; terrorist attacks: some real, some copycat; Dow Jones casino fluctuations (as always what goes up must come down) and price manipulation of precious metals market; investigation of widespread pedophilia will expose people in respected positions and corporations if allowed to be completed; forms of telepathy; human chipping, not a good idea; White Dragon Society, their profit motive, and Ben Fulford; how to identify evil entities posing as good entities; Norway elections and possible terror attack just before; body doubles versus clones; crypto currency and plan put in place in 1918 for a complete electronic takeover in 2018 of entire planet; effect of eclipse on our psyche and the planet; accuracy of Wes Penre Papers; how to protect ourselves against entity manifestations from radio/microwave frequencies; meanings of the Eye of Ra/Horus symbol, evil or protection from evil; delusional Merkel, insane Hitler; pedophilia’s history and organizational structure; Parting message: be clear in your intent and keep your guard up.
       47,666  2019-04-16  cba643c86acae5d54af59b12877576f8  2017-08-20_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   28,234,815  2017-08-21  8cee1f67c1df51077d0851516776d85d  2017-08-20_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      202,967  2019-04-16  1440f0fd1cb707b74ec4c40515827a41  2017-08-20_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       97,792  2019-04-16  7302be31b122a5066298781e69a995dc  2017-08-20_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      202,970  2019-04-16  a0412574e6f2c7f4b2f19f1abb321af1  2017-08-20_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   37,503,075  2017-08-25  783979a05dc61a48dcd349c73d80d62b  2017-08-20_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  201,722,292  2017-08-22  28f75424b1b385c5aad1c7cfcb35677f  2017-08-20_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, August 6, 2017
News in the financial world indicates a rob/freeze scheme being put in place: The European Central Bank wants its member banks to do away with guaranteed protection of personal bank accounts so they can steal 100 percent of your money legally and/or freeze your account so you cannot withdraw your money. Evil people in the States want North Korea’s gold and precious metals from mining. North Korea has the nuclear bomb. China will play the pivotal role in whether or not there is a war. China can tell North Korea, “Stop what you’re doing,” and there will be no war, or they can say to the U.S., “Give us a cut of the gold,” and there will be war. Topics discussed: human/animal soul connections; entities who say they are here to help us might have their own dark agenda, so the message is trust no one but your higher self; feline race, its culture and behavior toward humans; significance of green eyes and Rhesus negative blood as indication of rank in previous cultures; the Draconis Reptilian culture structure is a move–conquer culture, going from star system to star system taking things from each conquered society, copying them, and are now leaders in miniaturization and genetic manipulation; next star seed activation date; paranormal investigators with ghostbuster equipment accidentally contact off planet entities; AIs are in 5G Wi-Fi and their agenda is to turn humans into controlled robots, next 18 months crucial; the Jewish people originated on Earth but in Egyptian times their religious leaders were extensively hybridized so a 4D soul could cope with a 3D physical body; our planet is a feminine planet and the Queen of Orion played a role in development of the first viable humans, thus referring to herself as the mother; investment advice: if you have lots of money buy gold, otherwise buy silver. Are Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Vladimir Putin reptilian hybrids or clones? Neither. Hillary is blackmailed and mind-controlled, Putin is the most hybridized as he contains a fifth dimensional soul; because humans eat animals, some alien races, especially the Draconis Reptilian Group feel justified in eating us, preferably babies.
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with Ted Mahr & Win Keech at Out of This World Radio (
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, August 4, 2017
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with Panelists Allison Baker, Linda McCallum, Dr. Micheal Ledwith at the UFO Symposium
at Triad Theater in Yelm, Washington, USA, via video conference
What Will Happen Aug 8, 2017?
Simon explains his aversion to flying; those elite above-the-law black helicopters that fly over people’s homes, what they do and don’t do; they do monitor, test, take samples, make notes, maybe inject nanorobots or other things; they don’t take DNA (they already have it), nor is it in their interest to kill the target; interdimensional space between 3D and 4D created by alien technology exists so entities can be out of phase with 3D–4D and is a safe haven for Reptilian-type entities; movie Tomorrowland has mind-controlling machine in another dimension, as has Earth for thousands of years; Orion Cube and morphed timelines; will so much talk about comet hitting Earth become a self-fulfilling prophecy; nonphysical Archons want to kill physical humans after we finish building their technology; ulterior motive about object from space hitting Earth; purpose and mechanics of Pleiadian soul with Reptilian overlay; getting our DNA strands back; economic collapse; Hollow Earth description; odd connection of Greek debt and unstable dollar.
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with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, July 16, 2017
The July 16 show was short because Simon was held up by a roadblock. He recently experienced trouble with his car brakes failing, which is possibly the result of nefarious tampering. He told his audience that we are experiencing a period of lull, which usually precedes the storm. Massive chemtrailing has dropped off, but not stopped, because the person signing off on the chemtrail black budget resigned. A large British construction firm lost 70 percent of its stock share value in three days, and could possibly go bankrupt, another sign that all is not well in the financial world. Poverty is spreading but people are beginning to see the lies put out by the elite and their controlled mass media puppets. It was requested that Simon comment on the situation between Corey Goode/Bill Ryan, but Simon prefers to remain neutral. A question was asked about learning the true history of this planet, our solar system, and surrounding stars, but Simon says only the Vatican knows, as they seized most of the real records long ago from the library at Alexandria, and the one under the Sphinx, so at the present time information released to the public is pretty much bogus. Gender issues are of interest, especially the Jinn Reptilians who are neither male nor female but Simon points out that some of the greys fall into that category also. On Earth the Draconis culture is predominantly male/female, and that’s what has influenced our present culture. Eyes Wide Shut was Stanley Kubrick’s demise, as he put references in the movie the elite didn’t like so they murdered him, stole the film, and had their film editors alter the film so it turned out to be not at all what Kubrick originally intended. Earlier he had entered into an agreement with the “powers that be” to design mock-up moonshots. This project had a twofold purpose for him: First he was given carte blanche to create multimillion dollar studio sets and secondly he was able to use the sets in his film 2001: A Space Odyssey. In return for this generous offer he only had to give them access to all his creative work and keep quiet. He also had a hand in directing the filming of the fake moon landing in 1969, which took place not on the Moon, but on a movie set. The rings of black smoke that are being seen worldwide are cloaked spaceships, not planets. The connection to source through prayer was discussed. Simon says we are connected to source at all times through our chakra points, and that has both good and not-so-good value as the chakra points can be attacked. He emphasizes that we should give thought to the correct way of connecting with source by expressing our desire to communicate with this creational force rather than praying selfishly for material objects.
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with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, July 2, 2017
Simon is back from his fossil collecting holiday. He also spoke at a couple of conferences during this time. At Watford he spoke about the Grenfell Tower fire and put forth the opinion that it most probably was not an accident, as Grenfell Tower, like the Twin Towers, was heavily reinsured shortly before being destroyed. The Pope is calling for One World Government to control the confused humans. Soyuz will be contributing to this feat by launching satellites that will entirely encircle Earth with 5G, a system to put AI in control of Earth by taking control of all our electronic technology. Warnings of a difficult financial situation in the West could happen in the fall. It is rumored that British newscasters are getting ready to cover the death of the Queen of Great Britain and the death of Prince Philip, but they are still in a bit of a quandary as to who will become King. Agenda 21 has been reactivated. Apparently the elite don't like to share; they would like to see three-fourths of Earth's population disappear, therefore more 'everything' for them. The three politicians who can't be bought, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn, are making the elite squirm a bit. Terror attacks in Great Britain are occurring because politicians can be manipulated. The majority of the questions centered around the care of one's soul and its container; it's life purpose; the effects of taking black goo--not advised; entities who visit a very young child, as in toddler, are usually negative; the soul/container being tampered with either through aliens or our military black ops projects beaming it in and out of this dimension; an entity--jinn--trying to gain access to one's body by poking; psyops projects leaving the physical body damaged, as in scratch marks or worse. The origin of star system names was discussed. It appears we don't use the universal names/codes that off planet groups use. The history of nonhuman rulers of ancient Egypt--the Orion Empire and/or the Sirius Federation--and their control of Earth before the old Egypt that we know was asked about and what its effect on humanity then and now was/is. People wanted to know what to expect from the total solar eclipse taking place in August and were told there are rumors of the Agenda 21 people engaging in nefarious activity to destroy or disrupt the grid during that time.
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with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot (
at the Secret Space & Hidden Worlds Conference in Elms Manor, Watford, UK
Lecture: End Game, Saturday, June 25, 2017
Simon starts his End Game presentation with a comparison of similarities and dissimilarities of Grenfell Tower and the Twin Towers, namely they were both reinsured shortly before their demise but Grenfell Tower, unlike the Twin Towers, didn’t FELL leaving behind clouds of fine gray-white dust; comparison of poster for movie Towering Inferno and Grenfell fire ominously similar; Hollywood films both warn and get approval for what’s coming, and approval means you don’t say anything; whoever is behind The Simpsons cartoon is receiving information about the future, but are they warning us or trying to get approval; prediction of future events in The Simpsons is beyond what any supercomputer on or off planet can do and must be a combination of human/supercomputer to pinpoint with such accuracy; portals and teleportation; human special supersoldiers are trained by off planet entities; British/Irish political agreement and Free Masonry; symbology of Queen opening Parliament without wearing her crown; Hadron Collider power failure prevents opening a portal to 4D; contrary to what some say the battle against the “bad guys” is not won yet; Babylonian 4D money spell, “spell” meaning “technology,” not magic; if economy crashes it will be first crash not controlled by the elite; a barter system might ease the severity of an economic crash; HAARP hits chemtrail crisscross pattern causing ripples which block out light frequencies from sun, preventing the raising of human resonance; elite trying to buy more time by stretching time; perils involved in deprogramming people; information shared about what IRS targets, mainly keeping a cash reserve and bartering: Questions: opinion on elite’s attempt to make people totally dependent on cashless welfare system; how can we tell when predictive programming in films is going to happen in real time; what’s happening in Antarctica; crop circle symbology is predominately negative now; does the soul and the mind split when you pass over.
       53,697  2019-04-14  46741f9cf68ec412c848c406fa3427e1  2017-06-25_awake_aware_watford.docx
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2,089,141,597  2018-03-16  d370169109c3d3f99caaad57e621aea3  2017-06-25_awake_aware_watford_720p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Holiday Message Sunday, June 18, 2017
A message from Simon. I’m sorry I can’t be with you all. I’m taking four days off for a vacation. I’m not out of the country. I’m just spending some time doing the things I seldom get a chance to do, like collecting fossils, which is my passion. I wanted to update you on some developments. There was a terrible fire at the Tower Block. It was built in 1974, the same year Holloywood released the film, The Towering Inferno. I am of the opinion there is more to this than meets the eye. It has to do with harvesting energy and using it to manipulate or at least extend time. I'm looking for charges of corporate manslaughter. The British Prime Minister is being gotten ready to resign but not until the power men have a replacement lined up. She is making mistake after mistake. Much like Hillary Clinton she is finished and the elite want her out but only when it suits them. Bitcoin is finished as a world leader in trading virtual currency. President Trump is being advised of the possibility of an assassination attempt in October.
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    6,368,113  2017-06-20  9efd82f931a6a4ac83a17f589ae34733  2017-06-18_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, June 4, 2017
Simon’s update focuses on four topics: terrorist attacks, three guardians, chemtrails, and CERN. In discussing the increase of terrorist attacks Simon suggests we should zero in on who is behind them, who is organizing them, and who is paying for them, and puts forth the possibility that Europeans or non-Muslims are behind them. He points out that the chain necklace Theresa May wore when she gave her speech could symbolically be signaling she would cooperate with enslaving humanity. The chemtrail blankets covering Earth and preventing the sun from reaching us is another part of the enslavement agenda, as the more intense light that the sun is now giving off is necessary to raise the vibration of the planet and everything on it and is our path to freedom. He says a small group of elites—the guardians—above the Rothschilds and Rockefellers were tasked with maintaining the status quo on this planet, but they have left, except for three, who are strongly linked to magical powerful satanic cults, and they have been given carte blanche to do what they want. This is also related to CERN opening another portal to the fourth dimension. Apparently these elites have stretched the timeline, which will give them time to build another Hadron Collider three times larger than CERN and seven times more powerful, and in describing it, they are using terms such as “Stairway to Heaven,” and “Tower of Babel.” There were various questions about non-human beings, from hybrids and their short lifespans, to fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions beings and their agendas here on Earth. The tall whites were identified as being true extraterrestrial beings who travel here in spaceships and have their home away from home at Area 51. The sexuality of Reptilians was queried, whether or not they are hermaphroditic, and also why the transgender program appears to be so popular among the elite here on Earth. An interesting question concerning the Demiurge was posed as to whether the good angels were just the other side of the coin of the bad angels, and were these entities both serving the same system. Simon acknowledged this was basically accurate and advised everyone to use discernment and trust one’s own judgment when communicating with these entities, and by all means, walk away, if you felt it wasn’t a kosher arrangement. The last question was about whether Reptilians and Mantids have music and art. We are told the Reptilians would use music as a tool to move solid objects, think Battle of Jericho, while the Mantids and most human groups use music as an expression of creation and individualism. Music is seen off planet as an educational tool and a meditation device, and Simon says we should celebrate being human and cherish our ability to be creative.
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  197,378,506  2017-06-05  b141691af4cbb87d339fe4954e1509a4  2017-06-04_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, May 21, 2017
Simon talks about the British election and the importance of people expressing themselves by voting, especially when the established media is so biased. He mentions Trump in America as a man who is not really controlled by anybody and the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in Great Britain who isn't controlled by the bankers. The ramping up of chemtrail spraying with the addition of black dust excited by electricity is causing strange cloud patterns that confuse radar systems and is the perfect cover for negative forces escaping Earth in their physical craft, as they can’t escape through a portal that CERN was unable to provide. The bad guys are trying to leave because Earth's frequency is changing and it's not a home for them. Because they didn't get their resources and backup through the CERN portal they are really suffering. The Clinton Foundation, basically a “Pay to Play” scheme, under the cover of alleviating poverty, has seen a drop in donations by foreign countries since Hillary didn’t become president. The FBI, CIA, and the good guys always referred to Hillary Clinton as the Antichrist, and that's not a joke. Anybody who abuses children, holds governments to ransom, buys food and then doesn't deliver it to places is an Antichrist. There is still a possibility that Hillary Clinton could face a court. And Bill Clinton for awhile was above the law until he was outed and reported after the drugs deal battle with the CIA. They made an example of Bill Clinton so no other politician would attempt to take them on. Simon estimates that at least a third of all lawmakers in the Senate and Congress are probably blackmailed. Those people in high office who fear being blackmailed by elites push away their conscience and do what they are told. Simon was delighted that Jim Comey was fired for not being able to serve his president because of the information certain people had on him. Oil is a topic of concern between President Trump and venture capitalists/bankers/Zionists who are working with the Saudis to build a pipeline to undercut Iran, Syria and Russia. All three countries are missing a Rothschild bank, at least in part, and this involves the Fed moving away from the gold standard. President Trump wants to reverse that and return to precious metal backed currency. Simon feels if there is no economic crash between July and October, then it means the bad guys have won. They have been using their technologies to stretch the timeline, in effectively increasing time, and have reached a point now where they can't stretch it any further. He points out that everything on this planet is about taking money off you or controlling it, and again states the need for an alternative to this greedy system, and he hopes he and Win will be able to establish that in the Fairex project. In a discussion of blood screenings of newborns, it is again pointed out that if the system’s not taking money off you, they are taking information off you. Blood screening newborns is all about DNA, genetics, and to see just how different you might be, whether the body is from an old bloodline. There were questions about communicating with animals. Anything that's organic on this planet can be interacted with but not at the level we would understand in school. The ancient technology in Antarctica is hugely advanced. The intent of talking about ancient technology on television is to tap into human consciousness to try to physically activate some of this alien tech. T the flat Earth question was looked at again from the perspective of a holographic 3D experience we are having on Earth that is created by Source by something considered to be flat. Simon tells us that the artificial satellite, our moon, is Reptilian and the only body that shows the same side all the time, which could be considered to be a bit suspicious. It was not made and then rolled here for the Earth; it was an already existing object which was then utilized. Gravity is defined by humans as the result of the Earth spinning; it is defined by off planet entities as the result of light striking particles in the atmosphere. It is pointed out that the laws of physics being taught on this planet are totally inaccurate. There is a discussion of mind control through suicide programs and the horrendous effects it has on humanity. Simon says the Bible does actually mention the Elohim, Nephilim and Annunaki races. Annunaki are relatively recent on this planet. You have two Reptilian races that were vying for control of this planet. One is the Orion Empire and the other is the Sirius (sigh rus) or Sirius (sear re us) Federation. That is why in the Great Pyramid at Giza what Egyptologists call the air vents actually line up with Orion. The Nephilim are related to giants and they have DNA that made them quite tall. The Elohim were some of the purest humans who had become somewhat corrupted and , without a huge amount of Reptilian in them, had skin as white as chalk. Simon ends the program with a recap on gravity and science, stating that we have moved from, “If you can’t see it, touch it, it doesn’t exist unless it's God,” to “Well the math works out so maybe it’s true.”
       53,510  2019-03-31  5df0c1fbc39c9a3212d39415fdc29b5a  2017-05-21_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
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   34,373,632  2017-05-22  de9830c1c25059bab339ff9393dae9bd  2017-05-21_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
with Ted Mahr and other guests--Simon is not on this show
   52,667,873  2018-05-29  bc2ff4273d9207550aeacbfb4301453e  2017-05-19_ted_mahr.mp3
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, May 12, 2017
Simon spotlights Win Keech and the FairEx barter system they have been planning. Simon says that the benevolent extraterrestrials have always wanted a barter trade system here to set people free, because money is the anchor that holds down people's freedom. The traditional economic system is falling and is going to fall. A system such as FairEx is the only thing that will allow not just individuals but small to medium businesses to trade. He says the difficulty for most people is that they're born into a money world so they're already into that system. We couldn't just immediately move to a barter and trade system overnight because the system would collapse and there would be a lot of hardship and pain. So the ETs want this system but they want it to come in gently, over a period of time. The negative people don't want this to happen at all because they want to maintain the control they have. This is the only planet that Simon is aware of where money is king. The hierarchical connection to greed does not exist on most planets. The standard are planets that have a trade system and a barter system. There are some planets that work on a credit system. But there is no planet to his knowledge that has folding bits of paper and disks of coin which value a person. Where Simon has visited before, off this world, you're valued by how much kindness you do, or how much you love somebody. Or how much you do for the community. Not how many bits of folding paper you have in your pocket. Others off-planet have learned through Simon having different parts to his soul. Ultimately Simon wants all negative races to evolve and change and actually embrace the light. When beings refuse to take a step forward it is usually out of fear. He hopes that what we are doing on this planet to move it closer to the light will have a beneficial effect right across the multiverse. Simon says the future is dependent on the human race deciding it is not going to live in fear. If the human race embraces truth and light we have a wonderful future ahead of us. That's what he believes will happen.
   51,504,692  2018-05-29  1bed6cfad01c5bfdb56b6e1b842eae25  2017-05-12_ted_mahr.mp3
       34,686  2019-04-17  78903325c890f271eeba311f629f39ab  2017-05-12_ted_mahr.odt
       58,753  2019-04-17  5a68029458ddaa8cc1814b6e257857dd  2017-05-12_ted_mahr.tall.pdf
       16,748  2019-04-17  63ef9155d5ba42fae807df1ef6deb4f9  2017-05-12_ted_mahr.txt
       58,641  2019-04-17  7d13de6d3ac4331182886e78e5bd44ed  2017-05-12_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, May 7, 2017
Discussion of news events this week included Marine Le Pen’s run for president and what it would mean if she were to win, i.e., France leaving the European monetary system; President Trump and President Putin privately having cordial dialogue regardless of mass media reports of their discord; China giving Trump the green light to strike North Korea to protect their heavy investments in South Korea; U.S. and Canada fussing over imports/exports, with U.S. putting an embargo on Canadian softwood lumber export to the U.S., and Canada saying they will ban U.S. coal; Venezuela’s socialist/communist economy collapse; China secretly injecting cash into failing Western banks, the aim being seizing complete control of the West’s economy; Trump’s wish to go to gold-backed currency, but most probably not a possibility because there is not enough gold in the U.S., and Carol Rosin’s conversation with Wernher von Braun about a fake alien attack is currently a possibility that is being considered by the elite, with the Vatican playing a major role by ushering in a nonhuman false Messiah, which is mirrored in Revelations. It was confirmed that weather warfare through artificial electronic means is being used to create food scarcity and overpricing. Questions were raised about ways of dealing effectively with negative energy/entities in its various forms, including saging, group meditation, and the awareness of the position of planetary bodies’ effect on humans. But our real enemy is AI and it’s connection with Archonic energy, their goal being to take out all biological life. By presenting us with sophisticated technology that will turn us into nonthinking technologically-dependent beings, the next step will be to turn us into machines via implants, which will lead to one hive mind, so humans are being seduced into giving up being human by all the shiny new technology available. If this AI invasion is not stopped here on Earth, humanity as we know it will cease to exist, and this AI infection will spread throughout the multiverse.
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   20,028,781  2017-05-11  f55b44b0265b37010176c123ab1287d6  2017-05-07_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  105,364,532  2017-05-11  93eb58d29f1fe4f889981283803eb9dd  2017-05-07_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Friday, April 21, 2017
Simon shares information on his website that European cities are targeted for terrorist attacks and Stockholm is attacked the next day; alleged attack on children in Syria and Trump’s response; Trump caught between a rock and a hard place in regards to Standing Rock as he promised to Make America Great Again with jobs for Americans, so he needed to let pipeline go through; supposedly Hillary Clinton won’t be able to run for president again; reports that 7.8 Hz Schumann resonance is increasing will make it harder for bad guys to deceive us, but in order to delay human development they have stretched the timeline; another financial collapse prediction, this time from Cliff High; Simon and Win Keech are hoping to create a trade and barter system through a mobile app; FEMA practicing special drill in Newark and Lincoln Tunnel in case of an EMP event; Simon discusses the type of personal work and readings he does with people; Ted gets a short reading from Simon; if 2017 becomes a pivotal year for humanity its physical expression could be in the form of economic collapse; no global warming caused by humans, sun is heating up entire solar system as part of planet/human evolution; difference in chemtrails: if they are at high altitude they are scattering metal particulates to shut out the sun from Earth; if they are low to the ground they are disbursing viruses and bacteria encased in gel for purpose of spreading experimental illnesses to the public; eventually humanity will be awake enough to reject status quo and come together in community groups to solve their problems.
       35,645  2019-04-21  0689ca814bcd863dee6f231bce75eb8f  2017-04-21_ted_mahr.docx
   53,141,420  2018-05-29  2c935771a700f3cf4ae2949b6545a9cf  2017-04-21_ted_mahr.mp3
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       50,709  2019-04-21  37ebf0588691a6ca3bf9fb6dbb837221  2017-04-21_ted_mahr.txt
      112,468  2019-04-21  62f89511ac78ebdc491a0634871860fb  2017-04-21_ted_mahr.wide.pdf
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, April 16, 2017
Whoever is orchestrating terrorist attacks has stopped using electronic communication to pass along information, so a return to the traditional method of “boots on the ground” will be necessary to keep people informed. The Syrian attack was the result of Trump not receiving correct information. Trump might be assassinated in the next 18 months. Easter has become a secular holiday so cash machines will be working because corporations steal money off people at this time. In looking at the history of this Christian holiday, Simon says it is simply a repackaged celebration to the Sumerian goddess, Ishtar. At present we are in the eye of the storm as far as the financial situation goes. Soft disclosure of alien presence is a possibility in the near future with the Pope announcing the return of a fake alien nonhuman Messiah. ASP (Advanced Solar Protection) is the chemtrailing agenda at work now to slow humans from ascending. Spraying was originally started to detect alien spacecraft entering from other dimensions. When the ships hit the aluminum particles it causes a ripple, which shows up on radar; the fact that these same aluminum particles falling on humans is poisoning them is merely secondary. Subjects discussed ranged from energy/psychic/manifestation attacks and ways to counter them to ways to reach our creative potential by grounding, and creation through thought. The purpose of the various rituals that have been and continue to be practiced on this planet, i.e., circumcision, the use of live children in sacrifices was discussed, and also the use of time delay in mind control of the masses. The intention of human-alien hybridization programs is to create something that can exist on Earth but not be human. The elite are in the process of executing a planned event so they can stay in control and it will either be an EMP, a dirty nuclear bomb, or the second coming of a fake Messiah.
       48,021  2019-03-27  d52ef3375ec4f1907f0a7e0e579423bf  2017-04-16_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
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   35,468,693  2017-04-17  84a8c310b858cef5ec2829ff4b7d4e9d  2017-04-16_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  187,786,299  2017-04-17  e1f254a5cef3d8896842099035f94acc  2017-04-16_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
       12,690  2017-08-30  b173ecb8d33d2b1e735dab98ab635ac4  2017-04-16_wolf_spirit_radio_RU.docx
with Jay Pee
at Wolf Spirit Radio
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, April 2, 2017
The video footage from the recent terror attack in Great Britain left behind clues as to where the next terror attack would be. Location of the next attack mentions the Statue of Liberty, but it’s not in America. One person asked about shoes at the scene being a clue. Simon said he really couldn’t talk about what he knows without dire consequences. As a result he will not be visiting his friend in Leicester on April 29th. Talking about finances, Simon feels the motivational self-help coach Tony Robbins’ interview on Fox 5 about his book, The Crash Is Coming, is an indication the mainstream media is aware of a probable future economic downturn. Trump is trying to put America back to what the founding fathers intended, i.e., freedom for every American citizen instead of being monetary slaves owned by corporate America. Interest in the goings on in Antarctica just won’t go away. Maps from 1513 A.D. show Antarctica with no ice covering, indicating that at least 15,000 years ago Antarctica was a continent, and whatever was there was evidenced as early as the late 1940s. The military “pretend war” in Ukraine is running out of money and Ukraine is maybe longing to return to Russia. The Satanic control network across the planet has been decapitated and now the Satanic control element is AI, basically a plasma field around the hidden dark Sun which we can’t see and a lower tier of crazed Satanists are bombarding us with HAARP excited chemtrails in an attempt maintain their control. Whistleblower Edward Snowden has released information saying that ET is trying to contact Earth and Simon confirms that it is a new beneficial group of aliens that are in contact with the people of Earth not the military or politicians. It is now common knowledge that Samsung TVs and mobile phones are listening to and passing on people’s conversations. Simon makes an interesting observation about Cliff High’s software not being able to predict terrorist attacks because his web bots can only sift through written or spoken words and therefore the hidden visual clues are missed. Many of the questions centered on various ways to raise one’s vibrational frequency and/or ways to protect oneself from demonic attacks. Simon says the development and growth of our soul comes down to the lineage of one’s soul and the key influences on it, which are divine source, our own actions, and almost every person or entity that crosses our path. The idea is put forth that if we expand the soul’s repertoire by integrating all traits of all races we would become complete, and Simon says a lot is resting on the shoulders of the human race to learn to live in harmony and therefore give a beneficial boost to the multiverse. The only negative block to this is AI who wants to reduce humans to nonthinking, noncreative hive-mentality robots. Simon says that divine source has the capability of destroying AI with massive coronal ejections from our Sun, but along with frying AI it would take out our electric grid, a temporary inconvenience but humanity would be preserved.
       54,650  2019-04-14  3cda9cb51002cc65b4b08fded6b10fa3  2017-04-02_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
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with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, March 19, 2017
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       85,827  2017-06-30  371933076f4c4c83b2eb7c2f0e86fa09  2017-03-19_wolf_spirit_radio_TR.docx
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, March 5, 2017
Simon begins by discussing the goings-on in Antarctica and the importance of Lockheed Martin’s hiring contractors to go there and remove exotic technology to bring back to the U.S. He discusses the California Oroville Dam debacle and says the massive torrents of water washed away the topsoil and exposed gold, creating a mini gold rush. He talks about the economy’s woes—the implications of what the Teamster’s Union bankruptcy might be—stock price ups and downs, especially silver and gold. He assures us the radiation spikes being detected over U.S. cities are the result of a submarine nuclear explosion off the coast of Sweden and not chemtrails. He briefly comments on the financial insanity on this planet that values an app (Snapchat) at twenty billion dollars when its profit margin to date is zero. He comments on the upcoming election in Holland and how it might affect the EU. He shares information about the barter system he and Win are working on, and then proceeds to the Q&A part of the program. Some of the topics discussed include: twin souls, child adoption by celebrities, Reptilian lineages and planet control, disclosure, money magic, child/adult abductions and more.
       49,191  2019-04-15  1ae97793ff158e1fcb1c48f6a757155a  2017-03-05_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   27,985,920  2017-03-06  dc9e5bc61a2a5cee362bb90d6b67deeb  2017-03-05_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
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   37,381,223  2017-03-06  d529145ef1c5d134c79770bb217541b0  2017-03-05_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  193,718,529  2017-03-06  f73a80921617975800a602aeab86b7bf  2017-03-05_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
       47,227  2017-08-12  ca437a9d0f6859cbaa9b23624cfbcd8a  2017-03-05_wolf_spirit_radio_TR.docx
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, February 29, 2017
Simon talks about Trouble with CC group, Antarctica, Trump, Economic situation, Disclosure, Thank you for donations segment, Grid around planet, Beings from Hydra, Trump sending astronauts to moon, De-Glocke, Catholic church and Satan/Lucifer, Anunnaki, Enki, Enlil, Earths covenant with humans, Shape shifters, Roll of animals on the planet, Fracking, Elite, Spiritual Greys teaching ones to fly, seeing shapes and faces in carpet, Zeta-Riticulans and how they view themselves, us and consciousness, Beings felt and seen during meditations, Starseeds and integrating soul elements, Return of the gods, Best investments for the economic crash, Religions who stock up on supplies for disasters.
       50,262  2019-03-27  3216bb1fa32baf60d9a285163b5a8da0  2017-02-19_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
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      175,997  2019-03-27  fc2a1a5e0eb4e775e94acb0d4285ef4b  2017-02-19_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   38,166,022  2017-02-20  1c7bce13681dc490066a302be69d8281  2017-02-19_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  196,858,907  2017-02-20  27d17d8e23c688109764eeecfb3975d9  2017-02-19_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, February 5, 2017
Simon explains that although Trump green-lighted building the oil pipeline at Standing Rock he stipulated it can only be built with pipes made in America, so a factory will have to be built to produce the pipes, which will take time and then courts will have to make final decision; to fulfill his promise Make America Great Again Trump only has 18 months so he will release ancient technology from Antarctica to corporations enabling America to move forward; there are different races in Antarctica, some hostile, some benevolent to humans; wealthy people move underground, favorite destination safety of New Zealand; Questions: cause of physical symptoms experienced when alone talking aloud to oneself; prayer and its benefits or not; life review at end of each lifetime; thoughts on Pizzagate; meaning of Illuminati and their goals; Trump is not in an Illuminati group; are Gnostic scriptures more accurate than the Bible; seeing flashes of light or feeling an invisible entity’s presence can be real experiences with other dimensional/shadow beings but Simon says major militaries of the world also have technology to create similar experiences on Targeted Individuals; how to raise one’s frequency, keep it high, and avoid picking up negativity; use of free will and constraints put on it by elite; words have energy so speaking a word creates an energy connection which when linked together like a formula create our happenings in 4th and then into 3rd dimension; David Blaine is a genuine telepath; thoughts on Godlike Productions; group meditation energy acts as beacon, need group plan for protection; humans are soul containers but most Zeta Reticulans are empty, i.e., soulless, so their bodies are animated by artificial means, the hive mind; Jehovah’s Witness teachings.
       48,829  2019-03-27  99cdac66a76a114a6554324d7688f6bc  2017-02-05_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   27,658,240  2017-02-07  df845928e194edac91c39c2470b95ba1  2017-02-05_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
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      223,011  2019-03-27  ec1a75084568d906688aaee5aef0c80d  2017-02-05_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   37,452,319  2017-02-07  8a13b0c8a6327a3bc585cd726cc3099a  2017-02-05_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  193,770,912  2017-02-07  33fd4285189708f961cd779bbfd09eb5  2017-02-05_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (
at England
Interview, Friday, January 27, 2017
   66,084,571  2018-05-29  7882b24f4b87805cf8b0b3a5f9eec9ac  2017-01-27_ted_mahr.mp3
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, January 15, 2017
Simon briefly mentions interference he has been experiencing in interviews and moves on to the subject of Trump being a week away from taking office and a related small shootout in Lower Manhattan between CIA and NSA employees complete with bomb placement/defusing, which is the result of the changing of the guard in the White House. Trump lets people know he will not be blackmailed with money deals and discusses the lack of credible news on the major networks, which Simon feels is important. Simon notes that independent alternative news people are being shut down and specifically mentions Harald Kautz Vella, an adept German scientist being charged with sedition, and suggests it might be related to Obama passing laws on his exit from the White House giving the “powers that be” the right to go after people who color outside the established lines. Simon mentions an uptake in craft sightings. He discusses what happens when one goes back to source, psychic attacks, the mystery of Oak Island, the fourth dimension, North Pole base attacks that appear to us as earthquakes, various types of Greys, the Hollywood version being a clone without a soul, possible dangers in dealing with acquired sacred objects, the shock and disorientation of souls who come from a clear setting to Earth bypassing a stay in the Pleiades for orientation, energy waves, and the devastating effect chemtrails are having on the planet with their use of both bacteria and viruses encased in jell to achieve a wide dispersion range as they come floating down on humanity. Simon’s attempts to discuss the barter and trade system that he and Win want to establish to bypass the money slave system we now have is met with considerable electronic interference throughout the show.
       45,271  2019-04-15  f3ce549f2d3db1c738b5eb7e3882a635  2017-01-15_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   29,485,976  2017-01-18  d136ee72cb88c378c98f7824dbd6b353  2017-01-15_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
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   38,960,263  2017-01-18  9b07fb00e604675a9022b00275eda2a2  2017-01-15_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  202,166,171  2017-01-18  0bc543e7466fc1a33387a166721027b3  2017-01-15_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot (
at England
Interview: Changing the world, January 11, 2017
Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interviews Simon Parkes, in person, in the UK, during the holidays. They talk about Trump, balancing ourselves, Michael Shrimpton, Benjamin Fulford, Anunnaki, The Banished, Antarctica, the Clintons, the US Election, WikiLeaks, the World situation, Souls; and Simon’s and Kerry’s volunteer work.
   25,476,911  2018-04-26  77e75c6e820005a30d1872d5eb8f80ef  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_1of2.mp3
       44,851  2019-04-08  2b571fde022d1c5baa4a0a2640e689a7  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_1of2.odt
      109,734  2019-04-08  ee8a8e6fa54e45786fae2312f07c8d48  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_1of2.tall.pdf
       46,543  2019-04-11  114b572c2f443d637a61b4645990219d  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_1of2.txt
       99,362  2019-04-08  4ea9c824ef46d5d3fd8cd14ca7d72516  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_1of2.wide.pdf
   31,760,218  2017-01-18  6cc2a73cba028b446b30509f7a64d5a6  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_1of2_144p.3gp
  145,324,882  2017-02-01  6fccacb6212a2e57d383385e492772fc  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_1of2_360p.mp4
       50,833  2018-05-01  b332145c43209540c1d9723510e44023  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_1of2_FR.docx
      182,512  2017-03-30  4bee0f0d9dfeb7e2a9c8ed865586f6c2  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_1of2_FR.rtf
       28,465  2017-04-17  b217bb69c4e0706c964d86224608f910  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_1of2_NL.docx
       15,157  2017-08-30  df2fab57dddcd34bfc4d58d6595bb2b9  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_1of2_RU.docx
       34,039  2017-03-23  3cc8899678f2d4ddc4ea662526d0c6fd  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_2of2.docx
       57,974  2019-04-11  3b4f0d1d3bf47c449308155738726b53  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_2of2.txt
   39,047,498  2017-01-18  91da6032d744c79101420131d8ae240a  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_2of2_144p.3gp
  177,681,810  2017-01-18  358764588862846dfa16c472008bae50  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_2of2_360p.mp4
       47,943  2017-06-11  7ec9a109041aff4ec815df2b30457265  2017-01-11_changing_the_world_2of2_DE.docx
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, January 1, 2017
Simon begins the show by reading an excerpt from an establishment newspaper, the Daily Mail entitled “The Collapse of the Eurozone,” which discusses the coming financial crisis and results, riots, stock market crashes, leaving the European Union, and member states refusing to pay for their losses. The upside is European countries, once freed from the EU, will bounce back to economic health. In order to remain in control will there be a false flag alien invasion, an EMP blast, a viral attack? What will the elite do? There was an assassination attempt on the Rothschild family and the Queen of England has resigned as patron of several children’s charities. The pattern of celebrities losing their lives will increase. Putin didn’t bite on Obama’s “tit for tat” ploy in relationship to the Russian diplomats being sent home. Satanic rituals, origins of black magic and its link to Draco Reptilians was discussed and it was pointed out that black magic didn’t originate on this plane; the Reptilians were instrumental in gifting this technology to Earthlings. The Babylonians put a spell on money and linked it to our psyche to make it addictive. Subjects discussed: chakra colors, trigger words, Trump’s soul ancestry, setting boundaries before astral traveling, Wiccan telltale hybridization traits and feminine energy, social status of animals due to energy connections given to them down through history (Simon believes the forbidden eating of pork stems from off planet entities teaching that pig and human genetics are so close that to eat pork would be like eating a human), indigenous and off-world beings living in Inner Earth, to go or not go to the light upon death of the physical body and the possible consequences.
       31,982  2019-03-28  97517f2a246b1f7bbabe7a4233552633  2017-01-01_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   15,528,542  2017-01-04  68d1ec9cfb745600276a83079dfe69c2  2017-01-01_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      119,974  2019-03-28  2dbbf3e6162c13b541f1534d17bbbb1e  2017-01-01_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       53,835  2019-04-11  537daf508d749d563280b8e28edc02a4  2017-01-01_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      120,272  2019-03-28  987396044fa174841afda96994560b3e  2017-01-01_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   18,976,468  2017-01-04  6d9af72df47497894591943740f7850d  2017-01-01_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
   93,801,417  2017-01-04  657f026e0dd16c4d9e0137ecb13e3143  2017-01-01_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, December 18, 2016
Begins the show by looking at the ups and downs of 2016: Brexit; Trump being elected; Standing Rock situation; possible bail-ins in 2017, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena may be first; meeting in Antarctica between off planet entities and controllers of this planet; Earth governments/elites need to honor the choices made by their citizenry rather than disregard or invalidate them. Questions about impact of time, day, month on soul incarnation; walk-ins; will we automatically get our DNA upgraded if we dream we are on a spaceship? Answer: most likely not; role of the Knights Templar past and present; unicorns; the Cabal and their antics—dimensional traps, fake looping timelines, mindwiping entire communities—to escape Earth or stay in control; full moon possible cause of headaches; physical effects of shapeshifting; traveling between dimensions; the risk of harm from posting information nudging people to wake up; indigenous people of U.S. protecting water sources; calling on the name of Jesus to stop alien abduction; Cain slew/ate Abel, where are their bodies/souls now; reason for Olof Palme’s demise; Simon’s New Year’s message: go into the New Year bravely, cheerfully, and focused.
       49,602  2019-04-14  05f81140f1f0fe64f653390e4543341a  2016-12-18_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   28,261,878  2016-12-23  b286884ee688f3b015c7abf74d54d16e  2016-12-18_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      192,206  2019-03-28  3f62fc5b620c707ee3b91ec493fcc863  2016-12-18_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       99,874  2019-04-14  625219a4971dcb887fd7df6189240fe2  2016-12-18_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      191,533  2019-03-28  65ac61471126a0a447ea564d88903b8b  2016-12-18_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   33,042,596  2016-12-23  2e0b53a6c36dd2015d9f2b4509d26971  2016-12-18_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  151,127,229  2016-12-23  30d6105999c88f04f6805666c9ff12a5  2016-12-18_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio KKNW 1150AM in Bellevue, Washington, USA (
at England via video conference
Interview, Friday, December 9, 2016
American people are not getting the truth from the established news media; Clintons have moved 1.6 billion dollars to Swiss and/or Qatar accounts; if Hillary had won the election World War III would have happened within six weeks of her inauguration; three to five million dead people voted on Hillary’s behalf in 2016 election yet Trump won; standoff at Standing Rock is struggle between greed and people’s connection with the planet; discussion of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s studies of directing positive thoughts to water; NSA intercepting all communications on planet and storing them at Bluffdale; a hush-hush Antarctica meeting requested Buzz Aldrin’s presence because he had met this race in space; space-based computers moved into EMP-proof Cheyenne Mountain, so EMP attack may be imminent and blamed on sunspots or corona ejection; speculation that Fukushima earthquake was a nuclear bomb placed at bottom of Sea of Japan for depopulation; power outage in Atlanta shut Delta Airlines down for 24 hours, was probably EMP test attack and the blackout there had nothing to do with power failure; challenges for coming year: possibly an economic reset with bail-ins (that’s called robbery in laymen’s terms) starting in Italy, and it’s not planned by the elite; American news never reported the attempted coup in D.C. by the Clintons before 2016 election, and the counter coup with National Guard called to be ready for action; should we forgive or not the elite for the suffering they have caused humanity; Simon says even though there are challenges along the way, evolution of human consciousness can’t be stopped.
       29,089  2019-03-28  7046d8c61974f8ee48aaec9505766d3c  2016-12-09_out_of_this_world.docx
   65,583,543  2016-12-13  dfd89a99d0725bff274602fe205f1152  2016-12-09_out_of_this_world.mp3
       39,213  2019-02-05  58761eb4ea3068ec64bbc0014990877b  2016-12-09_out_of_this_world.odt
      107,996  2019-03-28  553d0ff2e2889026f8dc50b58d4163a2  2016-12-09_out_of_this_world.tall.pdf
       45,305  2019-04-14  985a8eb78e63ba92f565f03e677bebc5  2016-12-09_out_of_this_world.txt
      107,229  2019-03-28  1b3a194a38d85237b2a0e4e8a5ab92d6  2016-12-09_out_of_this_world.wide.pdf
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, December 4, 2016
Obama/Clintons wanted Julian Assange out of the way, CIA refuses to do a hit, so get private security firm, counter ops by CIA gets Assange out before bad guys get him; long overdue European financial collapse/difficulties eased by Chinese becoming owners of 25 percent of Deutsche Bank; Nibiru is real, unoccupied, an AI controlled orb, not going to hit Earth; elite Pizzagate-type corruption erupting in many different organizations; Questions: how to capture a DNA strand; connecting to someone by partaking their blood, a drop or a cup depending on the situation; can we be friendly with Jinn? Risky; does Trump know the psychopaths who are running the government? Answer yes; are inhabitants of underground base at Standing Rock getting energy from protestors above? Depends on energy intent; red hair sign of reptilian energy but also a connection to the planet; people in relationships need to be on same frequency for a harmonious experience; there is off planet, but not Hollow Earth, assistance in cleaning up Fukushima, which was a massive attempt to take out half of the planet’s biosphere, but ultimately it’s our responsibility to fix; status of disclosure, time’s up; purpose and uses of gemstones; discussion of Star Trek: Voyager’s Soul Trap scene and its revelation of truth to humanity; banning of large bills in India, the consequences, and possibility of setting up an Ubuntu-type society; China’s role in the grand scale of world happenings; status of elite power; Hillary’s purple and more; questions about Trump; Pizzagate, pedophile crime and how to stop it; goal of police system is to keep populace constrained and make money.
       50,307  2019-04-11  bdc7602ecc9a5bcba9cff058e5b07f4d  2016-12-04_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   27,883,520  2016-12-05  e0759a2981b4188f8cadcd02701baff0  2016-12-04_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      194,207  2019-04-11  3d9e832f5a3e60a11378c81ab2380b9f  2016-12-04_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
      101,293  2019-04-14  808a1eec4944182fa2a9d34b158b1147  2016-12-04_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      194,327  2019-04-11  7e705fbdbaf6462074ed682219af5408  2016-12-04_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   34,723,442  2016-12-06  f98ee26c75638af300a7e93014e4478d  2016-12-04_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  231,884,864  2016-12-06  57a6bfa6299659ec64a46e7d9efd848d  2016-12-04_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, November 20
The Chinese now own 25 percent of Deutsche Bank saving it from collapse and an Italian bank offers stocks/bonds to prevent collapse at least until January; Donald Trump wins election regardless of all the fake/fraudulent votes for Hillary Clinton, thus avoiding or delaying World War III; Clintons moved 1.2–1.8 billion dollars either to Qatar or Switzerland ready for swift exit from US if need be; money is the control system of the world and curtails peoples’ independence, must change; rumors about Soros: (a) health crisis (b) dead (c) faking death; Soros funded demonstrations in US against Trump as he did those in Ukraine to cause destabilization; question about Lilith’s relationship to Anu and/or his sons; comment on the work of Alexandra Meadors; Illuminati’s obsession with blood ritual; Sovereign Seal of Éire represents our thirteen strands of DNA; not accurate to say Reptilians use holograms to appear human, rather think overlay, and Putin says 75 percent of world leaders are not of human origin; function of harmonic system of Giza Pyramid, among other things it was a beacon for those traveling through portals, suggesting navigational instrumentation doesn’t work inside a vortex; what can we do to rid planet of the evil empire; has humanity demonstrated enough reinstatement of love, the rule of our planet, to receive help from benevolent civilizations; Mandela Effect gives glimpse of holographic universe; method of communication between Aldebarans and Vril Society; the destiny of soul energy forcibly zapped, trapped or imprisoned by electronic AI devices will hopefully be able to return to Source which is everywhere; is there meaning behind drawing of white reptilian hands and Lenin’s hands being in same pose; Mu, high Brazil and their relationship to Atlantis/Lemuria; caution on visitations from dog people; vision of mazes under the pyramids where a certain frequency is created, like an energy accelerator that transfers unusable raw energy into a usable energy force; Intel on Nibiru passing by Earth, no biggie Simon says.
       48,414  2019-03-28  a5e042f3cb415f91567c33d00134f808  2016-11-20_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   27,445,394  2016-11-21  ea5aaee545acc769016818dba7334cd1  2016-11-20_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      191,797  2019-03-28  17d5b6b3c3f192c7b5e741282de60c92  2016-11-20_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       96,581  2019-04-11  fb0f83c5dc671199b37f574bc2cef358  2016-11-20_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      191,477  2019-03-28  0945026c57a69bfd02ec48959cd59a6e  2016-11-20_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   33,504,441  2016-11-21  c07d450c9cb4d7fca167b37da7a3988c  2016-11-20_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  163,789,159  2016-11-21  4a858f52bbb4267d88449cc4df0eb9f8  2016-11-20_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, November 6, 2016
Hillary Clinton alleges Russia committed cyber attack against US; Hillary Clinton alleges Russia supported WikiLeaks to prevent her presidency; Hillary Clinton can’t tell the truth but she knows the truth, that it was FBI/CIA who made latest batch of WikiLeaks public; the two Clintons attempted a bloodless coup on Capitol Hill by calling in favors of all the people they own to subvert the US Constitution, which was followed by a countercoup; National Guard activated in 40 states that Donald Trump needed to win, but they didn’t leave their quarters; election was rigged by allowing dead people to vote for Hillary; Hillary’s frequent flyer miles on Lolita Express suggests involvement in Satanic child abuse; good guys want Bill Clinton charged with illegal sexual activity with underage, unwilling minors; they want Hillary Clinton charged with treason; they want Obama to disappear; both good and bad guys want martial law; tricks ATMs play when low on cash; Siri records what you do and don’t say to Internet, i.e., Siri is recording at all times; is Skynet Google; Questions: accuracy of portrayal of Cassiopeian reptilians on French TV show Once Upon a Time. . . Space; Russian international strength versus internal corruption; is there still time for those asleep to awaken; what happens to a soul after death that makes pact with devil or jinn; Kingston upon Hull: economically poor, spiritually rich; retrieval of sacred/alien artifacts through war; prepare for coming shift; Earth, a training ground; eating meat and child trafficking; the Basque people; thoughts on murder of Max Spears and attempted poison of Miles Johnston; if all “religions” created by Archons/ruling races are to control us, was Jesus a ruse; earthquakes near CERN probably aimed at Rothschilds’ underground abode; cloning and Queen Elizabeth II.
       48,459  2019-03-28  5b1c50c1cae49cf3cc6370dfb8800986  2016-11-06_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   27,463,367  2016-11-07  56a6da3593627b35b4e6ef11d736ab10  2016-11-06_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      186,383  2019-03-28  fd9bb4e40c180806dcf757022d029e69  2016-11-06_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
      100,016  2019-04-11  6effca6a88cff830927f5bce9a8726d9  2016-11-06_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      185,402  2019-03-28  dd63ad9b7b075443fbb7ece4788ab494  2016-11-06_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   36,738,549  2016-11-08  28f68d3f251f93c6412bd253cdf8714f  2016-11-06_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  188,781,522  2016-11-08  98ba07d565c715717b498727103349d4  2016-11-06_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, October 16, 2016
Russians prepare for a possible attack from America over Syria, but it appears the critical point has passed; Italians fine Deutsche Bank 2.3 billion dollars for fraudulent trading; world debt is 100 trillion dollars and world banks only have fifteen trillion dollars; ominous American plan will be put in place if Clinton wins presidency and maybe if she doesn’t; definition of white hats; reincarnation brought here from the Orion Empire; demons, Archons and jinns; are plant vibrations code from Mother Earth; if forced against your will to do something nefarious do you create karma; Roswell crash and film of alien operation; should children be taught the truth about their planet or just what is in textbooks or both; why is it taking so long to get rid of the “bad guys”; returning to Source; do created beings/chimeras have souls and do genetic creators have rights to these bodies/souls; soul transfers, even if a soul doesn’t agree it can still be transferred against its will; agenda behind Sirius A giving dangerous time travel technology to Earth humans; Pleiadian/Reptilian soul has great opportunity to learn/grow from the fusing of these diametrically opposing forces; the visual and sound components of Project Bluebeam and it’s possible use in 9/11; Dracos, Raptors and the U.S. Navy; purpose behind globally disrespecting and cruelly abusing women; aliens sometimes test human reactions in dreams.
       45,481  2019-03-28  ecfefce104dae00ceaf3f396a8970b30  2016-10-16_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   26,413,662  2016-10-17  3eb78891299eb270e57138f023cff347  2016-10-16_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      175,294  2019-03-28  f28e0f162e1c4fa57e6d24eba9d55254  2016-10-16_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       89,195  2019-04-11  4a846f0e0dc4d21bd4a624c67b60e63b  2016-10-16_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      174,544  2019-03-28  69405f02e97e90f6f0ad6e9ef5fad3ae  2016-10-16_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   32,225,725  2016-10-17  42e5dc7768e7149f57475deba52af53a  2016-10-16_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  177,650,805  2016-10-17  cc323f9d2c4ae1e0856ff7c703272713  2016-10-16_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, September 18, 2016
Short summary of topics discussed at the Birmingham Metaphysical Conference, such as financial crash, Hillary Clinton/double/clone antics; agenda behind EMP proofing Cheyenne Mountain; questions: purpose of different colors of UFO beams; why Eton students allowed private conversation with Mr. Putin; most likely false flag to usher in “chip agenda”; what is the bigger picture in the US that is not reaching us; soul removal technology; hybridized souls; India situation, most probably will outstrip China in next decade; our soul and our astral image; meaning of 666 and seeing eye; currency reset.
       24,665  2019-03-28  b11479e5a4d4ace9c2b4da681bf37f36  2016-09-18_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   15,231,373  2016-09-19  13c4a623677df62f935642685769e257  2016-09-18_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      106,309  2019-03-28  dc45ed2548f311ea193eb26c10e11fe9  2016-09-18_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       45,813  2019-04-11  e1a02697ccccc0763209e50e44107953  2016-09-18_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      106,364  2019-03-28  4b802578ae5cf66e3e5933830e76669b  2016-09-18_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   20,862,754  2016-09-20  4e031a6a5da329e9ed15405249dc31f2  2016-09-18_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  117,751,418  2016-09-20  91b718601dbe8b4be273db7034154bba  2016-09-18_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with MultiDimensionalShow organizers
at All Saints Centre, 2 Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7RA, UK
Lecture: The Coming Crisis 2016-17
A short talk about political corruption, valueless money and its eventual collapse; women leaders with a Pinky and The Brain Agenda—to control the world; mention of Hillary Clinton, her doubles, not cloned yet; the assassination and/or kidnapping attempt on Angela Merkel; zapping Space X rocket control system attempting to leave Earth with a payload, going to the Black Knight perhaps; the next attack on Earth will most probably be an EMP; and advice on preparation for the inevitable global collapse of civilization as we know it and humanity trying again for the sixth or seventh time to become free beings on this planet.
       32,265  2019-04-11  c95bf70bc6d9c79b3c1afc4249539983  2016-09-17_multidimensional_show.docx
   16,763,018  2016-10-03  b3ec59b45a5785bb445451f72984cf18  2016-09-17_multidimensional_show.mp3
      142,993  2019-04-11  8ce5fe35e4f2ce0006d2a8eb2c6826ad  2016-09-17_multidimensional_show.tall.pdf
       56,383  2019-04-11  ac47e07e9ba2bb9950dd82eac5875117  2016-09-17_multidimensional_show.txt
      142,663  2019-04-11  d0c58cf3f7113bf022aac9169186db49  2016-09-17_multidimensional_show.wide.pdf
   23,693,490  2016-10-04  643ae5d999e0e4cf422cf2314ea8c824  2016-09-17_multidimensional_show_144p.3gp
  166,179,982  2016-10-03  9b07fc94eec2f4d6841e0c44fbcd1dbe  2016-09-17_multidimensional_show_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, September 4, 2016
Simon is distracted by police activity near his door as show begins and tells us earlier in the week police came by checking on his well-being; Questions: AI and AI machines causing insomnia–dream control/mind influence in 3D; if everything is created by Source, how was Source created; going to the light when our soul leaves the body is still a trap that is in place; 4D frequency and increase in 3D suicides; nonhuman entities who look like men in black; are souls created gay; what is the agenda behind you, Simon, saying in 2011 Earth doesn’t belong to humans and they need to get off it; 300-foot tidal waves coming, or not, as Nibiru nears; dealing with psychic implants that obstruct healing; astronaut William Rutledge’s Moon film, hoax or real event; who made Earth; what is under Antarctica; chakras, expunge or not to gain new connection with Source; might Anu, Allah, Yahweh all be part of the same package; why are the Elite supporting Hillary; what is Argentina’s role in defeating the dark forces; Satanism, energy from 4D and the many subtle ways it manifests in 3D to control/trick humanity into submission; negative connection with dogs in present 3D world could be result of remembering interacting with Canis-type aliens in past life; eye colors, their significance created by humans; J.P. Morgan owns Sirius, a large fertilizer mine opening in Whitby which could lead to control of humanity’s food supplies.
       51,174  2019-03-28  08308817d58eb045343d7ac0211a10ff  2016-09-04_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   28,893,727  2016-09-05  392fe3ea595d02c02d7f1f7055e49172  2016-09-04_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      203,305  2019-03-28  5d48b923593fa9a4efd232b4dcc3816e  2016-09-04_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       99,038  2019-04-11  68361dd6d86bc9a8ed6ba2a4cb96c785  2016-09-04_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      201,668  2019-03-28  320efd689db99307eef76e5bc339f3c9  2016-09-04_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   34,897,972  2016-09-06  8a8d45a38299ba1b93ec6c2c34b706c8  2016-09-04_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  180,593,805  2016-09-06  5b25aecbca70b14c6231ad3a2ab5eff8  2016-09-04_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot (
at England via video conference
Interview: Be Prepared, Thursday, September 1, 2016
WWIII? Economic chaos? False flag Germany? Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, and now U.S. leaders warn: be prepared! RAMPING UP OF MILITARY ACTION? THE BANKSTERS ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME FOR THE FINANCIAL RESET and need to get WWIII going to make their plans for ONE World Government and One World Military a reality.
   23,156,874  2016-10-04  c14b42074a4b366b4e46f72a4993fc69  2016-09-01_be_prepared.mp3
   44,827,056  2016-09-01  1d611d2a1cf743a8999c5a216ad0272a  2016-09-01_be_prepared_144p.3gp
  256,375,660  2016-09-02  44049530d19d2a7f3eb72a6b8f430aca  2016-09-01_be_prepared_360p.mp4
  783,251,750  2016-09-02  8957cac70c6a2a83426e7d3ebb79f5cb  2016-09-01_be_prepared_720p.mp4
       50,754  2017-10-28  eea0042c05873971262826949861115f  2016-09-01_be_prepared_DE.docx
      144,741  2017-11-15  ac9d04cafb21f40578ef562676b59fd8
with Evelin Ptassek
at England via video conference
Recent Events in Germany and the Situation in Europe, Sunday, August 28, 2016
After the attempted assassination of the German Chancellor, Simon advises people to stay calm, to have reserves of food and water, and to have arrangements for the safety of your families. Governments of Finland and the Czech Republic have advised their citizens to have reserves. American tanks have been moved into an offensive position in central Europe, in an effort to provoke Russia into a military attack. This has not been reported in the media. If we stay calm, there is a better chance of avoiding a catastrophe.
    2,535,562  2016-10-04  777e4d0bf2a8bc566e36a3acd597c184  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe.mp3
       25,092  2019-04-14  2bb5f1fbe0b3a27967c1f152405426d8  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe.odt
       11,573  2017-11-06  83da130257bd96fb465c1a2c642c3edf
       41,586  2019-04-08  d63b10e3534756ae7e21910dedd1f7d0  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe.tall.pdf
        7,801  2019-04-14  04dff5b7387c67635ca9d621ffd94a84  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe.txt
       72,924  2019-04-08  e6befa15c89577f67b09ea532750f87d  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe.wide.pdf
    6,056,308  2016-08-31  57d42ee488e8978956707d233465ae06  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe_144p.3gp
   28,922,410  2016-08-31  9cd344c86817b50ad5579387d655e3a2  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe_360p.mp4
   87,978,428  2016-08-31  a71165c863caf2407343ac2ebaf1d211  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe_720p.mp4
       22,234  2017-06-01  90103727e5fb1ef904dfc4694343da7a  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe_DE.odt
       15,680  2018-04-14  800a7ffc1599d121570f36089031989a  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe_FR.docx
       10,877  2016-11-14  bff0c8942356e598563f7672caf9e8c6  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe_IT.docx
        8,027  2016-10-30  d59caff247fa32184f254bc8d6403df7  2016-08-28_situation_in_europe_IT.txt
with Evelin Ptassek
at England via video conference
Urgent Announcement for Germany and Europe, Thursday, August 25, 2016
Germany announced that its citizens should store food and water. This is because of a fear of attack by America. Merkel is turning against her own illuminati masters. London is also a possible target. Wichtige Information! Ein Angriff der USA unter falscher Flagge auf Deutschland und die Tschechei wird befürchte.
      925,834  2016-10-04  f70b2485459edf66f302221009f25fa1  2016-08-25_urgent_update.mp3
       21,447  2019-04-14  0eed7ad4bf6ad9c5009edcc3d7ed8127  2016-08-25_urgent_update.odt
       32,129  2019-03-28  faf21ce71b6f0a670d6d012690cc3b9d  2016-08-25_urgent_update.tall.pdf
        3,215  2019-04-14  4157d148817704ed641c94ac1175ee59  2016-08-25_urgent_update.txt
       32,259  2019-03-28  d0e7199265b49acecbc93f24e63bca4f  2016-08-25_urgent_update.wide.pdf
    2,067,783  2016-08-31  64e55f0d89bc054ee4c5272a3add8412  2016-08-25_urgent_update_144p.3gp
    9,655,473  2016-08-31  dba7746ad3eb7fec39e1a4d477338d74  2016-08-25_urgent_update_360p.mp4
   24,536,586  2016-08-31  ee32b87836b5e425fc07e04fa4043957  2016-08-25_urgent_update_720p.mp4
        4,490  2017-05-15  ac44f3448f4caf62e05cab6da00e799d
        5,969  2016-11-14  033e426407b19c308693237efa4ceb2a  2016-08-25_urgent_update_IT.docx
with Fran Barlow
at England via video conference
Stockpiling Advisory, Wednesday, August 8, 2016
The real reason Germany has told its citizens to store food and water is that they are opposed to the negative American illuminati’s plan to stage a false flag in Germany. The situation in Europe is very serious.
      676,434  2016-10-04  856fabf05b7aac0abe222f4696d84c51  2016-08-24_stockpiling.mp3
       25,414  2019-03-28  3c79a715917f83f03ca713cb07e31699  2016-08-24_stockpiling.odt
       29,051  2019-03-28  306a2af614e87e6e1dac09905ac96e3b  2016-08-24_stockpiling.tall.pdf
        2,708  2019-04-11  b73705695ccf84d08ac4b8b87f4467da  2016-08-24_stockpiling.txt
       29,300  2019-03-28  ed30e9e2b85e87023cc50eed5d5c78d6  2016-08-24_stockpiling.wide.pdf
    1,025,275  2016-09-08  1c0f5959b23af61cc2c4d358cc2943d9  2016-08-24_stockpiling_144p.3gp
    6,538,520  2016-09-08  e90ce2669595c6350eba1bb2ba9c4928  2016-08-24_stockpiling_360p.mp4
       10,652  2017-05-11  702e38f0777ba32e52182a479489bdfc  2016-08-24_stockpiling_DE.docx
        3,633  2017-05-11  b7cba2e78ea826e89824d56a3361fc19
        5,365  2016-11-14  6ef534f9f9b64a60d97fde11a2eacf41  2016-08-24_stockpiling_IT.docx
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, August 7, 2016
Britain’s financial future not looking good so money added to economy and VAT is cut; Farsight Institute remote views a similar 911 event, and from images of the destruction looks to be inflicted by kinetic round weapon; Questions: info on Hollow Earth humans; how do Atlantean and Lemurian races compare to today’s races; are trees messengers between Mother Earth and the Sun; dreams and their interpretation; relationship between story of Atlantis and Scientology; result of giving a Reptilian hallucinogens; possible causes of physical problems stemming from translating Simon’s show into Russian; meaning of eye color; significance of Sphinx in its time; moon’s anticlockwise movement; Lions Gate Portal; why do we need food; star families who altered our DNA; trigger sounds; U.S. government backup moved to Denver; shungite protection against EMFs.
       45,276  2019-03-28  3aae65adeb6d80bf51f46808504da25d  2016-08-07_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   26,421,708  2016-08-10  2a41930da5b66a9deed5a849c9b2242c  2016-08-07_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      192,699  2019-03-28  0a54574d45cb2f9b1c3add6843985d9f  2016-08-07_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       90,375  2019-04-11  46037bbcf7124084eac2c94c87988e29  2016-08-07_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      173,588  2019-03-28  12b434f65dcbe5f16364b80867b9a568  2016-08-07_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   31,539,249  2016-08-10  5a59091298c4fd344c97b9e0f9bf1e30  2016-08-07_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  171,444,255  2016-08-10  be80ba3bfe69b204aed8a216f7cea81c  2016-08-07_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee, Alex Collier, Tolec, Win Keech on Wolf Spirit Radio
at England via video conference
UltraGalactic Roundtable III, Sunday, July 24, 2016
The Crossing, The Lyran Wars, the Reptilians, the Cassiopeans, the Pleiadians, and the AI (Borg) situation. The Roundtable's energy draws a clearer picture than ever before of our true nature and our real history, how our future can be healed and rectified.
   26,912,924  2016-07-25  73f869831fb06dc0210a859e10f8408f  2016-07-24_roundtable.mp3
   38,508,285  2016-07-26  11d476c09554b46844bd26d9e86fc6d1  2016-07-24_roundtable_144p.3gp
  228,975,542  2016-07-26  ad40ee3c70ee94a27225de22b737760e  2016-07-24_roundtable_360p.mp4
with Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection (
at England via video conference
Simon Parkes Responds To The Community, July 2017
Alexandra Meadors and Simon Parkes have a very candid and serious conversation in regards to the community's recent reaction to the fact that Simon Parkes has come out publicly and admitted that he has identified his Reptilian father, Anu, and commanded that he leave his life forever! They do a thorough review of some of the concerns that have been presented to Simon. Simon explains that he was extremely pressured in his political career only after he voiced his opinion that President Putin was not the negative person that the U.S. and the U.K. were painting him to be. Consciousness, Conspiracy, Cabal, and Government, Environment Physical and Etheric, Exopolitics, Government Laws, Policies, Politicians, Military, History, Interviews, Liberty, Freedom, Metaphysics and Beliefs, Consciousness, Paranormal, Spirituality
   24,705,162  2016-10-04  23c6b8e98fd5ec68b56480cd5c33db78  2016-07-19_community_response.mp3
       58,986  2019-04-11  631748c8b3d49498e325748906234faf  2016-07-19_community_response.odt
      156,628  2019-04-11  8ee396e0feb46977ec999b1b9a2f42b1  2016-07-19_community_response.tall.pdf
       84,180  2019-04-11  4d35e8a9adc4ed97cb032a61f53e3e23  2016-07-19_community_response.txt
      160,202  2019-03-28  a98cec406d4368a4c0f4bb8244d047a2  2016-07-19_community_response.txt.pdf
      154,914  2019-04-11  22e419ffbd0e05f1c08d7056b1652e2e  2016-07-19_community_response.wide.pdf
   61,691,741  2016-07-22  a76a0d27d54ecd2303a37c7c63593ab4  2016-07-19_community_response_144p.3gp
  278,238,387  2016-07-22  e124774eec2c8802ac62fe6eb7416f5a  2016-07-19_community_response_360p.mp4
  734,496,204  2016-07-22  f07e6ff1865f8ff0bea4ed18ff182d91  2016-07-19_community_response_720p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, July 17, 2016
   27,182,707  2016-07-20  79940152986864e38af346c173d8dcb7  2016-07-17_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   32,256,734  2016-07-19  2652935955e147f69b7f58f4624c1c53  2016-07-17_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  174,914,808  2016-07-19  f81d780f139da9264a523604f1d71dec  2016-07-17_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot (
at Passing Clouds, London, UK
Lecture at Awake and Aware Conference, Sunday, July 17, 2016
Note that videos of the complete conference can be purchased at
   73,710,556  2019-03-25  a61f877b5c61dcdc99ff40f72c9c2f07  2016-07-17_awake_aware_london.mp3
  231,467,067  2018-01-18  0568f848911e7b197b0abaddbd96fb35  2016-07-17_awake_aware_london_480p.m4v
2,366,661,319  2017-10-10  0f78d637fca9e0462e0d04a57ddca6fa  2016-07-17_awake_aware_london_540p.mp4
with Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot (
at Elms Manor, Watford, UK
Multiple Levels of Deception, Sunday, July 10, 2016
Simon was himself tricked when he was a young child by having an energy hook put in him, causing his image to be projected to other people by ominous forces; Simon emphasizes his talk on Black Ops Secret Space Program is from his perspective and kicked off in ’50s for purposes of catching up and buying time with certain entities; benefits of back engineering and use of materials such as Nitinol with morphing capabilities; Operation Paperclip brought Nazi technology, scientists, ideology to US, underground bases/compartmentalization are examples; Simon suggests that inside Die Glocke was an alien craft’s pilot’s chair in form of a time portal machine; Germans wanted to use off planet technology to make something fly and Americans wanted to use it to make a weapon to bomb Japan; Black Ops, through abductions, use people to fight their wars for them, but not necessarily all bad; shades of racism influenced Brexit vote, so elite may not always win now as public more aware of lies, harder for elite to trick us; Woodrow Wilson was first president to acknowledge credit rules, not people; Cameron gave the British choice, thus Brexit; elite will attempt to put women in positions of control and link to feminine consciousness of planet; Iceland removed the Rothschild bank; Hitler’s shock over World War I outcome lead to what Simon believes was hysterical blindness and was treated by group linked to Tavistock Institute where he probably got his alter personality; Hitler most probably a Rothschild; controllers of Hollywood use film people to give out vague information of future events because it is rule of magic that you inform people; riches of Vatican City illustrate huge egos, lust for power and control, as do most religions/groups; easy to manipulate trusting people; result of sinking the Titanic was creation of the Federal Reserve; London is like Tower of Babel, the financial center of world and the elite program is to suck it dry before it collapses; Lincoln and J.F. Kennedy were both murdered for trying to end the Federal Reserve; J.F.K. knew of plot to enslave all Americans and wanted to expose it; three people wish to activate the San Andreas Fault to a 7 on the Richter scale using HAARP, could lead to martial law in California; Bilderberg group ratifies gold-backed Yuan but Chinese deal is Americans can have access to the gold if they move to a silver-base currency; George Soros playing the gold/silver middle; three important places on planet: US, UK, Germany; exclusivity seen in new age groups is what CIA wanted, to split people up; Putin neither good or bad but stands in the middle; must strive to have goals that can’t be corrupted and speak from the heart. Note that videos of the complete conference can be purchased at
       52,774  2019-04-14  26f4f24b64509642b22d3243ac0f670f  2016-07-10_awake_aware_watford.docx
   51,017,351  2017-11-30  cf3612f58ca0e99d1b6423a54e27a6c9  2016-07-10_awake_aware_watford.mp3
      221,715  2019-03-28  3a2d8455a5097813cce183e72ab7aea3  2016-07-10_awake_aware_watford.tall.pdf
      102,036  2019-04-14  ab930c06138a1b9349b8a39536e4ca72  2016-07-10_awake_aware_watford.txt
      221,094  2019-03-28  c5a36e6b59d62192e938fb2ba7ac11e9  2016-07-10_awake_aware_watford.wide.pdf
  379,886,082  2018-01-18  85f1ca675b93a8073745f7d98c90b99f  2016-07-10_awake_aware_watford_480p.m4v
3,268,866,686  2017-10-10  efc439a31fe8b4d53e857c568159afb2  2016-07-10_awake_aware_watford_540p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, July 3, 2016
Brexit: the very pinnacle of the elite pyramid wants Britain out of EU even though it slows down their agenda against humanity; HAARP has been busy slightly jolting the San Andreas fault on West Coast of America; President of EU says he’s been in contact with people from other planets. Questions: choosing which side to be on before time runs out, i.e., service to self or service to others; planets that don’t use money just provide you with what you need; meaning behind Enlil and Earth having nearly identical numerological values; does Warehouse 23 exist and what’s inside; possible meaning of black panther dream; timelines and the many versions of you running; how to pinpoint continuous low frequency sounds; Simon’s perspective on comment that we—humans—are gods; difference between refugees as result of disaster and deliberately created refugees turned loose on countries to destabilize them and create fear in the people; is the strange sky above the Hadron Collider a sign they accomplished their goal; if thoughts are scalar waves can we use the ionosphere to amplify them like HAARP does; results of hypnosis classes; is karma real; can entire alien race manipulate dreams; is there a connection between Glastonbury and NWO; cause of violence against women and children; is it possible to send souls to Source; do you know the identity of blue beings with crystals in their faces; when medium communicates with soul from afterlife how come it wasn’t caught by the light and reprocessed; dream of soul scan, could it be your tax dollars at work using V2K and other hi-tech black ops software; connecting DNA strands and gaining psychic ability; original Reptilian race and versions of its history; length of timescale allotted in 3D for spiritual evolvement; GcMAF a solution for keeping a healthy immune system and preventing/treating cancer in Europe.
       52,748  2019-03-28  bf71885dd673c626852e27b5d19cd335  2016-07-03_wolf_spirit_radio.docx
   28,337,737  2016-07-07  53830c9eab2cf4841b75eae5b36564ef  2016-07-03_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
      190,002  2019-03-28  52c74b002e3eeb14236b0df512e502e7  2016-07-03_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
      102,602  2019-04-11  9d0375307b452d2d3f4b1a43fc872da6  2016-07-03_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      189,290  2019-03-28  dfcd1a2292454e0d988ad90f9db6a48b  2016-07-03_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   34,460,779  2016-07-09  7bb0707f5e478c19f03318ca681ccfd9  2016-07-03_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  192,934,027  2016-07-09  2d1ae3ddfa5b3a79a3165b08058aa507  2016-07-03_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot (
at the Awake & Aware conference in Malta via video conference
Awake and Aware Malta, Saturday, July 2, 2016
Some crucial info regarding the upcoming financial system and more ... Note that videos of the complete conference can be purchased at
       42,392  2019-04-19  b243db59bfb6a8d14eb513aebb148ce1  2016-07-02_awake_aware_malta.docx
   22,039,513  2016-08-23  e2acbac7b94f653c8769ce8f6420a782  2016-07-02_awake_aware_malta.mp3
      167,696  2019-04-02  71a1cdc636a57e26a4783a82b6173f12  2016-07-02_awake_aware_malta.tall.pdf
       78,829  2019-04-11  8d46308cfe2975a680bd3bf7e2c036f6  2016-07-02_awake_aware_malta.txt
      148,291  2019-04-02  5dbf7a64d9b7a902be4c716d365fad7e  2016-07-02_awake_aware_malta.wide.pdf
   53,666,712  2016-07-31  d8ae74f0497ad1d274949583432fd592  2016-07-02_awake_aware_malta_144p.3gp
  261,560,583  2016-07-31  dc2487c9ce8081b77615f002e89bcea9  2016-07-02_awake_aware_malta_360p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out Of This World Radio (2016 Episode 10
at England via video conference
Interview, Saturday, June 25, 2016
    6,883,466  2016-12-09  4d5ba3ffeaf098f4fb0c561021bbd5fb  2016-06-25_out_of_this_world_tv_2of2.mp3
   16,832,733  2016-11-29  2e2343f762afe3e35ab54ceef1cb7702  2016-06-25_out_of_this_world_tv_2of2_144p.3gp
   80,926,335  2016-11-29  176664eb91a7c1bc36da80f6ebb7af99  2016-06-25_out_of_this_world_tv_2of2_360p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out Of This World Radio (2016 Episode 10
at England via teleconference
Interview, Saturday, June 25, 2016
    6,574,218  2016-12-09  5b1bc407ab7ca8c0f39961896b7f90f3  2016-06-25_out_of_this_world_tv_1of2.mp3
   15,595,963  2016-11-29  5c7dde00ba1a8a11fbe6bb2e136be7e5  2016-06-25_out_of_this_world_tv_1of2_144p.3gp
   74,534,100  2016-11-29  ae4cf4110ddcf8a2e806826dba24f679  2016-06-25_out_of_this_world_tv_1of2_360p.mp4
with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio KKNW 1150 AM in Bellevue, Washington, USA
at England via teleconference
Simon Parkes is an English politician who has been in contact with ETs for his entire life, including Reptilians, Greys, Mantis, Feline beings, Crystalline beings, and other beings which cannot be identified. Simon describes the Reptilians, the Greys, the Mantis, and advanced benevolent humans who live outside of this planet.
   65,248,653  2016-07-02  17ff65568956671a82f39b5d9adc2f8f  2016-06-24_out_of_this_world.mp3
   12,062,546  2016-12-05  b7c20d66bb334fa6f9cf7463c2dbb28a  2016-06-24_out_of_this_world_144p.3gp
   87,428,356  2016-12-05  edba3ec0c682583f99250cb8fcfc9344  2016-06-24_out_of_this_world_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, June 19, 2016
   27,635,850  2016-10-04  042d96141accee41915634ad04e1d81a  2016-06-19_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   33,393,538  2016-06-30  ccdb1532ac43f66c593683b0f15919cb  2016-06-19_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  186,870,409  2016-06-30  e63c87a6e100acacaff0ecc48e58b30f  2016-06-19_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Ted Mahr, Scott Lemriel, Alfred Lambremont Weber, Professor Jerry Pollack, Robbie Holz, and Tetsu Shiratori on Out of This World Radio KKNW 1150 AM in Bellevue, Washington, USA
at England via video conference
   16,223,500  2016-10-05  5044fdfd3fde389f914c02a2194477ea  2016-06-10_galactic_wisdom_conference.mp3
   67,234,552  2016-10-06  1d171dbb6c2b88db9a9a87b8c05bfdeb  2016-06-10_galactic_wisdom_conference_144p.3gp
  220,083,359  2016-08-21  10f489c2342ab9833a8f1349b1d9c56f  2016-06-10_galactic_wisdom_conference_360p.mp4
  835,394,462  2016-08-11  13d894de26e2b3fcda2487c784f8362b  2016-06-10_galactic_wisdom_conference_720p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, June 5, 2016
   27,295,138  2016-06-06  d3a13d8fe3879492d7947bdfaab176ce  2016-06-05_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   33,381,092  2016-06-07  c32e121a8683174610a63d5afe43fc24  2016-06-05_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  182,930,069  2016-06-08  c8ef30e66ca41f98014c03d5c546b649  2016-06-05_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Miles Johnston
at Fusiliers Museum in Bury, north Manchester, England
Repcon 2016 Report
Miles Johnston gives a Repcon 2016 brief report featuring a short interview with Simon starting with a clip of Simon discussing his early childhood and ongoing experiences as a contactee with the Mantids and their agenda; Miles asks what we are dealing with in terms of human/alien war; unacknowledged abuse TIs are experiencing from both human, human/alien and alien technology; the Hadron Collider: its purpose, its similarity to Die Glocke, reasons for its location, and its need for presence of the creative mind; global economic woes coming; disclosure: presidential candidates talk about it until they are elected and then suddenly go silent; consequences to Earth of Planet X or some other object out there; Peter Paget’s statements about UFOs; two factions of the elite warring among themselves over how to handle humanity; media buyouts have the object of having only one voice for entire English-Speaking world.
       22,959  2019-04-08  fde8a4dc32dc8b9914667cdb8a07ee06  2016-05-29_repcon_report.docx
    7,180,426  2016-10-04  6e0afebd89e4f9dab12693fe9261c219  2016-05-29_repcon_report.mp3
       74,188  2019-04-08  6fc370ba4552c14a4ae98fd31132e511  2016-05-29_repcon_report.tall.pdf
       28,097  2019-04-11  aea9124a28c45e14cd9a8d9313190601  2016-05-29_repcon_report.txt
       72,946  2019-04-08  deaf2c3a4360a16a71136a37c22dfab8  2016-05-29_repcon_report.wide.pdf
   17,484,738  2016-06-18  b94efa4206ea4f88737bc2d9a1e299ab  2016-05-29_repcon_report_144p.3gp
  119,726,061  2016-06-18  deeb812a58d2d042efc075f39c95bb8d  2016-05-29_repcon_report_360p.mp4
  301,344,332  2016-06-18  6b672374de5ea8501ceb15a8f01e9744  2016-05-29_repcon_report_720p.mp4
with organizers (
at Fusiliers Museum in Bury, north Manchester, England
   46,167,778  2019-03-25  8bc78eb8cc3a79df271950a6540f37d0  2016-05-29_repcon.mp3
  105,922,503  2017-10-04  582d1d69c525d2c4b056cf7e5c1306a0  2016-05-29_repcon_144p.3gp
  526,033,111  2017-10-04  c7dd3214fda12b660bcbcd4c698f5057  2016-05-29_repcon_360p.mp4
1,238,057,346  2017-10-05  6807be3a010dceb93bbe334891f80d13  2016-05-29_repcon_720p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, May 15, 2016
   26,584,085  2019-03-30  1bccd93b052f393ac0f26f39e0f93031  2016-05-15_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   31,678,012  2019-03-30  5f5e5cb1e91cf0b8298eabea1b47144c  2016-05-15_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  139,205,117  2019-03-30  ad17768cd45b64c2298d8463a710c29e  2016-05-15_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
  503,297,100  2019-03-30  8571ad8d0f15ed836001fc1ff55e91a8  2016-05-15_wolf_spirit_radio_720p.mp4
with Alex Collier, Tolec, Jim Nicholls, and Win Keech on Wolf Spirit Radio
at England via video conference
UltraGalactic Roundtable II
Deeper Insights Into the Pleiadian Situation
   28,038,165  2016-05-17  421a25d397e8ae5d537d90c108871869  2016-05-15_roundtable.mp3
   40,930,124  2016-05-17  2f98a23283c3b193f4dc52f866839e76  2016-05-15_roundtable_144p.3gp
  199,304,679  2016-05-17  57a8e3d2618d47fe4e4bc613a6082e18  2016-05-15_roundtable_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, May 1, 2016
Explosion at S4 Area 51; Silver, Economic Collapse @ 8 minutes; Manufacturing in China; Gold Currency Countries; Banning of Vitamins; Fast Food and Coke; Dimensional Shift; Consultations; Meaning of 114; Kubrick Movies; MK Ultra; Matrix; Babies in western world psychically scanned; Anu, Archons, Sentient Computer, DNA; Alien Abductions, Believe in Self and Sovereignty; Soul Trap; Only show what is real, nothing fake; Mind Wipe; Soul Family, Star Family Group, Love; Suicide, Murder, Ghosts; Iceland Elven, Unseens, Maintaining harmonic frequency; Shiva, CERN, religions, PayPal Papal; Full Disclosure, Orson wells, Fake alien invasion; DNA rejoin that which was taken from us, unlocking codes.
   28,006,538  2016-10-04  4059fb352f25640c5029cb9577c564bb  2016-05-01_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   34,076,820  2016-05-17  aaa09ef5e0db76b574d8bcccc273651f  2016-05-01_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  186,487,171  2016-05-17  06d26a186deadf951a3988015c4a06cd  2016-05-01_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, April 17, 2016
The Alien Agenda 2016
   27,332,746  2016-10-04  5c5413bbd68723f624198a6bec15776b  2016-04-17_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   33,085,470  2016-04-20  ff158a4c10f00da45b3bb9b4ece0f971  2016-04-17_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  145,395,452  2016-04-20  091b08976864ddb324181a94b6553c96  2016-04-17_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, April 3, 2016
   27,934,858  2016-10-04  1f6da5cbe1742c010101a006cd26e200  2016-04-03_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   88,266,188  2016-10-04  8b37605577d88500826b5b344ac6502c  2016-04-03_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  143,460,637  2016-10-04  349574a1371018249ae20c4add8e823b  2016-04-03_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Alex Collier, Tolec, Jim Nicholls, Win Keech
at England via video conference on Wolf Spirit Radio
UltraGalactic Roundtable I
   37,720,921  2016-03-29  234e582830bc3efddeb7757d0d5af9e7  2016-03-27_roundtable.mp3
   56,049,730  2016-03-29  c111aaf4013fb6926c915c6383b947de  2016-03-27_roundtable_144p.3gp
  422,119,740  2016-03-29  b7b21530dfec4703894ab95e4c34f341  2016-03-27_roundtable_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, March 6, 2016
   28,056,764  2016-03-29  16685de660ae3aea220ee985ce88114f  2016-03-06_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   33,205,936  2016-03-29  7318aeea3622acf2c8b4a9ff8cb5b8f9  2016-03-06_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  181,844,765  2016-03-29  cdb5f51468cfdcfa374ad1e620cc85df  2016-03-06_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, February 7, 2016
   29,403,274  2016-10-04  b559ae25b3422b6ce0fc07139f1b2840  2016-02-07_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
       49,601  2019-04-01  9bad7fbb9622544643ea5f50ef9bf4a1  2016-02-07_wolf_spirit_radio.odt
      136,997  2019-04-01  12b0b6af1aae7a087e081bd220d5a906  2016-02-07_wolf_spirit_radio.pdf
       69,626  2019-04-01  5d0e111cf13cb5bb3e0a92f44f4a6e8c  2016-02-07_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
   92,646,659  2016-10-06  3c29c949ed723dfb1e0f3d8de067e5cb  2016-02-07_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  152,398,123  2016-02-11  9e9a33fd0f825a384e2fd9f74a00960c  2016-02-07_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
      248,486  2016-03-20  0fb40f975bc7fe14272c828ea8f26371  2016-02-07_wolf_spirit_radio_PL.docx
      264,354  2016-03-20  1f40885cfc79a6f95afd99950c25f4cf  2016-02-07_wolf_spirit_radio_PL.pdf
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, January 3, 2016
The role of AI and CERN, and how people are manipulated by the media Earth and its dimensional Shift, AI and the Fire Wall, Mars, Moon and the Great Deception, Jesus and the Christ Energy, About a Reptilian Princess and her Excommunication from the Vatican, Satanism and Paganism, About Simon's Book, The Tavistock Institute, Politicians and Politics, Animals and their Alien Roots of Origin, The role of the media in the terrorist attacks, Aleister Crowley, Jinn and contracts, The body and its adaptations to higher frequencies, The Arcturians, Atlantis and now 7th time Lucky us! CERN, Mediums and the energetic grid, Robbin Williams and the singer Robbie Williams, Shape shifting: good or bad?
   28,584,074  2016-10-04  1f053f4a8e0684179b4a1edf5741e7af  2016-01-03_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
       66,796  2019-03-30  3284ee5a7cd3da02219e4bee9be79677  2016-01-03_wolf_spirit_radio.odt
      188,980  2019-03-30  456aa4fd6bfb2c8f6f233fe7f48a31ae  2016-01-03_wolf_spirit_radio.tall.pdf
       97,164  2019-04-11  ebd8b065761ee1654cbcb20f41a29e39  2016-01-03_wolf_spirit_radio.txt
      187,020  2019-03-30  dcd589b716ab1b0bf37dd34de937975a  2016-01-03_wolf_spirit_radio.wide.pdf
   90,051,951  2016-10-06  5654ce1ecc045a312201860973e6ead5  2016-01-03_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  207,861,740  2016-02-12  00fd6887a71947b04c1779ba0bf3de3b  2016-01-03_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
      103,402  2016-04-28  28a80b0b7c2c26fde68a167081fafe59  2016-01-03_wolf_spirit_radio_EL.docx
      556,999  2016-10-06  76a192a7b29695f4202e7f25edef816f  2016-01-03_wolf_spirit_radio_EL.pdf
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, December 6, 2015
Earth´s Prison planet energy web is weakening. What happens when the physical body dies?
   28,844,170  2016-10-04  99bb63d76a18b107c3b2c81d8ce5d7e6  2015-12-06_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   91,236,476  2016-10-04  052dd69bcedee015e24fc9d7900bb4c3  2015-12-06_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  215,067,295  2016-02-12  835ea48359e48a07fb3f71d5265b9822  2015-12-06_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Radagast & Louisa & Steve & Lou Lee of Global Mission of Peace
at England
Humanity Must Save Itself From the Dark
Simon provides an update on the events in Paris and at CERN and how they are connected. Both the Ambassador and Simon encourages humanity to wake up and take your destiny in YOUR OWN hands and to not think someone or something will save us. HUMANITY MUST SAVE ITSELF!
   13,846,666  2016-10-04  7a5579095b3b3e7523f96e2be405b1c0  2015-12-01_gold_fish_report_41.mp3
   31,779,342  2016-03-04  1accd355d34a2a7b2a85c6c56fc28646  2015-12-01_gold_fish_report_41_144p.3gp
  134,991,246  2016-02-12  39e6d9e64219741a08bb71ece73ce801  2015-12-01_gold_fish_report_41_360p.mp4
  462,117,719  2016-03-04  27fc5f4e93ac928f3390dd68226a5604  2015-12-01_gold_fish_report_41_720p.mp4
with Connecting Consciousness group members
at Royal Station Hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne
The Greatest Threats Facing Humanity
Part 1: We all know what the New World Order is but we don't always know what the agenda is. Some well-written articles on the NWO are either disinformation or very inaccurate. Since 1776 the NWO's agenda has been public. Prior to that it was very covert. Agenda items for this Kabalistic group include depopulation, Agenda 21, and the one-world government. The head of the one-world government would be the Queen or a Rothschild, and the figurehead would be the Pope. We should all ask: “Why would the Pope (who doesn’t speak for the Muslims or the Jews or the Hindus and only speaks for one part of the Christian faith) be going not to the United Nations but to the government center of America and making it a world speech? Ever since the 1950s there have been rumors that the satanic elites wished to kill off anything from 50% to 75% of the population. With increasing technology that’s no longer their immediate agenda right now. In the 1947 Roswell crash two vehicles were hit by some form of energy, but they actually were designed to crash. What happened was that advanced technology we should never have had at that point passed into the hands of the Americans. That's where fiber optic cables, microchips, night-vision equipment, lasers and the transistor came from. Now that we've achieved everything that artificial intelligence wanted us to achieve we became “useless eaters.” You've made the machinery we want, we have the devices we want, we don't need you anymore. Fracking is also a key agenda of the NWO. It is through Earth's underground streams of water that coded information is carried. The planet communicates with itself through these streams. The nasty, evil, elite people know this and the whole purpose of fracking is to disrupt the planet's communication by pouring millions of gallons of poisoned toxic waste into that water supply. Their intent is to disrupt the connection between humanity and the planet. Thank goodness the planet has not forgotten that a covenant exists between the planet and humanity from a time when humans were far more spiritual and actually honored the planet. It's really important that we maintain that connection. Artificial intelligence is like a big game of chess, but like any computer AI has one failing, which is it can't anticipate humans' change. What their elite have been doing is trying to build predictive computers that can learn from our decisions. Chemtrails have been reduced by about 50% across the country. Around that time chemtrailing began being crisscrossed like a lattice beyond normal lines in the sky. We have a really useful photo of an alien spacecraft appearing into the lattice to try to deactivate some of it. What's being sprayed are tiny particles of aluminum to stay in earth's atmosphere so that whenever a “non-reptilian” spacecraft appears it sets out a resonance frequency that radar will detect. A few years ago they realized they could put out tiny little nano robots which we would all inhale but would not kill us unless activated. The nano chips are designed to take over your mind and body when activated. Now it's possible to control everyone on the planet through chipping. Transhumanism is an agenda from the same crazy people who are following orders from their discarnate master to control people. The best way to control people is to change you so that you lose your humanity. Once we become part machine and part human we will make a choice whether to remain human or become fully machine. Between 2015 and 2020 they are going to try to create a remotely controlled robotic copy of a perfect physical body, but made out of non-organic material. That's the easy part of the plan. Between 2020 and 2025 they want an avatar with a human brain transplanted at the end of one's life. A rich person who wants to live forever actually donates their brain to see if it will work inside a non-organic body. Between 2030 and 2035 that human brain is replaced with an artificial brain in which a human personality is transferred at the end of life. Finally in 2040 to 2045 there is a hologram as in the movie Avatar, with nothing physical. AI wants to take us from a physical position to something that is holographic just like it. We're not looking at a standalone piece of technology but a very invasive plan trying to sell a diabolical idea. Those who are in the Illuminati and those in the Cabal are very clear that they want to see this dream they have been promised progress.
    9,107,594  2016-10-05  90899ba4f66ae1597cc192a13b422efd  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2.mp3
       43,906  2019-03-29  379b5d8bed9bb136bf4efd2eb4899aae  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2.odt
       85,852  2019-03-29  49f588ae87a25fc55320af54e03d00b9  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2.tall.pdf
       32,850  2019-04-11  dd8d2f8bbe32fde5406bbf5288120235  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2.txt
       84,887  2019-03-29  518cd67b5aa60e5efc3c2dbe39f0cb85  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2.wide.pdf
   84,136,467  2016-10-05  5f51c5a0a10606f407b959bea182018a  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2_144p.3gp
  102,087,210  2016-02-11  66488645a0f0816304c58dd73eefbd8b  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2_360p.mp4
       73,728  2016-05-27  e3fac5bf94f0d0c2365196a8491c2ac0  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2_ES.doc
       46,596  2016-05-27  8663ab46c3d2a0cd19670bab83907757  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2_ES.odt
       30,955  2016-05-27  510b47a5b02f8b284b971a152c977b30  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2_ES.txt
       70,144  2016-03-24  b6d36253b19967691ae9457cd786f119  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2_ES_subtitles_captured_from_youtube.doc
      180,160  2018-04-26  eb0291ef56f2f377c3dcd0e670d6d837  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2_FR.rtf
       18,295  2017-08-30  029f38a1e1317998cca908df4228f9ad  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2_RU.docx
   24,892,159  2016-10-05  fe003b210f23d2be215c1c64ada679e6  2015-11-29_newcastle_2of2.mp3
  104,186,878  2016-10-05  091dd44d4af4f9ab68b9b6a6cbbddcfb  2015-11-29_newcastle_2of2_144p.3gp
  281,080,462  2016-02-11  83792de0a2858be39b506c7a3affb867  2015-11-29_newcastle_2of2_360p.mp4
with Alan James and Steven George, and guest Dr Joseph Chiappalone (
at England
Round Table Discussion (mostly other speakers)
Simon is not on the show and is only mentioned for about 30 seconds at around the 34-minute mark. WE SHOULD CONSIDER DELETING THIS FROM THE REPOSITORY. End Times Prophecies, In The Last Twenty Years Has The World Got Better Or Worse?, Medical Doctor, Elites Tried To Kill Him 3 Times, Known Since The Age Of Two About What His Job Was On Earth, Entire Solar System Is Fracturing, Planet X, Second Sun Is Spotted Globally, Universe Being Destroyed, 95% Of The Universe has Disappeared, Viables, 8% Of The Planets Population, Confirmed With Pattie Brassard, Simon Parkes, Elites Will Not Survive In Their Underground Bunkers, The Negatives Are Getting More Negative And The Positives Are Getting More Positive.
   26,972,227  2016-10-06  13de2ede6fb157b57cebacb72a293253  2015-11-15_oym_radio.mp3
   32,153,596  2016-03-03  2c3efecc698531b0bf9bd4a38cd162e1  2015-11-15_oym_radio_144p.3gp
  172,966,858  2016-03-03  054781ad4ca6ccb2e6075c4048985c78  2015-11-15_oym_radio_240p.flv
  248,478,215  2016-03-03  d4b5a10b13630241faa3b480c333d096  2015-11-15_oym_radio_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday November 1, 2015
   29,041,977  2016-10-06  f234b2bdea256f5d5f96e97e2b0ce9f9  2015-11-01_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   92,096,303  2016-10-07  acdc82e06a1539fa909f33593fb9a53c  2015-11-01_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  172,134,073  2016-02-11  0f625b9b1c955f1973c9624c49c4a946  2015-11-01_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with organizers
at Sneaton Castle, Whitby, England
Lecture: CERN
The CERN Hadron Collider, an attempt to disconnect humanity from Source, stopped working.
   17,854,602  2016-10-06  ba175b610853df3ff48cc220813b272a  2015-10-24_sneaton_castle.mp3
   22,786,817  2016-03-04  2a925a711f9db2ab96649abb02df596c  2015-10-24_sneaton_castle_144p.3gp
  161,850,853  2016-02-11  579c2c87ed22771d2bc4bbe303197ba3  2015-10-24_sneaton_castle_360p.mp4
  710,680,490  2016-03-04  beb910f8ab5d8280378da1ddc1ed9b21  2015-10-24_sneaton_castle_720p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, October 4, 2015
   30,056,586  2016-10-06  516b01cf2b43fe73b187c3c4b6d4e3f2  2015-10-04_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   94,964,028  2016-10-07  027530ac0ee781fc0682c9eeea6d15a5  2015-10-04_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  133,693,176  2016-02-11  6aa6572287225ed5da0c43189d574221  2015-10-04_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Linda McCallum
at the Triad Theater in Yelm, Washington via video conference
Heart to Heart, a Conversation of Deep Concern: Important September Update
Important information about the plans of the elite for the days/months ahead.
   22,657,162  2016-10-07  7e153e378bbf9722e09f79e91936b8cd  2015-09-20_triad_theater.mp3
       52,219  2019-04-20  3e67a39b24a98052d760070ad6e49e44  2015-09-20_triad_theater.odt
      139,854  2019-04-20  3fbb807be384a680502531074a438df3  2015-09-20_triad_theater.tall.pdf
       67,267  2019-04-20  d98c7e91d4ded3c3d699ba6ec179e54f  2015-09-20_triad_theater.txt
      141,354  2019-04-20  6ccb6ffc2e71259193fbec02ccc32be5  2015-09-20_triad_theater.wide.pdf
  102,575,069  2016-10-07  d2e8ea1af39262662d1f45c95b96ed60  2015-09-20_triad_theater_144p.3gp
  261,599,409  2016-02-11  11da0d3ed06bda9ec023245b4c07d14b  2015-09-20_triad_theater_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Worf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, September 6, 2015
   26,718,346  2016-10-08  062976d71664debe351f0f47678160ec  2015-09-06_wolf_spirit_radio.mp3
   84,604,052  2016-10-08  89580c8961d7a0cd02df202b797f1682  2015-09-06_wolf_spirit_radio_144p.3gp
  153,935,111  2016-02-11  e4d950ace0ddc989b135402ddb07b2fc  2015-09-06_wolf_spirit_radio_360p.mp4
with Pierre Baribeau
at England
Mantids & Draconis Reptilians
Asked about the nature of his soul, Simon explained that most people are created with one soul, one element. These souls are made by the creational force God, Source, Divine Creator, etc. Some off-world entities have the technology to add to or change the soul. A number of people, including Simon, have had additions to their soul. Simon's soul is one complete entity, but divided into 1/3 human, 1/3 Reptilian, and 1/3 Mantid or Mantis parts. Asked about coming from the Illuminati bloodline Simon explained that bloodlines are overtly Reptilian and the Illuminati bloodline throughout earth history have always held power and made the decisions. One family tends to always be in the top position. An Illuminati bloodline is a family that can connect to a Reptilian history physically through the blood but also in that a soul from a place like the Pleiades would be in a Reptilian type body. Both must match. There are good people in the Illuminati who believe that humans should be free and bad people who have an agenda that is negative to humanity. There is a small percentage within the Illuminati who have a genuine desire to see a reduction in the human population. These are those Illuminati who are in the Satanic magical element, but not the majority. Because of the hybrid nature of the DNA software program, hybrid bloodlines have a vibrational sympathy that allows their emotional mental faculties taken over much more easily than the rest of the population. Simon's soul has had 10's of thousands of years of experience with Mantid and Draconis Reptilian beings. They have never hurt him so he does not fear them. The Mantid/Mantis creature Simon saw as a very young baby has only four fingers, no thumb, and greenish-colored skin. The Reptilian creatures are white skinned. The earth is a single, 3rd-dimensional environment. But within the earth the Draconis Reptilians have created 4th-dimensional environments, protective habitats that somewhat replicate their own world. These are quite small because the amount of energy required to maintain that is huge. The Mantis/Mantid do not live on the earth. They visit here via portal technology. The other alien creatures who are based on earth are the small little greys. We have a whole range of alien creatures coming here, those that work with governments by permission and those without permission. The American government speaks on behalf of most of the world, expect for China, Russia and North Korea. Each creature is physical in its own dimension. Simon decided to tell the truth about aliens because he was unhappy the governments were lying to their people. He saw how his mother was torn apartment because she wanted tot ell the truth but had signed the Official Secrets Act so it would have been a crime for her to tell anybody the truth. The reality is that if people really knew the truth they'd actually throw their government out. Regarding the psychology of Mantis and Reptilians, Simon comments that when he is in the presence of Mantid's he is much more relaxed. He doesn't have to worry about what he says, he can be himself. In the presence of a Draconis Reptilian he has to be very careful about what he says. Not only are these creatures very stern, their thinking is based on culture and a set system of doing something. The Mantis are far more able to cope with human culture. Neither has a sense of human but the Mantis appreciate that humor is important to humans and will attempt to copy that to try to put the human at ease. Both Mantis and Reptilians speak telepathically so they send information via pictures, colors and sometimes words. The Draconis Reptilians is based on hierarchy, where one person has a higher position than another. Human culture is modeled on the Reptilian culture. The Mantis have a structure of three grades of responsibilities and roles. There is an exact number of Mantis for the job that's available, so it's a very controlled society. The influence of Reptilians on us is a real, physical genetic hack. The middle part of all humans' brains is called the Reptilian brain. We cannot free ourselves from the genetic influence but we can free ourselves from slavery. Humans need to raise their consciousness so they can see the trickery that is being played on them. The people who run the world don't want anyone to know the truth because knowledge is power and if people know the truth they start asking questions. Look at all the lies that have been exposed in the last five years in every western government. The people have demanded the truth and the government has had to either collapse and be voted out of office or has had to start owning up and accepting responsibilities. Human consciousness has risen to such a point that it's very difficult for anybody in power to keep a secret for very long. I'm positive for the future. I do think we will get the truth and we will get it within our lifetimes.
    9,967,754  2016-10-08  106a5940f6c77696d9ced3a501733ac1  2015-09-02_reconciliation.mp3
       38,980  2019-04-04  ec33f67631888595ea997e45d3b0a2d1  2015-09-02_reconciliation.odt
       79,740  2019-04-04  9331ceee2dcf68bf37e9e3e0075e4a6c  2015-09-02_reconciliation.tall.pdf
       32,569  2019-04-11  dade46358a2eaebb7e7607a08422a6b0  2015-09-02_reconciliation.txt
       79,122  2019-04-04  d2d489bd344b44ba373387401c9e4c50  2015-09-02_reconciliation.wide.pdf
       45,033  2019-04-05  0489a95c22b1fef532d2e18e36017b4f  2015-09-02_reconciliation_DE.odt
      103,825  2019-04-05  6f9c4eb78c51e6a92c1e96346f2d97f5  2015-09-02_reconciliation_DE.tall.pdf
   47,029,168  2016-10-08  7cffa47ee6b2b3f5715c808ceb9881d5  2015-09-02_reconciliation_FRst_144p.3gp
  124,459,806  2016-02-11  a51fef5ad20bbf1615a4fb0ac23f6278  2015-09-02_reconciliation_FRst_360p.mp4
with James Swagger and Susan Kornacki of Capricorn TV
at England via video conference
The Alien Agenda
Simon discusses going public with his experiences prior to being elected to public office and later in the interview he discusses his relationship with the people who elected him and why they elected him. He discusses MI-LAB experiments being run by the military and government. Simon can help people with these experiences. Humans are special in the universe because of their DNA. Will enough people wake up to create a critical mass for humanity to move forward into the 4th dimension? The Hadron Collider and the linear collider which is being built in Japan are discussed. The Roswell incident and the Nazi’s are pivotal in understanding human history. Simon discusses what he does to help people (his work). Females make better UFO pilots than men. Corporations run the world governments, key alien players on Earth and artificial intelligence is the main enemy of humanity. The interview ends with a discussion about the key beings who are here influencing earth, artificial intelligence and a discussion about John Mack.
   27,187,338  2016-10-08  f97ef3af6b9e6a26ca6f2d0925414776  2015-08-28_capricorn_radio.mp3
       80,048  2019-04-14  dd566e82fad8a09c9fdbfab69e422cd0  2015-08-28_capricorn_radio.odt
      194,398  2019-04-14  2c43004bda1acd5b2e6f1a78cc75204e  2015-08-28_capricorn_radio.tall.pdf
      102,107  2019-04-14  5378c3df7fb1ae8c22040d5cac434770  2015-08-28_capricorn_radio.txt
      193,395  2019-04-14  5d73be54c32733e10f80917e34e41a06  2015-08-28_capricorn_radio.wide.pdf
  115,189,455  2016-10-08  8051a857461493840c83ee4323fc694a  2015-08-28_capricorn_radio_144p.3gp
  302,951,391  2016-02-11  7ca297e18c807c75227b1ac49eae4fd6  2015-08-28_capricorn_radio_360p.mp4
with Ethann Fox (
at England via video conference
How ET's Created and Influenced the Human Race
In this interview Simon Parkes gives insights into his early childhood and the unique relationship he had with his earth parents and the extra-dimensional entities he referred to as “Mummy” and “Daddy”. He also expands on the extra-dimensional races' relationship to the current cultural and financial status on the planet, and provides insights into probable events that will occur in the next two and half years. The interview ends with Simon providing examples of the specific work he does and how he helps people.
   29,864,074  2016-10-09  74da64525fd6d3eea765b5ebab5ac874  2015-08-08_aae_tv.mp3
       71,551  2019-04-18  99e2f8949f1629df0352e19e49afbdb6  2015-08-08_aae_tv.odt
      197,957  2019-03-23  92ad1eac0e50183436171ad25e2c100d  2015-08-08_aae_tv.tall.pdf
      109,900  2019-04-14  aa19e37f760b46226974c994e024ab29  2015-08-08_aae_tv.txt
      193,631  2019-03-23  b9ffe02e85fa7d3d7856bce2136a8684  2015-08-08_aae_tv.wide.pdf
  128,318,993  2016-10-09  e118155d2bea129e108b219114a4d7b6  2015-08-08_aae_tv_144p.3gp
  335,696,983  2016-02-11  a7964cd96d91b17ea5b588bbcd5f7e63  2015-08-08_aae_tv_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee on Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday 2, 2015
   29,436,042  2016-10-10  37edf8eb0a1ec49a3a55466aa0fe37d8  2015-08-02_ever_beyond.mp3
       58,984  2019-04-01  edad5209c1c62403c639ea4eca930141  2015-08-02_ever_beyond.odt
      162,072  2019-04-01  42678c357f2014505491290f646084da  2015-08-02_ever_beyond.tall.pdf
       87,815  2019-04-11  80bf5b90ee073aff0a84234445ee16bc  2015-08-02_ever_beyond.txt
      161,179  2019-04-01  35886c6839e3b8110c9b33e9569a5d60  2015-08-02_ever_beyond.wide.pdf
   93,264,059  2016-10-10  fceeef6067f064ff193fe6395573d390  2015-08-02_ever_beyond_144p.3gp
  182,940,915  2016-02-12  a637463987d25f50e90fdec9b0437845  2015-08-02_ever_beyond_360p.mp4
      260,936  2016-03-20  99c013fa7414303a3e3cb7293d98c902  2015-08-02_ever_beyond_PL.docx
      413,196  2016-03-20  c54a6ad7b4f9e4b80d76564d9964f63f  2015-08-02_ever_beyond_PL.pdf
with Jay Pee on Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Djinn, DNA, and Mantids, Sunday, July 5, 2015
Simon discusses many issues relevant to the moment, Topics discussed include the Djinn, how they've interacted with mankind in history and today. 12-strands and how the linking of the missing strands are related to astrology and other instances of 12, and a most unusual question for Simon - what is life like as a Mantoid?
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with Allison Baker, Linda McCallum, Dr. Mehon Ledwin
at the Triad Theater in Yelm, Washington, via video conference from England
Simon Answers Questions from the Yelm Community
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with Victoria Vives Khuong (
at England
Experiencer of Aliens
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with Jay Pee on Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers: ET Involvement on Earth, Sunday, June 14, 2015
Aldebaran, Nazi Bell, Eldridge, Philadelphia Experiments. Nazi Scientists and how they progressed into NASA, and how Galactic Tyranny can be prevented.
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with Jay Pee on Wolf Spirit Radio
at England
Current Events, Questions & Answers, Sunday, June 7, 2015
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with John B. Wells and guest Peter Schiff (
at England via video conference
The relationship between ETs and the intelligence services
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  443,741,697  2016-02-12  e0e30208c7105b4ffecacea90fc4f0a6  2015-06-02_caravan_to_midnight_360p.mp4
with Bibi Tinsley and Kerry Keegan
at the Triad Theater in Yelm, Washington, via video conference from England
The Hobbit, DNA, & Humanity's Choice
All of dimensions up to the 12th are maintained within the 12 DNA strands. That's why we have access to Consciousness and Source when we obtain those strands. The Bible refers to humanity's loss of the 12 strands of DNA as “the fall of man” but Simon prefers the modern term, “the fall of consciousness.” The DNA activation is a predestined code that does not have to be boosted but will tick along to its own internal clock. No physical life-force has been able to decode it. That's why humans are of such great interest to off-world entities. Trying to force activation can result in memory loss, migraines, dizzy spells. Lyrans are 6th dimensional, but they have a corridor to the 12th dimension energetically. Every alien race has portals they use, with more difficulty now that portals are either closed or guarded. There is still a partial quarantine on Earth. Some portals are “code locked” and the right individual carrying the right DNA coding can open the portal if he or she is there at the right time, as with J.R. Tolkien's story of The Hobbit. People on the planet are divided into two groups – the Watchers who are here to observe and the Actors who take a place on the stage and make things happen, either for good or for ill. Those of us who were here at the beginning of time are here at the end of one time frame and beginning of another. During this time frame humanity has been held in slavery and is on the verge of breaking out and moving to the next phase of its evolution. Anybody who is alive on this planet now is blessed because they are here to observe or take part in something that is very special. Simon has always said that humanity will come out the other end, he just doesn't know how much damage we are going to take before then. It is up to three quarters of the people in positions of responsibility to decide which side of the fence they are on. Many of these people are so deep in their own fear they still try to prop up something that is negative and ultimately going to fail and do not have the strength to get out of it. If you haven't been involved in mass murder then you can be forgiven. The energy of fear can be impacted by talking about the topic so the people who know the truth but believe themselves to be islands surrounded by a sea suddenly find there is a widespread belief in the subject and it becomes easier for people in positions of authority to move to more central ground. Human consciousness accepts being controlled by the system through wages because it has been tricked that it has to be that way. The human ability to comprehend and develop is trapped in an energy cage and cannot expand. Far too often people say “When are the good guys going to come and save us? This isn't Hollywood. The human race is the Seventh Cavalry and it's got to do it. The human race has everything it needs now to make the change. Do they have the willingness? As soon as something happens to affect them materially they will suddenly start to question everything. Simon's Hollow Earth part is the one link that is hidden because it has a role to play in the future, when the battle is finally joined. Humans were not created by aliens. Humanity has been around in the multiverse for a very long time. Around 220-250 years ago humans were altered and the 10 strands of DNA removed from them and placed out of phase, neither in the 3rd or 4th dimension. Your Higher Self is your 10 strands of disarticulated energetic DNA that hangs over your body. DNA is a memory. We need to be strong because if in the future the Internet is taken down - we need to create a “thought” where people don’t rely on technology. The human race has lost its individuality. It has lost its ability to be strong and has been trained to rely on others. This is what we’ve got to change. What we can do is give people the gifts and the skills to know when they are being lied to. You don’t have to actively go into a person’s head to know if they are lying. You would detect the vibrational discord that is created by that human, because humans actually aren’t designed to lie. Lying was part of a programmed matrix given to them by the Reptilians. If the human race says, “That is fundamentally wrong. I am not doing it” that’s when we get the change. People don’t realize how powerful they are. The system is fearful that people will realize the potential and the strength they have. So this is what we want, non-violent use of change. The sooner the human race, or the people in America, understand what is going on, the quicker it will just unravel itself. It’s going to take a very large happening of some sort, which is going to fundamentally rock the consciousness of America and will make people question everything.
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with the Community in Yelm, Washington
at the Triad Theater in Yelm, Washington, via video conference from England
Questions & Answers: Aliens, Alien Contracts, Portals, Morgellan’s, Depopulation
Simon's soul had to be composed of three parts because while on Earth he had to be able to connect not just to the human realm but to the 4th dimension. An off-world group cannot come here and maintain a natural two-way communication. Human consciousness is not evolved enough. By placing elements of different souls in living, human bodies they are able to interact, understand and gain knowledge on emotions. Most of these creatures do not have emotions. So that is a big part of Simon's role. Creatures in a high dimension have evolved through lower dimensions. Many creatures who are non-human de-evolve the emotional self. They become more analytical, far more technological and begin to lose the spiritual connection. They reach a point in their development where they see they have come to a blind alley and wish to regain what they've lost. It's a little of what's happened to this planet. The higher up the dimension scale you go the less need for a hierarchy. For example, listening to Alex Collier the 5th dimensional beings do not have a hierarchy. But in the 4th dimension where the Mantids are it is a hierarchical structure. The Mantid race is not very well known. The Mantids are divided into a hierarchical culture of three. The first group are perhaps the finest doctors that are off-planet. The second group are the computer operators and craft flyers. The third group are the officer class, who show their rank by wearing a purple robe. These take the term, “Universal Master” because each multi-verse contains a universe within it. They appoint one of their own to each verse within the multi-verse who has been accepted by a wide range of other creatures to be an arbiter, judge, referee to sort out issues within that particular verse. Simon decided he wanted to be more in contact with Mantid beings rather than with the Reptilian group because the Mantid group have more compassion than the Reptilian group. The Mantid race has been associated with Earth for a long time and are very much key players in our development. There are many elite organizations – some working for the good, some working for the not so good and we all have to trust ourselves as to who we think are genuine people. But certainly in the case of the Vatican I think it’s a 50/50 split now. I think there are people there who really wish to prevent these off-world forces from surviving off the energy that is created in negative. In order to know what to trust you’re going to have to judge whether that person or creature is telling you the truth. You ask your own soul whether this person is trustworthy. That is the only device you have. If you feel unsure, or you are concerned, then cut all communication. If you have a very clear indication that the creature is truthful and loving and is there for the right reasons, then maintain that communication. The development of nano-technology over the last twenty years on this planet has made a fundamental change to the top end of the Illuminati plans for the human race. They now have the technology to control the human race in targeted, individual ways. Individuals who are targeted by nano-robots in the bloodstream tend to be very psychic people or high-end scientists or researchers who are either with the elite or actually working against the elite. The Reptilian race are one of the finest nano-technology creators and innovators anywhere. Any negative presence will thrive in corrupt environments. The more polluted your body the faster these things will take hold. It is absolutely imperative that you try and eat food and drink fluids that are as clear of any chemical traces as you possibly can because the more operationally clean your body then the harder it is for these things to survive. The church has always had a very key role to play in regards to any situation with extraterrestrials simply because there is a possibility that once the majority of the people understand the truth they might say “What is the point of religion?” I’m very clear, there is a God. There will always be a God but I have no problem with God. I have a problem with the structure that is built up to bring that God to humanity. I can tell you now that that is what the Mark of the Beast is, something alien in your body that allows somebody else to control you. So whether that goes in your forehead or in your hand doesn’t matter. It is in the Bible. In its true sense the Bible is one of the greatest books ever written but we have interpreted it incorrectly. So it is a warning. America maintains the largest surface ocean going fleet anywhere in the world and the Navy has always had a very strong involvement with ETs. The Illuminati is not one organization. It is a club that consists of bloodlines at the top and those that serve the bloodlines. If you are bloodline, you cannot rebel because you’re energetically caught into a way of life. If you are not bloodline you can make rebuttal but mind control and suicide programs placed in you will probably take you out or bring you under control. So many people that we see who are whistleblowers have either been deprogrammed of the mind control or are actually acting as disinformation agents. There is absolute evidence that within the top echelons they are literally splitting and trying to warn people that there are some very crazy people who wish to bring harm to the planet. The Annunaki are another group who are half human and half Reptilian. Annunaki inside profiles are flat. Their faces are quite flat. Their noses are not very prominent. They have very flat foreheads and their chins are flat. You have a higher group which we would call the Archons which are a non-physical, artificial intelligence life-form. You have a Reptilian force. You have the Annunaki force. Nazi’s you have from the Aldebaron group. You have a whole host of very negative forces who associate themselves with America because America was accepted as the spokesman. The half-sinking of parts of Japan was a threat not just to Japan but a threat around the world. False flags, terrorists, earthquakes, some of which are not genuine and are artificially created are simply threats to the government of that country or surrounding countries, “If you don’t do what we want, you will have a major earthquake so you’d better do what we want you to do.” The CERN collider was not there to create a new portal, it was there to maintain a portal that is on the verge of collapse. One of the purposes of the Hadron collider was to force energy up the pipe to maintain the portal because once the portal collapses it cannot be reestablished. Then the negative forces on the planet would no longer be able to receive reinforcements and no one could leave. This is the last remaining direct link between this place and somewhere else. How can 1% of the earth’s population rule 99% unless 99% wish to be ruled by the 1%? And that is why the good guys don’t just come storming in and do away with them. There is a very strong argument that if we wanted to get rid of them we would because we outnumber them by 99%. If somebody else came in and got rid of them would we not then create another ruling elite who in time would do the same to us again? That is why it has to come from within. You have about a million cops in America and you have a population of 242 million, and the calculation was made that the American military by and large would not shoot on citizens. The connection between the military and the citizens is so strong that won’t happen. Sadly, in your country, the vast majority of your police officers are so separate from the community that they would shoot on local people. You have Texans who are incredibly independent and like-minded and your government is very worried about Texas. And you have California where people are very alternative and don’t like authority, your government is also worried about California. Jade Helm was a computer model to make the military feel separate from the people. The American elite have first generation triangle craft and any false flag alien invasion it will be this first generation triangle craft that will be flown around. The aim is then to say, ‘Right, we have defeated an alien invasion, but you know what? We found some creatures in the spaceship that look so human we can’t tell the difference. So would you please go to Point A where you are going to be injected with a little microchip so that every time you go to the shopping mall you go through the scanner we know you are human’. That is the whole point of it, to engage with people with such fear. This is a world event, it’s not just an American event.
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with Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection ( on BBS Radio show Station 2
at England
Espionage, Operation Paperclip, and a Conscience Unfold Destiny, Part 2
Simon Parkes and Alexandra Meadors review how growing up in a home filled with espionage lead to an extraordinary exposure to some of the most significant conspiracies in the world such as Operation Paperclip. Simon discusses so many out of the box topics like reptilian energies, connecting with our 12 strands of DNA, connecting to other realities, soul activation, universal law, "ascension," the speed of light, reincarnation loop, holograms, limited genetics, the prison planet, the event, immunity to mind control, stealing souls, reset vs devaluation of currencies, healing technologies, the mantids, galactic diplomacy, fragments of Christ's soul, 2017, assassination attempts on Putin and Obama, jade helm, the hadron collider, Atlantean technology, and so much more....
   58,641,746  2016-02-15  7b6449b40eced7e5cde5d049174b4d60  2015-04-28_galactic_connection.mp3
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  112,436,489  2016-10-12  4701fc30a7ecad4afb93c317698cf4f1  2015-04-28_galactic_connection_144p.3gp
  239,559,154  2016-02-11  febe50c5408c998297c12f36855f3f73  2015-04-28_galactic_connection_180p.mp4
with Jo Conrad
at Sneaton Castle in Whitby, England
The Alien Perspective
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  175,596,311  2016-02-12  03eb6a97bcc02d380b176078738e842c  2015-04-25_jo_conrad_360p.mp4
with Henning Witte from White TV (
at Sneaton Castle in Whitby, England
Etheric Implants and Shields Against Mind Control
Simon confirms that there has been a change in mind control technology, including compartmentalizing minds, hypnosis, trigger words and beaming scalar waves to implants using a targeted individual's own DNA as an antenna. However, with the high-end families physical torture is still seen as the right and proper method for continuing the bloodline tradition. Much of Simon's work is taken up by working with people for whom torture has been used to create multiple personalities, suicide programs and demonic attachments. Advanced technologies have been applied over the past 15-25 years are instead used for blanket control of groups of people in different parts of the world or in control population centers. Physical implants are both human and alien created. Etheric (auric) implants were all alien until recently but humans now have and use that technology. Not all implants are harmful. In fact some have been placed to make sure people don't die, say from a heart attack. There are a wide range of implants that range from monitoring, checking their body, through satellites or psychic control where they are at any time, able to give a migraine, to make someone faint, change their mind, give them video pictures or words or voice in their head. Implants are smaller than a grain of rice. DNA tissue is grown around the implant so the person's body does not reject it. The body's acceptance is used by the bad guys as justification under universal law of their right to implant people. From a human standpoint it is evil, disgusting, and has to stop. The hard torture that bloodlines use to split a person's personality cannot destroy or control the soul. The organic brain becomes compartmentalized. If you give a child pain it will create something to take the pain and the universal law says the child has created that from free will. The first stage of deprogramming somebody is when the person has a vision from their higher self of the program or implant that was used on them. Programming is now far more advanced, triggering booby traps for people trying to help with deprogramming or a suicide program in the individual. Scalar waves, electromagnetic waves operate differently. Sensitive equipment can detect them through fluctuations in the field. A psychic person can see when the field becomes slightly disturbed when a trigger word activates the chip or the implant. These technological devices are placed by psychic ability and must be removed psychically. Bathing the person's auric field in enough energy to “fry” the device will actually harm the individual. People are capable in most cases to remove the devices themselves, but people don't believe they can do it. In human history the black racial group was not typically chosen by the white-skinned Draconis Reptilians as a group they would work with. The switch allowing an alien to take control of a human's mind that was placed in all-white or European genetics was not placed in most blacks due to racism. Aliens can't as easily switch black people off to control them. Police, the ambulance and all forces can activate that switch by flashing a blue light behind someone, causing them to start making decisions that are not normal. Anybody in the know leaves their mobile phones out of the room when they go to bed at night, because that's when the messages can be given. Particularly because you're in a different form of sleep and your brain is going into different waves. It's incredibly hard to eavesdrop on analog communications. In Britain they were forced to go to digital because it is so much easier to hack digital. We must make sure that people are aware of how this technology is being used. Chem trails with tiny nanoparticles or nanobots are more of a physiological control. If you put a nanobot into an individual you can send an electromagnetic through a scalar wave to get pulses that activate different robots or implants. It is so advanced you could influence a prime minister on what to do with an important bill to be signed into Parliament. Or you can send a message for tiny things in the body to join and send a DNA program to create something physically. You could, technically, overcome the body's genomes and grow another finger. The purpose of morgellons is to operate or create portals or areas to which others can connect. One of the original points of chem trails wasn't to kill off the human race. When an alien spacecraft materializes in our dimension from another it creates a ripple effect in the tiny pieces of aluminum that shows on radar, so that was the main reason. Then they decided to put bacteria, virus and nanochips in there. Phased arrays are capable of taking pictures out in space. They're also capable of detecting any spacecraft, as well as a rocket. But, the energies are also capable of mind control. So you know, it is a battle. And ultimately, anybody who's bad, this isn't the place for them. They have to go. And Simon doesn't really care where they go as long as they go. When human consciousness rises to a very high level people's reality will be changed and it won't be possible to mind control them.
   23,245,207  2016-03-05  418f48a091b65a77542498dba2f152b6  2015-04-25_henning_witte.mp3
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   50,173,404  2016-10-17  845d1f9c94560e8914e04367255e8f99  2015-04-25_henning_witte_144p.3gp
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       47,134  2017-02-06  18ce64e225d7f91a8c00dc30e421f8d4  2015-04-25_henning_witte_DE.txt
with an unknown host
at England
Climate change, Fukushima, methane, portal, best place to be in 2017, changes to human form, critical mass, crossing over, eating meat, false light, gradual polarization, hive consciousness, money, next dimension, past live baggage, Rh negative blood, shape shifting, difference between soul and spirit, last Pope, 12 strand DNA, astral planes, autism, best place to be in 2017, black hole, climate change, dimensional shift, energetic grid, gradual polarization, methane, Parliament, predictions for 2016, prison planet, shortages, Southeast Asia, strategy for turmoil, the AI issue.
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       64,973  2019-03-28  9ef99a2341e8aa28ab480bfca86b6269  2015-04-24_unknown.wide.pdf
with Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection (, BBS Radio Show Station 2
at England
Espionage, Operation Paperclip, and a Conscience Unfold Destiny, Part 1
Simon Parkes and Alexandra Meadors review how growing up in a home filled with espionage lead to an extraordinary exposure to some of the most significant conspiracies in the world such as Operation Paperclip. Simon discusses so many out of the box topics like reptilian energies, connecting with our 12 strands of DNA, connecting to other realities, soul activation, universal law, "ascension," the speed of light, reincarnation loop, holograms, limited genetics, the prison planet, the event, immunity to mind control, stealing souls, reset vs devaluation of currencies, healing technologies, the mantids, galactic diplomacy, fragments of Christ's soul, 2017, assassination attempts on Putin and Obama, Jade Helm, the Large Hadron Collider, Atlantean technology, and so much more.
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with Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot (
at England
Report on the global playing field
This interview discusses President Putin signing the BRICS agreement, why he disappeared for 10 days (meeting with offworld entities), and how close we came to World War III in the last month dating back from April 17, 2015. The situation occurred when EU and Russia had differing opinions over control of Ukraine. This resulted in a funded riot by the CIA for the purpose of America gaining fracking rights to gas under the Ukraine and a Zionist group claiming the Ukraine as part of their energetic homeland and wanting it to be removed from Putin’s control. Guerilla warfare erupted between Special Forces of the American military, Russian units, and rebels in Ukraine. Russia was set up to hack a VPN line running under Ukraine containing false information deliberately leaked through GCHQ about Russian cities being targeted by Britain’s submarine-based nuclear system, but Putin was smart enough to see through the ruse that would have most probably started World War III. When that didn’t work assassination attempts were made on both Putin and Obama by Zionist hit squads; again the plan was foiled. A discussion of the best indicator for following currency trends was suggested by watching the price of gold, the fluctuating dollar, and then putting two and two together. Jade Helm’s military exercises and range of goals were discussed, namely deciding which U.S. cities/states needed to be controlled and held, and it was reported American police would fire on citizens but American soldiers wouldn’t, so conditioning soldiers to feel like soldiers instead of members of the community was part of the exercise, along with getting the American people used to seeing military on their streets which would possibly have a negative anesthetizing affect on humanity as a whole. There is speculation about a large foreign object, be it planet X or a large spacecraft that is having an effect on the gravitational pull of bodies in our solar system. Questions were raised about the Blue Avians, CERN, an Ice Age, connecting to our higher self with alien races piggybacking along, free energy devices, sinking of Japan to put America on the best timeline, radiation immunity, bloodlines, the fourth dimension, planned EMPs, the elite’s self-styled one-world government, assassinated bankers, ET battle in Texas, Marduk’s return or not, Aleister Crowley still alive or clone, and lastly the human race must be responsible for itself.
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with Victoria Vives Khuong (
at England
Simon discusses his earth biological family, mother and father. Government disclosure of the off world situation is discussed. Also who are the off planet groups here, off planet groups are discussed in two different places. Alien encounters and their purpose. Simon’s mother’s job and her exposure to top secret information. Some characteristics of experiencing the 4th dimension. Lastly, we live in a system that is built on hierarchy not equality.
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with Lance White
at A Fireside Chat
Highlights: From the 3rd Reich to the 4th Reich to the Shift
America adopted Nazi ideology, and the 4th Reich is now in America. Importance of bloodlines to the Illuminati. How souls are assigned to new bodies. Hybrids were created to help rule the planet. The leading families work for a 4th dimensional entity. It wasn't until 5-7 years ago that a serious number off-world ET's committed to help Earth with The Shift that started in 2012. There was provably a major shift in 2012 on the energetic plane, and now we are on a good timeline.
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   21,560,416  2016-03-21  80e7f7bca809f0e44664867bcc13849b  2015-03-21_zany_mystic_highlights_360p.mp4
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       22,429  2017-08-10  9cfaedd7a775e87ae806450ad7805a5c
with Lance White
at A Fireside Chat
Full Interview: From the 3rd Reich to the 4th Reich to the Shift
Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Hadron Collider, Alex Collier, Putin, Hitler, the Fourth Reich, reptilians, mantids, "experiencers vs. abductees", military and black ops, super soldiers.
   53,141,002  2016-03-21  2d96c16caf80ad201b2c6e1088f6168e  2015-03-21_zany_mystic.mp3
with Jessica Marrocco
at England via video conference
Answers From the Universe
Simon did a presentation a while back about the Jinn because there was a vacuum about the subject as well as a big misconception. He got feedback from Muslims who contacted him to talk about the Koran and the Jinn side of it. Being a demon and doing something demonic are not bad of themselves. It is bad if the agreements made, the magician that calls them forward, and the energy are going to be used to hurt or afflict somebody else. The Old Testament was altered and some original texts removed by the Catholic Church. King Soloman commanded a Jim that helped him build his temple. The Knights Templar called themselves after the that temple, where treasures of exotic technologies or equipment, not gold and silver, were hidden. East of Turkey the idea of a Jinn or demon is actually taught, but in the western world that has been taken out of our religion and folklore. America wanted Turkey to be a buffer to prevent destabilization from such ideas. This is one of the reasons Turkey was brought into NATO, because it allowed the west to control information coming through. In the Muslim world Jinn are called forth by very long mantras, ancient conjuring routines. Very high ranking Freemasons, properly called black magicians, teach that an iron ring allows you to control a Jinn. Even in many magic circles trainee magicians are taught that it is the iron ring that is vital, but it isn't. This is not correct. Jinn detest humanity and dislike serving humans. The reality is the Jinn have to serve those who have the right blood line, but they accept the exchange by saying, “We are not serving the human, but we are serving the iron ring.” King Solomon did not command the Jinn with the ring, he commanded them because of his blood line and who he was, but he wore the ring as a sop towards the Jinn so that they would carry on serving him. Simon is very familiar with Jinn possession and is able to spend the hours required to remove them. There are unscrupulous people who do deals with these inter-dimensional entities and use them. For example in a bazaar in Turkey people can pay $400-500 to have a magician call forth a demon and send it to their enemy. The magician only requires an affirmative answer to the question, “Have you been wronged by this person?” Simon does not recommend the use of ouiji boards because a portal is opened between the person using the ouiji board and the inter-dimensional space and demonic creatures often come through and inhabit the body of one of the people using the ouiji board. Also a number of organizations that offer the Ayahuasca experience have been corrupted or infiltrated by these creatures. People who are spiritual or who are on the verge of becoming very spiritual are all collected in one location. The creatures hang in the ceiling and wait until the people's natural defenses are affected by the Ayahuasca so they enter the creatures' 3rd-dimensional realm. Simon does not recommend Ayahuasca because taking it does not help with connecting with your higher self, your DNA strands, which is what ascension is all about. Meditation is much more effective for communing with either your higher self or with benevolent energies. These creatures were on this planet before humans were. The problem is they consider the earth to be theirs. The development of human consciousness as humanity's numbers grew actually forced these energy beings to the edge of the 3rd dimension so these creatures were trapped between the 3rd and 4th dimension. The Jinn energies have respect for native peoples who are connected to the earth but their relationship with westernized people is totally different. The creatures enter a westernized body with an axe to grind and with a completely different agenda. Unless you have a very strong native blood line or family that allows you to partake of these things with some protection, Simon does recommend it at all. It is very common in families where the children are very spiritual, and the elite want to get hold of those children, to put a demonic entity into the mother, then send a black magician her way in the hopes of manipulating the mother so they can get at the children. Basically the Jinn are only following an agreement that has been made, and Source creates all of these things. So if a person has a Jinn in them it is part of their learning as well. Had there been some form of agreement made when expanding consciousness pushed these creatures out, as occurred with the indigenous native peoples, modern humans would not be attacked either. Ghost hunting is legitimate if you are related to somebody you think is in energy form because you have an energetic connection. But ghost hunting out of curiosity or to do research is actually interfering in somebody else's domain. Some of these creatures are in great pain and humans do not understand that. Interfering does not develop your spirituality or give you insight into the lives of these creatures or what they might be experiencing or feeling. UFOs are slightly different because generally they come to the person rather than people going to find them. Being visited as a child provides a better chance of coping with it because you can learn to grow and live in both this world of the 3D matrix and the other world. Meeting an ET as an adult can be a shock that many people cannot cope with. Simon uses his own experiences to support other people so they feel more secure. Understanding what is happening to you puts you in a stronger position to come to terms with it and go forward. Moldovite crystal helps people to perceive another dimension. It comes from an asteroid which became a meteorite that crashed into the earth. The explosion mixed both ET rock and earth rock. Gravity managed to pull it back and terrestrial rock and ET rock fused together like molten glass. It is a very powerful activator for people who have or think they have alien encounters. As mammals we learn from our experiences. If a person has experiences that are benign and do not harm or upset them they have no reason to be fearful. An experience that is bad or interpreted badly results in human fear. Simon's experiences with reptilians and mantis began as a child and never led him to be fearful. As a child he learned not to talk about it because people did not want to hear about it. As he got older he realized he had a story to tell. The established media was hard on him but an invitation for Simon to tour a secret space radar base in Great Britain was a game changer. All the established media that had been trying to make a fool out of him suddenly started asking questions and literally overnight changed its approach towards him. Simon has had about 15 experiences over his lifetime with 3 or 4 different species of greys. He does not get along with the ones that Hollywood promotes, with the big wrap-around almond eyes, because they are generally animated bodies that do not contain a soul. The mantids are keepers of the law and very cagey about giving out what they consider to be sensitive information. They are guarded because when a person interacts with an alien creature the human military may chip the human and attempt to follow that person and extract what they might have seen or heard. A lot of aliens are incredibly cautious about what they say or do with a person and go to great pains to try and wipe their mind so that if the earth military do pick them up then they cannot really tell them very much. The best thing to do is to equalize your space by starting a conversation with the ETs and saying, “I would like to remember this – this is my body, my memory, I have a right to remember, ok you might not let me remember all of this, but would you let me remember part of it?” That is very empowering and has worked for many people where they have had bits of this they can remember, so they know they are not going mad, that they really did have an experience and it is about taking your power back. When Simon was about 5 or 6 years old a creature visited him and as part of the conversation it communicated to him that we are all equal, and he should never be scared of them. That was so empowering Simon wishes they would say that to everybody, or everybody would remember it.
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   18,694,699  2019-04-16  fb8ab5046c11f5b62b8fe0d2ace91f3b  2015-03-12_answers_from_the_universe_144p.3gp
   89,086,508  2019-04-16  b92cf6cfb7beee0df47de8e259fb16c6  2015-03-12_answers_from_the_universe_360p.mp4
with Jay Pee of Ever Beyond Radio (
at England
Mantid, Reptilian, Hybrid
In 1971 when Simon was around 12 years old he was taken on a craft by what are called mantids in Britain and mantis in America. In that formative experience he had to choose whether to associate with reptilian-like creatures or mantid-type creatures. He chose the mantis and his life completely changed. Simon's soul is one-third draconis reptilian, one-third hollow earth human and one-third mantid. The mantis side is the thinking, logical, collector and recorder side. He connects with the human side when he wants to see a beautiful rainbow. If he needs energy he connects with the reptilian part. He doesn't have alternate personalities, rather he has one soul equally divided into three parts. His energy signature, higher self, is predominantly reptilian but his controlling element is predominantly mantis. He says his human third and the mantis third gang up against the reptilian third and out-vote it on most occasions. The higher self is where the 10 strands of etheric DNA reside. The energy of that, when combined with the energy of the soul, dictate a person's character and their physical attributes. Once a person understands who they are and can connect their organic brain with their soul, then they can really develop into something special. All humans have the capability to be special, regardless of what their soul is, they just need to believe in themselves and to connect. Simon's soul, not his physical body, was here very early in the development of humanity. Humans have been around for a very long time but the physical bodies most of us have now on the planet are constructs from a time when a reptilian race acted to reduce the capability of the humans who were here then. This is why we only have two physical strands of DNA. The reptilians are incredibly proud and cannot face the fact that they may have made an error, but they were sufficiently impressed to put part of a ruling soul into a human body so that his feelings, emotions, and decisions could feed back to them and they could see if changing course was possible. The human race is on the verge of changing and any good intentioned creatures can use the huge release of energy when human consciousness expands to pull themselves out of the blockage they are now in. The mantids have long understood that and wish to change. The reptilians are hedging their bets. If races can evolve successfully on the earth that will emanate out through the multiverse. What plays out on planet earth actually plays out across the whole universe. Human consciousness itself has expanded and developed and is one and the same with the earth because our frequencies are linked. We are inseparable from the planet earth. There was a time many thousands of years ago when humans were far more spiritual. They loved the earth and the animals on the earth and calculated the stars and did not pollute and communed with the earth and the earth has never forgotten that. So we do have a covenant with the earth, something that the reptiles don't have but the mantids do. So we have one of the star cards up our sleeve, the fact that we and the earth are associated, which means that we draw strength from the earth and hopefully when we make the change we can start to put something back into the earth. Simon's understanding of the creation of humanity on earth is that 500 milion years ago during the Cambrian period a spacecraft containing very humanoid looking creatures crashed here. They were from the 12th dimension and this 12th dimension equates to 12 strands of DNA, not 12 different races of people who visited humans and tinkered with the genetics. When the reptilians arrived what they were interested in were the twelve strands of DNA because the twelve strands of DNA still existed with these creatures, but they had gone down a spiritual path and not a technological path. Therefore they did not associate the reptilians with danger or evil, because they didn't know that. So the reptilians basically tricked them, removed 10 strands of DNA. But the universal law says you cannot disempower somebody by taking the strands away and then trashing them so they stuck them in an energy overlay. So when we talk about our higher selves what we are actually talking about is our auric field with the ten energy strands of DNA. Ever since that time, the human body has been attempting to reconnect with the strands and this is the metagene – the reptiles never got the metagene, they never got the code and they must frankly never be allowed to get it. DNA is the secret. Hollow earth humans didn't originate in the hollow earth. They were originally from another star system, that came to this planet, integrated with the indigenous population but were always separate. When the fall of man started to occur 220-230,000 years ago they were moved out by the mantid race as a sort of library, reserve stock or seed bank in case humanity became so corrupted or destroyed that it was not viable any more. There wasn't time to come back and repopulate the earth. It was considered quite useful to maintain a small but very vibrant group, and that is really where Simon's one-third human soul comes from comes from. Removing the 10 strands of DNA, meant that you could not be telepathic, you could not have a connection with the earth in the same way, you could not move objects around, you could not heal somebody who had cancer – so that is the fall of man – the loss of abilities which were natural to us. Simon thinks maybe we didn't realise just how lucky we were, how gifted we were. Maybe it became impossible to work through problems. If you are in a higher dimension then problems do not weigh on you in the same way because you have the capabilities to overcome those problems. That is why so many higher frequency entities incarnate into human bodies in the 3rd dimension because a problem really is a problem here. We have to really work hard at overcoming our problems. That is why so many individuals who have karma from many lifetimes choose to incarnate here to try and get it all sewn up and overcome it. Simon doesn't believe in coincidence or chance, He does believe in God and thinks the human race had to go through this process to come out the other end, to be really strong. What happened was that we were tricked. Many of the people who run the world are playing by rules that we never expected them to play by, because when you are coming from a position of decency, you naturally expect everyone else to play by those rules but that has not been the case. We have been unfairly hoodwinked, unfairly tricked and this is why we sank deeper down, because we were having to contend with people who did not play by the same rules we did. That is why it is taking us longer to climb out of the pit. The advancement that has occurred over the last few years is spiritual and that is where the real advancement is going to come, not from technology, but in spiritual ways.
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   29,023,998  2016-02-16  c3c84c4090d522402a286d23cac7311a  2015-03-08_ever_beyond_radio.mp3
   36,264,090  2016-03-03  3cd62688de8b3a87b2fe193681fc64c4  2015-03-08_ever_beyond_radio_144p.3gp
  174,801,027  2016-03-03  bb779c6d881f0ff4b069c1c0dc933252  2015-03-08_ever_beyond_radio_360p.mp4
with organizers
at The Vault in Newcastle upon Tyne
Lecture: Russia and the Greater Alien Agenda
Part 2 of 3: Simon dies as a result of an accident in 1969 and his body and soul are restored by Mantid doctors. Local police have no record of Simon, he is off limits to people who create and manage this sort of information. Only people acting without authority interfere with Simon, not the “real elite”. Beings from the 5th dimension and above will not interfere with earth because of the prime directive. Audience member asks who are the Illuminati, so Simon explains that. He also explains about his relationship with the Mantids. He explains who The Great One is. Implants are discussed and free will is discussed at the very end. Part 3 of 3: Mantids have a uniform genetic history. Reptilians are more diverse. Your higher self holds your extra strands of DNA. You can bring them back in to your body. Mantids and Reptilians currently stuck in the 4th dimension. When the mass consciousness of humans raises up there will be a massive energy release. Reptilians want to maintain the status quo, don’t want change. Humans change/evolve very rapidly which is interesting and also sometimes threatening to some off world groups. Only groups that can ascend with the humans will be those that are loving and able to change. Part 3 of 3: Mantids have a uniform genetic history. Although the Mantid groups have been different they are all part of a higher consciousness. Reptilians are more diverse. They are fantastic geneticists. Hybridization is like putting their own stamp on it. As humans you have individual thoughts, but when you evolve you will have a higher consciousness because you will become telepathic. You will be your own internet. Your higher self holds your extra strands of DNA in an energetic force. Part of the ascension program is reconnecting this voice that was taken from you back into your body. Mantids and Reptilians currently stuck in the 4th dimension. The Mantids realized a long time ago that they were spiritually trapped. Humans are on the verge of advancing. When the mass consciousness of humans raises up there will be a massive energy release. Both the Mantids and Reptilians realize that, but the Reptilians have not been able to throw away their prejudice and their history. Reptilians want to maintain the status quo, and that's why the elite governments are doing everything they can to dumb humans down, to prevent people from becoming spiritual, to control the situation and maintain their power. Reptilians come from a race that literally travels from galaxy to galaxy, beating a race, genetically altering it, taking its ideas, stealing its technologies, They consider themselves better than humans so they come in that mindset. Humans change/evolve very rapidly which is interesting and also sometimes threatening to some off-world groups. Only a specie that has made that spiritual connection and is supportive, loving, and able to accept where it went wrong in the past and change will be able to ascend with the humans. The only ones that will come through are those that have made such a change that they are part of the future.
   11,337,866  2016-10-18  8fcadf81357317a01209ac72fb5045cb  2015-02-21_the_vault_2of3.mp3
       49,802  2019-04-15  f95ad67dcd3dbbd1b464690c62bb966f  2015-02-21_the_vault_2of3.odt
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       47,121  2019-04-11  8bd697238b0976d514c960f62a20c637  2015-02-21_the_vault_2of3.txt
      111,081  2019-03-31  39f930c370e943e2273f1f626c87021e  2015-02-21_the_vault_2of3.wide.pdf
  134,593,636  2016-02-12  158cf8bd2867b4985a6ccb9dd89f6b24  2015-02-21_the_vault_2of3_360p.mp4
  443,391,160  2016-03-03  6034c3aa90513c3821ae0164dbb898ce  2015-02-21_the_vault_2of3_720p.mp4
    2,910,346  2016-10-18  d0fb6b2ddbd8cb2979b09615f166b1ed  2015-02-21_the_vault_3of3.mp3
       33,225  2019-04-02  82e5c004e4f4ed161d6d884a565ce0b0  2015-02-21_the_vault_3of3.odt
       58,732  2019-04-02  b056fbcfde58773ff623e04535be9839  2015-02-21_the_vault_3of3.tall.pdf
       12,625  2019-04-11  4cc140926b5077d942e86f4a65762e91  2015-02-21_the_vault_3of3.txt
       58,239  2019-04-02  50a2a90c360fe771b856eaf16174ea2e  2015-02-21_the_vault_3of3.wide.pdf
   33,173,077  2016-03-03  e57b4848badc97de4cf0904a62a45dd0  2015-02-21_the_vault_3of3_360p.mp4
  114,570,015  2016-03-03  3586f7e96422e262840415791bc4b0a3  2015-02-21_the_vault_3of3_720p.mp4
with Finbar Markey of The National Land League on Open Your Mind Radio (
at England
CERN Hadron Collider, TV Licence Fee, BBC, Linear Collider Being Built, Collider did Not Work, Designed To Open A Portal Gateway, benevolent ET's, Scientists Could Not Go Home At Christmas 2012, Ascension Date - Dec 2012, Archons, Puppet Masters, Bluff Dale, Higher Than The Reptilians, City West Hotel Peaceful Assembly, KTech Help Evict People From their Homes Via The Local Sherriff.
   55,717,918  2016-03-05  20556a1ab139de103815551a88d49137  2015-01-25_oym_radio.mp3
  100,575,679  2016-10-18  c73cbc345ea593e5eef17d9c76123d55  2015-01-25_oym_radio_144p.3gp
  146,181,817  2016-02-12  d88170e1fb3cf9d89785beaa2a0ac9a8  2015-01-25_oym_radio_360p.mp4
with Alfred Lambremont Webre & US Marine Corp Special Operations Capt Randy Cramer
at video conference (
Round Table Discussion with Alfred Webre, Simon Parkes and Captain Randy Cramer
Roundtable: Pleiadian nuke destroyed Mars ecology. Cheney ran Mars colony corp. assassination, CIA, depopulation, Dick Cheney, Extraterrestrial, George HW Bush, George W Bush, journalism, Mantids, Mars Colony,, Randy Cramer, Reptilians, Telepathy, UK Monarchy, War Crimes
   62,932,120  2016-03-05  721443761ff2c6ce52fe29fdfb2e811e  2015-01-12_alfred_webre.mp3
       63,309  2019-04-20  834ffb99fc8314f5f16c485898b1d0ce  2015-01-12_alfred_webre.odt
      175,269  2019-04-20  4f346a8fa0db2b9952464046ab7eff2e  2015-01-12_alfred_webre.tall.pdf
      100,168  2019-04-20  3741a4e773a8f38fad2de3485cdb8f11  2015-01-12_alfred_webre.txt
      177,694  2019-04-20  a9b508d31a85fc2e5195cd3ac216508a  2015-01-12_alfred_webre.wide.pdf
  130,799,902  2016-10-19  ddbbfdabab5079adf36d23430e92ef20  2015-01-12_alfred_webre_144p.3gp
  330,832,248  2016-02-12  763e4d2a22734e373799dd864424dbc7  2015-01-12_alfred_webre_360p.mp4
with Michelle Walling
at in5D radio via videoconference
Simon was raised by mantid beings and has a very unique perspective on what is unfolding on our planet in 2015. Find out how Simon Parkes became a Labour Councillor in the U.K. We will also discuss the role the mantid play in humanity as well as how the mantid beings (his family) have the best interests of humanity in mind.
   43,850,385  2016-03-05  d3cec079ce8694918aaaa9d5a9f98c8f  2015-01-01_cosmic_awakening_show.mp3
   26,401,429  2016-03-05  0816cba1397d7b5f14431f408d608f8d  2015-01-01_cosmic_awakening_show_144p.3gp
  109,735,740  2016-03-05  d48f2990e7619af40e4b336d2c03bc93  2015-01-01_cosmic_awakening_show_360p.mp4
with Peter Maxwell Slattery and Solreta Antaria (, episode 60)
at England via video conference
Interview December 18, 2014
   29,009,736  2016-03-02  014e342952163fa471ce85086c966e36  2014-12-18_slattery_show.mp3
   69,913,978  2016-10-20  e19d4b62b4e4dbcad0c24d731cfd4462  2014-12-18_slattery_show_144p.3gp
  156,242,772  2016-02-12  b9645e25db8b0b6376191ccf56526987  2014-12-18_slattery_show_360p.mp4
with Greg Carlwood
at the higherside chats (
Reptilians, Mantids, Magick & The Illuminati Agenda
Born into a privileged Illuminati bloodline, contacted at an early age by multiple entities, and schooled in the power of magick -- Simon Parkes now holds public office in Whitby, North Yorkshire. He's turned down his induction into the power pyramid and instead uses his privileged insight to talk about reality, multi-dimensional beings, and the plans of the Illuminati.
   34,620,175  2016-03-05  b1b557eab403140949a809dddd497e10  2014-11-19_higherside_chats.mp3
   17,772,442  2016-03-16  9bcb824eb8837aad95c7121c795fbb93  2014-11-19_higherside_chats_144p.3gp
  129,519,149  2016-02-12  93fb8c63a6530d437d7acf022b069498  2014-11-19_higherside_chats_360p.mp4
  160,954,249  2016-03-16  c0df6e8127d572d93b233392d24c2c07  Simon Parkes Multi Dimensional Beings are Real - YouTube [360p].mp4
with Chris Hales
at The One People Oneness Radio (
What do we REALLY want?
This week Chris Hales returns after his break and our special guest is Simon Parkes, ET Contactee and Councillor in UK. Simon is very well known in the alternative and has had an amazing life of continual contact from interdimensional species. We will be talking to Simon about the transition we are on the verge of, how the situation has shifted since the end of 2012 and aspects of the history of the planet. So the burning question, one which we fail to ask ourselves at the time when it matters, is why we made certain things unattainable simply because we were too afraid to connect with our true desires? … and How do our conflicting conversations with SELF keep us out of alignment with what we truly want to experience? What is it that you are waiting for anyway? What happens when the inner world is at odds with the outer world? What is the missing elusive ingredient? Join us weekly as we discuss, explore and uncover the genesis of our illustrious manifestations and creations!!
  143,457,512  2016-02-29  edbe524c077d4aa12b0dcccd95f8a151  2014-10-30_chris_hales.mp3
with Alfred Lambremont Webre in B.C., Canada
at England via video conference
The Great Shift Begins In 2017
Simon Parkes discusses his dimensional education by Mantid ETs, his Earth soul history in incarnations involving leadership office, and a transitional period 2014-16 leading up to a planetary transformational shift starting in 2017. "Don't take any inoculations against Ebola."
   38,537,923  2016-03-05  7b7cf10aadb5846815793676ecae4714  2014-10-15_alfred_webre.mp3
       51,468  2019-04-15  f992e0333fcaadac1d57a464f361afd5  2014-10-15_alfred_webre.odt
      127,897  2019-04-15  f26bc460f10f4898bbddfd12e0b0bdb0  2014-10-15_alfred_webre.tall.pdf
       59,160  2019-04-15  b3ccb3aadc6313cccb7fb16606a04fcf  2014-10-15_alfred_webre.txt
      127,980  2019-04-15  c3bade23a4f8eafe785329285031c293  2014-10-15_alfred_webre.wide.pdf
   79,867,153  2016-10-21  6b1c27451b34429eee88eda8cc6a3c28  2014-10-15_alfred_webre_144p.3gp
  228,228,506  2016-02-12  25032bca678a234ee26f42bb2eeaeaca  2014-10-15_alfred_webre_360p.mp4
with host Joanne Summerscales and guest Rey Hernandez
at England
   59,564,606  2016-03-05  3fb14bfad2b36cbdb23145355c5e7a17  2014-10-07_ammach_interview.mp3
with astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Alfred Webre, Jim Dilettoso, Tolec
at England via video conference
The GeoSocial, Societal, Economic, Political & Spiritual Impact of Open ET Contact
A roundtable panel discussion involving several honored guests, including Tolec of the Andromeda Council of the planet Dakote, in the Taygeta star system, located in the open Pleiades constellation.
   69,598,552  2016-03-05  b94a1eb473bb5861e1c934251a53f17c  2014-10-04_andromeda_council.mp3
  120,068,533  2016-10-22  150b9c63b8452da4dd0a30cd2353bc12  2014-10-04_andromeda_council_144p.3gp
  173,559,432  2016-02-12  2a5e51857aec8351a04752829cb379a1  2014-10-04_andromeda_council_360p.mp4
with Franky Ma of Neon Nettle
at England
Labour Councillor Simon Parkes On Being Brought Up By Aliens
Alien Sex, The Human Awakening, and David Icke. A deeper look at Simon's life on this planet. His earliest photographic memory from about 3 months old is of looking straight into the eyes of a green Mantid standing beside his crib. Simon also recalls snippets of many past-life memories, including a life in the Garden of Eden. Simon's clear recollection is that his soul inhabited the very first human body on Earth that worked after a Reptilian genetic alteration experiment. In keeping with teachings from the Bible, Simon gained the knowledge that an alien race is not your creator and can't take credit for your creation. For thousands of years Simon suffered from being expelled from the Garden after telling the legal creator of humanity that he was not their true father. That Reptilian being was 8 to 9 feet tall, totally white-skinned, with red eyes and vestigial wings like spikes that could not be used to fly but were flapped as a ritualistic sign during sacrifices or ceremonies. The race has five digits on each hand and foot and is six to seven times more muscular strength than the average male. Psychically they know what a human is thinking before the human can think it. Simon says they are not as spiritually advanced as humans. They do not have compassion, or the capacity to empathize with the earth or appreciate its natural beauty. Earth is not their home planet. They are very cold and logical. They look at everything according to its function – what is its benefit to me and how can I utilize it? As great geneticists they look at species and ponder how they could be enhanced. The reptilian agenda for earth is to keep the status quo and not have any change. As an only child, Simon had a very close relationship with his mother and a fantastic childhood. After he told her about an ET experience he had in 1971 she gave him paper, crayons and pens and told him to draw it all down and she would show it to her friends. He attributes his deep family ties with the government, MI5, MI6, and Illuminati to bloodline. His alien interactions have always kept him on the radar of the British Security Service. His mother was killed when Simon was around 18. She wanted to quit her job with MI5 because she felt the government was lying to the people and her handlers could not allow someone with all she knew to run free. Simon's grandfather was a British Consul who was a spy for MI6 and turned down an offer of knighthood from the Illuminati. The Illuminati approached Simon to join, since he comes from a magical background and they are interested in bloodline and the soul. If the bloodline is there the Illuminati will take that person under their wing, make them financially strong or offer them deals. Simon knows that you don't get something for nothing and, like his grandfather, politely refused lest the price be too high. Asked if he would like to meet David Icke, Simon said he would because David Icke is genuine and his research corresponds with about 95% of what Simon has seen with his own eyes, touched with his hands, and has had communicated to him mind. Simon says our consciousness, our soul, has a vital link to our physical body that is a marriage. It is perfectly acceptable to physically enjoy yourself on this planet providing that physical enjoyment does not derail you from what must be a spiritual advancement. Simon calls himself an experiencer, not an abductee or contactee, since he has a very clear memory of making an agreement with the extra-dimensional entities who travel here through portals. Simon describes a Mantid spacecraft that is totally uncluttered, without dust, furniture, carpets, or wallpaper. Though there are no lights in the ceiling it is evenly lighted, deliberately beautiful, silver and without sharp angles. The chairs appear to have grown out of the craft, are part of the craft. The neural net and DNA of any creature who has the right to command in a spacecraft or facility will be encoded into the sentient computer. The creature connects with the computer, which directly connects with the different elements of the facility. To make a sharp turn in a spacecraft the creature just thinks and the craft turns. Only DNA can travel faster than the speed of light. Simon is grateful to know the truth that humanity is not the only living creature in the multiverse. He is mildly annoyed that the governments know the truth and are deliberately withholding the truth from the people. Simon's purpose for going public has been to tell people to open their eyes and look behind the curtain because they are being lied to on the grandest scale. His hoped object is to spark each person to start their individual journey toward enlightenment. Sometimes people who come into contact with Simon begin to change, develop, learn, get memories back and start to realize that their place in this world is very important and that they have a role to play. The human race alone will make their choice. At the moment what is being done for humans is a leveling of the playing field. Simon has always fought for humans, saying a young race can't be expected to make decisions when they don't have the full information in their hands. In December of 2012 a critical mass of humans was reached and humanity is on an unstoppable move toward the next step. The question remains, how much pain will there be in these next few steps? And that is purely and simply down to the consciousness of humanity. Humanity is now fixed on a timeline that is beneficial and the Shadow Government would like to eliminate half to three-quarters of the human population because it can no longer change the timeline.
       46,145  2019-03-27  96be896e27b2555a55bfdfd2ea5bbc55  2014-10-02_franky_ma.odt
      111,717  2019-03-27  3de143808306f70e1d8e35fe127ebc00  2014-10-02_franky_ma.tall.pdf
       48,160  2019-04-11  634f58ff5d5692aadd33fd6b23f9862f  2014-10-02_franky_ma.txt
      110,548  2019-03-27  e3ea89b5135675349b92eee62db24c3c  2014-10-02_franky_ma.wide.pdf
       43,417  2017-01-07  315517d6c5f86f452f068b6d5a2a60f9  2014-10-02_franky_ma_.txt.original
    1,686,411  2017-01-07  d4b9f9455bb6c2222f0620a8e118d7ed  2014-10-02_franky_ma_edited_Nexus_Magazine_Feb2.pdf
with Rob Jones (
at New Horizons club in St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea, Lancashire, UK
Lecture: Jinn and Shadow Beings
Jinn are supernatural creatures in Islamic mythology that inhabit an unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe of humans. Though the Jinn are made of a “smokeless and scorching fire”, they are also physical in nature, being able to interfere physically with people and objects and likewise be acted upon. A Shadow Being (also known as a Shadow Figure, Shadow Person or Black Mass) is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure who, like the Jinn, may be either evil, helpful or neutral and may be an extra-dimensional inhabitant of another universe.
   22,376,586  2016-10-18  4fcac31949b6a85c2cad1e552a0c977c  2014-09-08_new_horizons.mp3
       59,774  2019-03-27  5f8afae5f4e2af98719e5d06f63dfe31  2014-09-08_new_horizons.odt
      108,839  2018-10-08  fa01bcdafb578916587dce1646c0b208
      154,356  2019-03-27  45c598580b6f07e450b40ca00c6a7b3d  2014-09-08_new_horizons.tall.pdf
       74,333  2019-04-11  b6c449f6c2cc963ea21ae12f77281f45  2014-09-08_new_horizons.txt
      154,739  2019-03-27  258e142fa2e42575446b787f612623a9  2014-09-08_new_horizons.wide.pdf
   44,398,467  2016-03-20  c9787eb8a017b6bd1fa4bd5b4cefbb66  2014-09-08_new_horizons_144p.3gp
  242,690,043  2016-02-12  2121f2cffddb6ece8f823b3e0fc53380  2014-09-08_new_horizons_360p.mp4
  884,708,879  2016-03-05  9aa8bf194e66348e17c6fde00618ad26  2014-09-08_new_horizons_720p.mp4
with Chris Turner
at UAMN TV via teleconference
The Reptilian Agenda
Who they are, what they are, and what they are here for.
   24,037,250  2018-06-15  17b63f14f94e71930b64ef8dd5d59f7a  2014-08-22_reptilian_agenda.mp3
   30,214,364  2018-06-15  089ed29a68a56a8a51bc9ab01e6a7519  2014-08-22_reptilian_agenda_144p.3gp
  159,488,894  2018-06-15  116da58800957f59f211489604432d1a  2014-08-22_reptilian_agenda_360p.mp4
  234,496,818  2018-06-15  7f0dc339d6fd62ee3f04c7e6a75a76d5  2014-08-22_reptilian_agenda_720p.mp4
with Christ Turner & Daniel Rogerson, Project Avalon
at England via video conference
Simon Parkes answers Questions from the Project Avalon Community
Passengers of Malayasian MH370 aircraft were a group of scientists working on black stealth technology and a group of bio-genetic scientists. Ukraine situation is a power play between NATO, America, Europe and Russia. Zionists have Israel by the scruff of the neck. Israelis are in connection with an off-world group who advises them. The new Draco CERN project is progressing despite difficulties. Darwin is a lie to program humans to believe they lack the ability to make something of or change themselves. Regarding ET influence on religion, any culture that has sacrifice as part of its core belief is from a reptilian background. Bushmen and Aborigines are likely to have DNA memory connections to medical knowledge and the ability to communicate with creatures in other dimensions. If you are attacked by a high energy beam weapon you can actually almost put your cell structure out of phase with that weapon. Mono-atomic gold, colloidal gold or silver might reflect back some electromagnetic frequencies but do not exceed recommended amounts. Regarding scalar waves, don't worry about devices. Find quality food, quality drinking water, grow crops. The intention of microwaves, digital and phones is not about frying people but mind controlling them. Regarding transhumanism, some of the Greys are robotic and being human was bred out of them. In terms of psychic ability, a child of the earth can connect with the earth's own consciousness and use it as a carrier wave. Crystals really do enhance and activate a person's psyche, if it is the right crystal and if is pure enough.
    6,658,186  2016-10-18  42fdfdcb928befe5f8aeb4b3cddd4bb6  2014-08-22_project_avalon.mp3
       37,980  2019-04-11  542cfd423e43bd4c2438129c6de115e1  2014-08-22_project_avalon.odt
       72,385  2019-04-11  11a7cf6769d2a9171de4d252e2f54614  2014-08-22_project_avalon.tall.pdf
       25,832  2019-04-11  6d61aa449f868ad962cf07a11b6fe4b3  2014-08-22_project_avalon.txt
       72,551  2019-04-11  eb7689d64984f23269d66d6485498bec  2014-08-22_project_avalon.wide.pdf
   16,624,375  2016-03-20  bfff52617de7ddeaea62def061044335  2014-08-22_project_avalon_144p.3gp
   73,068,809  2016-02-12  6aa6dfa61c292777447f9387386f0dda  2014-08-22_project_avalon_360p.mp4
  285,919,563  2016-03-20  794b4ba24e2e78ea875bc9175451030b  2014-08-22_project_avalon_720p.mp4
with Kerry Lynn Cassidy on Project Camelot
at Avebury, UK (part 1 on the 8th), and the Bases Conference (part 2 on the 9th)
The Measure of a Man
Insightful look at Simon Parkes and his relationships with ET/alien races and the larger picture of what’s going on here on Planet Earth. We cover ascension and how that factors in to the game being played by the Praying Mantis or Mantid race and Reptilian races and humans in power. Also discussed is the relationship of Exopolitics to earth politics and a planned EMP attack on the United States to be attempted by those in power sometime before 2016. Simon covers the role that “Majick” plays in the upper echelons of power both on the ET and human sides as well as more pragmatic subjects such as the downing of Flight MH 17, apparently a "dirty bomb" containing biowarfare aimed at a Russian city. The role of the Mossad and the true ET race behind the scenes in Israel.
       50,441  2019-04-14  9ae6eda030c7ce47d0ad5137a4841e7d  2014-08-09_project_camelot.docx
   46,978,818  2016-03-05  b8ef59d9d354ae7f70d556ba92f13382  2014-08-09_project_camelot.mp3
      199,756  2019-04-01  a3936f33d6ba236b28faf618730b35fb  2014-08-09_project_camelot.tall.pdf
       89,671  2019-04-14  2e5fb09652ace198af9a58c58920205e  2014-08-09_project_camelot.txt
      197,776  2019-04-01  879ab98956e6243b306e7b87825b29e4  2014-08-09_project_camelot.wide.pdf
  141,514,160  2016-10-22  e4a110b2de7b244a285d220e2e4051a9  2014-08-09_project_camelot_144p.3gp
  337,752,125  2016-02-12  6e4a467c312eb235491999ddde268354  2014-08-09_project_camelot_360p.mp4
with Miles Johnston
at The Ellis Theatre, Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England
Lecture: My Life as an Alien Abductee and The Intelligence Services
Simon speaks of his birth family's background in intelligence and magic as well as his ET family ties to a Mantid and a Draco Reptilian. After he went public with this information in 2011 he was elected as a Labour councillor despite threats and warnings. Simon characterizes most of the establishment media as brainwashed and too wedded to their salaries to take risks. He describes inter-dimensional entities called Jinn and also shadow beings. He uses his abilities to counter demonic possession in humans and help relieve some of the damage caused by satanic trauma. When asked why the elite allow him to get this information across, Simon says in part it is because he receives help from the faction of elites who have had enough and are working to bring it all out. He gets supportive tip-offs about any negative happenings from police and people in security services. Also Simon's fourth-dimensional contacts would exact a very high price if anything serious were to happen to Simon.
      104,009  2017-07-10  f3c52dfa90a6e941976016ba88b4a7ba  2014-08-08_bases_conference.ass
   14,411,914  2016-10-18  8e85b53fa638a5480a337f5c639a7eb2  2014-08-08_bases_conference.mp3
       53,330  2019-03-26  0c9c3fa82828251528e9a87205b17d78  2014-08-08_bases_conference.odt
      129,477  2019-03-26  70e6f9e8826f7354940f821f995a0d93  2014-08-08_bases_conference.tall.pdf
       56,476  2019-04-11  5a5014551be693486cb64b6c41e141e9  2014-08-08_bases_conference.txt
      129,099  2019-03-26  e8921e8bbe613fc3821b3162dd315dcb  2014-08-08_bases_conference.wide.pdf
   34,500,363  2016-03-20  831f6590a024c93557358ae2cf79f3f7  2014-08-08_bases_conference_144p.3gp
  148,861,786  2016-02-12  d4dde278c4de86f30424f9e030a88fed  2014-08-08_bases_conference_360p.mp4
  488,301,611  2016-03-05  96f4922c40ad3e739af4a596fb88cccc  2014-08-08_bases_conference_720p.mp4
with Paul Obertelli and David Parry (
at England
ET encounters with an elected Labor Councillor
Simon Parkes is an elected local Councillor for the Town he lives in and he claims to have had alien contact/experiences for all of his life, and that these experiences are still on going. While still very much active as a Councillor for the labor party Simon openly speaks of his experiences in the media and at various conferences around the country. As well as his personal alien experiences, Simon also reveals how he grew up in a "somewhat unusual family", his mother working for MI5 typing out documents that related to crashed ufo craft, which she did from around 1966 to 1979, and his Grandfather working for MI6 spending much of his time with operatives of the CIA. Since going public Simon also states that he has had many interesting "interactions" with the arms of state. He asserts he does not regret going public, and feels it was something that had to be done. We talk with Simon about his experiences his family and what we can expect for the future.
   53,240,186  2016-03-03  308532d72e997c83b4012547475384e6  2014-08-03_tha_talks.mp3
   26,602,255  2016-03-05  d520bae1e771f7ad2c6f5cef4e6ef892  2014-08-03_tha_talks.mp3.mp3
       46,759  2019-04-11  027f7d24546e1818a6d9ba5b8deeb266  2014-08-03_tha_talks.odt
       97,251  2019-04-11  e112f5859052aa95bb96a60831472bd1  2014-08-03_tha_talks.tall.pdf
       41,888  2019-04-11  7590ea4e1df964e22db829ca40917d8a  2014-08-03_tha_talks.txt
       96,591  2019-04-11  54d8d68a1cc3bc2cbc8be7373fcc01e9  2014-08-03_tha_talks.wide.pdf
   15,725,611  2016-03-20  47809c0d9fe19407db156df189dd848e  2014-08-03_tha_talks_144p.3gp
   63,771,115  2016-02-12  ca2064e19e8c90019ec7e59b144c9c23  2014-08-03_tha_talks_360p.mp4
with Danuta Anna Sharma
at Blackpool
       15,399  2019-04-20  b8b54bddc431606219d92bbef9c3436e  2014-06-17_danuta_anna_sharma.docx
   15,004,723  2016-03-05  98f7a2c52bddc2303a8f2cf61ad2148c  2014-06-17_danuta_anna_sharma.mp3
       66,349  2016-03-20  1a3b74563e06a841c76d0d162ec6a16a  2014-06-17_danuta_anna_sharma.odt
       65,140  2019-03-21  d3d64a31deddfa6f82b14e238fb9bf5a  2014-06-17_danuta_anna_sharma.pdf
       77,539  2019-04-20  383fc6ecbfe41c527ab7ee55e0c44440  2014-06-17_danuta_anna_sharma.tall.pdf
       22,936  2019-04-20  23bb9683213a1bc54ddf5bf92dd22074  2014-06-17_danuta_anna_sharma.txt
       76,615  2019-04-20  6bff873133d80e09c6aa051bbf61c65d  2014-06-17_danuta_anna_sharma.wide.pdf
   18,586,617  2016-03-20  e701ac9d309591917737ce7394b478e0  2014-06-17_danuta_anna_sharma_144p.3gp
   86,810,297  2016-02-12  9982227dc8be440d0067cf66e9a2c8a0  2014-06-17_danuta_anna_sharma_360p.mp4
  342,892,245  2016-03-20  3b2ec94e90354dff8fc8d7e5f28e1cad  2014-06-17_danuta_anna_sharma_720p.mp4
with Alan Park ( #49)
at England via video conference
Interview: Control systems on Earth
We discussed all manner of control systems installed around our planet. Simon also breaks down several types of alien or interdimensional intentions and attitudes based on knowledge they have imparted to him. While much of the elite would love to have Simon disappear, his constituents like him enough to return him to office. Simon knows what he is saying is jarring to many, which is why he wants to reveal a version of events that might strengthen other people who have similar experiences. Perhaps if given the chance, more politicians will want to level with us on who really pulls their strings.
   26,604,554  2016-03-05  59338603697db0640cf597fd664eb041  2014-02-27_conspiracy_queries.mp3
       39,481  2019-03-27  6ce5dba68f1e5b46038a61f00b127db1  2014-02-27_conspiracy_queries.odt
       88,518  2019-03-27  f144290e0acb47e6208bf2b12a1e6119  2014-02-27_conspiracy_queries.tall.pdf
       40,262  2019-04-11  c8f6c4cca02edb0e17118b26fd3a5210  2014-02-27_conspiracy_queries.txt
       89,551  2019-03-27  aa702ea78eceea7be622de6a0b3c332c  2014-02-27_conspiracy_queries.wide.pdf
   24,831,126  2016-03-20  4ca88b9f1241f6fe607a76441ebd88a8  2014-02-27_conspiracy_queries_144p.3gp
  131,640,128  2016-02-12  5413d388295047bdff6a68a9ba56ce8e  2014-02-27_conspiracy_queries_360p.mp4
with host Rob Jones
at New Horizons in Saint Annes, Lancashire, with WeAreChange Manchester (
Lecture: The Alien Agenda: What 'They' don't want you to know
In this presentation to New Horizons Saint Annes, Simon goes into detail regarding the UFO situation and its close connection to elite bodies. Simon details some of his own experiences, including what most would consider an horrific situation of being a child abductee, although Simon prefers the term 'Experiencer'. Simon also seeks to assist the audience to get a fresh perspective on a subject that is extremely complex and which he believes is intricately linked with the 'Powers That Be'.
      227,840  2018-10-28  9fff6516cffed7915de5b97da0b98e3a  2014-02-10_new_horizons.doc
   29,962,378  2016-10-18  c4f8ce05d9084b532ed3365f737f5e78  2014-02-10_new_horizons.mp3
       66,869  2019-04-01  0476665a6d42334ecef66c05af46adf3  2014-02-10_new_horizons.odt
      654,175  2016-03-04  f7b6d11c4548b70c369cd1853ef208f5  2014-02-10_new_horizons.pdf
      185,343  2019-03-23  4de33d54d857da969fedccf85b0e4350
      185,083  2019-04-01  81cc25114f214cac17e1c061ecf960b2  2014-02-10_new_horizons.tall.pdf
      103,739  2019-04-11  054ed41bc287bf35ec3e024f991acb70  2014-02-10_new_horizons.txt
      184,346  2019-04-01  850d3ec93d218601178b3c7ea169caf1  2014-02-10_new_horizons.wide.pdf
   76,054,679  2016-03-20  0d94181d2ad9a9050fb9f9aec2485f31  2014-02-10_new_horizons_144p.3gp
  334,936,393  2016-02-11  f4ae53002712c2558c714681dfd689d0  2014-02-10_new_horizons_360p.mp4
1,143,206,943  2016-03-20  34f745f028552ca18821813a85abc043  2014-02-10_new_horizons_720p.mp4
with Avalon moderator Karelia and Bill Ryan
at Whitby, England
Questions from Project Avalon forum members & Answers
Simon discusses and expands on the future of Earth, the Mantid and Reptilian influences, his own role as one of many arbiters on the planet, our free will, our individual responsibility and the opportunities that lie before us, the part played by the Illuminati and the other Global Controllers, the history of our planet, and much, much more. He is very active on the Avalon Forum in a members-only area, and regularly answers questions there.
   28,810,422  2016-10-18  eaedbb16294acefeef11f75db2c79634  2013-12-15_project_avalon.mp3
       65,025  2019-04-20  1bd406ee724fd7d777a7257c20426a0d  2013-12-15_project_avalon.odt
      180,409  2019-04-20  96f57c7cb9c836924b546f4c0d55b419  2013-12-15_project_avalon.tall.pdf
       98,465  2019-04-20  ce6da08572171ce4781eead0a3e216ff  2013-12-15_project_avalon.txt
      178,592  2019-04-20  efb1e8445ca5d9d4d1d23ebcd03b4089  2013-12-15_project_avalon.wide.pdf
   73,300,937  2016-03-20  e1826b6af9fc941577e729ce2f8ae011  2013-12-15_project_avalon_144p.3gp
  382,163,015  2016-02-12  80759a76ade717b8809806614270970b  2013-12-15_project_avalon_360p.mp4
  812,949,539  2016-03-05  76359e1590b64e7f931f01f565f96eba  2013-12-15_project_avalon_480p.mp4
      164,237  2016-04-10  c58901e7d94edc38cf12171d975512bf
      176,371  2016-04-10  fa0435327d470df6afdce2cc87f86c93
with England UFO Group
at England
Growing Up In an Illuminati Family
   12,118,595  2016-10-24  da2475a9c111e2fa82de5945119247fa  2013-09-18_ufo_group_1of3.mp3
  149,632,223  2016-02-12  f5767ce7853996b77cad15b1e7e53675  2013-09-18_ufo_group_1of3_360p.mp4
   12,129,671  2016-10-24  58fc3447e419ae7d3167c660237dc7b3  2013-09-18_ufo_group_2of3.mp3
  157,599,152  2016-02-12  90c30a48255c0f3eba68280abe6dde6a  2013-09-18_ufo_group_2of3_360p.mp4
   12,139,388  2016-10-24  3fdc0970204c6fd7b6acfbbd8155629f  2013-09-18_ufo_group_3of3.mp3
  144,592,688  2016-02-12  a93b7678c3949258aa6b5d08aad295fb  2013-09-18_ufo_group_3of3_360p.mp4
with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby
at This Morning Show
Labour councillor Simon Parkes having an affair with aliens
Simon chats about his encounters with aliens including a sexual moment with a hologram when he was 5!
    3,061,898  2016-10-18  b4223a7dd77de224e04b9483b5ec6fa1  2013-06-25_morning_show.mp3
    7,797,794  2016-05-13  c0015b9831506af56bb3750c4443cc86  2013-06-25_morning_show_144p.3gp
   36,237,334  2016-05-13  1edd03ef5efbef6df6f8ece36dc7fe2b  2013-06-25_morning_show_360p.mp4
with Paul Giovanni, Critical Mass Radio
at Lifting the Veil Conference, Leeds, England
Lecture: Who is Preventing Us from Being Free?
First UK lecture. Simon talks about his links to the Illuminati, his experiences, explains common questions and answers more complex issues and explains connections in areas some may not be aware of. If he's credible or not I don't know but many have researched his background saying his parents were nuts etc. However I'd say just listen to what he has to say without thinking its crazy some stuff is very possible. He does shed light on some otherwise grey areas.
   21,685,162  2016-10-24  916f957a7a120047fa79bbce11777e29  2013-06-22_lifting_the_veil.mp3
   90,259,053  2016-10-24  eedf7f9ea3b849a1c4b3e5c3e1c15e14  2013-06-22_lifting_the_veil_144p.3gp
  254,162,074  2016-02-12  4c1470041c94ac9322270f2e30b6a482  2013-06-22_lifting_the_veil_360p.mp4
  859,396,861  2016-03-05  1e625af3f81ce20295966bb6cbbaf161  2013-06-22_lifting_the_veil_720p.mp4
with Johnny Guzman
at England
The Hidden World of the Illuminati
   23,639,133  2016-03-05  fd1d973bc98d670899e3178db104b61a  2013-01-29_quantum_leap_tv.mp3
   54,100,740  2016-10-24  fcf3a0b4c40538b238a59533e991846a  2013-01-29_quantum_leap_tv_144p.3gp
  138,974,639  2016-02-12  40fc01003e4a2b3123898eaa66e76521  2013-01-29_quantum_leap_tv_360p.mp4
with Dominic Lohan on Dark City Radio (
at England
   53,091,463  2016-03-05  58ad29e2ad7fd56f1a0809ac6452e11a  2013-01-25_dark_city_radio.mp3
with Karelia from Project Avalon
at Whitby, England
Questions from Project Avalon: Current Events, EMF protection
The crashed Malaysian plane, conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, CERN, genetic manipulation, how to protect oneself from microwave technology, avoiding fluoride water, use of a worldwide digital network not to fry us but CONTROL us, transhumanism, and Simon’s psychic abilities.
       21,609  2019-03-27  d11b4d9279984d608c4c58385392b06f  2013-01-15_project_avalon.docx
    6,547,408  2016-10-24  85df5f05cc36269e242860681a5f5e2f  2013-01-15_project_avalon.mp3
       84,533  2019-03-27  f43bd452b511e2e02e181a63d112629e  2013-01-15_project_avalon.tall.pdf
       25,292  2019-04-14  ce393f27781db6ea02aa1c5fdc18fe62  2013-01-15_project_avalon.txt
       74,244  2019-03-27  719ebd7815fce118d41bff09ccd9e65c  2013-01-15_project_avalon.wide.pdf
   30,218,358  2016-10-24  a89ba6c4fabf31642564319f8de09649  2013-01-15_project_avalon_144p.3gp
  247,931,954  2016-03-05  59af46509bf3841676abd892d991f2ed  2013-01-15_project_avalon_720p.mp4
with Tony Zpe and Kate of Gaia, guest Cyndi, Cosmic Blueprints
at England
Off-World Encounters
   28,912,705  2016-10-24  0b5bdc8aa93e491225bb6f11691023b7  2012-12-28_tony_zpe.mp3
   92,428,307  2016-10-24  586940db54588260a5974b2fbff2bc02  2012-12-28_tony_zpe_144p.3gp
  220,904,368  2016-02-12  c5f9ae7c0dc56f92f3fd227e80a25e8f  2012-12-28_tony_zpe_240p.mp4
with Miles Johnston at the 1st Anamalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline Conference (AMMACH)
at England
Mantids, Reptiles, and Hangers-on
   19,882,506  2016-10-25  8b107e858defa084c217c57ae65f9731  2012-09-01_ammach_conference.mp3
   82,598,121  2016-10-25  d894c71fc2e0e019a0a1ac12182be4c4  2012-09-01_ammach_conference_144p.3gp
  231,692,270  2016-02-12  0927b7a41e6330f09384507fcbfeb8dc  2012-09-01_ammach_conference_360p.mp4
  486,223,044  2016-03-05  7e389419cbde0fff3078d788bd294287  2012-09-01_ammach_conference_480p.mp4
with Basil and Mark
at The Out There Hour (
Alien Intervention and Exo Politics
   34,420,181  2016-03-05  a26fca596a215a25b5c616e01669c7a7  2012-07-20_out_there_hour_2of2.mp3
  218,452,171  2016-02-16  fda3e494dce07e58d06d4f4acfffd6e3  2012-07-20_out_there_hour_2of2_360p.mp4
   44,105,704  2016-03-20  5883cff1fa0a3e5cfdd7f49913706948  2012-08-10_out_there_hour_2of2_144p.3gp
with Basil and Mark
at The Out There Hour (
Alien Intervention and Exo Politics
   33,851,548  2016-03-05  d04696d4d1897983f4bfbb64358f06d2  2012-07-20_out_there_hour_1of2.mp3
   21,169,353  2016-03-20  06cd65671a9b293e48de10e91c85f6b9  2012-07-20_out_there_hour_1of2_144p.3gp
   92,300,182  2016-02-12  942dcc8d2ec4e27f19f4a2e12bf2fd40  2012-07-20_out_there_hour_1of2_360p.mp4
with Neil Atkinson and Miles Johnston of AMMACH
at city talk radio
Interview: Planet X
   48,748,658  2016-03-05  0504fd3e60bcae5e1670af5789a417c4  2012-05-20_planet_x.mp3
   30,285,412  2016-03-20  b688ce42e7b9cdf826ee3b16a0b11a74  2012-05-20_planet_x_144p.3gp
  210,125,037  2016-03-20  5ba360da7182e4045d8f724aace691fa  2012-05-20_planet_x_360p.mp4
with Jeff Rense
at England via video conference
Interview: ETs and Aliens, technology, Future
Simon gives a brief history of his childhood with his earth mom and ET mom, his political life as City Councillor in the UK, being taken aboard a ship, various methods of contact, and a description of the ship’s technology. He discusses the importance of the Bible and God. He touches briefly on the subject of death. In the last section Simon talks about the future. He says there will be a time in the next five years when portals open to the fifth dimension and humans will have the option, if evolved, to leave Earth, and if a large number of humans leave that will depopulate the Earth naturally and then ETs will bring on their hybrids. However, there are a few rich elites who would like total control of the planet and might create a faux ET invasion to achieve their end. It is important to be able to discern between a real and a faux ET invasion, and he thinks the real ET invasion will be between two ET groups, not ETs and humans, and he says this has been going on for the last year resulting in many underground bases being destroyed by ultrasonic waves and made uninhabitable for cloning and other nefarious activities.
       45,700  2019-04-15  2b01b10ea0b79ffb974f3b8bc9343f66  2012-04-13_jeff_rense.docx
   22,758,887  2016-10-25  c4a55620e576f75228ffb840cf038721  2012-04-13_jeff_rense.mp3
      163,174  2019-03-29  5f112e78380f1a0ef7c69e069ac06a8b  2012-04-13_jeff_rense.tall.pdf
       79,107  2019-04-14  4072e9c37dba3093e9c6c2362cf772cb  2012-04-13_jeff_rense.txt
      160,149  2019-03-29  514e209900d2883bac3ade600a437ed3  2012-04-13_jeff_rense.wide.pdf
   88,863,795  2016-10-25  127f5ad52fb143da134e8d5e59da1d0b  2012-04-13_jeff_rense_144p.3gp
  189,248,367  2016-02-29  e30a7422b200994668facb5e30270f17  2012-04-13_jeff_rense_360p.mp4
with host Jeff Rense
at England via video conference
Interview: ETs, Aliens and Earth History
A YORKSHIRE councillor with bigger political aspirations claims he has had hundreds of encounters with aliens and even says he has a 9ft-tall green "mother". Councillor Simon Parkes, who was elected to Whitby Town Council in February as a Labour Party candidate, claims he has been visited by extra-terrestrial beings throughout his life. He says he has also been the subject of "horrific" alien operations, and had an implant put into his hand by the creatures. Councillor Parkes, who may stand for Scarborough Council in North Yorkshire, speaking in a YouTube video, said his first encounter was seeing a kite-shaped face when he was a foetus in the womb. The first direct encounter he recalls with an alien came when he was a six-month-old baby. "I was in the cot. Two green stick things came in. I was aware of some movement over my head. I thought, 'they're not mummy's hands, mummy's hands are pink.'" He was then picked up by the creature, which was 9 ft tall, had huge eyes, two holes for a nose and was wearing a purple cloak. "I was looking straight into its face," he said. "It enters my mind through my eyes and it sends a message down my optic nerve into my brain. It says 'I'm your real mother, I'm your more important mother.'" Parkes then encountered aliens as a three-and-a-half year old, when 8 ft tall "doctors" came to see him and armed "human enforcement" officers appeared through his wardrobe. As an 11-year-old, he was taken on board a craft by his alien "mother", and made an agreement with the beings to gain knowledge about the past and future. The agreement allowed his soul to be transported into extra-terrestrials. He also says he has been given an insight into the origins of the human race, which he believes was genetically altered by an advanced other-worldly civilisation to "dumb down" the species. He said: "I'm only telling you what I've seen, they could be lying to me. The reason extra-terrestrials are interested in me is not because of my physical body, but because of what is inside me, my soul. These reptiles are guilty as hell. They have apologised several times to me. They have said they are sorry for what they have done to your people." He said that only last week, a mysterious black car rammed into his while he was returning from a meeting. "It was a horrendous crash.The black car just zoomed up and rammed me, it went straight into the side of my car. The driver walked straight up to me, holding Coca-Cola, and said 'I'm sorry, I had to do that.' I'm lucky to be alive." A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson confirmed that a four-vehicle pile-up had occurred on the A64 near Tadcaster, North Yorks. The spokesperson said it was caused when a car braked suddenly and that minor injuries were caused.
       36,269  2019-04-11  a28c15e93d201f6b8adf0927fe709afc  2012-04-06_jeff_rense.docx
   12,313,042  2016-10-25  01f575d02cb72901ea2adeab13346b21  2012-04-06_jeff_rense.mp3
       98,786  2019-04-11  9050d21435839886d72e8781f006572c  2012-04-06_jeff_rense.tall.pdf
       45,249  2019-04-14  bdd4f8ec1ea5ab4896e0e068dc53211a  2012-04-06_jeff_rense.txt
       97,402  2019-04-11  6b4f2b08679ec5dcc0b3f67cffbdada3  2012-04-06_jeff_rense.wide.pdf
   44,806,273  2016-10-25  eca4b6b17839ca8a7ebf3cea0c2128af  2012-04-06_jeff_rense_144p.3gp
   94,211,821  2016-02-29  9bc3196701b62a40c12852996af71927  2012-04-06_jeff_rense_360p.mp4
with Alan James & Steven George
at Open Your Mind Radio (
Elected Labour party Councillor in Whitby, England, Mother Worked For MI5, Grandfather Worked For MI6, Involved With The White Illuminati, Abducted For Genetics, Pedophiles, Ted Heath, Annunaki, Hadron Collider, Hilary Clinton, Tesla, Advanced Technology With Crowd Control, Project Blue Beam, Microchip The Population, Solutions.
   56,485,709  2016-03-05  c1edaca0184e7f7a9342fff81f4204b3  2012-01-20_oym_radio.mp3
   36,587,856  2016-03-03  e19d7c8de281d35ff93db927f093fbd9  2012-01-20_oym_radio_144p.3gp
  155,870,417  2016-03-03  30c79bd766405519cc7f759f4fdef96e  2012-01-20_oym_radio_240p.flv
  173,667,467  2016-03-03  c0bdfa9dfe062bb56cca28b30f04be7f  2012-01-20_oym_radio_360p.mp4
with Joanne Summerscales and Miles Johnston
at Anamalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline (AMMACH) in Whitby, England
The Witnesses
Simon Parkes discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra & Interdimensional beings called Mantis, and the Greys and Reptilians. In Part 1 of this highly detailed interview on Mantis Alien contactee Simon Parkes, we discuss the details of his early life with Reptilians, Greys and the Mantis nonhuman extra-dimensional beings. Session 1 of a therapy session in part 4.
       35,720  2019-04-01  6ef6d68c9d7e672a64d6895ba37fb815  2011-07-30_ammach_1of4.docx
   14,905,123  2016-10-26  1195f8a72e317214217ce06d27aa7ccd  2011-07-30_ammach_1of4.mp3
       57,642  2016-09-24  5aa566634d34f7216a051b628d4a6007  2011-07-30_ammach_1of4.odt
      101,830  2018-10-04  627692d5775898d73988a76a0a016c65
      166,800  2019-04-01  f015dfb0622a88b9b92388f070dc11ce  2011-07-30_ammach_1of4.tall.pdf
       67,516  2019-04-14  53564d76e9611590032ff6061b709154  2011-07-30_ammach_1of4.txt
      164,598  2019-04-01  d35ecbcb705e7d6577a10a7568a0d950  2011-07-30_ammach_1of4.wide.pdf
  200,993,033  2016-02-16  31e0d7a3a8784e78f1cf3edc7fb8cf01  2011-07-30_ammach_1of4_360p.mp4
       34,000  2019-04-01  aab31e6a0b992d057a746ca8bd8e161b  2011-07-30_ammach_2of4.docx
   15,050,677  2016-10-26  c357cbc478ff5b281c5d40d97038b14f  2011-07-30_ammach_2of4.mp3
       60,774  2016-11-14  98969867f659cfc64f13939fd902144d  2011-07-30_ammach_2of4.odt
       94,159  2018-10-05  11697ab7b390f67fe8c46ddd84bbeadc
      146,451  2019-04-01  dfbcee0618eb2ef5c16848237d02f71e  2011-07-30_ammach_2of4.tall.pdf
       68,346  2019-04-14  ad7f4bb853d193a3b54240f72d473d68  2011-07-30_ammach_2of4.txt
      143,810  2019-04-01  b3287ef5664573e2c9c93eb4ce4d584f  2011-07-30_ammach_2of4.wide.pdf
  246,949,289  2016-02-12  4837873f5695eff2fabf87b23614163d  2011-07-30_ammach_2of4_360p.mp4
       38,841  2019-04-01  9b2d8fc9d909c2e32abaaeb736ca7c9e  2011-07-30_ammach_3of4.docx
   14,833,025  2016-10-26  65fcf51e1b85cfeceda96b50f75deb15  2011-07-30_ammach_3of4.mp3
       95,869  2017-02-03  0b0fcbe194e1ee8660c5039d65878101  2011-07-30_ammach_3of4.odt
       89,604  2019-01-26  83ab817817f7d41dc09fa19c7f4da22c
      140,162  2019-04-01  d7cc03692c1fec987c846829144b7edf  2011-07-30_ammach_3of4.tall.pdf
       66,253  2019-04-14  a023616a757933918213b3e8326fa88a  2011-07-30_ammach_3of4.txt
      138,101  2019-04-01  d44a12e44edd956bfc43b34a1a7552d3  2011-07-30_ammach_3of4.wide.pdf
  182,930,660  2016-02-12  91b7787402ce74353d460a7d34e0e32d  2011-07-30_ammach_3of4_360p.mp4
  380,938,483  2016-03-05  8349dbb35e7bf29ebf8719421bacb26c  2011-07-30_ammach_3of4_480p.mp4
   12,761,932  2016-10-26  0b908bfe87c1b0ee2c994a08507a83b9  2011-07-30_ammach_4of4.mp3
       39,287  2019-04-01  a7ce9c2b6195ea763711bafdaeed1925  2011-07-30_ammach_4of4.odt
      126,371  2019-04-01  26d5461c6b329ba5e0e14e8ef34d954b  2011-07-30_ammach_4of4.tall.pdf
       38,882  2019-04-14  12d9778960e8f9d4735a582eff08ff06  2011-07-30_ammach_4of4.txt
      123,613  2019-04-01  41fba79661de68a0e62f1f9ba768dd46  2011-07-30_ammach_4of4.wide.pdf
  158,669,704  2016-02-12  d4521b3a58ba973e3764423e4795e8db  2011-07-30_ammach_4of4_360p.mp4
  330,674,555  2016-03-05  af7d2b284ce15382f18e3ada061fa57e  2011-07-30_ammach_4of4_480p.mp4
with various
at various
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       18,295  2018-01-19  029f38a1e1317998cca908df4228f9ad  2015-11-29_newcastle_1of2_RU.docx
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